Spacetime Games, formerly Spacetime Studios, really understands this whole portable MMO thing. They've released such wildly popular and critically acclaimed RPGs as Pocket Legends, Star Legends, and Arcane Legends. Their next game, Battle Dragons, shakes this trend up, and I'm not just talking about its name.

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Battle Dragons is an online top-down strategy game where you build an army of dragons. Your army then does what massive fire-breathing reptiles do best - raze enemy structures and the forces that guard them. As any self-respecting game of this type would demand, you will then take their resources and use them to make your own army even larger. Since this is an online games, opposing armies belong to other players, and their may be hurt feelings involved.

Battle Dragons features over 43 different buildings to construct and over 10 types of dragon units to unleash. It looks like a good diversion for fans of Spacetime Games that are tired of the usual RPG grind. Have at it - it's free.

Bertel King, Jr.
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  • angel_spain

    A question from someone that has never played any game like this. If you are not playing, your troops can be slaughtered?

    • Wayne Randall

      As with every other MMO(RPG/RTS) i've played, yes. Persistent worlds forever online.

    • Shane

      No. it's mostly like an army building farmville type of game. Then you can take your army and play through story mode or PvP mode.

    • Justin Swanson

      When you aren't playing your base is at risk. When you are online you're protected. You can also buy Guardians to protect your base while you're way but they cost pearls (the buyable currency). You can get pearls from completing story missions, free offers, clearing random objects or purchase.

      When you start you get a free 3 day guardian (so no one can attack you, unless you attack first.)

      You also get a free guardian for (various time lengths) depending how bad your base gets destroyed.

  • Ark

    Uh....this is just the facebook game "backyard monsters".