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Motorola has just sent out invites for the Moto X announcement. It's going down in New York on August 1st. Months of rumors and leaks have led to this. Are you excited?


This will be the first truly Google-blessed smartphone from Motorola since the acquisition. The device is rumored to have specs a bit under the top-of-the-line flagship devices, but some unique features could be included to make up for that. Funky colors may also be on the docket. If you'll notice the shape of the phones in the image, they match the device Eric Schmidt was seen using, so confirmed on that front.

The news should drop on the front page August 1st at about 3PM Eastern. Be there or be square.

Ryan Whitwam
Ryan is a tech/science writer, skeptic, lover of all things electronic, and Android fan. In his spare time he reads golden-age sci-fi and sleeps, but rarely at the same time. His wife tolerates him as few would.

He's the author of a sci-fi novel called The Crooked City, which is available on Amazon and Google Play. http://goo.gl/WQIXBM

  • jamaall

    Ultra on the 23rd, nexus 7 on the 24th, moto x August 1st

    • Justin W

      The next two weeks are going to rock.

    • Bob G

      Don't forget LG G2 a few days after Moto X and then Nexus 5 later this year. Woooohoo!

  • Tendo87

    I'm seeing two different colored X's in the ad so there's at least that.

    • RitishOemraw


      EDIT: nvm,...thought you meant the letter "X' you nearly got me excited...was hoping for the famously green, blue, yellow and red X of the Nexus brand, thinking it would come with a nexus version.

      • Tendo87

        The two girls have two different colors of the same phone (assuming it's the X)

    • bozs13

      Nice, I almost missed the dark one

    • straydog

      I notice three different colored shirts (G, Y, B) and a red hat.

  • Brendan Owens

    I don't think we need to pay attention to the launch. By the time August 1st rolls around I wouldn't be surprised if every single spec has been leaked, haha!

    • RitishOemraw

      Specs don;t matter on this phone...its the features that will make or break it (that and the marketing...but with 500million+ dolalrs being thrown at it, I'd say marketing won;t be the issue)

      • Andrew

        I agree. Hardware right now pretty powerful in every smartphone (except cheap knock offs, of course). Even smartphone with average specs is powerful enough for nowadays software. Maybe not hardcore 3D gaming, but you know what I mean. User experience is what matters. Samsung gets it. I personally do not find its add-on features useful, and do not like everything about look and feel, but many people will not agree with me.

        But features of Moto X from the leaks got my attention. I'm really looking forward to know more about device and its software.

        • WestIndiesKING

          How does samsung get it? they shove as much high end specs in their phone as possible. Android can be clunky so specs matter. I dont care about the 720p display im more worried about the processing power and battery life. As long as Android runs smooth on this thing im fine with it. It should out spec the Nexus 4 at the very least.

          • akshay7394

            he's probably talking about Samsung's 248723984720984 non-flagship phones.

          • Andrew

            Samsung gets be not talking about specs, but talking about features on their keynotes.

            And besides S4 they have crazy number of other phones. Yesterday I was surprised that 6" Galaxy Mega has 960x540 screen.

    • ModXMV

      Specs are great, but I am really interested in the pricing model. If the rumors are true (cheap off contract), I will be buying.

  • Steve Freeman

    I'm still cautiously optimistic. If it's available for relatively cheap ($300 or less), has an unlocked bootloader, and is on Verizon, I'll likely jump all over it.

    • Maison Pulaski

      Haha. Haha. Haha. Haha. Ooooooo. Trying to catch my breath. That's a good one right there.

  • TY

    The white Moto X in this pic seems to have a white front, unlike the one Eric Schmidt has. I am guessing the front is customizable too.

  • sivkai

    Just curious, why have there been so many leaks and planned releases of Moto X back plate, but none of the front screen?

    • Tom Murphy

      How does one get an invite?

      • akshay7394

        I'm pretty sure those are Press invites. :)

        • Tom Murphy

          Thanks for the info. Next question: How to become a member of the Press? ;-)

    • Justin W

      Some of the leaks may have been controlled (e.g. Larry Page using the X Phone in public), while the ones from the factory aren't something that Google has had control over (most likely). The front has been captured on camera actually - the Rogers video shows the front, as does the video from the guy that first showed off what he called "Moto Magic".

      • sivkai

        Interesting. I'll have to give this a watch.

  • Matthew Fry

    [off topic]
    That blonde is pretty hot.
    [/off topic]

    • Thomas Decker

      I'd prolly moto-boat all three of 'em...

  • Rob H.

    I too would love to see a Motorola NeXus device. It makes me think it's a possibility since they keep referring to it as the X phone.

    • Ryan O’Neill

      ?? This is exactly what you're looking for! Nice hardware, stock Android, cheap, and sold unlocked through the Play Store. The only thing different is that there's no "nexus" logo.

      • Jasonc07

        Has it been confirmed that this is running stock Android?

  • iJimaniac

    I'm really intruigued about the shape. It looks more comfortable to hold than any smartphone to date, with the possible exception of some HTC phones.

  • Mayoo

    Everyone speaks about color... I hate what technology has become vs what it could be.

  • Phill_S

    Priced right, I will give serious thought to picking one up even if the leaked specs seem to be a side step on my current Note 2. Hopefully Google does something really interesting with it that the pure hardware stats cant portray.

  • Omar Al Matar

    Just a day before my birthday :T

  • Scott Standish-Parkin

    Ok, I live here in the city... Where is this being held...