• guyfromtrinidad

    I was going to ask why the can't use Google play services, but can they also include it as at least it would be cross platform with the 2 major mobile OS's. This may be a stupid question but can you have more than one service available with GP services?

    • turdbogls

      have you successfully been able to do this? I cannot get it to work. not sure what i am doing Wrong but i can't get game saves from my phone to tablet or vice versa.
      not a huge deal since i do use Helium Pro, but it would be nice to figure this whole thing out.
      tried multiple games and nothing

      • Justin

        The games have to be programmed to support it.

        • turdbogls

          i know that. i have tried a couple of supported games like Granny Smith and Osmos HD and Beach Buggy Blitz. neither one transferred game progress from my tablet to my phone or vice versa.

          • Gav456

            Osmos hd ftw! Awesome game, would be 5* IF it supported cloud saving, however it does not. Maybe that's why you can't get it to work =P

          • turdbogls

            yeah, i went back and checked those games out....most of them are game achievements. but i do believe beach buggy Blitz has cloud saves, but apparently I haven't tried it on my phone.

            New N7 will be a good excuse to try out cloud saves :)

          • Eric Jones

            There are multiple parts to the Google Play Games services; Cloud save, multi-player, leader boards, achievements. As far as I've seen, no one is taking advantage of cloud save yet. I know that Osmos HD and Beach Buggy Blitz don't, yet.

            Maybe someone knows of a game that does use cloud save. If so, that would be enough incentive for me to try the game out.

          • avinash_g

            Riptide gp,Pba bowling challenge,all Quell games do cloud saves
            (thats what they say in their changelogs)

          • Eric Jones

            Awesome, as soon as I said no one supported it, I figured someone would prove me wrong. :-) This is when you want to get proven wrong though. Riptide was on my wishlist anyways, so now I'll buy it! Thanks avinash_g.

          • avinash_g

            Riptide gp 2 coming next week

          • Eric Jones

            Nice, and support for the Power A Moga controller? This will be fun!

          • PhilNelwyn

            There's also Can Knockdown 3.

          • Eric Jones

            Thanks Phil.

  • scuttlefield

    I would have really been excited about this, oh, two years ago.

  • http://www.bordersweather.co.uk/ Andy J

    https://developers.google.com/games/services/ Cloud saving for games was specifically designed to be cross platform.....

    • Paul_Werner

      This is the point that everyone keeps missing.

    • PhilNelwyn

      Does it work on Windows Phone and Blackberry?

      • http://www.bordersweather.co.uk/ Andy J

        Yes, its a simple http rest API so it works on any platform that can make an authenticated http call....

  • sivkai

    I think the cross platform feature is the game changer here. If people are switching from Android to Apple or vice versa, they don't have to worry about losing all their data.

    As for saving data when we wipe our phones, isn't that what Titanium Backup and Helium (previously Carbon) for? Anyone who knows how to wipe their phones will also know about these apps.

    • S Mahmood Alawi

      wait for it.... they're gonna innovate and charge you for it...
      what would be funny is... if they use a webbased wrapper and are using Games Services under their name.

    • Alan Shearer

      Only with root, you can factory reset without root loosing data.

  • Thomas’

    The web service API of Google Play Service could be used on other platforms than Android and iOS, though.

    • Eric Jones

      That's what I thought. Doesn't it work on iOS, Android, and even a web browser?

  • Thomas’

    + And they could provide OpenID login...

  • fredric

    Am I the only one who thinks this game is very overrated and boringly repetitive?
    No, seriously, it's been the exact same game on different themes throughout the entire series!

    • Thomas’

      But, but... you're shooting birds into pigs! INTO PIGS! BIRDS!

  • Milton P.

    No more accounts please, this is getting out of control, Google offers some cool tools to implement this sort of things, Why can they use them? I don't want to create an account for every single developer, this is insane.

  • The Phenom

    I can't wait. Another game that needs this feature is Drag Racing from creative mobile lose or replace a device start all over fom scratch.

  • Ashley ‘Jack’ Gingell

    Anyone have any idea why the account does not recognise any of my pre-rovio account progress? (Ie wheni log into my account it resets all my episodes back to 0)

  • Molo212

    How do I make a rovio account

  • mahmoudgebara