ZTE is an up-and-comer in the smartphone world, one of about a half-dozen Chinese manufacturers that's slowly increasing its presence on the world stage. The company has released some impressive hardware, even if it never seems to get out of Asia. The ZTE Grand X Quad Lite was just announced for the Indian market. But apparently the sub-continental arm of ZTE lost their password to the company FTP.

evleaks watermark

Look closely at the sole press shot up there, and you'll see the unmistakable watermark of @evleaks, the Twitter tipster who seems to have scooped just about every major Android phone in the last few months. The phone in question isn't even the right model: the standard Grand X Quad is a bit higher-end than the Grand X Quad Lite, with a higher screen resolution and better cameras.

This isn't exactly the first time this has happened. Last month Sprint sent out some press shots of an LG phone inexplicably running Samsung's TouchWiz. In a similar and somewhat famous incident, the retail box art for the Wii game Okami featured an artwork watermark for IGN. It's a good thing that the @evleaks watermark won't actually be on the wallpaper for thousands of Indian cell phones. We hope.

Source: ZTE India via Gizmodo India

Jeremiah Rice
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  • Tony Sarju
    • Jeremiah Rice

      The Price Is Right! I've been trying to remember where that sound comes from for YEARS.

      • Tony Sarju

        lol, glad I could help!

  • Samanth Kunapareddi

    That's a poor attempt to sell a poor device. Wall of shame? lol :D

  • Guest

    Don't miss the top left photo of the ZTE Device under the heading "TGIZ". The UI looks like TouchWiz again. (At the very least, the clock and weather widget definitely is)

    • ProductFRED




  • CeluGeek

    ZTE's webpages and user manuals speak of how unprofessional this company is.

  • Ann Lazebna