Last Updated: July 23rd, 2013

The leakiest and one of the most mysterious phones in recent history just got a little less mysterious as @evleaks dropped the first official press renders onto our sleepy heads late Friday night. The OS is close to stock (it's Android 4.2.2 for now, but we fully expect 4.3 soon after its release), the cameras are where they're supposed to be, the on-screen buttons make us happy, and overall, it's not such a bad-looker for a mid-spec, affordable device.

The specs we've been able to independently confirm include:

  • A dual-core (not quad-core) Qualcomm S4 Pro MSM8960DT 1.7GHz CPU, Adreno 320 GPU (I'm not actually sure what the "d" stands for in the processor model number)
  • 2GB of RAM
  • 720x1184 4.7" (about 4.5" without on-screen buttons) display
  • 2.1MP front-facing camera / 10.5MP rear camera
  • Android 4.2.2
  • 16GB internal memory, 12GB of which is user-accessible (at least in one variant)
  • NFC
  • 2,200 mAh battery (tipped by @evleaks and the fact I've confirmed in FCC docs)
  • About 18-19K AnTuTu score
  • About 7100 3DMark Ice Storm Extreme score

Remember, Motorola wants this phone to be affordable, so it doesn't sport high-end flagship specs. It will try to make up for the lack of the latest and greatest hardware by being free from custom skin bloat and having more context-aware features than any Android device in existence.

Motorola will unveil the Moto X on August 1st in NYC.

Update: Side view.

MotoX-512x460 sidemotox

Update #2: In white:


Source: TheUnlockr

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  • Halo

    Size? mm x mm?

    • jb

      an fcc report stated 128.5 x 65...about the same as a htc first..

      • TY

        Wow, that means 3.24mm bezel... That's insane!

        For reference, the Galaxy Nexus (4.65") is 67.94mm wide. The iPhone 5 is 58.6mm wide.

  • Gnex

    Dat texture. Dat texture.

  • Thomas’

    Wallpaper below the soft buttons? What kind of wizardry is this?

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      That part is actually accurate. I can confirm this.

      Wouldn't be the first Motorola phone to do this though. All the recent RAZR ones do it already: http://cdn.androidpolice.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/nexusae0_wm_IMG_20241.jpg

      • Thomas’

        Is it part of 4.3 or Motorola's skin?

        • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

          Not 4.3, as I mentioned. It's been on Moto's phones forever.

          • Thomas’

            Ah, right, ships with 4.2.2.

          • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

            At least right now. It may be upgraded to 4.3 if Google announces and releases it, I don't know.

          • ShemGyll

            Thomas, have you ever seen how the Pantech Vega Iron handles soft buttons? By default it's a little semicircle at the bottom which expands into the buttons. You can also have transparent buttons (like this Moto X) and you can even unclip them from the bottom and move them around. Its pretty interesting. I only wish that more OEMs would experiment with them. I don't like losing that tiny part of my resolution to the on-screen keys.

    • xxdrizzyxx

      Oh I didn't see that, but that looks cool!

    • Abdiel

      You can do this on AOKP. I love it. I hope this means they're bringing it over to stock.

    • jaydon

      It's called transparency.

  • Laurence

    Which do you guys think would be best to buy?

    1) This phone
    2) Nexus 4
    3) Wait for next Nexus.

    I'm upgrading from a Gnex...

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      4) Wait 5 years for Nexus 15.

      • Laurence

        I shall put myself in a Futurama time capsule immediately.

        • Simon Belmont

          See you in 1000 years, then. All for a pizza for I.C. Wiener.

          They should have a Nexus I.C Wiener edition. I'd buy it for laughs.

      • PhilNelwyn

        15 inches? Wow...

        • OMGgary

          That's what she said last night.

      • Mothreja Jay


    • Ray Sunghwa Woo

      Depends on how you want to use your phone.

      If you are a heavy gamer, probably New Nexus.
      Otherwise, I think this phone will appeal to many people.

      • Laurence

        Yeah, not really a heavy gamer. I do want good specs, but that's because I like having a smooth & fast UI, not because I want to play Crysis on my phone.

        • Solust

          Seeing as how this uses a variant MSM8960 it should at the very least be on par with the performance of all the flagships they released last year. All of their phones that are advertised currently on their site run variants of the MSM8960 and from what I have seen all run very well. This will run an Adreno 320 which is an improvement over last years models which ran the 225.

    • dhruva

      google aint releasing a nexus smartphone..that market has matured. nexus 7 we will see..

      • PhilNelwyn

        There will never again be a new Nexus phone?

      • Jason

        Your opinion... rumours of an LG produced Nexus 5 would suggest otherwise.

      • Qtop

        Google said they are still continuing the Nexus program.

      • Ivan Myring


    • jaydon

      Short on cash? this one. Want something more high-end? Wait for next Nexus (which I really don't think will be subsidized by Google anymore - and it shouldn't be).

    • RitishOemraw

      Next Nexus....That's what I'm gonna do at least. Also currently on the Galaxy Nexus.

      • Simon Belmont

        Still love my G'Nex. But, I'm going for the next Nexus too.

        Can't wait for the fall. Good times to be had.

        • RitishOemraw

          I just hope I can get ahold of one before they sell out :(
          There is no Play store here in the Netherlands, so someone else has to order it for me and ship it to me...hope that person is as dedicated to getting it as I would be.

      • backslash

        Not if its again being build by LG.

    • C

      Even though the Moto X is apparently their flagship device, the LG Nexus 4 which came out over half a year ago still compares. IMO, they're obviously not trying to compete with the Nexus line. I'd say wait for the next Nexus, and hopefully it'll be 1080p with some other surprises!

    • TareX

      Naturally the next Nexus would be the best buy, provided you're able to get one in the 15-minute window before it sells out.

    • kascollet

      I'd get the Moto.
      Benchmarks seem close to the N4, screen is similar in specs (hopefully better calibrated and sensitive), cameras are better, looks are great and assembly is sturdier (no glass back).

    • Peter Frazier

      if TMobile gets off their butts and upgrades my towns 2G network i'll get the next nexus.. i'm done with contracts and more importantly done with bloatware.. done with skins.. done with over half my ram filled with stuff i cannot uninstall.. I'm so feeling the noose closing in around my unlimited data, and I have to find way to keep that, i only have wifi at home, not at work so i am reliant on my mobile..

      I am digging the contextual awareness.. depending if its part of android or more moto specific or coming to android will play a role in my choice.. I also have a feeling all that the MotoX can do is yet to be seen, might still have some killer features.. Top end spec's dont' mean much if it isn't optimized.. some phones do a lot better with less then other's with far more..

      in the end I need unlimited data and something not to cheap and network to run on.. the big V has been annoying the hell out of me with there bs crap about data caps and the worthless argument about it being for network management..

      • disqus_0DvjPGmqim

        Root your phone already.

    • Crispin Swickard

      I am in the same boat, but I am at least waiting to see if a Google Play Edition of the Moto X comes out, and see when the Google Play Editions get their updates versus the Nexus line. If they lag I may wait to see what the next nexus turns out to be. I personally would love to return to a Motorola phone. I don't get as good reception with my GNex as all my previous Moto phones.

      • mwradcliffe

        Why would they release a GPE edition of a almost stock phone? Seems pretty redundant.

        • Crispin Swickard

          Its pretty obvious from these shots, and the leaked video that its not as stock as Motorola would have lead us to believe when they indicated their new near stock philosophy. Any customization will lead to delays in updates.

          As the leaks for the One, and S4 GPEs indicate they are probably to get 4.3 as soon as, or extremely close after the Nexus line. Which is one of my theories on why they bumped 4.3 back release date wise to show off how fast the GPE get updated.

          Basically for some people almost stock isn't good enough.

    • https://www.facebook.com/max.chen2 MC_Android

      Why not wait for all of them to come out? Make an informed decision rather than an impulsive one; the latter is the cause of shopper's remorse :)

  • Ray Sunghwa Woo

    So this is sorta between Nexus 4 and Nexus 5.
    Size-wise and spec-wise and also price.

    • Thomas’

      I really don't understand why a device with (pure) specs above any iOS device is called "mid-ranged". Sure, there are Android devices with even more power, but the vast majority of Android devices is waaay below this.

      • Xephik

        iOS devices can deal with internals that are less than Android devices because the OS and apps are tailored to a a specific range of hardware (Think how Xbox 360 and PS3 games can still look gorgeous on hardware that is years old).

        The majority of Android devices have specs below or on par with this phone, but the difference is that they have been out on the market for awhile, this phone is being released in an age of Quad core CPUs. Phones have had 2 GB of RAM for a decent amount of time. That is why "mid-range" has been thrown around when describing the X.

        • Simon Belmont

          I'm really into tech, and knew this stuff. But, I just wanted to say you wrote a very thoughtful post.

          Good analogy with the home consoles. Nicely done.

      • maxx1987

        agreed, and the vast majority of higher spec'd phones don't know how to efficiently or appropriately use the power. with optimization, the moto x should fly compared to other high-end android phones. and with the GPU being the best one qualcomm has to offer at this point, it should have no problem churning through pixels with anything you throw at it.

    • Kenton Douglas

      Nope. Size-wise I think you'll find it's the most compact (in the x an y axis) 4.7" phone ever manufactured. Should be around 9mm peak in the z-axis (thickness) down to about 6-6.5mm at the thinnest point.

  • Nikolay Abromov

    any rumors about the battery life?

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      Rumor is this phone runs on urine. Endless battery life when hooked up to a catheter.

      • Sergio

        Is the question that stupid to deserve this answer? If I'm not wrong Larry Page spoke -not so long ago- about new Motorola devices focusing on improve battery life and resistance to shattering or damage from liquids...

        • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

          No, it's not stupid, but that's the best answer I have right now. Battery tests will require final software and at least a week with the device.

      • Simon Belmont

        Yes! And it's endorsed by Bear Grylls.

        When you are getting thirsty, drink your own pee. If your phone's battery is getting low, pee on it. Everybody wins. Go technology!

    • Ricardo Neves

      Seriously? With every smartphone there's always battery complaints...If you want good battery life just get a feature phone!

      • maxx1987

        wrong, none of the razr maxx's evoke that type of complaint.

        • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

          Wrong, I just complained about how my phone doesn't have the RAZR MAXX's battery. See?

          • maxx1987

            dude, i was replying to ricardo neves, who was indeed making the implication that we complain about battery life with EVERY (his words) smartphone.

    • challenge_accepted

      1500 mah

  • http://calmblog.kingbrick.co.uk/ Jack

    Looks perfect

  • backslash

    Perfect! This is exactly what I've been looking for to replace my Galaxy Nexus with.

    • abqnm

      I hope you are not on Verizon... Leaked press rendering of the Verizon version:

      • backslash

        Good one! :-) I am from Germany and since years I only buy unsubsidised devices. Vodafone in Germany used to be similar intrusive with their carrier branding.

      • curiousfox


      • Casin

        You forgot the Home button.

      • Fadeley

        what would you suggest I use then

        • abqnm

          A black sharpie and electrical tape. Just cover up the logos. You won't even notice.

      • disqus_0DvjPGmqim


  • Gnex

    I need Sarge to confirm that this is in fact the Moto X.

    • Sarge


  • chico

    I question this move I think the ship is sinking for Motorola/Google phone division...why buy this when u can have 1080p,13+MP's,quad core....oh and PLEASE make a CDMA version of the Nexus 5/G2 twin!

    • DanieleMnn

      Because not everyone can afford buying the latest and greatest hardware, or simple don't want to spend that amount of money for a phone.

    • Qtop

      The average consumer does't care about specs. All it matters is that it looks and feels good and everything runs smoothly. If the software can achieve this (which it will), specs become irrelevant.

      • NexusKoolaid

        Yes and no. With phone in hand specs can become irrelevant in light of a good user experience after the point of sale, but this doesn't matter if if the phone isn't purchased in the first place. Truth is that phones are sold on specs. The average consumer may not care about benchmarks or the details about what makes one CPU as fast as another, all they know is 4 cores is more than 2. They don't appreciate optics or image processing, they just know that 13mp is more than 10mp. Pentile vs. RGB probably doesn't matter either, and while 720p is good resolution for a phone display, 1080p is more than 720p.

      • Di Lu

        The average consumer care about screen size, when this phone gets placed beside other 5"(GS4/Xperia Z)-5.2"(G2) screen phone the difference will be obvious.

    • fixxmyhead

      Fuck your cdma garbage tech.

    • Thomas’

      Funny enough, all of your specs are pretty useless metrics.

      1080p on a smartphone? Like you could see the difference to 720p.
      13 MP camera? Which says exactly what about the quality of the sensor/lense?
      Quad Core? Yeah, so you can have MORE cores doing NOTHING at the same time, fantastic!

      tl;dr; you would rather buy the biggest piece of crap than a decent device, if the specs on paper are better?

      • Di Lu

        Rather buy a 5.2" screen phone over a 4.7" screen phone if PPI is the same, there is no debate.

    • Simon Belmont

      They'll make a CDMA G2, obviously. But they won't make a CDMA Nexus 5, probably.

      I got sick of the no Nexus on CDMA, so I left my CDMA carrier a month back. Couldn't be happier with my GSM G'Nex (tides me over to next Nexus).

  • dhruva

    speakers are at the back, NO..

    • Di Lu

      Speakers on the front means that space can't be used to make the screen bigger. It is a trade-off. HTC One's speakers are great, but in exchange GS4's screen is 13% larger while the two phone are about the same length.

  • Ahmad Nadeem

    I'm pretty sure that the processor will be a Qualcomm MSM8960T,'cause I have never heard of a "DT" version being made.......unless it is a custom made processor

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      http://i.imgur.com/aLkhTxD.jpg (CPU info is weird in that photo, but ignore it, it's listed as 1.7GHz correctly in other places).

      • Stacey Liu

        13.53 MHz fuck yeah!

  • Ricardo Neves

    Looks like a solid mid-range device. If the price is right it might be a hit

  • Mirosław Jurdeczka

    looks nice wonder what price they give, if it is really affordable i might switch form my good old GalaxyS:) One question i have will it be avaliable only throug google play store? as the lucky bastard i am i live in poland where electronics are pricy as :) and there is no option to buy tablets and phones throu play store

    • Thomas’

      No, this is just your regular smartphone, sold at your regular "brick and mortar" stores. I think it's even less likely that it will be sold in the Play Store.

  • Jason

    Looks like no external storage? :(

    • Ricardo Neves

      Hopefully there will be a 32GB variant

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      I don't think there's a MicroSD card slot :(

    • Frekko

      how do u look?? u have xray eyes?

  • Lisamith

    The frame is very thin?!

  • TechView.me

    It looks good. Not too long till we hear more about this now.

  • danifeb

    THIS will be my phone!

  • Oobiewan

    still not much better than my galaxy nexus. happy to see that :D

    • backslash

      I have a GN too and it has a crappy pentile display, bad camera, weak battery, ugly looking back and is a tad bit too slow. I like my GN but I am sure the Moto X will be much better in all aspects.

      • Sanyi

        My only problem with my Gnex is the weak battery life.

        • Gandalf_Teh_Gray

          Bad signal on Verizon :( I bot no bars today, friends Bionic was rocking 2-3 bars of 4g.

  • Adnoxaei

    I'm just throwing this out there:

    The screen resolution looks like 720x1280 with the buttons and 720x1184 wihtout them. I opened the press image in an editor and checked the ratio...

    • Thomas’

      It is 720x1280. The x1184 was leaked from a settings menu where the net resolution is shown (i.e. without soft buttons), since applications can not access this space.

      • Adnoxaei

        That makes sense. I saw that leak photo just a moment ago. I'm just used to "resolution" meaning display resolution and not available application drawing space.

    • serotheo

      The.. ratio..? a 1920x1080 display also has a 16:9 ratio.

      • Adnoxaei

        I assumed 720 was correct since it falls in line with common industry standards while 1184 is unusual.

        • serotheo

          Well I didn't mean to say it was incorrect - just that it isn't necessarily 720 due to ratio, as that's not a strong enough assumption to use to determine the display's resolution.

          i.e. the Nexus 10 has 2560x1600 resolution.
          2560x1600 is 16:10 Ratio.
          The Xperia Tablet Z is 16:10 Ratio.
          Therefore, the Xperia Tablet Z is 2560x1600 resolution.

  • bondx99

    i dont care if it doesnt have sd card but it should have atleast 32GB variant..or else bye bye moto!..seriously man, doesnt anyone at goog campus look at sizes of those games? add to it HD movies, pics and songs..cloud storage? No thanks!

  • Misti curia

    How did this get such a high antutu score?

    • maxx1987


      • Di Lu

        Antutu could easily be cheated, there is a recent Intel Atom leak with a 1.1Ghz Atom soundly beat Snapdragon 800 in Antutu.

  • Felix

    Oh no. Fug you Motorola. I really expectet a 4,5 Inch Device. 4,7 is just to big

    • Thomas’

      Oh noes! Half a centimeter too much display as an arbitrary metric for size which completely neglects the device's frame.

    • jb

      Screen size != phone size...this phone is smaller than a lot of the older 4.3-4.5 inch devices

  • BirgerSvend

    Motorola is wise to recognize that specs does not really matter any more. The same thing happened for the PC where specs reached a certain level and became FAR far less relevant. Of course there are still consumers that need an argument to buy a new phone.For them better specs may act as (psychological pursuasive) argument to make the purchase (maybe rationalized by feeble idea of "futureproofing").

    Now companies will have to invent something new (innovate) to make us buy new phones. And yes there is actually less and less reason to change phone rapidly (in particular if one use custom ROMS).

    I currently own the Razr HD and is extremely pleased. Had i not owned that one, I would surely look for the moto x. It seems like a "sensible phone" without too much useless crap on-board.

    • Asphyx

      Specs will always matter to the small elite group of power users but in the case of this phone they are fighting to restore and re-establish the Motorola Name under Google's ownership.

      And they need a big splash to try and regain the marketshare from Samsung and Apple. That means an affordable phone that the Masses can buy (even more important with the push by carriers to stop subsidizing your phones these days) and get some decent sales figures.

      After that initial play I fully expect them to announce a HIGH END Nexus type variant to show the power users that you have someplace else to look other than Samsung for a quality phone. And it's on that phone that I would expect to see something surprising and new that we have not seen yet. What is? Who knows.

      • Elias

        Next innovative feature Google will put out: MICROSD CARDS! You'll be able to expand storage to fit your needs!

        • Elias

          (now seriously, google. Quit being apple. Don't keep postponing this, just to try to bring it to us as something innovative when it is convenient to you. We want microsd even more than front-facing speakers, and we want it now.)

          • Steve Williamson

            ill take front facing speakers actually!

          • Jillxz

            Me too. Front facing speakers should be standard for all phones and tablets.

    • rahlquist

      While I agree somewhat, there is a problem, flash space. Wife is on a Nexus S which she loves but its constantly struggling to have enough space to be usable with her 3 primary functions, Gmail, SMS, and Facebook. It too has 16GB however at elast once every month she starts to run into space issues. This new Moto will be running a fatter version of android. So that will likely mean less space for the send user. That in my opinion is a a problem. One I am very familiar with on my Galaxy S4. If her Nexus didnt have the space problem she would use it for the next few years, as it is now, it gets frustrating.

      • Krzysztof Jozwik

        I really don't get why 32GB can't be the base, flash memory is dirt cheap the the OEMs, why they can't just up it is beyond me.

        • Asphyx

          Because it costs more and most people don't need that much!

          Considering that 98% of the phone using public is clueless, still running stock or that there is even a Google Play store to add features to the phone there is no reason why they should make the phone more expensive for everyone just to make 32Gbs the standard ram config.

          • domenukk

            32gbs of ram would be quite expensive indeed.

          • Krzysztof Jozwik

            I'm not asking for 32GB of RAM, and 32GB of storage will bump up the cost by...$10?

    • Luis Augusto Fretes Cuevas

      You live in a world that doesn't match the real, hardware-constrained, universe in which we live on. The difference between a 2 years old phone and today's phones in performance is gigantic. As long as you believe that specs are not related to the experience your predictions regarding what will happen in the real world will be as off as this one.

      Unless the Moto X is $200-250 it's doomed to a massive failure, and even if it costs less it will do very little to change Motorola's path. Successful companies in the smartphone market reached a healthy position by the means of high-end smartphones.

      Moreover, Android is not precisely efficient.

      • Asphyx

        Everyone said the same thing when Google Announced the Nexus 7 and it was sold out almost a day after they announced it!
        Very few people even understand the specs your worried about. As good as the Galaxy S series is I bet Samsung sold more lower end phones than those!
        And that is going to get worse as every carrier is rolling out a new plan to make YOU pay full price for the phone you use.

        • WestIndiesKING

          well now it runs like crap and i kind of wish i didnt buy it. Android as mentioned above isnt the most nimble OS and it needs the processing power to really shine.

          • Zargh

            It was the cheap flash memory with poor random IO speeds which made the Nexus 7 run terrible, not the processor.

          • WestIndiesKING

            I agree to a point processing power still factors into jagged response times but you are correct.

          • Krzysztof Jozwik

            I believe the issue was the terrible flash memory, not the processor. I like how you agree to a point, but the point is, the memory sucked and therefore caused the lag. The tegra 3 runs fine on MANY devices lag free. It's not the processor, it's the cheap flash.

          • WestIndiesKING

            Well i agree that the cheap flash memory is the main cause of the lag but still doesnt fully excuse the processor. I have used the Sony Xperia Tablet S and it doesnt just run fine on MANY devices lag free so yeah. As i said it's not just the cheap flash memory.

          • Ray Sunghwa Woo

            I'm not sure if you agree to a point

            You are repeating the same thing over and over

          • WestIndiesKING

            how is this not making sense to you guys. Yes i repeated myself to explain my stance in more detail.

            - Original comment states that specs arent everything.
            - i go on to state that they may not be everything but the nexus 7 runs pretty crappy now because of the processor sucking.
            - then a comment is made saying that the processor isnt the problem and its the cheap memory.
            - I agree that the cheap memory is the primary problem of the lag on the nexus BUT which is where i agree to a point. Meaning i agree that it is primary part of the problem but does not fully excuse the processor sucking because having used it on other devices android still gets laggy.
            - which leads me back to my original point being true specs arent everything but Android being as clunky as it is still really only shines with beefy specs.

            Either way im done replying to this thread.

      • Gary Wilkinson

        These high end specs only appear in Android. Windows Phone and iOS perform better on similar hardware to the Moto X than the more powerful GS4 and HTC One.

        Google are going to use Motorola here to show that with well considered hardware choices and adept software optimisation that Android can perform valiantly on mid-range hardware and there's no need for the laggy mid-range rubbish that the Android OEM's are currently churning out.

      • Malcolm Tucker

        I know that you thought a lot about that one, but look, I've got brains coming out of my arse.

        What Android needs is OS programmers that are intelligent, not a cheap device. You get one or the other. Choose already.

        I mean, what do you want to be? Do you want a phone that works for a year, then goes away to write about what the devices should do, saying "oh, on one hand this and on the other hand that", or do you want to be a code warrior? Android is too big and bloated.

      • didibus

        Well, the graphics capabilities are ranked higher for the Moto X than all other phones. That's pretty impressive for a mid-range.

        I also believe, that mid-range and low range need to improve, so that Android's future is safe. I know a lot of people who experienced Android first and foremost on mediocre low and mid range phones. Therefore, they had a very bad experience. The standard for those needs to be made higher, so that people can see what Android is really about.

      • Jillxz

        Right on. I do agree. Google will kill the Motorola brand and that will be a shame. I wish Google had never bought Moto.

    • TY

      Found this:


      the LTE bands/Wi-fi... Motorola is going back to the more important
      things other than CPU speed or resolution. It's the wireless

    • didibus

      Partially agree. While there is definitely a certain level that make most tasks enjoyable and perform in a relatively quickly manner, software is always limited by hardware capabilities one way or another. Better hardware does open up the play room to new innovative software.

  • TY

    The graphics score is really interesting...

    Like the data from previous leaks from GFXBench, the Moto X (in its stock state) easily beats phones with Snapdragon 600 in graphic tests.

    Use Pantech Vega Iron (720p, Snapdragon 600, on screen buttons) as an example:

    Ice Storm Extreme:

    Moto X: ~7100
    Pantech Vega Iron: ~6100

    Proof: http://attach.mobile01.com/attach/201307/mobile01-00f5d8daab8e8e0994df28041f28c115.png

    HTC One: ~6200

    Galaxy S4: ~6000

    This baby must be optimized really well, or there are other secrets....

    • TY

      Here's a better look, listing the scores of most mobile devices:


    • Cory_S

      Is the screen resolution factored in on 3D mark? the score may be higher due to a 720P screen vs 1080P

      • TY

        No. The extreme mode renders in 1080p.
        Moreover, the Moto X still gets a significantly higher mark than the Vega Iron which has a 720p screen and on-screen buttons (essentially same setup).

    • Casin

      7100? That's really crazy. Maybe this Moto X phone can finally create the Android phone that beats the iPhone on GPU power. It's also crazy optimized like the iPhone.

  • Sarav

    I was waiting for the next Nexus phone to upgrade from my S3, but with the release of the GE SGS4 and HTC One along with the Moto X, I'm a bit worried that there might not be a successor to the Nexus 4. Still might get the Moto X if it's priced well but it wouldn't be too much of an upgrade over the S3 (IMO).

  • mrjayviper

    still haven't seen price from a reliable source. how affordable is this affordable phone?

    nexus 4 affordable?

  • RitishOemraw

    Omg Moto X 11.35inch version confirmed!

    What? no one else? You guys surprise me.....though it is getting old now :P

    • Chandradithya Raja P

      Half Life 3 confirmed.

      • RitishOemraw

        It would be so awesome if they really announced Half life 3 with a picture of a stock android phone where instead of the time it says: HF:03


    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii
      • RitishOemraw


        OMG, I want that game!
        Secret of the MAgic Crystals 2!

        • Moto X Forum

          Any confirmed info on the camera tech? Clear Pixel or anything else beyond it being 10.5mp?

          • RitishOemraw

            Clear Crystal...clear Magic crystals...clear MAGIC CRYSTALS 2!!!!
            SECRETS OF THE clear MAGIC CRYSTALS 2!!!!


  • CyanogenMod User

    It doesn't look that good. I'm sure the next Nexus phone will be better.

  • Sean Thomas

    that is the worst stock wallpaper ever. at least don't put the clock right there in the press image. You can't even read the time!

  • Miah

    I just hope it looks better in real then the image above.

  • Tiger333

    Fingers Crossed on the battery...

  • hp420

    Anyone notice the filename for the press image png? I don't know if it's the filename given by google, moto, an android police editor with a sense of humor, or what....but it's got a pretty obvious name at the front


    • http://AndroidPolice.com/ Liam Spradlin

      Artem could speak to this in more detail but that prefix is on all our images as part of our site's content delivery.

      • hp420

        Ah ok, that explains things a little better. Thanks!

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      Yeah, the images are prefixed by the name of the internal web server they get uploaded to, just in case there are name conflicts when we rsync them around in the future. The names are actually from Starcraft - nexus, spire, hive, overlord, and pylon (so far).

      • hp420

        Thanks for the clarification, although it's disappointing to me to hear that I didn't stumble upon a google easter egg. I like the starcraft reference, though, so I'll take that as my consolation prize

  • TareX

    They forgot to mention this eyehurt of a wallpaper as a selling feature of the device. I'm guessing the target audience are highschoolers.

  • Zak Taccardi

    Seems a bit strange that the nexus 4 already has better specs (except the camera). Although if the rumors of Google slimming down Android so it runs better on weaker hardware, this thing could fly.

    How could it compete with the nexus 4 though? Although maybe it's not, and it's trying to bring the Google experience to Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T, carriers that don't offer the nexus 4 at affordable prices.

    • Casin

      If you check out the benchmarks for the MSM8960T, it actually rivals the S4 Pro CPU in the Nexus 4. And the 3D Mark Ice Storm Extreme shows the GPU outperforming even the Snapdragon 600s even though they all share the Adreno 320 GPU. There's some crazy optimization going on here.

  • Shawn Cheever

    If this comes to Sprint, I'm all in. I don't use a single damn app that can utilize a quad-core anyway.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      It will be on Sprint as well.

      • Shawn Cheever

        Thanks. I'd like to purchase this off contract if the price is right. Can't wait to see what happens over the next few weeks.

  • Jadephyre

    Specs aside it's not exactly a looker, it reminds me too much of the S3 and S4.
    It looks like a black bar of soap to be honest.

  • jake044

    They're gonna waste an awesome name like Moto X on a mid-range phone?

  • TareX

    I remember the times when every blog reported a confirmed rumor that the X Phone will be the first to launch with 4.3

    • Greyhame

      Yes. The Droid X. :-)

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      When did that happen? Or rather, when did we (every blog, right?) say this?

  • heike1975

    No MicroSD and sub-standard Memory options: 12 GB...

    Install some offline-apps and your favorite songs and you will get a nice box telling you "out of memory" if you want to take some pictures with the face 10 megapixel camera...

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      Well, there could be a 32GB option, we don't know yet.

      • heike1975

        Early adopters probably won't ;(...

    • Android Telegraph

      Remember, you're supposed to use the cloud to make up for it, even for the HD games you install and their data! :P

  • Alessandro Franza

    Note: The "D" on the Processor model means that the GPU is "Adreno 320" instead of the "Adreno 225"

    • TY

      No, normally that's called "MSM8960T". No D there.

      • Alessandro Franza

        Thats why!
        MSM8960T = Adreno 225
        MSM8960DT = Adreno 320

        • TY

          Please, just Google "MSM8960T"...

  • Ruben Martinez Jr.

    Not bad for a mid-range device. I just wish they would release it alongside a higher-end version for the developers among us. I REALLY need to upgrade and don't know if I can stand waiting until they decide it's time for a high-end device.

    • TY

      Judging on the Antutu and 3DMark scores (which are both very comparable to Nexus 4), this device is nowhere mid-range. Just because it is not a high-end device with the latest SoC and 1080p screen doesn't put it to the mid-range immediately. Even by the current standard, it's more like upper mid-range, or lower high-end.

      • Ruben Martinez Jr.

        Good to know, I personally don't know how to interpret those scores. Well if it's upper-mid-range, it may convince me yet. AP should really put down some reference scores...

        • Stacey Liu

          A stock Nexus 4 gets 18,000-20,000 in Antutu and it's already packing a pretty awesome SoC. The Snapdragon 600 devices seem to get about 22,000.

          If you call the very minimal loss from S600 to S4 Pro a downgrade from high end to mid range, I have no idea what you'd call low end. If anything, it's going from top of the line to the very next tier.

          • Ruben Martinez Jr.

            However a slight downgrade from last-gen hardware is not-so-slight compared to this year's high-end, no?

  • Milind

    So meh specs, no removable battery, no SD card. Looks like a Nexus phone. I can see Google's influence here. Unless it's less than $300 off contract, nothing to see here. Totally disappointed after all the hype.

    • lcf

      This. Add support for SD cards, add replaceable battery. Aside of that pretty nice spec, close to ideal of mine (4.5" 720p, 2 GB RAM).

    • http://AndroidTaskForce.com Timmy

      When it performs better than your current phone, lasts longer and gets long support from Motorola I will laugh in your face.

      • Milind

        My current phone is the GS3. Moto's past update history is worse than Samsung's. Hopefully this will change with this phone (especially since it seems close to stock). But then, I'm okay with putting CyanogenMod on my GS3 when Samsung stops supporting it. At the moment, they are doing a *relatively* decent (albeit still unacceptable) job with the updates. I don't see any reason, why this phone should last longer - in fact most rumors have the battery size about the same as the GS3. I'm not interested in a mid range phone, especially given the Moto X was hype from the last few months (Guy Kawasaki et al). Customization != engraving!!!!!

  • TY

    New, side view render is now leaked, from evleaks.

  • eilegz

    it all depends on the price if its less than nexus 4 then its a good deal, if its not then a pure dissapoinment and an epic failure

  • BrianLipp

    white phones never make sense to me. All black phones make everything blend together/hide everything. Look at the white version. You can see all the sensor/camera/mic areas really easily. And it makes it look terrible. On the black version you can barely tell where they are. Plus it just looks terrible when the phone is off and you have this giant black rectangle sitting in the middle of it, which you cant see in the black version. /rant

    • Andrew Hime

      Try using a black phone outdoors in a Texas summer. I kinda wish I'd had my Nexus 4 money when the white one was on sale from Google.

      • BrianLipp

        i dont get what youre saying. are you saying it gets too hot to hold in the summer b/c its black? more than likely thats just the cpu or something else inside just getting really hot from use. I know my GNex gets really hot just from some light use

  • Cláudio Brito

    nobody is talking about that sensor on the bottom of the device... why??

    • Mo3tasm

      I guess no one saw it but you!!!...

      • Cláudio Brito

        Lol. You can see it in the white one perfectly..

    • BrianLipp

      i thought that was just the front microphone...

    • Elias

      Notification led, I'd say.

  • david coffey

    My nexus 4 is 8 months old, runs like a champ and can process and run any game. And it will for some time to come.

    Specs aren't what they used to be for phones. Not nearly as relevant anymore. Thank god.

    • Anthony Walker

      I have a Nexus 4 and a Galaxy S4. Maneuvering around the OS on a the Nexus 4 is much smoother than that of the S4 but when it comes to gaming the s4 is better in every aspect. The games look better, there's more graphical effects, better draw in distance, higher frame rates and less skipping. If you don't do much gaming on your device than the Nexus 4 is the better choice but if you do a lot of gaming, I wouldn't go with the Nexus 4. There are far more capable devices.

  • LiiIiikEaBau5


  • Cerberus_tm

    I read on Tweakers.net (Dutch) that the Moto X will possibly have a battery of only 1500 mAh, which is very disappointing if true.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      They source TheVerge, which backtracked on the 1500mAh claim.

      • Cerberus_tm


  • wakefinance

    That white image is of a different phone than what Eric Schimdt was using, which had a black face. Are we getting a Motorola Nexus this year?!

    • Laborin_HK

      Hmmmm, well the phone backing is the same and one of the selling points of the xphone was the customisable colours. So it might have just been another variant?

  • XxAndroidFanxX

    A couple of trees don't make a forest.. If you feel the specs are not good enough then you are not the target audience for this phone. Moto didn't start making phones yesterday; they have years of experience and user data. They know what their brand means which is good battery life and sturdy phones. They also know people use their phone to take pictures so that's why the goal is to get a good camera which is very intuitive to use. They also worked on the design..

    There are a lot of people out there who don't like to walk with a charger all the time in their bags/pocket. They want a good priced phone that take good pictures and easy to use and they don't care about specs. If specs was all that matters then why are people still buying iphones (even the old gen ones)? So Moto X is not for the rabid android fanboys who are specs crazed...this if for the average person who wants a phone that works, good battery life, and intuitive "a la iphone".

    For those complaining about SD cards, they use the FAT file system, which is patented by by Microsost. So having an SD card means a royalty has to be paid to Microsoft, meaning the price of the device will be more expensive. So if you are trying to make an affordable device, you do everything possible to avoid paying royalties left and right

    If specs matter to you, go Nexus. If not go Moto X

  • Laborin_HK

    That side view makes me think that the battery will be decently sized. If the Razr HD was also 4.7inch screen, and managed a 2500mah, I think this should be about the same (hopefully even more!)

  • jamaall

    it looks like the border around the screen is higher than the screen itself. which is awesome, because it'll protect the screen. my moto m has bezel higher than the screen, never breaks

  • GreatNews

    Nice profile!

  • Wazzifer

    2200mAh battery. Awwwwyeah! Come to daddy!

  • Asphyx

    I look at this release as Moto's attempt to make the first ANDROID for the RAZOR market.

    When Moto ruled the cell phone roost it was cheap units like the Razor that most people could afford and carriers could give away for free to get you on the contract.

    Lower Priced, not top of line specs, just enough to do what most people do with their phone.

    Multiple colors, Changeable shells, Where did we see that before? The Razor!

    People who are bent out of shape on specs would appear to have put TOO MUCH HOPE into the hype. This is as low end and made to be priced cheaply as the Nexus 7 Tabs were!

    Took half a year to get the Nexus 10 and 32 GB models. And almost a year to find one with Carrier support. That's probably what we can expect as far as the X Series is concerned.

    In fact I bet that the phone we were all waiting and hoping for won't even be called an X Phone....More likely a Nexus! Cause lets face it that is the ONLY name that ever appeases the users who are complaining about specs when you get right down to it!

  • Ganja greegtings

    I hope it has a removable battery! If not battery gonna go bad in 12-16 months! I hate nonremovable battery phones!

    • TY

      Or, just send it back to Motorola for a replacement.

  • TSON1

    That white would be so gorgeous if the front was black.

  • Cesar

    Any info on the price???

  • JustinCrouch


  • Abdallah Hirbawi

    Galaxy nexus redone the right way by motorola.

  • Johannes

    by the way: it will probably be a 720p x 1280p display, as the on-screen naviagtionbar will not be recognized when the screen size is getting measured

  • gargamel

    Very similar to a Gnex (with a slightly better processor, which I don't know how it affects real life performance...).
    If they sell it for $300 unlocked, then there is something to talk about

    • Android Telegraph

      Not just slightly, quite a bit better than the GNex's processor, if only because the Moto X's CPU uses Adreno 320GPU, which is helluva powerful compared to the SGX540 on the GNex, which complement the two cores, which are also faster and more efficient than the GNex's, perfectly.

  • Henry Green

    Theory on the D in MSM8960DT. Could it mean discarded/binned chips ie quad s4 pro's that don't make it up to scratch so 2 cores are disabled. This means that the chip will perform as well as a normal dual s4, maybe better but will lower the price significantly?

  • arturodelac

    Does it has qi?

  • mldi

    They put the tear drop on the wrong end if you ask me. I found a thicker phone at the bottom is far better for texting with my thumbs.

    • qwerty

      Learn to Swype/Swiftkey

      • mldi

        1) How would that address anything?
        2) No.