We've known for a while what Verizon was going to announce today, but the company just made it's new Holy Trinity of Motorola Droids official: the Droid Ultra, Droid MAXX, and Droid Mini. As expected, all three are successors to last year's Droid M, RAZR HD, and RAZR MAXX. While the Mini is basically in a league of its own, the Ultra and MAXX are kindred spirits, essentially only being separated by battery capacity and thickness.

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  • 5-inch "HD" display
  • Motorola X8 octa-core CPU: 2 Application processing cores, 4 GPU cores, 1 contextual processor core, 1 natural language core – 24% faster CPU and 100% faster GPU over predecessors
  • 2GB RAM
  • 10MP f/2.4 rear camera with Quick Capture for instant photos and DroidZap for instant sharing
  • Touchless Control – wake the device by saying "OK Google Now"
  • Kevlar unibody design
  • Droid Command Center: an exclusive homescreen widget that offers quick access to missed called, SMS, battery level, and weather
  • Both devices ship with Ingress pre-installed
  • Both devices offer six months of free access to Google Play Music All Access if purchased before September 30th
  • Droid Ultra: white black, or red
  • Droid Ultra: 7.3mm
  • Droid Ultra: 2,130mAh battery
  • Droid Maxx: 8.5mm body
  • Droid Maxx: 3,500mAh battery, 48 hour battery life, wireless charging
  • Droid Maxx: soft touch black
  • Droid Maxx: $299
  • Droid Ultra: $199


Both devices are available for pre-order now at DroidDoes.com with a launch date of August 20th.

Cameron Summerson
Cameron is a self-made geek, Android enthusiast, horror movie fanatic, musician, and cyclist. When he's not pounding keys here at AP, you can find him spending time with his wife and kids, plucking away on the 6-string, spinning on the streets, or watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre on repeat.

  • Tamadrummer94

    ANDROID MANUFACTURERS TAKE NOTE: they just put a 3,500 mah battery in a compact, 8.5 mm phone. It can be done. Fire your lazy engineers and make it happen.

    • disqus_is_good

      Motorola take NOTE: Just put a 3500 mAh battery in Moto X. I would take it even if its 10mm.

      • http://www.toysdiva.com Toys Samurai

        The Moto X is smaller than the MAXX. They may not need a 3500 mAh battery to provide the same level of battery life.

        • Sqube

          Don't know why you're getting the downvotes. A big battery is nice, but if a smaller battery pushing less-demanding hardware can create the same results... I fail to see the problem.

          I agree with you.

        • jamaall

          i'm assuming the moto x has the same processor/camera, etc

    • Namaste

      Err, how do you expect them to do anything if they fire their engineers? Internet rhetoric gets so tedious sometimes.

      • Booker

        Umm, get better ones?

      • ddpacino

        Fire the old, in with more capable ones. That simple.

        • simp1istic

          If you guys think other companies engineers CANT do this, you're nuts. It costs actual real dollars per device to make the batter larger. They haven't done anything innovated other than put more battery in.

          • Mike Reid


            The Internet is full of "arm chair CEOs" who think they know a simple fix for very complex business & technical issues.

            They cry: "If only Google/Samsung/Apple would listen to me..."

    • Trueblue711

      It's probably more of a cost factor, so it's probably the business people's fault, not the engineers.

    • Joe Blo

      Actually I`ll vote with my wallet...I love Kevlar and UBER battery life.
      And Google Now ! Hello Moto

    • Mike Reid

      Because engineers are all lazy and don't listen to their managers ????

      Feel free to start your own company and show all those silly incumbents how to do it.

  • Guest

    So this is a Motorola SOC? Not Qualcomm or Enyxos?

  • Captain Canada

    Maxx battery = so much room for activities. Gimme Canadian variant.

    • ddpacino

      LTE-powered activities without a worry! Was hoping the Moto X would pack a beast, but it's cool. Maybe next year, but still will be copped.

    • Kevin

      For those that don't get the reference.

      • BigMixxx

        Can I plus 38 this? This is funny...

  • MrHaroHaro

    A possibly dumb series of questions: Is there any difference between Ultra and Maxx other than battery and thickness? Why not just make/sell an optional bigger battery for the Ultra and replacement back to accommodate?

    • ddpacino

      Maybe the Storage. That was one difference in the last iteration, I believe. 16 vs. 32 in the Maxx HD.

    • Justin W

      Storage (16Gb for Ultra, 32Gb for Maxx), Wireless charging (only on Maxx), colors (Black, Red, White on Ultra, Black on Maxx), thickness (of course).

  • GreatNews

    DroidDoes.com is not a working website!!!!

    • Justin W

      DroidDoes.com works, DroiDoes.com does not. Type it in vs. clicking the link.

  • David Margolin

    DroidZap? Can't we just call it a share button...

    • ddpacino

      Marketing, bro.

    • marcusmaximus04

      I think it's the replacement for Android Beam. Which is odd, considering that these phones are made by Motorola, who is owned by Google.

      • http://www.toysdiva.com Toys Samurai

        But commissioned by Verizon. Just look at the direct treatment from Motorola -- all new marketing efforts are on the Moto X, not these 3 phones.

  • mldi

    While the text of the link is DroidDoes.com, it's actually pointing to droidoes.com. It's missing a 'd' in the middle.

  • marcusmaximus04

    Yayyyyyy another Android Beam alternative that doesn't work with any other implementation of it! Just what I always wanted!

    • Gibbs

      Lol seriously, don't know what they were thinking with that one. But they DO have nfc, so I assume Beam will still work on these.

  • Josh

    interesting.. will wait for benchmarks before making any opinions on the new Moto SOC.. but what I would like to know is what this will mean for ROM devs. Will the specialized processors for voice and contextual things make it difficult or are these things that will likely be handled on the kernel side? I am assuming that with google now basically at the helm of moto that they will be much more forthcoming with their kernel code than they were before.

    • Mike Reid

      For ROM devs, we'll see. Qualcomm tends to be open enough, if it's a widely available SOC to other OEMs.

      Moto is still kinda doing it's own thing, and keeping certain source code to itself; but kernel stuff tends to be released, as per Linux GPL. But kernel code can be hard to decipher too.

  • Michael Pahl

    On Verizon's site... the Droid Maxx says
    Battery: 2130 mAh Li–Ion

    • Justin W

      Yeah. I noticed they had them lined up like this:

      Ultra/Maxx/Mini. Maybe they meant to put the Maxx on the far left?

  • Robert Alex Kibler

    Uhhh, does Water-repellant nano-coating mean it's waterproof? Sign me up!

    • Michael Pahl

      nano-coating has been on every Droid Razr since the originals.
      It helps repel "splashes and rain". Doesn't make it waterproof.

  • Faris Fitri

    Apparently the SoC uses Krait 400 cores and the Adreno 320GPU

    "A Motorola spokesperson at a simultaneous event held in Chicago to announce the new phones tells The Verge
    that the X8 is a custom-made system-on-a-chip. However, the
    spokesperson added that company is using Qualcomm Krait CPU cores and
    Adreno GPU cores in the design. It's possible that the much-rumored Moto X
    will use this X8 SoC, but we'll need to wait to know for sure. Motorola
    declined to comment when asked who is manufacturing the chips."


    • garry

      Your link just says they use krait cores. there are like 4 different ones

      OG krait in the s4 and s4 pro if I'm not mistaken

      krait 300 (snapdragon 600)

      krait 400 (snapdragon 800)

      I really doubt we'll see krait 400 cores, especially since the snapdragon 800 which is being paired with them ships with the adreno 330 GPU. In addition it wouldn't fit motos 24% gains remark, which suggest something less powerful than the krait 400 CPU

      • Faris Fitri

        I got them mixed up there. Pretty sure myself that those aren't the cores like the ones in the S800 [Krait 400]. Probably Krait 300 or the original Krait.

  • Guest

    No front facing camera listed with Droid maxx

  • Greyhame

    So is this the same processor setup as the Moto X? I know the X is dual core S4 Pro, but how similar is that to a S600 (dual) in architecture?

  • Michael Pahl

    How can a $299 phone have a 720p display?

    • Josh

      I second this.. I was getting excited that the ultra would be my next phone come September when ill be up for an upgrade, but a 5" 720p display is really making me think twice. Unfortunately for moto it is looking like I may be getting an S4. I truly do not care about talking to my phone or if it knows that it's in my pocket. I do not like that they are calling this an 8 core chip instead of what it is. I can only assume that once I put AOKP on it those fancy features that use the specialized cores will likely not work so the cores sit unused. So what I would be left with is a mid ranged phone (dual core, 720p) with a flagship price. That is unless the 2 "special" cores are the same as the "main" cores and with a 3rd party rom can just be used like any other quad core phone, but I doubt it. Like I said in another post, I will wait until I see benchmarks before making too many assumptions. This was more me rambling about the stuff that's been going through my head since the announcement. Luckily the phone will be out for about a month before I can upgrade so I will get to see how things start to pan out once some devs get their hands on one.

      • F Scirg

        You people are funny I have the droid maxx and the g2 and just got rid of the s4 ...the maxx out performed them both and the screen looks better on the maxx than the g2 or s4 which both have 1080p... besides the fact that the battery lasts way longer.. It's smoother to use and I'm not biased I don't even like moto...I was shocked... Just try them before you talk all this crap

  • TY

    I still don't understand why Motorola insists on using OLED displays, which has a much, much shorter half life than LCDs, when they focus on durability. Don't they want their phone to last long?

    • FritoDorito

      I don't think the half-life of a display is too significant on a device that is typically used for around 2 years. You would probably need a little more than a year and a half of constant on screen time before reaching its first half life. People use their phones a lot, but not that much. Motorola definitely needs OLED for the active display notifications feature. A feature like that on an LCD screen would brutally murder battery life.

      • TY

        The problem with OLED screens is that the half life of individual subpixels are different. Subpixels degrade individually, so the color balance can become much worse after only a year or so. LCD screens' degradation only causes the overall brightness to decrease, which is much more acceptable :/ Yep, I am the kind of person who can happily keep using a phone for >5 years.

    • Michael Pahl

      think it has to do with battery life homie.

  • garry

    I hope this is like the DNA and can be unlocked and used on GSM networks. Reeeaaaallly want that battery, and I will pay the unsubsidized price.

  • Nishant

    Any word on if the last gen Razr's will get a software update with the new features (camera, touchless control etc.)?

    • Josh

      I would expect the answer to that is "no". With the specs on these new phones they are already not offering a whole lot of incentive to upgrade from the current Razr IMO. Offering an update to the Razr's that give them the even some of the new functionality of the Ultra would only give people less incentive to go out an purchase the new one.

  • John Smith

    is there an SDcard slot ?

    • Michael Pahl


  • Joe Blo

    What is Ingress ???

  • http://gamingblather.com/ Drak

    Running Android version 4.2.1. Verizon rep promises an upgrade within the next decade.

  • jamaall

    looking at the pricing, i assume $549.99 off contract for the Moto X. Its between a Mini and an Ultra.

  • Ark

    No software keys, no getting mah dolla'z

  • Vibrunazo

    > Both devices ship with Ingress pre-installed

    Does that mean they get a beta key with the phone? (Ingress is in closed beta)

  • Mokuro

    I'm looking to dump my iPhone 5 for the MAXX and I'm wondering, can I pay full price and get the phone off contract? The website won't let me preorder the phone without a plan.

  • mrjayviper

    $300 + 2 yr contract for those specs? o.O aside from the battery/RAM, it seems the phone was designed in 2011 for 2012 release

  • Marikel

    Am I the only one that noticed they removed the color white from the DROID Ultra specs? Looks like they've either canceled plans for a white one or it's going to come at a later date just like the original RAZR.

  • Nicole

    Is the droid ultra water resistant? it fell in some water for 30 seconds and then I took it out and it worked fine for another 30 seconds then started doing funky screen things. I shook it thinking I might shake some water out then tried to dry it with a blow dryer for like 10 min. it worked fine after that for 5. then I put it on the charger because it was almost dead, went to change the outlet and it wouldn't charge. so I turned it off and plugged it back in. the Motorola thing came on then the battery charging sign then turned off and did it all over again. it is sitting in rice and desiccant now... (THIS WAS ALL ACCIDENTAL)

    • Internet logic


      The thinnest 4G LTE smartphone available, measuring 7.18 mm, and with a 5-inch HD display. The ULTRA will be available in Black and Red models.

      5-inch HD display

      2,130 mAH Battery

      7.2 mm Thin

      Droid Command Center

      Available in High Black Gloss, White, and Red

      Kevlar unibody and water-repellent nano-coating