HTC One mini_Jul18

We revealed the full details of the HTC One Mini yesterday, but now the Taiwanese company has made the smaller phone's official debut. The One Mini is a 4.3-inch counterpart to the larger One, alike in design if not specifications: the general look and shape of the flagship is preserved, along with all the software features, plus the Ultrapixel rear camera and "BoomSound" front-facing stereo speakers. HTC plans a worldwide rollout of the One Mini starting in August and continuing into September, with no prices available yet.

The CPU is a less intense Qualcomm Snapdragon dual-core running at 1.4Ghz, paired to a more pedestrian 1GB of RAM. Storage options are limited to 16GB, and like the flagship one, there's no MicroSD card slot. HTC isn't saying how many "Ultrapixels" are used on the rear camera, but since the F-stop value is an impressive 2.0, it should still take pretty good stills. The front-facing camera is 1.6MP. The Android version isn't mentioned, but since features like Blinkfeed and Zoe are being highlighted, we're guessing it's the same build of 4.2 that the One has been enjoying for months.

HTC One mini_Jul18

The smaller screen gets a naturally lower resolution: the LCD has been bumped down to a still-respectable 720p. Impressively, the body uses the same aluminum design as the larger One, with only a few visual cues showing the difference - note the lack of a seam running to the rear camera, and the LED flash has been moved above the camera module.

New HTC One & HTC One mini_Jul18

We know that AT&T is getting a localized LTE version of the phone, and you can bet on both HSPA+ and LTE versions of the phone being made available to the larger international market. Beyond that, there's no news of American carriers. Since the original One was made available to all four major cellular providers (even if Verizon is taking their sweet time), it's more than likely that at least one more will jump onboard.

LONDON, July 18, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- HTC, a global leader in mobile innovation and design, today announced the HTC One mini, a compact version of the award winning HTC One, which has redefined the smartphone experience with revolutionary technologies including HTC BlinkFeed™, HTC Zoe™ and HTC BoomSound™.

Answering the call of consumers who want the best in mobile technology in a body that slips easily into a pocket, the HTC One mini heralds an exciting period for the company, as it builds on its platform of innovation leader. Distilling the iconic design of the HTC One, this new addition to the family combines a 4.3" display and powerful dual-core 1.4 GHz processor. It also runs the latest version of Android with HTC Sense®, bringing HTC's flagship mobile experience to style-seekers who demand premium looks and performance.

An object of desire

Sporting a sharp and vivid 4.3" High Definition 720p screen, the HTC One mini boasts HTC's unrivalled design credentials. Available in Glacial Silver and Stealth Black, its striking aluminium unibody, slim profile and tapered edges both look incredible and feel great in the hand.

HTC BoomSound: mobile sound changed forever

The HTC One revolutionised the smartphone audio experience with HTC BoomSound's dual frontal stereo speakers. Powered by dedicated amplifiers to deliver less distortion and finer detail, the HTC One mini offers the same huge sound, delivering the raw power that will put you and your friends at the heart of the action, whether listening to music, watching videos or playing games. Beats Audio™ integration takes immersive audio to the next level, guaranteeing the best listening experience available on a mobile phone.

HTC BlinkFeed: Your favourite content all on one screen

The HTC One mini puts your favourite content at the centre of your mobile world. Transforming the home screen into a single live stream of relevant information, HTC BlinkFeed delivers social updates, news updates and photos directly to the place you need them most.  Aggregating the freshest content, with more than 10,000 feeds served up daily from the most relevant and interesting sources, all the information you need is available at a glance, without the need to jump between multiple applications and websites.

HTC UltraPixel Camera with HTC Zoe and Video Highlights

Never miss a moment with HTC's revolutionary camera experience powered by the stunning UltraPixel Camera and featuringHTC Zoe. Capturing 300 per cent more light than traditional smartphone camera sensors, HTC's UltraPixel camera captures photos in incredible detail and enhanced dynamic range, even in low light. HTC Zoe also brings special moments to life in three-second videos, enabling a range of advanced editing capabilities and creative flexibility.

With the ability to take awe-inspiring images and amazing self-portraits on the 1.6MP front-facing camera, you won't want to keep them to yourself. Watch your photos come to life in a living, breathing gallery and share special events with visually stunning 30-second shows, created automatically by Video Highlights – no professional editing software or skill required. Simply select your own soundtrack from one of the pre-loaded themes or from your personal music library, before sharing your videos online for everyone to enjoy.

Global Availability

The HTC One mini will be available in select markets from August and rolled out globally from September.

Jeremiah Rice
Jeremiah is a US-based blogger who bought a Nexus One the day it came out and never looked back. In his spare time he watches Star Trek, cooks eggs, and completely fails to write novels.
  • Kasha

    Smaller Speaker, Better Volume buttons (it seems)

  • jeffhesser

    Sweet, Another 4.3" device getting treated like a second rate citizen.

    • ProductFRED

      Don't blame HTC. They're simply following the market trends. Larger phones are selling more, so smaller phones get slightly downgraded specs to keep manufacturing costs down.

      • Liam Higgins

        I have a feeling the reason bigger phones are selling more is because of the better specs, so....

        • ProductFRED

          That too. It's a catch-22 at this point. But even Apple is making the iPhone bigger and bigger, backpeddling from Steve Jobs' statement that "3.5 inches is the perfect screen size."

  • bat0nas

    More specs (for instance 4 ultrapixels of the rear cam etc.) at GSMarena: http://www.gsmarena.com/htc_one_mini-review-954.php

  • wiselar

    It definitely looks better than the S 4 mini. Sad that it won't sell as many units at the S 4 mini.

  • InvaderDJ

    I'm not happy about the 1GB of RAM. I understand the slower dual core CPU and lower resolution screen, but the 1GB of RAM seems like solely a cost cutting measure that hurts performance.

    I also imagine that this time next year the 1GB of RAM will be the reason cited for why HTC can't update the phone past 4.2 or 4.3.

    • Dart

      Except that Android 5.0 is supposedly going to be more RAM friendly. This should be a boon to older devices.

      We may already be seeing an inkling of this in Android 4.3. Some folks are reporting substantially lower RAM usage on the leaked builds.

      • InvaderDJ

        I hope so, but I'm not going to hold my breath on it. I can just see another One S situation brewing.

    • Lucian

      I can't understand why they do this.. Mini phones which are really low-end devices but priced just too much.
      Compare specs to Sony Xperia ZR and you will see what it offers in same sized body and same price.

  • TY

    The LED flash position is bugging me a lot. It just feels strange. Just put it to the side of the lens or below it. Not above,

  • Dipish

    Awesome! Now PLEASE make a Google Play version of that phone, with stock Android.

  • Ahmad Nadeem

    No mention of NFC.......Cost cutting perhaps???

  • BlackBoy88

    Let me guess, this device will one get ONE update...the hell with HTC. I hate them after they left tablet owners on beta os known as HoneyComb...

  • Lucian

    Sony Xperia ZR is a much better deal for almost the same price.. smaller phone but bigger display, expandable storage, 2gb of RAM, quad core CPU, bigger battery, waterproof etc. etc. etc.

    I just don't understand why this "mini" versions from HTC and Samsung must be all c**p..

  • Joza Kroner

    sooo ahm... my one x has same (even better) specs and im still waiting for that 4.2 update. no excuses now, HTC

  • Christian

    Perfect size for my taste. I dont like the lack of MicroSD slot. 16GB fills up pretty fast when you use phone as a main music player too.