One of Google's problem areas has long been the living room, and the Chrome team looks to be coming to the rescue by leveraging the huge mobile device ecosystem. The Chromecast is a new device running a simplified version of Chrome OS. It enables you to get content from your phone, tablet, or laptop to a bigger screen. This is not a Chrome OS computer in a tiny package, but rather a smaller, cheaper, more capable Nexus Q.

7-24-2013 9-50-15 AM

Chromecast is designed to have easy setup. Simply plug it into an HDMI port, power it with USB (this may be tricky in some situations), and use your device to control the streaming. It will, of course, be cross platform. Google showed Chromecast streaming working on Android, desktop Chrome, and iOS.

7-24-2013 9-50-47 AM 7-24-2013 9-54-39 AM

This has an obvious resemblance to Apple's Airplay, but it's a little different. This is not beaming video from your device to the Chromecast. Instead, the video is retrieved by Chrome OS and streamed to the TV in full resolution. This has the advantage of letting you put your device to sleep or take it out of the local area while the video keeps going. Multiple devices will sync the control state so you can switch back and forth while still managing your video. It's even in the YouTube web player on PCs.

7-24-2013 9-51-45 AM 2013-07-24 12_09_18-Google Press Event - 7_24_13 - YouTube

It's not just for video, though. The Chromecast will grab streams from audio sources like Google Play Music and Pandora. The new Cast button will show up in the action bar of apps like YouTube, Pandora, and Netflix. Developers will have to implement this feature with the Google Cast SDK. Apps can just be tweaked with the new features – a completely new app is not necessary.

A beta aspect of the Chromecast experience is mirroring of desktop Chrome tabs. The browser will have all the Chrome UI elements trimmed out so you just see the content. This is handy for getting pictures and non-supported videos onto the TV. Like with the mobile video streaming, you can continue using the computer for other things while the Chrome tab is streaming.

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All this, and it's only $35 with three free months of Netflix when you buy the Chromecast (US only at first). Even current Netflix customers can get the free months. It's on sale today through Google Play, and very soon from retailers like Best Buy and Amazon. Google says it will ship by August 2nd.

Update: The ship date for orders placed now has been pushed to August 7th. Looks like the Chromecast is going to be a hot ticket item.

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Ryan Whitwam
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  • Eric Lega-c Smith

    This thing is cheap and with the new API's I can imagine it being an amazing device. Plus It comes with 3 months of free netflix. This includes current subscribers. So $35 - $27 (saved from netflix) = $8. What a deal.

    • Floss

      After Shipping/Tax it was $42, but still that is only $15. It is truly a steal even at $40, let alone $15.

      • pfmiller

        I would pick it up at a brick & mortar store since that's an option, no shipping cost then.

        • http://the-jade-domain.com Jaime J. Denizard

          Or Amazon Prime then there's no shipping or tax. :)

          • Scott

            That's what I'm doing.

          • Adam Arroyo

            Except for the 10 states where they collect sales tax. (Arizona, California, Kansas, Kentucky, New Jersey, New York, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Texas, Washington) --- http://www.amazon.com/gp/help/customer/display.html?nodeId=468512

          • Freak4Dell

            Hate that Amazon charges tax now, but oh well...at least I'll have it faster than those who ordered from Play.

          • hoosiercub88

            Soon to be every state in the union.

          • Bervick

            Don't need to be prime to get free shipping if the cost is > $25.

    • DoctorRabbitfoot

      Has it been confirmed this counts for current subscribers?

    • Nicholas Snowdeal

      Ordered from Best Buy this morning, after my $25 gift card it was $11.75 and after 3 months free of netflix it's like getting paid to use this, can't wait!

  • Abhishek

    yep 35$ super cheap still dont know if its really useful most new tvs have youtube and netflix built in if it could be rooted to run android from it then it would be super awsm or at least run chrome browser with full support like desktop version

  • Danny Holyoake

    Hearing these smarmy Googlers say "and with expansion to other countries as soon as possible" is becoming a tiring, agitating meme.

    I would totally drop £30 on this. All Google has to do is read a book called Product Launching 101.

    • Devin

      Agreed. I was trying to buy one but then I quickly realized they were for sale in the USA only. Typical Google. :(

      • Memo Vegamontes

        Don't forget those pesky Publishing Rights.

        • Blahgaba

          poop :)

        • Devin

          How can a device designed to "mirror" what's on your device require publishing rights? If your country doesn't have access to Music/Movies/Netflix it won't magically give you access.

      • daniel sutton

        I want the BBC player app and sky coverage of F1 races. But I live here in the US and all I have is stupid google music all access and nexus phones. BBC is stupid for just broadcasting to britain. All joking aside I really want all of that. BBC America ain't the same.

        • rony

          download hola extension and you're set.

        • http://androidpcreview.com/ Tim Wells

          I want Hockey Night in Canada as well. Oh wait, I'm stuck with NASCAR.

    • Lastb0isct

      It's getting tiring hearing of everyone in foreign countries being angry every damn time Google comes out with something! You'd think that you would realize this isn't changing! Google is based in the USA and will release products there first.

      Be happy you at least get the products in the end. We in the USA don't get everything you get as well, mostly i'm angry about the insanely awesome diesel cars you get. But i don't complain every time I hear about one...I expect to not get it by now.

      • bondx99

        Ah the car reference. What year is it?

      • mechapathy

        It is becoming something of a "tiring, agitating meme," isn't it?

      • Joseph Cascio

        Don't forget about most of the worlds ridiculously cheap and incredibly fast home internet. I get 20 Mbs down and 1 Mbs up for $63 a month. It's the fastest and only option where I live in California. Oh and cell phone service in most of the world is cheaper. Plus customers don't get F'd up the butt by the providers.

    • NoBullet

      Blame Netflix.

  • mechapathy

    Ordered mine already. Admittedly, I was underwhelmed with the YouTube thing, but then they kept piling on capabilities. And they nailed the pricepoint. Nexus Q done right, for sure.

    • Dinofan01

      The youtube feature was underwhelming because it's been available for months if you have a Google TV. I've been throwing youtube videos from my Nexus 7 to my TV for months now. Hell, I did it this morning. Because I've played with this before I'm a little nervous about it. It hasn't always been the most reliable way to watch videos. Hopefully that's been ironed out for a full retail release.

      • KathyJN

        Same if have you have a Vizio TV with apps. Been throwing YouTube videos at the Vizio for months as well. Also have a PS3 and AppleTV. But I still bought a Chromecast dongle for the hell of it.

      • mechapathy

        Yeah. This is even available on older smart TVs with YouTube apps, and I agree, it's not exactly reliable. But then again, neither was the YouTube app on the TVs I've tested it with.

        But I like that they went above and beyond the functionality of the Nexus Q, made it multi-platform, and realized they didn't need to build in a Galaxy Nexus and a quality amp/DAC. They acknowledged one of their initial mistakes in the Q by admitting that many people already connect their best speakers to their TV through a quality amplifier. They were able to strip out all the fluff, and open it up for more developer traction. Then they made it $35. This product will actually ship.

  • Lasse

    I want to buy it RIGHT now, but I don't know if it is possible :(? I think the only option is Amazon, but there is no results yet :(
    Edit: In Denmark btw.

    • Eric Lega-c Smith
      • http://www.innews.dk/ Erroneus

        No hardware sale from Google Store in Denmark sadly. We have to rely on retailers, which doesn't follow Google Prices, not even close :)

      • Lasse

        http://i.imgur.com/W5MEuLB.png Some months ago I tried to buy something with a VPN. Needed an American Google account first, lol. My order got cancelled some days later because my credit card information didn't match my bank information (I had to enter an American state and zip code) xD

        • Eric Lega-c Smith

          Didn't see that Denmark part. Sorry! Also several other retailers will have it , hopefully you can get in on the action!

  • jonathan3579

    Oh wow... I'm definitely buying this.

  • hurrpancakes

    Sounds like a great little thing, but I've already got an HTPC with XBMC running, and with Yatse and Unified Remote running on my phone and tablet, I can do everything the Chromecast can do and more.

    • Sootie

      Like play the movies off my hard drive, nobody seems to be mentioning this major failure of chromecast you cant play any content you already have.

      For an extra $10 you can buy a raspberry pi and do it properly

  • T D

    Please just try and do a worldwide release. I'd love to drop £30 right away on this thing.

  • ArberBeq

    I guess Google is gonna buy netflix asap

    • Floss

      What are you smoking...

  • james kendall

    looks like a nice alternative to those cheap android on a stick dongles. http://dx.com/p/mk8080b-dual-core-android-4-1-google-tv-player-w-bluetooth-1gb-ram-8gb-rom-tf-hdmi-black-175870

  • Nico

    I wonder whether it will work for Netflix in unsupported countries. I can bypass the lock by using Hula Unblocker but this seems to stream directly from Netflix so it might not work...

    • Phill_S

      you can stream a Chrome tab to the TV as a workaround if it doesnt work in any other way

      • NIco

        True, but is this real streaming or just pushing like with YouTube/Netflix?

  • Phill_S

    Ha, sold out in America and not launched elsewhere it seems. Oh google, please buy a company that knows how to launch physical products.

    This is basically game changing though. A huge winner by Google.

    • Ryuuie

      It's already back up on the Play Store.

    • NoBullet

      It has nothing to do with hardware. Netflix is one of its bigger features, and thats only available in 10 countries. And i'm sure they have to deal with restrictions and other copyright laws.

  • Michael Pahl


    • Mike Harris

      Get an Xbox. I like having my video apps available on all my devices too, but I still choose to use my Xbox when I have the option. The video quality is great.

      • Ruben Martinez Jr.

        Hmmm...get an Xbox, or a $35 Chromecast device. I'll have to think about it...

        • atlouiedog

          Don't forget $35-$60 a year for a subscription which will allow you to stream that content if you choose the xbox. ;)

        • Mike Harris

          OK, good point. But it doesn't work right now. I was trying to offer a working solution for now.

        • Donatom3

          Not to mention the Xbox needs a $50 annual membership to Xbox Live Gold to let you use streaming services you already pay for.

      • Michael Pahl

        Ok ill fork out the couple hundred bucks for something that'll red ring in a few months.

        • nicereddy

          It hasn't had the RRoD problem since the first model.

  • Suhas Vemuri

    yes.. dlna/miracast receiving capabilities are a no brainer.. Why couldn't they add them in chromecast.. still buying it though..

    • Floss

      Probably would have made it cost more than $35. Will definitely want to replace with something that has both the cast feature and miracast as some point though.

      • enoch861

        uh... DLNA/Miracast wouldn't really add any cost. Its just all software anyway.

        • Floss

          Everything is "just" software, it doesn't mean you can put anything on everything. Miracast definitely has hardware requirements, hence why it is only supported by certain devices that have proper Android support.

          • enoch861

            I don't know about Miracast (never really used it) but DLNA is definitely all software. Any phone (as long as it has wifi/is networkable) can support DLNA "play to" and browsing, and playback from server (as long as the said devices can actually play media) capabilities.
            On the receiving side, as long as the device is networkable and has the proper codecs for media being pushed to it, it can also support DLNA "receiving" or whatever they call it.

  • ProductFRED

    "Chrome mirroring is handy for non-supported videos"


    • Curtain King


      • DirkBelig

        I'm thinking Amazon Instant Video, not thanks to Amazon's obstinate refusal to release an Android app. I already have Prime; don't really want to buy Netflix, too.

        • ProductFRED

          Right, that's exactly what I was talking about <_<

        • Ruben Martinez Jr.

          I still hate Amazon for that...

        • Uncle Paul

          amazon Prime video works great on my LG Google TV!

          • DirkBelig

            Goody for you, but Google TV is the ONLY thing that Amazon supports. All the users with phones and tablets can pound sand for all Amazon cares.

          • Ruben Martinez Jr.

            Not true, you can stream from a Kindle Fire, and I'm 90% sure you can do so from an official app for iPhone.

          • DirkBelig

            The only ANDROID device that isn't a Fire that has an Amazon Instant Video app is the Google TV. There is no other non-Fire/Google TV device that has an Android app. Apple conspired against Amazon on e-books and gets a video app; Android gets the shaft.

          • Ruben Martinez Jr.

            So in summary, just about everyone gets an Amazon Prime app or streaming support. Except Android devices.

          • DirkBelig

            Yep and none of the theories as to why there's no Android app make sense either:

            * Amazon wants you to buy the Kindle Fire - The Fire is sold at close to cost or at a loss. It was meant to be a means to easily buy content, but why bother dealing with hardware when you can just sell content? Amazon sells Android users Kindle books, Android apps, MP3s; everything but video.

            * Android has weak DRM and piracy is an issue - Netflix, Hulu, Crackle, Redbox, HBO GO, etc have apps for Android, so that's nonsensical.

            * Android phones are junk for poor people - One guess as to what phone these iTrolls have?

            * Just sideload Flash and use a certain browser to... Shut up, nerds! It doesn't work and that's not the point. I've seen trolls in the Amazon thread about this lie about getting HD streaming via hackery and telling everyone begging for an app to STFU. Sweet folks. Pffft.

  • Dinofan01

    We all just watched Google TV die. Google realized live tv is dying, albeit slowly, and getting digital content directly on a new tv platform was too difficult. I don't expect much of any news of Google TV from here on out. CBS, NBC, etc can't block the users from streaming their content on their tvs if it's mirrored from your browser.

    But as a Chromebook user who doesn't find a $1300 unit appealing I'm saddened. The streaming feature would have been nice on other Chrome OS devices.

    • Mike Harris

      I want to agree with you, but it all depends on the user agent of the browser.

      • Dinofan01

        You're right but I seriously doubt any network would block an entire desktop, safari, or chromeos user agent just to prevent this. Even Chrome OS has blown up significantly and blocking thousands of user just to prevent chromecast seems unlikely. Possible but I doubt.

    • Michael Lavi


      Google Cast coming to Google TV with JB update.

  • The Seventh Son

    I watched the livecast and as they kept talking about it, I kept updating my price prediction and finally landed on $80 right before they announced that it would actually be $35. What an amazingly low price.. I really hope these become ubiquitous since they're cross-platform, work on all TVs and are so stupid cheap. Nicely done Google!

    • Mohammad Danish

      I had a similar scenario going on in my head, aimed at around $75 mark and thought it would be amazing if they could somehow make it $50. I was smiling out of joy when I heard $35.

    • Mat

      They don't work on ALL TVs tho, at least not as shown in the pic because you need to plug it in to a USB port to power it and not all TVs have a USB port or not all TV USB ports are powered... Some may have to buy a power supply for it or use one of their spare android chargers to power it. I'm still with you that this is priced right tho!

      • Niall Burnes

        I just picked mine up a couple hours ago from Best Buy. It comes with a power supply, micro usb cable, and unexpectedly, an HDMI extender in the box.

  • atlouiedog

    I was going to send one of these to my parents but it requires iOS 6 and my dad's iPad is limited to iOS 5 and I'm not sure what kind of quality it'll get out of my mom's original galaxy tab. Maybe this would work with iOS 5, but I'll choose to blame Apple this time for not supporting their product.

    • James Ellis

      AFAIK, the Chromecast will go out and get the content by itself - it does not require the tablet to maintain connection to stream, only to control.

      • atlouiedog

        Well, then that's great. Thanks!

  • daburghit

    In my confirmation e-mail it's telling me it'll ship by July 27th, for what it's worth.

  • nerds

    So this is an apple TV killer then yeah? I wonder if there will be gaming APIs soon so that you can launch games on a big screen TV and use your phone/tablet to control.....

  • jnt

    "power it with USB (this may be tricky in some situations)"

    could someone elaborate a bit on that? does it just have to charge via usb? or be plugged in constantly via usb? (which obviously the video didn't do)

    • http://the-jade-domain.com Jaime J. Denizard

      This x 1000. I want to know too. Even the commercial they showed during the presentation a little annotation at the bottom saying it needed to be powered. If this needs a constant USB connection I'm not too excited about it anymore.

      • Adam Zweimiller

        It does need a constant USB connection. This thing is too small to have much of a battery. It comes with a long USB cable that can be connected to a port on your TV or the included wall wart. Android Police has a hands on unboxing video where they show the included accessories.

        • http://the-jade-domain.com Jaime J. Denizard


    • yentrog31

      Needs power and all supplied. Chromecast to usb cord to usb power adapter to wall plug/surge . Whats hard about that?

  • Del

    And from where takes Internet - from smart TV or WiFi?!?

    • jnt

      gotta be wifi

    • Seth Merritt

      Wifi built in

  • Vasanth

    More like bridge .
    Was first excited that portable chrome OS . :/

  • wideopn11

    Got my order in on the first round with 2 day shipping. Come on Google, don't let me down!

  • http://www.stevenmattera.com Steven Mattera

    Will my Google TV be receiving the same features? It seems redundant to have this dongle on my Google TV. I've always been able to cast YouTube videos. I want the Chrome and Music casting.

    • Robert Ray

      Or add this to existing Nexus Q devices, or Chrome OS devices. It would be nice to breathe life back into disused devices. Now long until this becomes one of them? Good price point though.

    • Uncle paul

      EXACTLY - I have to use Mediashare to shoot video to my Google Tv from my Gnex or N10. - there BETTER be chromecast support on the GOOGLE TV devices, or this reinforces the fact that google continues to release halfassery..

    • Michael Lavi

      Yes it will, including existing devices when they get the JB update.


      • http://www.stevenmattera.com Steven Mattera

        So yes I will have to get a Chromecast device because Google doesn't want to support my 1st generation Sony TV just because it had s x86 Intel processor.

        It is stuff like this that make people hesitate to support Google products.

  • Lou_C

    Does it play flash video... for those.. flash-enabled video sites... ?

    • ReturnOfTheMack

      It doesn't have to. Those flash-enabled video sites can be "cast" from Google Chrome on a laptop or PC to your TV.

      • Lou_C

        That was sort of what I was asking. The thing is, as I understand it (and please correct me if wrong), this device doesn't actually get a stream from your PC -- like via DLNA or similar. It's more like your PC sends a Chrome save state to device, which then independently picks up the site over Wi-Fi. That's why you can browse away to something else, or turn off your PC entirely and this thing still works.

        So, if that is right, that means there is a version of Chrome loaded on the device and that it is independently browsing to those sites. So my question basically is whether that is the Chrome on my phone (which does not do flash) or the Chrome on my PC (which does).

        • HebeGuess

          It will, at least sort of playing flash. You can easily noticed on chrome browser casting suffering common mirroring symptom, lagness. Since it was mirroring flash actually being play on your PC and send out as frames. They had actually demostrated a video on vimeo. Since it was slow motion clip, can't tell how was actual motion likely to be..

  • sam

    Someone got hack it and install Ubuntu on it!

  • james

    so i should be able to open chrome on my nexus 7, go to amazon, and push amazon prime video to my TV and watch it while i play around in another tab? for $35? shutupandtakemymoney.jpeg

  • Mike C.

    Hope firmware is open source so that someone can launch a worldwide version with an ethernet connector ...

    • Michael Pahl

      aint gon happen

  • Floss

    The SDK download conditions don't allow any open source projects to use it. Any app that even has references to the API's aren't allowed to be distributed. Fuck you google. Fuck you.

  • Ruben Martinez Jr.

    Major question: will it work on a non-TV monitor?

    • Ruben Martinez Jr.

      i.e. an external display with an HDMI port.

      • didibus

        Pretty sure it will, it's just HDMI

  • didibus

    I'm not sure I understand, does that mean the device can only play content that is explicitly made to use the Cast API? Will I be able to play a .mp4 that's laying around on my computer, or to stream the game I'm playing on my phone to my tv?

    • a.d.AM

      i think if you want to break this device down to its essence it would be safe to say it streams anything that has a link on the internet. not an mp4 file sitting on your computer. My question would be, if i UL said mp4 to google music would I then be abel to play it???

      • didibus

        Ya, from what I understood, it's basically a Chrome browser in a stick. So it will play whatever Chrome can play, which would be mp3, mp4, and probably webM and webP. We also know it works with webRTC.

        So all we need is for someone to come up with a web server or a webRTC server that takes video and audio files on your computer, and convert it on the fly to a streaming format that Chromecast can read. Than simply implement Chromecast SDK into that server.

  • Khanh


  • DaKiLund

    Would really love it if I could use the gallery app on my phone to show my google photos on my 65", much easier than the janky browser share they showed.

  • gladgura

    I guess you could say it's Chromecastic.

  • Brainimpact

    so does the chromecast dongle connect to you wifi router to pull the content to play on tv killing the need for a net connected TV? or do you need a internet connected TV for the dongle to use to pull the content?
    I'm confused

    • jm9843

      The Chromecast dongle has integrated Wi-Fi. The TV doesn't have to be web-enabled.

      • Jaymoon

        But how does it connect to my locked down Wi-Fi network? I'm curious as to how this thing gets setup... Unless it connects through Wi-Fi Direct in some way to a device, and the device allows you to configure the connection?

  • oscar

    If tv doesn't have WiFi it still work right.?
    Or chromecast have built-in WiFi for connection?

  • Matthew

    It is now, sadly, sold out. I was in the process of checking out to grab one and it said "Out of inventory". Can no longer add it to cart :(

  • The Seventh Son

    How well will this work if my TV is connected to a home theater system using a receiver? I imagine this would have to be plugged in to the receiver instead of directly in to the TV. If that's the case, then the "turn the TV on" type features won't work right? My receiver does do HDMI passthrough so maybe it's still possible? Oh well, for only $35, I'm happy to try and find out myself :)

  • enoch861

    On thing that no one has asked yet:
    Does this thing support multichannel sound (DTS or Dolby or straight up 6-8 channel PCM)?A lot of us like watching our movies in 5.1 or 7.1 and if this thing doesn't support multi-channel audio, its not gonna work. Depending on who you are, its gonna be plugged into the back of your AVR never to be seen again.

    If it does, I'm definitely getting one. If it doesn't, then... I won't since the XBox and PS3 do just that.

    • Michael Pahl

      Since its HDMI 1.4 I think the answer is yes.
      Since it reaches out directly to Netflix I am going to bet the answer is yes to at least 5.1

      • enoch861

        well, assuming its using Chrome to stream... No. But I really need a solid answer. Only hardware devices (Xbox, PS3, Roku, Apple TV, etc), so far, are capable of outputting multichannel sound.
        Just because its HDMI 1.4 doesn't mean that it'll output multichannel.

      • enoch861

        oh well, ordered anyway from Amazon.

      • enoch861

        Looks like it does do 5.1.. at least from Netflix.

        • wbelac

          I can confirm this, I was able to get a 5.1 Dolby Digital + stream through Netflix (picked one up at my local Best Buy today). I couldn't get 5.1 through Play movies though, just stereo output.

          • enoch861

            Sweet! They seriously need to fix Play Movies then! I find DD or DTS to be essential.
            How are you liking it by the way? I should be getting mine on Friday.

          • wbelac

            I'm with you there. I'm enjoying it so far, and can just see it getting better as more services are added.

  • quick

    This thing is really amazing!

    Just for music alone its worth its price.

    The fact that its not streaming low quality bluetooth audio to the TV/Audio Receiver, rather full 320kbit Google Play Music directly thru the device and not your phone. Then I can carry my phone around without having to plug in the headphone jack (better than bluetooth) and use it as a remote control.

    Pair that with all the other features, and I was ready to pay $100 easy... Oh ya nearly forgot about the 3 months free netflix lol. This is a no brainer...

    If they can get Slingbox to support the chromecast API/option somehow this will be even more amazing!

    Already ordered 3 of these things for myself, and family (all have android devices).

  • Kie

    It's up on Amazon to buy. Just search for "Chromecast." Comes out to $38.02 with Prime. Delivery Estimate: Friday, July 26, 2013 by 8:00pm

  • Greyhame


  • maax.uy
    • enoch861

      That would be sweet!

    • miri

      Just Chrome remote desktop. The same as the existing extension except now a packaged app on the web and an app in the Play Store.

  • Freak4Dell

    This was by far the most exciting announcement today. The new Nexus 7 is cool and all, and it's nice that there's a new version of Android, but the features of Chromecast and, more importantly, the pricing make it the best new thing of the day (hell, maybe of the year so far).

  • mofoliar

    Just ordered mine 37.63.. looking foward to checking it out! i have roku,360,and ps3 but still, way to do it up google..

  • Kuyam

    What about content on the device itself? Can i show some pictures/video I shot with the phone on a TV (gallery --> chromecast)?

    In the presentation all I saw being demo'd was content available online so that the chromecast doesn't pull it from the device but rather from the internet (cloud).

    • Freak4Dell

      Right now, there's no way to send local content to the Chromecast. However, I think somebody will eventually figure out how. Since this allows control via the phone, there's obviously at least some local interaction happening. Plus, you could theoretically just set up an app to put out a URL for the local media, which the Chromecast could then grab and start playing. This is how wireless streaming between computers and stuff works anyway.

    • quick

      I was hoping to see that as well. But it seems nothing is really sent from the phone, it has to be hosted on Google or 3rd party servers, including pictures...

      One solution is to have Google+ auto backup your pictures from your phone, then I will bet there will be an update coming to the Google+ App that will allow you to Chrome Cast your pictures, slide show or whatever...

      Think of your phone as just a remote control, content won't be streamed or sent from the phone. Which is a good thing mostly (battery saving, slow crappy phones). But ya there are a few drawbacks.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/rsrmean rMean

    sometimes i wish i lived in the US for getting my hands on stuff like that. waiting sucks big time! :-D

  • Sorian

    I will still buy this, but if it did screen sharing from Android to Chromecast, that would be awesome! (IE: Playing games using My N7 as a controller and my TV as the display)

  • skreeves

    Model H2G2-42?!? Dammit, Google, now I'll have to get one!

  • GazaIan

    I really wish this could have doubled as a Miracast adapter to stream the display to the stick, rather than just the compatible apps. But, this is still awesome.

  • Lou

    First thought: I wonder what possibilities could be had once this is hacked and open.

    Second Thought: Maybe this is what Nemesis is? CM for Chromecast? Unlikely, but who the hell knows.

    • Joseph Pojunis

      I don't think this thing isn't as powerful as you think it is.

  • josh c

    Picked up 2 at local best buy in NC. Just sitting unmarked on a shelf by themselves. Checkout said "test SKU"

  • Kevin Guinn

    Ordered mine through Best Buy. I may not need this thing but since It'll pretty much pay for itself with me saving on 3 months of Netflix, why not?

  • Primalxconvoy

    If it doesn't mirror everything on my phone, I can't see what the point is. I might as well just use an hdmi cable and be done with it.

  • Rigel

    Pretty sure us non-Americans can order and get it shipped by using shopusa.com or similar sites.

  • shonangreg

    So, will this work to stream content from a phone/tablet when there is no local network? Can I take a Chromecast dongle and an android phone to a work site, office, hotel room, or friend's house where I don't have access to a WiFi network and play media from my phone?

    • Green man

      Unfortunately not it required a live network. Imagine it is a computer attached to TV. For now it cannot stream anything that is not on the Internet already

  • strauzo

    Android hdmi stick to your tv and you can do all. Prodcuct like chromecast are usefull only for major to SELL , drm , videos

  • a.d.AM

    Ordered mine yesterday from Google Play and got an email this morning saying it was shipped. Hopefully ill be chromecasting tomorrow!

  • Jožo

    http://www.youtube.com/tv - YouTubeCast on PC controlled Android & other

  • Sean Lumly

    The bubble has somewhat burst.

    Has anyone read the Terms Of Service for implementing a Google Cast application? They are quite restrictive. It states that you need written permission from Google to implement an app that references the Google Cast APIs.

    I was hoping that my UPnP server would be able to stream content directly to a Chromecast receiver, but it seems that this may be the type of app that is not given permission to interface with the dongle. These tight rules almost certainly will tie Google Cast apps to paid services like Google Play and Netflix, but it may be more restrictive for other services. It may even restrict competitive services like iTunes, or whatever MS is peddling these days -- though there is no indication of this; still the license allows for this type of action.

    And I wouldn't be surprised if the interface between client and receiver is tightly encrypted, thus making it difficult (if not legally impossible) to reverse engineer. This is only a guess.

    I certainly hope someone figures out a way to make an open API capable of speaking with Chromecast receiver, as it would be nice if the device acted like a device and not a service.

    • http://the-jade-domain.com Jaime J. Denizard

      Which UPnP server are you the developer of? Also kudos to you for reading the ToS. I never do that. XD

      Still, I'd give it a shot and try requesting Google for permission.

      • Sean Lumly

        My apologies! I didn't mean to imply that I was a developer of a UPnP app in the play store (or elsewhere). I should have written "I was hoping that the UPnP server that I use would one day..." :)

        But thanks for the Kudos. I do hope that Google is somewhat permissive about allowing apps to use the SDK, as I can see a lot of neat use-cases and I think that the product is implemented very well and priced perfectly.

        • http://the-jade-domain.com Jaime J. Denizard

          No problem, I guess I just assumed you were the dev because you were reading through the ToS. Any other time someone says "my UPnP server" I would have probably thought they were referring to their UPnP server of choice.

          I hope it's permissive as well, I actually emailed the developer of MX Player last night asking if he was going to implement a Chromecast button using the Google Cast SDK. Let's see how it goes!

          • Sean Lumly

            Exactly! I am an avid user of MX Player, and this would be a killer feature -- I certainly hope that it is possible to do (it may be difficult: AFAICT you have to do a WebRTC stream to stream local content to the Chromecast), and hopefully they get permission to implement it if it is indeed possible.

  • Elias

    Should totally have analog audio output. I don't want to keep my TV powered on when all I want is to listen to my Google Play All Access subscription.

    • Datcon

      Maybe you can plug it into an HDMI in your receiver?