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Amazon's cloud service is a little behind the curve when it comes to mobile apps, mostly because it's segmented on photo, music, and general storage lines. But today's update to the Cloud Drive Photos app is a big one: users can now upload videos. Not just in the old-fashioned file browser way, either - Amazon has enabled auto-upload for videos, just like the photo options that were already in place.

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There seems to be a limit to the automatically uploaded videos, though it's not enumerated. Videos of up to 2GB or 20 minutes in length can be uploaded or downloaded manually (dang, that's just shy of one episode of Archer) which implies that there's some kind of limit on the automatic function. Videos stored with Amazon (presumably of any size) can now be streamed through the app.

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The only other addition to version 1.7 include a more dynamic photo gallery with larger preview images in landscape view. The rest of the UI is a bit dated, but keep in mind, Amazon is designing these things to fit in with the Kindle Fire line and not Android as a whole. Amazon Cloud Drive Photos is a free download for Gingerbread and up. As before, users can get 5GB of data storage for free, with paid plans starting at $10 a year for 20GB.

Included in version 1.7:

- Protect your personal videos in your Cloud Drive

- Auto-Save video from your device directly to your Cloud Drive

- Manually upload or download video up 2GB or 20 minutes in length

- Play back saved video streamed instantly to any device

- See large preview images when scrolling in landscape view

Jeremiah Rice
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  • Erstam

    Does the amazon photo gallery let you have sub folders or is it like google+/picasa where it just makes one giant mess of photos?

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