It's pretty much a foregone conclusion that a new Nexus 7 is just around the corner, but a few more plausible details are leaking out. According to some info passed to Engadget, the updated 7-inch slate will come with Android 4.3, wireless charging, and SlimPort video out. It also confirms the dual cameras from the last leak.


We don't know what version of wireless charging will be featured, assuming this is legit. Qi is the most likely option as that is what the Nexus 4 supports. SlimPort is also the standard the Nexus 4 uses for video out, so at least the leak is consistent. Launching with Android 4.3 is no surprise, though.

A second tipster also claims the device will go on sale in Staples stores on July 31st. Google is said to be gearing up to sell the devices through the Play Store earlier than that.


Ryan Whitwam
Ryan is a tech/science writer, skeptic, lover of all things electronic, and Android fan. In his spare time he reads golden-age sci-fi and sleeps, but rarely at the same time. His wife tolerates him as few would.

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  • http://them3blog.wordpress.com/ Abel

    mmm quad core

    • didibus

      Ya, I wonder which CPU it will be

      • Nexus7Forum.com

        The label on the leaked video seem to suggest a Snapdragon S4 Pro but there's also been leaks suggesting a Snapdragon 600. I'd love confirmation on which if anyone has it.

  • Colin Kealty

    Glad to see we'll have hdmi out this time! even if it requires the more expensive slimport adapter, at least it'll work on both the nexus 4 and 7 :)

  • wideopn11

    Only 1.5GHz? My 2 year old Galaxy Nexus can do more than that. Hopefully it's spec'd better when it actually comes out.

    • TY

      1.5GHz quad-core Krait >>> 2Ghz dual-core A-9

    • Frettfreak

      Specs don't mean much anymore honestly. Imo we have reached the point of diminishing returns. Much like the pc markets. They haven't progressed much beyond the 3.6ghz barrier but instead focused on making things more efficient. Same here. What r u going to do with a 2ghz tablet that you can't do with 1.5. Nothing. That's the answer. Not to mention that we have no idea what they have done under the hood to optimize 4.3.

      • Matthew Fry

        Well I can tell you that the quad core 1.7GHz HTC One makes the 1.5GHz S4 Galaxy S3 look jumpy. It's smooth as butter. Probably the first phone that is iDevice smooth.

        • Walkop


          The Nexus 4 was the first device was that iDevice smooth

          • Matthew Fry

            I can concede that. I meant it is the first Android phone that I've owned that is. The Nexus 10 is pretty buttery too.

          • Walkop

            Definitely. Sorry if I sounded curt in my last post, but I just was getting a quick point across. The Nexus 10 is fantastic - the only trouble I have with mine (I have a Galaxy Nexus, and the Nexus 10) is the reboots. The butter is smooth, indeed. Super-fast, and it definitely rivals the Nexus 4 in pure speed.

            They fixed the memory leak in the Mali graphics drivers that was causing the crashes as of last month, so I'm hoping that Google includes the fix in 4.3!

          • Matthew Fry

            Indeed. I'm glad the Mali Developers listened.

        • Mandersoon

          Has all to do with the ROM, not the phone (as much).
          My S3 is iDevice smooth on CM10,1 - and that's a dual-core 1.5GHz.

          • Matthew Fry

            Yeah, I just used rooted stock. Even with a minimal launcher it was still so-so. Not bad by any means, just a little slow on rotations and pulling things up and such.

            I will revise my statement again to be: The HTC One is the first Android phone I've owned that is buttery smooth out of the box :-D

        • Leonardo Loures Quirino

          The architecture used on the HTC One SoC is much better than the A9 on the quad core Soc of the S3. Even the dual core version of the snapdragon (used on the US version of the S3, the HTC one X and the One S) could compete head to head with the international S3.
          Now imagine the difference from the horrible tegra3 in the original Nexus 7.

        • Casin

          To be fair, the Snapdragon 600 has cores that are 40% faster clock for clock than each S4 core, has double the number of cores, and is clocked higher. So the CPU is at least twice as fast.

        • Frettfreak

          U just made my point. Its all about software. Touchwiz is laggy on the s4. So yeah. Its laggy on older hardware too. But I can tell you that the one is smoother than the s4 even and the s4 is 200mhz faster clock. That's my point it's all about software (same thing for the nexus 4 which is smooth as hell... Stock Android and optimized )

        • Steve Freeman

          My N7 was smooth as butter for a long time. It's only been in the last few months that I've been noticing very slight performance issues. But hey, it's a year old device, and now-a-days, unfortunately, that means it's "old".

      • Jadephyre

        Well, the only reason why PCs haven't strode towards more Gigahertz is because the materials currently available are the limiting factor.
        With copper and the current fabrication technologies available, you wouldn't be able to reliably go over a speed of about 4GHz with non-liquid cooling

    • mustbepbs


    • Colin Kealty

      Ghz aren't that important, want proof? Check out AMD vs intel

    • Matthew Fry

      If only it were that simple. Now you have to consider how many cores (4 vs the Nexus 2) the architecture (S4 Pro pseudo-A15 vs TI Omap A9) the multithreading capacity of the OS/applications, the GPU core (Adreno 320 vs. PowerVR SGX540), the memory speed (DDR2 533 vs DDR2 466)

    • raw666

      It will be fine I am sure. As Google / Moto know what their doing on their branded devices.

    • impulse101

      Wow I hate humans

    • QwietStorm

      Oh boy. You want to model with the wifis and the bigger geebeez too?

      • Stocklone

        Now my god damn cat is homeless!

        • QwietStorm


    • jonathan3579

      You just set the internet back two years. Thanks.

  • Andy Stetson

    Anyone know if GameStop will be getting them?

    • Kevin Cox

      People shop at GameStop?

      • TylerChappell

        Unfortunately, people do. But it is fairly likely that GameStop will indeed be getting them, since they received the Nexus 7 last year and people were able to walk into a damn GameStop and pick up a Nexus 7 before all of the people that ordered it directly from Google. Not making that mistake twice and going through that BS again.

        • Andy Stetson

          i mainly want to get it there since i get points from them for swag ;) And i have stuff to trade in, especially since they're doing 50% trade in bonus on anything right now.

        • Scott

          Dude just thinking about that pisses me off all over again.

      • raw666

        sure do. got mine there. Mad bonus no lines!

      • QwietStorm

        Sarcasm only works when there's some kind of sense in it. I hate gamestop with a passion, but clearly people shop there, a lot of people.

        • nwd1911

          Is it not funnier when there is no sense to it? To me it can be read as humor or bashing...I choose humor.

        • Jadephyre

          I buy my Steam Wallet cards there :D

  • Floflo

    I hope the Nexus 4 will be updated some day to also be able to output real 1080p via SlimPort. Right now it's limited to the phone's resolution (1280x768)

    • impulse101

      The screen resolution on the new Nexus 7 will be 1080p hence you can output 1080p....

    • didibus

      Hum, is this so, you can not output 1080p from the SlimPort, that's a bummer. I thought it could scale up to higher res, I guess that would considerably slow down performances, but an option to choose the resolution would be nice none the less.

      • Floflo

        Apps that implement the Presentation API can switch to a special mode where the TV displays something else than the phone's screen and at a higher resolution, but I haven't seen a single app that does use it. Google Play Movies supposedly does for viewing movies in 1080p through HDMI, but I have never bought/rented a movie to test that.

  • Flame Blade

    I am just hoping they have a gsm version.

    • Tony Sarju

      I hope they offer one via the Play Store at the initial launch. I really need a new tablet and have been holding out for this for 6+ months and would like the GSM option.

      • Flame Blade

        Yeah the gsm one coming out 6 months later would kind of defeat the whole point.

  • http://thedangerbrain.com/ Alfonso Surroca

    Oh, that's a big relief that it's still 7". I was worried that it was going to jump to an iPad Mini size. I've got both the N10 and N7 and use the N7 daily but never use the N10 because I realized (unfortunately after I got it) that I just don't anything larger than the 7" form factor in a tablet. Maybe I can sell the N7 and N10 and just get this new N7 instead.

    • Tony Culliton

      I will buy your n10!!! How much?? :-D

    • didibus

      True, but I would like for them to make an N8, I'd buy it over an N7. Maybe an N8 with a smaller bezel than N7, so the actual size would be only half an inch more, but the screen would be an entire inch above.

  • Lou

    Maybe they will announce a new revamped Wireless Charger as well?

    The N4 Orb has been getting a lot of bad press as of late with it not being able to hold the phones in place. It would be the perfect opportunity to introduce a revamped one.

    • QwietStorm

      As of late? I've been hearing about that all over the place since release. Thankfully, I've never had one issue with mine. I don't know if it's the Liquid Armor on my Nexus, or maybe different models have differently treated glass, but mine never slips.

  • Steve Bennet


  • edjca

    I'm guessing Google's giving up on Miracast then?

    • didibus

      I doubt, isn't Miracast just a new WiFi standard anyway?

  • Miah

    With all these features, I'm just worried that they may be a price hike.

    • Kh5

      The leaks suggest that the new version is going to be about 20$ more expensive.

      • Miah

        If the price includes VAT plus Shipping, then I'm fine with that, but I doubt it.

  • Steve Freeman

    Take my money already!

  • jim

    Are we sure this thing will have 1080p? That's the deciding factor for me, if it doesn't I might just pick up the first gen N7 instead. It's especially tempting to do so since I live in Europe and will have to wait a few months until it's released here... :(

    • Walkop

      I doubt they would soil it by introducing a low-res screen. The Nexus products since the original 7 have all had fantastic specs for the time. The 4 and 10 are both class-leading, and I'm sure the new 7 will be the same.

      Google's entire Nexus line is over 300PPI now, also. They need to create a consistent image for developers by keeping screen density around the same, this helps in consistent layout coding as well. It also encourages developers to create high-resolution assets in general. If the new Nexus 7 is indeed 1080p, that would work out to a PPI of 317.7. Perfect!

      (for those interested, the formula: sqrt(1920^2)+(1080^2)/7 )

  • RitishOemraw

    Please sell it here in the Netherlands too.
    I know we just got to buy books in the playstore....can we buy devices next?

  • Stocklone

    Really wanted to see that 1200p just to hold it over iFanboys heads. Eventually a Mini with IGZO will be Retina. And you know Apple fanboys will be ripping on the Nexus 7 every chance they get.

  • Nexus7Forum.com

    It's still a little unclear if this will be sporting a Snapdragon S4 Pro or a 600. Anyone have confirmation of which?

  • Bloodflame87

    I'd be willing to bet the wireless charging will fit the Qi standard, so the existing N4 wireless charging orb will still be compatible.

  • Jadephyre

    I heard something about 4GB RAM, anyone know anything about that ?

  • http://the-jade-domain.com Jaime J. Denizard

    SlimPort is not a standard (as per Analogix's website http://www.analogix.com/technology/faq.html), it is based on the MyDP (Mobility DisplayPort) standard.

  • Kyle

    Question. I can get a 32GB Nexus 7 off eBay for exactly $180, should I get it while I can or just wait for Google to announce the new one?

  • eilegz

    i rather have standard MHL over slimport... slimport cables its so expensive and i have yet to see any advantages