So you know about that big scary update for Verizon's Galaxy S 4 that blocks root, patches the bootloader, and haunts your children's dreams. The question is, though, what else does it do? Verizon finally spilled the beans (someone grab a mop and clean this mess up, please), and it's chock-full of stuff. Lots and lots of stuff.



See? Some things were removed, others were added, and there were a slew of enhancements. Also some bug fixes. Unfortunately, that also includes patching your device's bootloader and blocking all known root methods. Ouch.

Fortunately, if you haven't grabbed this one from Verizon's fancy new Software Upgrade Assistant, you're still safe. If, for some reason, you don't mind losing all device freedoms, you can find the full upgrade instructions here.


Cameron Summerson
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  • Eric Lega-c Smith

    I'm still looking for the Wifi toggle

    • https://plus.google.com/106261148188435264925/about Aaron Echols

      I'd be looking for a new phone if you installed that update. ;)

    • Todd

      It only appears after a master reset.

    • Eric

      You need to do a factory reset for it to appear.

      • Eric Lega-c Smith

        are you serious?

        • Eric

          It was mentioned in XDA. People had the same issue as you and it didn't appear after someone reset their device. I'm rooted so I didn't bother updating.

      • shangmaster

        This is the stupidest requirement I've ever heard (although not atypical for Android, unfortunately). So in order to get an icon to appear, I need to factory reset my device, then reapply all of my settings and customizations and reinstall all of my apps. Brilliant. Android is really going to lose to something else if they continue this stupidity. Really. It cannot be that hard to make this work without a factory reset. Verizon? Anybody?

    • frank

      You don't have to reset the phone, if you get SQlite Editor there is a way to turn it on....I'll find it in a sec

    • Landon Clements

      Same here can't find it.

  • Booyabobby

    When the HTC One comes to Verizon, I might just get that instead of the S4.

    • GazaIan

      How would that be any better than getting the S4? Verizon screws you over either way.

  • Sams

    Why wouldn't I want to update the phone? Why should I risk voiding the warranty to remove some bloat ware and add gimmicky customization; CUSTOMIZATION AND FREEDOM. It's not enough for the phone to just ya know, work as a phone. I must be able to add shortcuts and change the color of the LED and get a new skin (old skin boring, new skin cool!) and download "illegal" apps (shhhhhh!! - secret!) that can control predator drones.

    I hate Crapple, Jteve Sobs and the iFone more than driving nails into my ears. But the damn phones work. I don't have to backup my entire phone to load a simple software update or "just factory reset it brah" as the Verizon salesman and countless others have told me. I don't want to reset the phone whenever there is a problem. I liked all the CUSTOMIZATION that took FOREVER to get the way I like it (only to have it glitch and forget settings and add sounds I turned off - am I right?).

    I've owned a GS4 for exactly one full week. It may ALREADY need to be reset because the WIFI toggle has vanished? I've had my lame iFone 4S (I carry two phones, one work one personal) for 25 months and surprise; no factory resets! What a concept!

    I want so badly for Android and Samsung and Motorola to knock Crapple off its perch. But I don't see that happening yet. This has been my third Android powered device - the GS4 billed as an iFone killer! - and it's exactly the same as the others: a glitchy mess that is packed with so many "parlor-trick" features that it fails to operate the basics on a consistent basis.

    Is asking for this flagship phone to work, right out of the box, without having to root and not factory resetting it every couple months, so much to ask?

    • someone.asdf

      If you Google any phone (including every single one you've listed), you will always find similar issues. The majority of people don't have problems with most Android devices, especially the gs4 - it wouldn't have sold 20m+ units otherwise.

      If you've never run into a problem with any phone, consider yourself lucky.

    • youranidiotliberal

      Wow you are a sheeple , must be a liberal obama voter stuck up his ass. Moron

      • Landon Clements

        No you are.. Shut your mouth.... no one wants to hear your garbage!

    • Landon Clements

      God I love this comment. Well said my friend well said...

  • kbrtz

    Can any one tell me if they lost the carousel feature on their home page I've asked at the store and they told me to add nova launcher WTF? a lot of sense that makes Verizon! remove a feature that came on the phone only to tell me to use a 3rd party app

  • Landon Clements

    Okay so no. Verizon. We dont have the wifi toggle.. but the other 3 carriers do. You are full of lies. And even if we did. Why care?? You force the wifi switch in our on going applications!!

  • Pam Oakea

    Me too. Where us the wifi toggle Verizon? Every other carrier has one. Why VZ?

  • Markus

    Whatever update they did, it sucks.
    It removed APPS from my phone because I am on an exchange server.
    We are to people in the office with S4 phones which have the problem.
    Our IT person looked into it and the problem is with Verizon.
    Does anyone else have this problem?