Sometimes we're completely blown away by what carriers have coming down the pike. This is not one of those times.

Looks like Verizon is once again teaming up with LG for a low-end device, which @evleaks claims will be called the Enact, and has a model number of VS890. There is literally nothing remarkable about this phone, save for the fact that LG decided to give the Gingerbread days a nod and resurrect the physical menu button:


Looky thar!

According to recent filings at the FCC, BT SIG, and Wi-fi Alliance, we essentially know that this little guy is packing Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi b/g/n; similarly, a listing over on GFXBench shows it's running Android 4.1.2, a 800x480 display resolution (*cringe*), a 1.2GHz CPU, and Adreno 305 GPU – the latter two indicate that it's either an S4 Plus or Snapdragon 400 processor. Woohoo.

Please, try to contain your excitement – we have no idea when the Enact should be hitting shelves or how much it'll cost.


Cameron Summerson
Cameron is a self-made geek, Android enthusiast, horror movie fanatic, musician, and cyclist. When he's not pounding keys here at AP, you can find him spending time with his wife and kids, plucking away on the 6-string, spinning on the streets, or watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre on repeat.

  • trev8988

    Please stop make bullshit phone like this. People dont stop complain about poor Android experience

    • TY

      Dual-core Krait + Adreno 305 shouldn't result in a very bad experience... For example, it would be actually be slightly faster than the Galaxy Nexus.

      • trev8988

        Thanks for this point

        • Adnoxaei

          480x800 should also help since it doesn't have to push as many pixels and would be 233ppi if it's a 4 inch phone. It's still low density, but it's bearable and not as horrible as low end devices just a couple years ago.

          I just hope it isn't a mound of terrible problems like the LG Optimus S/U/V (same phones). Apparently they still sell that thing for Sprint and Virgin Mobile. (S1 Processor, 240x320 3.2" screen, 3G only, 140MB available internal storage). I think old low end like the S and V need to die because many of my friends dropped Android after experiencing this one model and new people get sucked in by the free price tag.

      • Ark

        Compared to Motorola's new phone, this should be an absolute joke.

    • beomagi

      It's like a new LG motion. One thing to note about LG is their 1.2GHz may not be the actual speed. LG motion and I think spirit both actually clock up to 1.5GHz. I think they use 1.2GHz as a typical average.
      Capacitive buttons are nice, and I hope LG never does away with them. Phones where nothing is remarkable and everything just works lead to a pleasant experience. Would be nice of this to hit metroPCS.

  • Simon Belmont

    I guess the big question would be, how much is it off contract? It could be a decent phone to preserve the unlimited data plans of yore (and it has LTE).

    But yeah, WVGA in this day and age, is sad to say the least. The other specifications, by and large, aren't bad though.

  • Goran

    Please... just stop posting. Forever. I cannot comprehend the amount of bullshit in this article. For starters, this is a LOW-END phone! Do you know what that means? Obviously not. It is not going to have a quad core processor or a Full HD screen, or any of the high-end specs. In fact, for being "low-end", it has some awesome specs. Secondly, if you're going to be this enthusiastic about writing an article, then I go back to my original statement that you shouldn't even be writing. I understand if you are just informing us of the specs, but you are literally bashing this phone before it's even out just because it doesn't have high-end specs. That's just stupid. Rant over

    • squiddy20

      Exactly. Why even write an article about something that you clearly don't care about? The only place that belongs in is in an editorial. Why not just hand it off to another writer who at least understands that a low-to-mid-range phone won't have the best specs, or alternatively that a phone with these specs is clearly a low-to-mid-range phone?

      • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Cameron Summerson

        Really, guys? I didn't really even bash the phone, but rather commented on how absolutely unremarkable it is. Well, save for the awful display resolution, anyway.

        Really, if you want it, feel free to buy it. I don't mind either way.

        • squiddy20

          Is it "unremarkable" compared to the S4 or One? Sure. That's the point. Something that seems to have gone completely over your head.

          This phone is not aimed at those who care about quad-core processors with ridiculously high clock speeds, high-res displays, how much RAM it has, or the latest version of Android. This phone is aimed at those who want a reasonable smartphone that works well for a reasonable price, if not dirt cheap. Try remembering once in awhile that not everyone cares about top notch specs.

          • kekes

            I love android, but I only buy low cost phones. I love plastic screens, if they fall they don't crack and I don't have to pay 150 € to replace it, in metro I don't get stolen, no one wants a crappy phone. And I always have the apps that I need, I don't need a pricy phone to live happily. And is so amusing creating your ROMs without bloatware. I have a ZTE blade with 2 and half years that I'm going to replace right now, and 600mhz is more than I need to run fitness apps, play music, call, text, and play one game or another; and it doesnt lag that much. Everything for just 60€, 2 years ago. Money that I saved and used in real social activities with my friends.

  • Joelw3440

    Everyone can't afford mid range to high end. Gives newbies a chance to get their feet wet with an android phone. For the ppl that complain about the phone wasn't made with you in mind. Your not gonna buy it so dont complain about it.

    • Ark

      "I bought an iPhone because before I had an LG Enact, and Android is really laggy, I never got an update to 4.x either, because they say my phone couldn't handle it. Android is so fragmented"

      • singings

        Nobody actually completions about this. The ones that care about updates, lag, etc, all know to buy mid/high end phones. Everyone else just throws out their phone every (contact period) years

        • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Cameron Summerson

          Not true at all. I've know many people who bought some low-end crap Android phone only to upgrade to an iOS device because of how awful the experience was.

          • Freak4Dell

            I bought my parents WP devices because they didn't want to spend the money for top of the line phones, and I didn't want them to keep suffering with the terrible experience of low-end Android phones.

          • mrjayviper

            that is actually a great option! never thought about it til now but my wife bought his dad a 2ndhand HTC Trophy7. not the greatest of specs but it's smooth and it good condition. WP is definitely a great choice for those who want a lag-free low-end phone.

      • squiddy20

        Before I got my Galaxy Nexus, I had a Samsung Moment. The reason I chose it over any other phone was because of the huge root community behind it (this was shortly before the Evo 4G came out). It was a pretty "meh" phone, even for it's day, and yet I still stayed with Android despite the crappy experience.
        Also, in the same train of thought as singings, most people don't know (let alone care) what Android version they have, as long as it works. The only reason everyone knows and cares about what version of iOS a specific iteration of iPhone will get is because it's highly publicized (even by mainstream media) and made a big deal of.

        • Dart

          Yikes. A Samsung Moment. I feel for you, man. That was pretty terrible phone. No drivers for the GPU so EVERYTHING used the CPU, even though it had a decent GPU onboard. That was Samsung's dark period in phone support. I ended up getting the HTC Hero. I ALMOST took the Samsung Moment. :-)

          Glad you stayed with Android. I've seen a lot of your posts around the Android circuit. Good stuff. Plus a battler of yarrellray. ;-)

      • Carlo

        So, you're saying you've had a LG Enact before? Well then, I think it's not even released yet..

        • squiddy20

          Wow. Notice the quote marks around the whole thing? Yeah, that's there to indicate that someone could say this very exact thing in the future after they've had this phone for a few months/years.

    • simp1istic

      The droid DNA is FIFTY bucks on contract. There is no reason to get this phone, even if it's free. If you can't scrounge up 50 bucks for a down payment, you don't need to be buying a smartphone at the most expensive carrier around.

  • Ben Enos

    Not everyone wants a high end phone for all we know, this phone might be free on contract and less than $100 outright. It doesn't seem like that bad of a phone for a low end device , it's of people might be totally happy with something like this ( including my father who doesn't want a smartphone). I've seen lots worse than this and some were touted as mid range phones. Some people just want to make calls and send sms with the occasional use if the Web for Facebook or map questions. I'm sure it's gonna be a good fit for some users.

  • dsass600

    Why do you even waste the man hours reporting on phones like these?

  • Lirodon

    Stop making fun of low-end devices please.

    Though, you begin to wonder why this doesn't have actual virtual buttons instead of just printing the same glyphs onto the phone itself. Lazy...

  • jmlares

    I too wish that people would stop going on about how low-end devices suck. I have one at the moment, and while it doesn't have great specs, it's probably the best phone I've EVER had after a bit of rooting, ditching Gingerbread, and flashing of CyanogenMod. I'm running the latest nightly even.

    There are maybe five games that I can't play on my Humble Bundle, and that's because of the 3.5" screen, absolutely nothing to do with the processor. Stuff like Canabalt HD and Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP run smooooooth on my 800MHz. Using Chrome Browser, Press, Tapatalk, the 4.3 camera, and all the cool new stuff too.

    That LG looks great, the minimal eye candy and hopefully little bloat will just mean that rooting and removing all the excess and calling it a day, will make a lot of people happy.

    These are great phones for when you drop and break the other one. I would also say that they're nice phones to learn how to develop ROMs on as mine is currently $40 refurbished, $80 new. So you can afford to ruin one or two with testing.

    Shameless plug: http://jessicalares.com/the-myth-that-is-low-end-android

  • BOB Dudek

    LG and VZW ..gonna..party like its 1999.

    Or just get a 99 buck D4