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I've gone on record that zombie games are the bane of the mobile landscape, the interactive equivalent of the buddy cop movie: creatively bankrupt, innovative as a brick, and now only rarely entertaining. I'm inclined to stay my hatred for all things green and groaning on this one occasion, if only because the source material is still relatively pure. The Walking Dead: Assault is a squad-based strategy game, born from the same comic book series as AMC's monster hit TV show (but not the show itself). It's available for $2.99 in the Play Store now.

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Assault started its unlife on iOS eight months ago, so it's yet another example of an untimely port. But the game got stellar reviews, something that's a definite rarity for licensed games, and mobile licensed games in particular. You play as some of the more recognizable characters from the comic book, starting out as Georgia lawman Rick Grimes when he wakes up in a post-apocalyptic hospital. The iOS game features ten chapters that are roughly analogous to comic book issues, but unfortunately, only the first is out for Android at the time of writing.

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Players move their team through the 3D, pulp-flavored levels, collecting weapons and supplies and fighting off the undead. But this is the thinking man's action game: it's much better to avoid or distract the zombies than to fight them directly. As with the comic and TV show, going head-on against the hoard is a recipe for failure. Progress through the levels quickly enough and meet your objectives, and you get some fan service goodies like promotional art or wallpapers.

Graphics and audio are pretty good, though the interface seems to have been photocopied from iOS - never a good start. The $3 game has a few in-app purchases as well. It's compatible just about everything, but Assault looks like the kind of game that plays best on a tablet.

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Jeremiah Rice
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  • ants1993

    Fun game

  • Dario

    I think you are wrong about the iOS version having 10 chapters. Or did you mean episodes? I have that game on iOS and they too are waiting for more episodes. They currently have one available. Sounds like an exact carbon copy of the iOS version. Why you think that is a bad thing is beyond me considering the near pathetic state of Android gaming. Even getting iOS scraps is better than nothing at this point.

    • Jeremiah Rice

      I'm not really clear on the difference between episodes, chapters, and missions - this IGN review says the iOS game has 11 missions, but the Play Store description says there's just one episode.


      • Dario

        When I open this up on the iPad I see three episodes only, with two 'coming soon'. I think IGN got it wrong. I bet this is an exact copy of the iOS version which isn't a bad thing. I might bite and get this anyways only to show support for Android. Thanks for the review.

      • zwei

        just to clear things up,
        Android version currently has 1 episode, with 11 chapters (missions).
        episode 2 & 3 still coming soon.

    • NowThatsPathetic

      Pathetic? Can you play retro games without jailbreaking your device? Didn't think so. Good luck letting Apple make your decisions for you.

      • Dario

        Wow, retro games. What about the other 99% games iOS gets that Android doesn't or gets a year late. Sorry, but Apple still wins in gaming department unless retro is all you want. For you it works, for everyone else it doesn't.

        • Mastermind

          When did "everyone" else vote you to speak on their behalf?

  • Misti curia

    I want the actual game :(

  • rdeleonp

    iOS port and IAPs? Pass.