Google can play dumb all it wants – we know a new Nexus 7 is coming, and apparently so does Best Buy. A leaked ad from the electronics retailer shows the new Nexus 7 set to arrive on July 30th for the previously rumored price of $229.99.


The ad specifically calls out a 1920x1200 resolution LCD panel, which is sure to be wonderfully crisp on a 7-inch tablet. The ad doesn't list any other specs, and the tablet itself is a nondescript rectangle with a stock Android wallpaper. Although, the shape seems slightly different than the current N7.

Previously, a leaked Staples screen said the N7 was hitting shelves on July 31st. This ad makes it look like Best Buy will beat Staples by a day, but still no word on when Google itself will start taking orders on the Play Store (and whether or not they'll muck it up again). Google's event is scheduled for Wednesday, so prepare yourselves.

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Ryan Whitwam
Ryan is a tech/science writer, skeptic, lover of all things electronic, and Android fan. In his spare time he reads golden-age sci-fi and sleeps, but rarely at the same time. His wife tolerates him as few would.

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  • r4yN
    • mpaliulis


    • aNYthing6

      Sideways logo is odd, but otherwise it's sleek.

    • Sean Lumly

      So *that's* where the speakers are!

      It looks remarkable.

  • aNYthing6

    So it'll still be called the Nexus 7? Hope it doesn't confuse customers.

    • Cory Wilson

      I've been wondering what they were going to call it. Guess it's just going to be like apples ipod line and have 2nd Generation listed next to it everywhere

      • Justin W

        better for brand recognition, though, so I'm all for it. Hopefully it works too :)

        • Cory Wilson

          Yeah I'm fine with it, rather have companies do it this way then name the successor something stupid like Nexus 7 2

          • Justin W

            Or keep adding to it. I think going with just iPhone or Galaxy [x generation] would be much cleaner, but that's my opinion.

    • Sean Lumly

      I actually think that keeping the name the same will make it easier for consumers to recognize a product, rather than having to market a new name from year to year. Of course, the consumer could get tricked into buying a gen-1 product for current prices by less than reputable dealers. Google could have some control over this with their distributors.

  • Karlo

    Cant wait to get my hands on it.

  • Wayne Randall

    Buying the new N7 even though my current 7 still works just fine.

    • Karlo

      1st gen. N7 is handicapped by Tegra3

      • Kyle Bailey

        ^ so true!!

      • Wayne Randall

        <-- equal opportunity table user

      • Chad Bizeau

        The tegra 3 plays my games just fine... But I will be getting the new one cause my mother needs a new(ish) tablet and this is the perfect excuse to buy a new toy ;)

        • Karlo

          Try playing NFS Most Wanted you will see how crappy it is.

          • Chad Bizeau

            Well it is from EA, so it already is crappy ;) heh..

          • Karlo

            Then every dev that puts hard work into app and doesnt score stable FPS is crap.LOL
            Why then on even my old SGS2 game runs perfectly fluid and on N7 is retarded no to mention how slow sometimes it loaded apps(games,ect. whit 12 GB left of 32GB)

  • http://peoplewho.tumblr.com wireless G

    Pity it still has such a huge bezel, I was hoping it would compete with the ipad mini on size and thickness.

    • Sean Lumly

      The Nexus 7 is a good deal smaller than the iPad Mini, though the first-gen mini was thinner..

      • http://peoplewho.tumblr.com wireless G

        It was thinner, lighter, and accommodated a larger screen with much less bezel area. It was wider largely because of the screen's aspect ratio. Also, is there even a 2nd generation one out? Anyway, I have no interest in Apple products, I'd just like the Nexus line to compete on more than price.

        • Sean Lumly

          A larger bezel doesn't imply a bigger (or smaller, for that matter) device -- this is my issue with your first assertion. Yes, the iPad mini was thinner, though the other dimensions (aspect-ratio or not) were larger than the Nexus 7.

          The new Nexus 7 has a higher resolution than the Mini, and a modern-ish SoC, so it also seems to compete on more than just price.

  • acer1096xxx

    I have no real reason to buy a tablet but all I know is I want this anyway.

    • Abhinav

      same here :)

    • Haunter

      To be fair, almost nobody has a real reason to buy a tablet... they're still fairly superfluous pieces of luxury tech. But... we buy them anyway.

      • selonmoi

        Pricing a piece of luxury tech at $230 makes it really easy to buy.

      • susanbrownstone

        Another impressive tablet to launch this week is the new Pipo M7 Pro ($255) that for about the same price as the Nexus 7 II, offers a much larger 8.9 inch display with 1900×1200 screen resolution, a Quad core processor, along with built-in GPS navigation… and is packed with other features and the latest technology that rival the new Nexus — an 8″ model similar to the mini iPad also became available last week – the Pipo U8 ($195) — both new tablets are available through T ab l e t S p r i n t– which also features $25 in Bonus Apps, including an Office Suite App and several premium 3D Games, including the popular Shadowgun.

    • Brandenlee

      Plenty of reasons to buy a tablet. I do alot of stuff on it like I did on a laptop or PC. Plus it's more portable.

  • Ricardo Brenelli

    I wonder if it will go on sale in the UK in the same day.

  • Mike

    Good to see they finally reached a deal to sell it in Best Buy. That should help sales tremendously.

  • acer1096xxx

    As far as specs go, it looks like it may support the Tegra 4i processor. Since the original N7 had a Tegra 3, it only makes sense to continue the trend. I say 4i instead of 4 though because Tegra 4i is made for 1900x1200 displays (which is what the new N7 has), according to the information here: http://www.nvidia.com/object/tegra-4-processor.html

    • Lordops

      I think it is a snapdragon 600 or something similar

      • Justin W

        I heard it was an S4 Pro, but it'll still be years better than the Tegra 3

        • Lordops

          Yeah it is a S4 pro i must have readed wrong.

  • simp1istic

    YES! NO 16:9

    • tsonga

      isnt it 16:10 (i love that ratio).....otherwise it would be 1920x1080?

      • simp1istic

        Correct, good news indeed.

      • media affidavit

        16:10 on a tablet 15:9 on a phone IMO

  • duse

    Too bad about the price increase. Although not a huge difference, $199 was a nice selling point.

  • WhoopTDoo

    Google usually announced a new version of android with a new device, but the version isn't pushed until the device releases, the fact that the Nexus 7 #2 will be released tuesday means Android 4.3 pushes out for Nexus 4,7,10,Galaxy and GPE devices.

  • Boss Dogg

    If this is the S4 Pro Quad Core processor{Last Year's Technology} - Im skipping this. Software updates are nice and all - but coming out with a tablet in mid 2013 with last year's processor - thanks but no thanks. I was really looking forward for this new nexus 7 2 hoping it would be with the s600 processor and never bought a tablet for myself - but looks like Im gonna be skipping this one out and may just end up getting an iPad 3 once it drops below the $300{Already happened at target a few months ago}. You'd be surprised but the Dual Core processors in those iDevice beat some quad cores - and this is coming from an android user.

    • Ivan Myring

      Well the original 7 had the previous years processor (transformer prime had one and came out in 2011)

  • Craig Simpson

    So i get to use my geek squad discount on this. Woot! Dont think it will end up being much depending on the wholesale cost of the item. Hmmm

  • brutalpanther

    I'm alittle skeptical about that ad.Best buy didn't even carry the 1st nexus 7 or the nexus 10.Ad looks fake.No space between tv and smartphones.I guess we'll see