A mysterious video that starts with "Nothing can be perfect, things can be better" was just posted by the CyanogenMod team on YouTube. The 31-second animation teases... something.

What could it be? A CyanogenMod phone? Upcoming Android 4.3 support (I really doubt this is what the video is about)? Something else completely mind-blowing or ultimately disappointingly overhyped? One of the frames shows the word "FREE" on a lockscreen - that can't be a coincidence. Or can it (Free is a French carrier)?

Something wicked this way comes.

Nothing can be perfect. Things can be better.

The right [person, pixel, look, path, spark, feeling, formula, tap, person (person again?), action, reaction, smile, word, music] at the right time.

The right memories.

A new challenger appears.

A new Nemesis appears.

Perhaps it's a new super-smart launcher? Hrm. Take your best guesses below.


Source: +CyanogenMod

Artem Russakovskii
Artem is a die-hard Android fan, passionate tech blogger, obsessive-compulsive editor, bug hunting programmer, and the founder of Android Police.
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  • Barton82

    I'm guessing it will be "disappointingly overhyped".

    • http://www.Nave360.com Sebastian Gorgon

      lol best guess

    • Kenny O

      ala the "mysterious" package all the Google Glass Explorers were going to get in the mail.......we all know how that turned out.

    • ins0mn1a

      the right xyz at the right time seems to point to some kind of adaptive/predictive automated launcher, interface, app, whatever, in the vein of google now. those seem to be all the rage these days.

    • Love CM

      Brand new operating system NOT based on Android? IMaybe Nemesis is an alternative Linux-based OS with it's own app store etc. Just an idea. It would give them more control over pacing of updates etc and maybe sell/supply to hardware manufacturers. Well soon we'll find out.

      • Raymond Berger

        That was my first thought

      • Steve Williamson

        think that is a massive long shot. Possibly see them branching android but i don't see why they would start a new. They seem to like it when google put in features that themselves (CM Team) have already added. Meaning they can take there version out

      • Jeremy Herman

        I feel like cyd wouldn't be there then since it is CMs new "mascot"

    • Richard Albert McKenzie III

      Then don't download/get it when it comes out. The people who are excited and positive can have it instead of the negative nancy's.

  • Carl Bacchus

    This really is a teaser

  • http://www.twitter.com/thewizkid95 Jesus Otero

    Free on the lockscreen...

    • Ezhik

      CyanogenMod: Now free to play!

    • RitishOemraw

      CyanogenMod Balloon internet for Voip calls!

    • Adrien

      "Free" is a french mobile provider

  • JB
    • D3

      That's already in CM.

  • Jack

    But what does it all mean Basil!?

  • nawa

    I guess this is a first phone running CyanogenMod out of the box.
    Everything else for me now is "disappointingly overhyped". :)

    • Pontus

      It looks like a nexus 4 on the pic (the glass is curved on the edge, a chrome bezel...)

  • Adrian Zugaj

    Bit of a long shot, but perhaps they're looking to build a mesh network?

  • Guillaume ‘XpLoDWilD’

    Actually, Free is a carrier in France.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      Hrm. Free is a carrier in France. You're from France. You're on the CM team. You're here within minutes of the post. TELL US EVERYTHING.

      Edit: In fact, you're on Free, according to http://forum.xda-developers.com/member.php?u=2162789.

      • Guillaume ‘XpLoDWilD’

        I'm here because I love Android Police (and also because you showed up on my Facebook stream)

        • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

          Sure you are :P

        • RitishOemraw

          So what you are actually saying is that CyanogenMod is going to buy the French carrier, rename it "Nemesis" and become a new challenger in the Cellular Service market, where Cyanogenmod running roms will get discounts in hopes of boosting adoption!!!

          New cellular service provider CONFIRMED!!!!

          • Oobiewan

            I'm not sure Google would let that happen

      • nawa

        And he said he is working on something special! https://twitter.com/xplodwild/status/358340678222229505

    • Zack Davis

      That was my first thought... but really there's enough devices out there and wifi is available in enough places I wouldn't be surprised if they made it so that CyanogenMod used VoIP. I mean it's a good way to challenge carriers without actually having to build a cell network.

    • Shitiz Garg

      This atleast tells us that you're the guy who's phone is on the video. TELL US EVERYTHING!

  • Kevin Mcclain

    Maybe a way to use the phone without a carrier?

    • Matt

      Yeah, Free appears where the carrier would usually be. Maybe they found some way to build SIM unlock into a ROM?

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      You can already do that. It's called Wi-Fi.

    • Andrew

      actually some sort of VoIP p2p service can be it. another question: why anyone would want it?

    • ginobili

      You only need to build a few antennas all over the country.

    • yanger

      maybe a way to use a carrier without the phone ;)

      • RitishOemraw

        Why not skip the carrier too and just go back to shouting :P

  • BrianLipp

    ok, im going to go into a Crazy Conspiracy Theory Guy character:

    "Well, the word "Free" is on the lockscreen where the carrier name goes. So, obviously, Cyanogenmod is going to launch its own cell network, that will only work on phones running Cyanogenmod and will be FREE to use!"

    ok...im done

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      That's quite ambitious.

      • BrianLipp

        heh, just wanted to get one of the crazy, never-gonna-happen theories out as a joke before someone actually came in here and tried to say thats what is actually gonna happen :P

        • RitishOemraw

          OMG THAT IS TOTALLY WHAT IS GONNA HAPPEN!!!!!!1111oneoneoneone

          one = o ne => ne o = neo => Neo is the ONE!!!!

          I say this is pretty much confirmed now!

      • Matthew Fleisher

        Actually Free is a carrier in France...........*snicker*

      • edjca

        What if it runs on wifi?

      • Heon Jun Park

        Freedompop is a thing. I don't see how didn't couldn't work.

  • ericnpc

    Could it be a method to unclock cellphones? I find it hard to believe, but it could be...
    Maybe that's why "nemesis" is its name; because carriers will hate CyanogenMod devs.
    Or it could be a way to delete bloatware and stockify Android.

  • Addic7ed

    4.3 ?

    • Pedro Majano

      From all the creative and smart things I've read up to this point, this is the only thing that makes sense to me...

  • sivkai

    The best innovations are not teased. They just become known.

    • mechapathy

      That might have been true in the past, until someone innovated the tease.

      • thartist

        mind explodes

    • Cuvis

      Not true. Many great innovations died in obscurity.

      Hence the tease.

      • sivkai

        If the innovation died, it was never an innovation to begin with.

        • Cuvis

          So what you're saying then, is that Nikola Tesla was not an innovator, as most of his inventions were only recognized for the innovations they were long after his death.

  • Henry Green

    CyanogenMod OS?.......

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      It could even be based on Android!.......

      • Neuropsychosis

        O mai gad let it be so!

      • http://riteshtripathy.wordpress.com/ Ritesh

        And be stock-like.. ZOMG!

  • Ahmad Nadeem

    Cyanogenmod for the iPhone :D

    • ginobili

      Oh god..

    • PhilNelwyn

      I don't see a reason for this to be named Nemesis, instead of... well CyanogenMod, for the iPhone.

      • Christopher Mason

        Because the iPhone is the Nemisis of Android...

        • PhilNelwyn

          ...which means?

          • elvisgp


          • PhilNelwyn

            I hope you're shaking your head because you don't know what it means.

    • bse88

      Isnt that the IOS 7 wallpaper?

  • rod_z

    Since no one said that yet: Free has 4 words. There are two letters E, so you just count one, leaving us with 3 letters. 3. Half Life 3 confirmed!!! (And it's coming to Android).

    • thartist

      i read that joke like 5 times this week, it's getting really tiresome. btw, it could be it can run... (suspense)... crysis

      • Bjajjull

        Half Life 3 isn't a joke...

        • Justin Swanson

          No jokes can be made about Half Life 3. Glad to hear it's confirmed.

    • Gary Wilkinson

      Gordon FREEman

      • Josh Shaw

        Morgan FREEman, everything you do, narrated by Morgan Freeman.

        • Armus

          Everyone poops

  • Andrew

    I thing they will post schematics to build you own DIY phone form the parts you can find in your kitchen. It would be practically a FREE phone for everyone!

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      A phone made out of knives, forks, and jelly. What could go wrong?

      • Andrew

        Jelly could be past expiration date. Warranty does not cover this.

        • Walkop

          Jelly? Nah. Jelly Beans! Those never go bad!

          • Andrew

            Jelly Beans only get new flavor once in a while.

        • Cerberus_tm

          Beans growing in my jelly! With roots!

      • bobbutts

        Somewhere out there is a spoon that's jealous of Jelly

  • austinolet

    The pic is the nexus 4 running whatever this is...

  • Snow

    A lot of the "key words" seem to be pointed towards camera/pictures or even media...at the right time, and the right place...for free? maybe a new type of cloud based service for music, pictures or anything, for FREE?

    • blissfully unaware

      Weren't they working on the camera viewfinder always on in the quick settings drop down? I'm still waiting for that. That would change things.

  • nsnsmj

    CyanogenMod Nemesis Revengeance: The Game: The Movie

    Tactical Espionage Flashing

  • Knef

    I predict a CyanogenMod phone called Nemesis (the clip is titled «Nemesis teaser»), probably with some way of presenting data in relevant circumstances like Chameleon launcher or Google Now do.

  • Lasse

    Exciting. :o Although I'll probably keep Paranoid Android.

    • SickoPsycho

      Lol- I was just thinking the exact same thing. I loved CM, dont get me wrong, but ever since I migrated to PA (when I got my galaxy nexus) I can't imagine going back. =) Guess it really depends on what phone you have too- some of my previous phones didn't have all the options I have now- CM was the best available option.

      • Cerberus_tm

        What are the options you would really miss in CM that PA has?

        • SickoPsycho

          I haven't been on cm in some time, but pa had the pie feature before cm implemented it. Also halo? Is that even in cm yet?

          • Pi Squared

            The Pie feature on PA is horrible compared to LMT launcher.

          • mistletoe


          • Cerberus_tm

            Right, it does not have halo. So I didn't really like that feature myself (tried PA), so I'll stay with CM, then...

          • SickoPsycho

            Of course... there is also per app dpi and color customization options where you can change the coloring and "resolution" for each apple independently. There is also tablet emulation or my personal favorite "phablet " which gives you the best display options of a phone and a tablet. The list goes on and on but to each his own. I'm sure cm has options or features now that I would prefer over pa...

          • Cerberus_tm

            Ah OK. I use the Xposed module "App Settings" to change the DPI and language for certain applications. CM has colour/gamma settings, but not per application.

          • VAVA Mk2

            No Halo is not currently in CM. Pie is, though. I use pie when I put my phone into expanded desktop mode. Pretty handy and quite attractive, actually.

        • dextersgenius

          - Hybrid engine (phone / tablet / phablet UIs)
          - Per-app DPI, layout and colors changing on the fly
          - PIE
          - Halo

          PA constantly innovates with out-of-the-box thinking. At first it was only the hybrid engine, but I recognized PA for what it was back then itself - revolutionary. For instance, when they introduced the first color-calibrated kernel for the Nexus 4 - it blew everyone's minds away and has changed the Nexus 4 scene forever - everyone though it was just the LCD that was of low quality but PA showed that it's actually that software that wasn't calibrated properly.

          PA has a bright future, and a very *exciting* one. One that I want to be involved with in every step. CM looks outright boring and dead in comparison.

  • Amer Khaznadar

    To throw in a new theory: Nemesis could be the name of the new 4.3 mascot for CyanogenMod.

    • Ryan O’Neill

      That's the most plausible idea I've read so far. Maybe CM is changing up their mascot and trying to go with a more "intense" schematic.

      • edjca

        That would be the stupidest thing ever. Making a video teasing that would also result in the lamest letdown ever.

        • VAVA Mk2

          Even lamer than Moto X haha

  • Igneo676

    I'm thinking one of two possibilities:

    1. CM has been concentrating on security on your device (low level encryption for texts, privacy guard). This is either the release of the encrypted texts feature or something that features it in a greater suite of features.

    2. The memory thing intrigues me - with Babel unifying Google Voice and regular SMS I wonder if they are attempting their own version of Google Now or the first viable alternative to the suite of Google Applications on our devices.

    So, either better security (to stop Gov Snooping) or alternative to closed source programs. Both are directions CM has gone in the last several weeks

    • VAVA Mk2

      Wouldn't creating security to get around PRISM/gov snooping, though, get the government watching this and try to shut it down? I mean lots of us here want it just because we think that the whole PRISM thing is uber creepy, but what about the real bad guys out there who might actually try and use this to communicate freely? That really could be a national security issue if CM can really make a release that somehow encrypts voice and texts to a point that they cannot track it. This whole privacy issue really is a double edged sword. Sucks no matter how you slice it.

  • Asphyx

    It's a P2P phone that instead of hopping Towers relays all info through a network of the nearest CM flashed phones totally cutting the Carriers out of the loop!

    • mechapathy

      I can't wait to ask a girl at the bar if she "runs CyanogenMod so we can mesh."

      • Asphyx


      • VAVA Mk2

        Let me know when you do. I want to grab some pop corn and a soda to watch when she reacts to said statement.

    • Jaymoon

      I have never seemed to understand the benefit of "mesh-networking"... There still needs to be a "source". So not *everyone* can be mesh-ing, unless you want a giant LAN.

      Also, are mesh networks really practical? Daisy-chaining a connection through 2/10/20/100/etc peoples phones... that seems like the most inefficient way to make a stable connection, especially since at any time somebody could drop, therefore breaking the chain. (think of the only seeder disconnecting with 100 peers suddenly stuck)

      • Asphyx

        Well when you get right down to it the Internet is really just a MESH Network!

        BTW if it wasn't clear from the get go I was joking!

  • Ethan G

    Throw my hat into the speculation ring. The Cyanogenmod team could be spawning another mod, perhaps something more along the lines of an OEM approach out of the box (think Sense or Touchwiz levels of customization). Would be a stock AOSP Cyanogenmod experience as opposed to a heavily modified skinned/themed Nemesis experience. Seems like the video focuses on the general aspects of using your smartphone so it covers all uses yet they put a point that as Cyanogenmod is the new challenger then a new Nemesis must arrive as well. Dunno, just my guess.

    • z0phi3l

      Steve did work for Samsung for a while, this isn't as far fetched as some might think

  • BlackEco

    CyanogenMod powered phone comming to Free! o/

  • http://googleplus.VoluntaryMan.com/ William Thieme

    What if they're forking android to create their own more independent base?

  • NF

    It definitely seems like a quasi-"Everything.me" launcher, possibly with voice actions.

  • Zach Mauch

    There already is a CyanogenMod Phone. It's called the Nexus.

    • edjca

      Nexus stock =| CyanogenMod.

      • Justin Swanson

        I think he meant that it was extremely easy to load CM on a Nexus.

      • VAVA Mk2

        Yeah we know that. Nexus phones are dev phones, though. Meant to load whatever custom firmware we want, hence a piece of cake to install CM to.

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    i'm bad at this game, what phone is that?
    my money is on the n4 but it looks kinda slim.

    Imma go ahead and say they made a new way to share content.

  • mikeym0p

    I would so buy an LCD CM phone with fair specs and a durable build. I think it's the messenger they teased about earlier

  • faceless128

    Free isn't just *any* carrier, they're the one that had the disagreement with Google about Youtube traffic and enabled ad-blocking firmware on their devices.


    • Hi

      maybe this fixes that????

    • PhilNelwyn

      But how is CyanogenMod related to that?

      • Raymond Berger

        Please do tell more?

        • PhilNelwyn

          I actually had a good ADSL connection (almost as good for downloads as my current crappy SFR fiber connection), but YouTube was unusable, and other Google services were often slow/inconsistent.
          It's way better now.

  • mrjayviper

    Several selinux commits made on git recently. Could be related to that?

  • Skythe

    CM Smartphone? I think they have the skill & talent for this now :)

  • BubWright

    CM offering free mobile internet with their latest rom?

    skfu recently found an exploit to get free mobile data

    • Raymond Berger

      Could you post a link to that?

    • VAVA Mk2

      The carriers would sue sooo fast in a heartbeat if that were true. It would be the modern equivalent to Napster.

  • monkey

    If a carrier is involved, isn't it obvious? CM is going commercial. Its being released on a phone.

  • Epsylon3

    Free, French, Freenge ;)

  • cyanogenmod

    This is all and all out about google glass...prob a new build for it based in cyanogenmod

  • http://riteshtripathy.wordpress.com/ Ritesh

    I know: The Lumia 1020 running CM10.1.....

  • Venty

    It's just gonna be a new logo/mascot I bet

    • VAVA Mk2

      That would make this even more overhyped than the Moto X LOL

  • Heon Jun Park

    Introducing HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4 CM edition........

    • VAVA Mk2

      Makes no sense. I could get either phone on contract for as little as $99 2 year agreement and then just flash CM for free to either device.

  • qu4ttro

    about as disappointing as "video is unavailable"...

  • Joon Sunn

    That bezel looks like the iPhone. Someone on twitter also mentioned he confirmed it's CM for iPhone.

  • akshay7394

    Could it be a "Nemesis" to their mascot Cid? :)

  • TechFreak

    I think it's a new phone. Cyanogenmod phone.

  • skyline159

    Let me guess, it's a launcher that will launch the app you want to use the moment you unlock your phone without the need of touching that app icon.

  • ronniefoxxx

    Motorola/Google partnered with Cyanogenmod to allow CM ROM on the Moto X from the factory? Probably not, but it would be a huge customizable option to choose a pre approved custom ROM and root on your phone when you buy it. The phone pictured looks like it could be the Moto X. I'm crazy, I know.

    • VAVA Mk2

      That would be pretty sweet if on the Moto X they allowed pre-install of an approved/partnered custom Android ROM with gapps as well. So much choice and as we know, the different ROM choices in Android makes the experience so unique and tailored to the person's needs :)

  • Zhuowei

    I noticed weather info on the clock on the lockscreen as well as a overflow rectangle on the left of the unlock circle, suggesting that the tease involves fancier lockscreen decorations.

  • Asphyx

    I think I actually know what it is....
    It's a version of Android that does not require Google Services!
    a team called CodeFireX is close to releasing something along these lines and I bet CM team is maybe doing something similar.

    It is in response to the recent NSA leaks and spying and by removing the need for google services you will have much better Privacy.

    Some test builds are set to drop soon for the Xoom. But many more units are being supported in that project.

    • Ark

      That makes some sense at first glance, but there's no way they could release anything as compelling as stuff like Maps and the Gmail client. That stuff takes an army of programmers to do.

      • Asphyx

        Well the idea is you install the services you want not ALL of them want them

        or not.

        I personally don't use their Map program for driving because it doesn't have offline maps.

        And GMail can be done in any Email client it doesn't have to have everything GMail does. Again I use the normal Email app not the Gmail app since I have many email accounts and prefer them all in one place.

        I'm thinking along the lines of what we used to do with the MotoBlur and deblurring it only in this case it is android and it removes the Google services.

        You can still use the Play store but a lot of the bloat of Google services will be gone until you put them in.

        Here is the link that put me onto this idea.


        • rdeleonp

          Uh, Google Maps supports offline maps.

          Or am I missing something?

          • rdeleonp

            Hmm. Maps can be precached, but nav doesn't work offline. Sucks.

          • Asphyx

            Yes provided you do it while you still have data and know you will be passing through a place that doesn't.

            But if your driving and hit a deadspot and have not offlined that map you get no map.
            I use Co-Pilot for my Nav and Map software because it works even when there is no data available.

    • sivkai

      If this is it, which I think it most likely will be, then I will be utterly disappointed.

      • Asphyx

        Pray tell what would NOT disappoint you then?

        If done correctly not only do you get better privacy but you probably get a big perfomance boost considering the phone is only doing what you want it to do and not 150 things google wants it to do for them!

        • sivkai

          I honestly have no concerns about privacy. I have nothing to hide hence I don't care if President Obama himself has to look at my internet data.

          This whole privacy scare which has been brought on by the NSA scandal is completely overblown and twisted by nerds who have nothing to do but criticise the government (it's cool to be anti-establishment right?). Ask the average Joe on the street and they couldn't give a rats ass about the government monitoring their data. It's all for the greater good.

          • Asphyx

            You seem to miss the point entirely!

            The issue isn't the NSA getting it!

            The Issue is GOOGLE HAS IT to give to them, and they can give it to whoever the hell they want!

            Perhaps your employer gets the data and figures out you drink a little more than he likes, or frequent Drug neighborhoods because your location is tracked,
            I sure don't care if the govt gets my personal info because I am not guilty of breaking any laws.
            But the fact that Google is collecting a ton of crap about me just because I don't want APPLE to collect it and need a phone is quite ridiculous and just a tad bit dangerous.

          • VAVA Mk2

            Yeah...but a lot of us like Android BECAUSE of the great Google services we use all the time integrated with the OS. I mean if it was down to that, if I was that worried about privacy and Google, I would just install Ubuntu Phone on my GNex right now.

  • fredric

    Maybe they've been playing too much Assassin's Creed???

  • Konrad Kobiela

    CyanoGen MOD FOR DESKTOP :D!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1230008633 Jens Törnblad

    Maybe a messaging and voip service that will be free from NSAs PRISM. All traffic will go envrypted through CM servers.

    • akshay7394

      They're already publicly working on this. Might even be a finished product by now for all i know.

  • Oliver Tasevski

    Isn't the actual wallpaper on the picture the Sun Bean live wallpaper from 4.3?

    • VAVA Mk2

      Nah looks more like Phase Beam from 4.0+

      • Oliver Tasevski

        The angle is really bad so the colors are all wrong, you cant really tell coz they both look the same expect deffer in colors...

  • Xpgamer7

    A spin off of CyanogenMod by developers who want to Create unorthodox design for a "better" experience! Between the clean CyanogenMod and the renegade Nemesis people will find their sweet spot and the battle will rage on!

  • Tanuj Mittal

    Did anyone notice that the navigation bar is blue colored? Maybe some color adaptive theme is coming :D

    • Rami

      Blue and in the center the European Community Stars, maybe as Artem said, a smartphone with CyanogenMod for europe?

      • Adithya Pc

        That happens in Paranoid Android when you make the nav bar transparent. And shows the wallpaper there. The live wallpaper is Phase beam. That should explain the blue color. What if they decided to merge with Paranoid Android now that they're open source!

    • VAVA Mk2

      Meh nothing game-changing. You can already do stuff like that in AOKP. Hell, before they finally called it quits, you could do that with Codename Android.

  • Lolzer

    I guess they'll launch a new OS or omething like that.....the android like figure in video maybe its mascot.....androids nemesis by cynogenmod

    • VAVA Mk2

      No way CyanogenMod would be a "Nemesis" to Android. I heard the theory of Nemesis being a CM release capable of being flashed to an iPhone. Really lends to the name Nemesis given a theory like that.

  • Lou

    Perhaps we are getting Native customization features similar to PA?

    • Jadephyre

      Doubtful, since CM's stated intent is to stay as close to AOSP as possible, so stuff like the old tablet interface and custom DPI settings for apps won't ever come to CM, and honestly I like it that way.

      • VAVA Mk2

        Agree. If you want more customization choices, then go to AOKP (very nice and still close to AOSP) or go to PA. So many custom ROMs out there to cater to different UI preferences :D

  • Tim Gueusquin

    Free is a French telco. Majority of French households have Freebox. Each box has a open public WiFi access that only requires you to enter in your Credentials. Kinda like what Comcast is trying to build now in USA with public locations for their customers. Essentially it could be Wifi-Calling (Tmo-US) but instead using the Free network that's already in place. Basically you can walk down any street and the phone will automatically log into the nearest access point.

    Im probably wrong but I don't think this new thing will benefit the US to much. More so for the rest of the world.

  • zz

    its a new camera app for CM

  • wollac11

    Maybe they are launching a phone preloaded with Cyanogenmod. This would be a new challenger in the mobile space and a new nemesis to Apple and their iPhone as well as Microsoft and Windows phone. The French mobile network "Free" on the lockscreen could either bear little meaning to the project and just be the network that a key developer working on the project uses on the phone themselves or maybe Free is the initial launch network for the new phone.

    All purely speculation of course and I would not be that surprised if none of this turns out to be true.

  • Muhammad Zohaib Rizwani

    Can it just be that Free the carrier will sell handsets with CM on them? could be

  • http://ubuntouch.free.fr/ Arnaud

    "Free" can be a coincidence, because time is in 24 hours... Thus can be French time.

  • Alex Mullen

    So... Free is a carrier in France. Free appears where the carrier usually appears. Xplodwild is on the CM team, and also uses Free. Conclusion: this is xpldowild's phone, and we still know absolutely nothing.

    • Deezy Cobain

      lol exactly wat I was thinkn

  • Bill Mahoney

    Moto X customization - CyanogenMod as base OS instead of Stock Android as a customization choice

    • VAVA Mk2

      Hmmm...so it could be a Moto X phone bought through Google Play or through CM that comes pre-loaded with CM on it?

  • bse88

    Instant messsaging by CM.

  • Gitanshu Sardana

    This is most probably the new app being added to CM called "Voice Plus". See this commit: http://review.cyanogenmod.org/#/c/45847/
    and heres the icon: https://raw.github.com/CyanogenMod/android_packages_apps_VoicePlus/cm-10.1/res/drawable-hdpi/ic_launcher.png
    My guess: This is iMessaging like service for Cyanogenmod, instant messaging betwwen CM devices.

    • http://jameshartig.me/ James Hartig

      That is just a side project Koushik is working on. It was previously named Babel. Check out his G+ page for more info.

    • Android wins!

      The icon looks a like the icon, of Google Voice, IMHO.

  • Ricardo Steve

    CyanogenMod renames itself to Nemesis. Or a new ROM called Nemesis? I'm thinking Software/user experience rather than Hardware or telecom-based stuff.

  • Carlos

    This isn't maybe that but...     Voice+ enables all apps to send SMS messages through Google Voice CM's new app.

  • SetiroN

    SMS encryption.

  • Android wins!

    A new camera app for CyanogenMod maybe?

    • someone755

      I thought CM gets its' camera app from the AOSP code...

      • Android_Wins_Big_Time

        It does indeed. I meant, they'll maybe replace it with a new one, made by them.

        • someone755

          Nah, that's not it... They wouldn't call a camera app 'Nemesis'... Or would they.

          • Android_Wins_Big_Time

            We'll see.

          • someone755

            Indeed we shall. :P
            I had a slight idea that maybe the next Nexus phone might come with CM. Google Nexemesis. :P

          • Android_Wins_Big_Time

            Or Google Nemesis NexMod :P

  • Tillman

    Nexus 5 = Google + CyanogenMod.

    • someone755

      THAT would be friggin awesome!

  • T3charmy

    Am I the only one who pays attention to the repos?https://github.com/CyanogenMod/android_vendor_apple was made about a month ago. but interesting that it exist.

  • Elliot Kotis

    Cyanogen for Jailbreak? nemesis of root/android.

  • Massa

    I think it's going to be a new Dropbox.

  • Brian Nazareth

    It's prolly a phone powered by Cyanogen

  • http://www.mobileappaddict.com/ John Defahl

    I think this can go either way. Either its an over hyped "Theme", or they have managed to work out an OEM deal with a handset manufacturer. The latter would be pretty damn cool.

  • dilharo

    brand new emoticonn!!

  • Edita

    cool video