• jeffrey beck

    Yeah, I know a lot of families that only need 300 MB of data... We can all take turns watching one YouTube video a month!

    • james kendall

      it's called WiFi. I leave me date off unless I need it (in the middle of nowhere without available WiFi). even though we have a 3gig plan per month I average about 100 megs or less.

      • jeffrey beck

        Whenever someone types me instead of my I always imagine that they are talking with a pirate accent. "What have we hear me hearties? Ack, ye don't say, an overpriced data plan"

        • cb2aera

          whenever someone types 'that' instead of who/whom/which it drives me crazy, but I don't think that's what you meant.

      • jeffrey beck

        I think it's kinda funny how people only use the Internet on their phones at home. Why have a smartphone then? Why not use your computer or buy a tablet? A smart phone neutered to exclusive use at home makes me sad. Go try asking Google for directions with your voice while on the road, or check reviews of places to eat when your in a new place, or check the score of the baseball game and watch the last replay. You will enjoy your phone more!

        • Sting

          You nailed it my friend! Plus, I don't want to asking around for Wi-FI passwords from people...

        • Freak4Dell

          Agreed. I use my phone all the time when I'm out and about, but when I'm home, it mostly lays on a desk. I have way better internet-accessing devices at my disposal when at home.

  • JT

    How can they even justify those prices?

    • Deltaechoe

      I don't know why people keep paying more and more for phone service, if you've noticed the average plan has been getting more expensive (little by little) while (more noticeable) losing resource allotment. Major phone carriers in the USA, at least, are seriously unethical

      • Deltaechoe

        To add to this, it hurts the consumers while the corporate fat cats line their pockets with disproportionately large compensation coming from us, the consumers, and from most of their employees

  • cy_n_ic

    Net10 is still a better deal for at&t service. With auto pay its a flat $45 a month and 1.5gigs. But its definately slower than service straight through at&t.

  • jeffrey beck

    Friends don't let friends buy this plan.

    Cost of three users sharing 300 MB of data with entry level smartphones on AT&T 170$

    Cost of three users with 500 MB Each of data with entry level smart phones on T - Mobile 105-120 dollars.

    • challenge_accepted

      With a real smartphone ($200 on AT&T, 150+$20/m on t-mobile) they aren't that far apart. Tr-mobile is still a better deal but not worth being on 2g coverage.

      People shouldn't compare AT&T to T-mobile until t-mobile increases its coverage to atleast half of what AT&T has.

      If you live in a big city, you shouldn't have anything other than T-mobile. But if you live in suburbs or rural areas then you will be on 2g or no service.

      • jeffrey beck

        Not many people with a high priced smart phone are going to want a plan with 300 MB of data. Hence the mid to low tier comparison. But duly noted!

  • Guest

    I was bored and found something interesting with the monthly prices when the # of smartphones reach 4 and 5..

    300 MB
    1 GB
    2 GB
    4 GB
    6 GB
    10 GB
    15 GB
    20 GB
    30 GB





    2gb plan with 5 smartphones costs more than 10gb plan???

  • David Z

    was bored and decided to play with the numbers a bit. at lines 4 and 5, the numbers seem to get a bit wonky (5 lines on 2gb plan costs more than 5 lines on 10gb?)

  • CoreRooted

    As someone on AT&T (who has 7 lines, UGH); What really gets me angry is the device surcharge ($50/line). Fortunately, I get a government discount, so it's not quite as bad, but still. The only, and I mean ONLY redeeming factor is that I have say their customer service is stellar (at least it has been for me). I get damn near anything I ask for and I get it quickly. Don't know if that is an anomaly or not though.

  • IDontLikeVZWButIMean

    VZW is cheaper if you need to have 6+ gb of data on 1 - 4 lines. Once you hit 5+ lines, VZW is cheaper no matter how much data you get. If you just need 300mb, on VZW it's just $240 a month for 5 lines, and then $10 more for the next data tier....

    • IDontLikeVZWButIMean

      My bad, if you have 4 lines, it's cheaper than VZW but ONLY if you have an exact number of 4 lines.

  • sohaib

    Lol in the denmark i get for 52$ 100GB data and free sms & call

  • eilegz

    this its ridiculous, i cant believe that here in a third world country we are getting more for less, its one of the few examples on how carriers its holding back the smartphone industry

  • rootarded

    Screw AT&T and Verizon.

  • brutalpanther

    I tried at@t and they [email protected] wanted the g pro,which is a very very nice phone.But at $122 a month with 4 gb,which had to be toggled on and off to get emails or any data.Couldnt afford to leave on all the time.And all i could do was call and text(If i was in range of at&t tower)As they dont offer domestic roaming,but if i go overseas i can roam.WTF Don't they realize cars have been invented and chances are,You will be out of range.Took back phone before 14 day trial and fired my Sprint HTC ONE back up.Say what you want about sprint,but at least i can use phone when needed.Even if its on someone elses tower(Roaming)And i can send and recieve data 24/7 even if it is 3g at times.And my monthly bill is almost $50 cheaper.GO SPRINT

    • CoreRooted

      I've been on AT&T for years now and I haven't ever found a spot where I've had to roam (and I live in Arizona where there are HUGE gaps of dead zones). Even in those posts, I was able to get service (2g only though). I've been all over the country and have yet to ever had to roam off AT&T's network. They are covering nearly as much as VZW is now.

      However, yeah, were it not for my discount (and contract), I'd drop them in a heartbeat. But, given that I have 7 lines with them, I'm stuck for at least another year or so.

      • brutalpanther

        You're lucky.I am a phone technician in a rural area just outside of raleigh,So i travel to alot of backwoods locations.And way to many times all i had was a big red X.But i could still use my cheap little flip company issued sprint phone.I dont know about the west coast but on the east coast AT&T is horrible.I will say that when i was in range of a tower,The LTE was smoking.

        • CoreRooted

          Yeah. I've heard that a lot from people especially in SC/NC. It's almost like there's an "AT&T Bermuda Triangle" there that can't get signals out. LOL

          That's possibly the only thing keeping me enjoying my service (as long as I don't look at my bill); the LTE speeds are INSANE! Faster than my home broadband.

          • brutalpanther

            Yeah thats the truth.And it being fairly flat country,one would think it would be better.What really did it for me was no domestic roaming.But i can if im overseas.Whoever thought that was a good idea should be horse whipped.Heck even a cheap trac phone allows roaming.

  • RKSoni

    Yeah, It is good to see some economical plan from AT&T but still it is costlier to T-Mobile and Sprint. T-Mobile offers all unlimited talk, text and data for just $70 while Sprint offer it for $80 in comparison to AT&T similar option of 4GB which cost $110. http://www.telecomvibe.com

  • David Soto

    Fuck those plans. I paid $250 for my HTC One and brought it to GoPhone. 2GB of LTE and the rest is unlimited for $60 a month. I'm happy with that.

  • gosa

    This is where I have to ask how it can be that almost everybody starts bringing up the "cloud" whenever there's talk about how much internal storage you need in your phone/tablet and the need for microsd-slot... How much can you actually stream per day for 50$ (in time)?

    - Seems the 1,5GB I can get for 15€ (20$) from Pepephone here in Spain ain't that bad after all.

  • Asphyx

    $10 a GB if you buy the biggest Package they offer...Just ridiculous!
    Any why is there an extra fee per smartphone?

    And we are all addicted like a junkie to white power and are willing to pay!

    • Armus

      The extra fees for devices are supposed to cover the increased demand on their system. It's total crap but the idea is two devices pull down data twice as fast as one, which requires more of an infrastructure to handle. Of course this argument falls easily since one person usually only uses one device at a time.

  • Armus

    Super fast phones on fast networks with itty-bitty data limits. Rip off!

    You could buy a phone and use up your monthly limit before you left the store. Rip off!

    When companies like AT&T and vzw post huge profits, I feel no shame in paying $30 and using 25+gb.

  • fallen apple

    Ah yes, this is American business at it's best. Present the same numbers in a slightly different way and pass it off as a new plan. Meanwhile people will pay just a little bit more but now they think they have more data.....mmahahaha

  • cb2aera

    the 300mb at&t data plan has been around for at least 2 months. it works great for me as I only use my home wi-fi. I don't know if existing customers are eligible but if you sign up for some sort of rewards program at att.com you will pay $42.50 per smartphone instead of $50. I just noticed that option within the last 3 days, if anyone cares.