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Like Google has done with its own first-party apps, Samsung has placed its WatchON app on the Play Store for easy updates. Of course, it's still limited to Samsung hardware - this version has been updated for the Galaxy S4 (and the S4 Active, and likely a few more variants as they become available). Meanwhile the tablet app is being expanded to include support for the Galaxy Note 10.1 and both 7" and 10" versions of the Galaxy Tab 2. More recent hardware like the Note 8.0 and the Tab 3 family already have it installed.

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If you haven't played around with it, WatchON is a combination of a universal remote app and a media browser, with access to listings for local TV, cable, and satellite providers as well as a few IPTV services like Hulu. All devices with WatchON have access to schedules, recommendations, reviews, integration with Samsung SmartTVs, and the compulsory Twitter and Facebook sharing. According to some of the reviews, the infrared support, streaming video, and WiFi control (for Roku and similar devices) is a little spotty, so your mileage may vary depending on your home theater setup.

Jeremiah Rice
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  • Floris

    Nice imitation of the android hamburger menu... :s

    • Tarun Pemmaraju

      They've had that since before the hamburger was actually made the official holo way of doing it.

      • Floris

        Ah, my mistake then.. Still doesn't change the fact that i dislike samsungs apps though.

        • Floris

          *the look of them

  • Jean-Francois Messier

    Just tried it to see if it could install on my Galaxy Note 10.1, and it will not. I guess I am a bit too early...........................................

  • feelys2010

    Optimistic about the Samsung brand.


  • Dave

    I have 2 samsung phones and none is compatible

  • Rocky Saxena

    Tried downloading for note 10.1 says not compatible.

  • Chris Veverka

    Installed and working nicely on my Note 10.1!

  • Chris Veverka

    Make sure that you download the tablet version.

  • Vince Park

    This is going to be awesome...http://tabletcomputerdeal.com

  • Peggy

    This was preloaded on my Samsung Galaxy 3 10.1 and I went ahead and set it up. It will only go up to channel 97. It will not list any HD channels, only SD. Is it possible to get the app to list th HD channels on the guide?

  • Amanda O’Driscoll

    Why isn't watchon compatible with my Samsung galaxy ace 2? My boyfriend has it on another model and I'm so jealous!