The T-Mobile variant of the HTC One hasn't gotten an update since May, but the one rolling out now is not the fabled Android 4.2.2 out on the international version. No, this is still 4.1.2.


T-Mobile lists the following changes in 1.27.531.11:

  • Software stability
  • LTE and reception
  • Processor enhancements

The update is 247MB, whereas the last one was 18MB. It's possible HTC made some other tweaks not listed in the changelog. Those camera and capacitive button fixes could be rolled in, for example. Although, that update was listed as a 1.29.X build on the other variants. Whatever is in there, 50% battery power is required to do the update, and rooted devices need not apply.

1.27.531.11 is starting to roll out now, and will be complete by August 9th. A manual update on HTC's site will reportedly be available, but it doesn't appear to be live yet.


Ryan Whitwam
Ryan is a tech/science writer, skeptic, lover of all things electronic, and Android fan. In his spare time he reads golden-age sci-fi and sleeps, but rarely at the same time. His wife tolerates him as few would.

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  • PhoenixPath

    That Aug. 9 date...we won't likely see 4.2.2 on T-Mob prior to that apparently barring rooting/roming).

    ...but does that mean they'll start pushing 4.2.2 shortly after (i.e., is this a maintenance update to get things ready?)

    • Chris

      You purchased an HTC. When you did this, you agreed to the following facts:

      - HTC is always slow on updates
      - HTC 90% of the time, every time, will miss their scheduled day for upgrades (usually 2 months to 3 months later)
      - HTC will fall short on updates for your device (you will likely see 4.3 and that will be its EOL)
      - Any new HTC phone will almost be guaranteed to be out of date on release (4.2.x has been out for months now)

      Good luck.

      • Greyhame

        Sad, but the evidence points to all these points as truths.

        • PhoenixPath

          You mean aside from the part where HTC released 4.2.2 for the One a while ago?

          We're not waiting on HTC. We're waiting on T-Mobile.

          • Josh

            Sprint, Verizon, & T-Mobile?

          • PhoenixPath

            International. Roll-out began on the 8th. (seen as early as the 2nd in Taiwan)

          • Greyhame

            The fact remains that HTC released the phone with an older release of Android. To say nothing of the lack of support for their older devices. I hope HTC changes their ways, as they're making solid phones.

          • PhoenixPath

            "The fact remains that HTC released the phone with an older release of Android."

            ...and so has nearly every other device manufacturer in existence up to the S4...means nothing.

            "To say nothing of the lack of support for their older devices. I hope HTC changes their ways, as they're making solid phones."

            This actually has relevance and I too am hopeful. The very fact they've released 4.2.2 and are participating in the GPe program, in my opinion, lends some weight to this hope.

          • Greyhame

            Both statements have relevance. Releasing a flagship phone with an older version of Android, excluding those features included with the latest and greatest, certainly means something - at least to the people roaming this site. So we'll have to agree to disagree =)

          • PhoenixPath

            "Both statements have relevance. "

            Is it a complaint? Sure.

            Is it a valid criticism of HTC considering that the only other device at the time released with 4.2.2 was the S4? (...and other devices are *still* being released with 4.1.2)??

            ...only if you're holding HTC to a higher standard than the rest.

          • Greyhame

            I'm holding HTC to the standard set forth by Samsung. So, yes, valid criticism.

          • PhoenixPath

            One device (at the time) shipped with 4.2.2 hardly qualifies as a standard, but that's fine. Some folks like to be disappointed by their own high expectations. :)

          • Greyhame

            Getting personal, haha. We've got an HTC fan here! I wasn't disappointed with the One at all (besides the horrendous button layout), but that doesn't make it a invalid criticism. I hope your device sees 4.3 and beyond. =)

          • PhoenixPath

            We're discussing our personal opinions...I don't really see how it could *not* be personal. :)

            That said, the statement regarding disappointment wasn't meant as an insult, but simply an observation of what high standards tend to result in...

            A fan? *shrug* This is my first HTC device. I like it. I got used to the buttons pretty quick. If that makes me a fan, so be it. It means I'm also a Samsung, LG, and Asus fan.

            It's a GPe counter-part, so I am reasonably sure it will see 4.3 and even 5.0. If not, I'll get a different device. No big deal.

            My only disagreement with you seems to be the consideration of one among dozens as a standard...(and if Samsung doesn't yet release a less than 4.2.2 device this year I'll be amazed. Not because I dislike Samsung, mind you, but because that's just how it goes).

            Perhaps my standards are too low. :)

          • Greyhame

            I'm fully expecting the One to see 5.0 and more. It's a great device that deserves a full two years of support. If not, RIP HTC.

            Not really calling it standard for flagship devices to launch with the latest version of Android (sad as that is), as much as simply weighing HTC against their stiffest competition.

            BTW, I'm also a Samsung (GNex, current daily driver), Asus (N7, Transformer 300T), Motorola (DX, OG Droid) fan as well. Haven't owned an HTC but really considered it when the One dropped. I guess that pretty much makes us Android fans in general. =)

          • PhoenixPath

            Gotta love it, right? Almost waited for the mysterious Moto "hero" device we keep hearing about, but after stopping by the store and using the One I, weak as I am, bought it right then and there.

            Really liked the Fascinate, Nexus 7, and One.

            Think the Nexus 10 is pretty good (gotta get on Google to replace mine..WiFi won't stay connected)

            Hated the Spectrum and Galaxy Nexus. (Is "despised" too strong a word?)

            Heh...still not actually sure I'm an Android fan. I prefer it over the current competition, but for all I know, the competition could change tomorrow.

          • c00ller

            Frankly, I think everyone should be at least a little disappointed in a phone that isn't released with an OS version whose source code has been available to the manufacturer for half a year. Don't settle for mediocrity.

          • PhoenixPath

            mediocrity i defined by what the majority accept. If the majority stops accepting one thing and changes to another, *that* becomes mediocrity.

            Vicious circles and all that...

            But yes, it would be nice if we all got 4.2.2 on all of our devices this spring. The fact that most of us did not shouldn't cloud our views of reality, though. :)

          • c00ller

            Just because things are the way they are now (no 4.2.2 on flagship devices) does not mean you should accept that as a reasonable reality is what I'm saying. It is a matter of striving for something better for the consumer, no matter who the manufacturer is.

          • PhoenixPath

            So we should accept reality as unreasonable?

            Heh...There's gotta be a definition for insanity in there somewhere. :p

            I get what you're saying. I just hope you didn't think I wasn't implying that the status quo should *remain* the status quo. It simply is what it is. It was in no way meant to imply we can't continue to demand that they do better. :)

          • c00ller

            In my opinion, the current situation is both mediocre and unreasonable, and this is why I think it could be a lot better. I guess the difference is you don't consider the situation mediocre nor unreasonable.

          • PhoenixPath

            Heh...let's call it "less than ideal". :-)

  • Danial Hassan

    is there is anyway i can download through computer i dont wanna wait?

    • Justin

      It went live for me last night at around 10:00PM CST, just keep checking.

      • Danial Hassan


  • someone755

    Be glad that it's only 250MB. Usually, stock ROMs come in > 450MB zips. (See XDA.)