Community developer LlabTooFeR has reason to believe that Android 4.2 will, in fact, be coming to HTC's One S. A series of tweets late last night between Llab and a few followers indicate that the One S "Ville" model (the version using a Snapdragon S4 processor) will receive Android 4.2 one way or another.

The tweet directly contradicts an official statement from HTC two weeks ago that all One S handsets would be left on Android 4.1 with Sense 4+. Llab says he has no info about an update for the "VilleC2" model using a Snapdragon S3 processor, which was sold in several Eastern European and Asian countries.


I would definitely bet against an update for the S3 (VilleC2) version, whose chipset is comparatively ancient and considerably less powerful. So, has HTC flip-flopped yet again, after stating Android 4.2 would come to the One S, then that it wouldn't, and now apparently will again?

We reached out to HTC, who declined to comment on the situation.


David Ruddock
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  • silver_arrow

    I would hope so. The One S is a pretty good device and was relitively popular and to kill it after 15 months is an insult to everyone who bought it. It is just as powerful if not more so than the One XL. And who cares if the S3 one can not get it, that's not a good reason to limit the S4 one. How many devices get updates in one area and in another are told "nope no update is coming" quite a few.

    • crackinthewall

      To be honest, I'd rather they offer a gimped version of 4.2 for the VilleC2. Though Samsung has taken to offering the latest TW with their updates, it shouldn't pressure HTC to offer the full Sense 5 experience. After all, the S3 and S4 variants are supposed to offer a similar experience given the difference. Just give them whatever the hardware is capable of like how Apple update older iPhone models. In any case, this is a lesson HTC should learn from. This whole One S disaster reminds me of the Desire's GB upgrade.

  • http://moondowner.wordpress.com Martin Spa.

    Excellent news!

  • Really

    ...and people still buy HTC devices. Lol.

    • c3vzn

      90% of people buy phones because of the out of box experience not because they want updates. Anyways, this article is about HTC back tracking so your comment is out of place.

      • crackinthewall

        Don't forget about the phone's looks. I'll never be caught with a Motorola phone because I find their phones too angular. But then again, I'm not an average consumer so I expect more from the phones I buy. It's either a Nexus or a Samsung for me. Sony is slowly getting there so I might go for a Sony the next time I'm due for an upgrade.

    • unhappybirthday

      Samsung hasn't announced any 4.2 upgrades to the US Galaxy S3, which was their flagship phone until about 3 months ago...

  • bimsebasse

    (I hope not, but:) probably just stalling.

  • Ahmad Nadeem

    Even if the S4 variant gets the update......it wouldn't be a matter of time that the other variants get their hands on it unofficially
    Development FTW!!

  • carlisimo

    If they do, I'll forgive them and probably get another HTC next time. I like my One S a lot, but Sense 4+ isn't the greatest of skins.

  • louched1

    Guess they should've called it the HTC TWO. How about the EVO 4G LTE (jewel) though? Don't we matter too?! It's getting cold and lonely out here, HTC!

  • Mike Reid

    So now they've "managed expectations" for no update past 4.2, LOL. Genius.

  • Dennis Ant

    In many countries (like UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, Greece) both version s(s3 & s4) were sold, had been marketed as being the same, had the same price and consumers didn't know what version they were buying. htc also has stated that both versions offer same quality, so it wil be unjust (no to say a fraud) not to give the update to c2 also.

  • EXeS0r

    Well, some people at XDA already ported Sense 5 to the Ville :D

  • HTCOneSUSer

    A update to HTC ONE S (S4) phones: Android 4.2.2 on XDA-Devs! :)

    for S3 users … well … somebody port this ROM fro S3, please? :)

  • SB037

    Well obviously your "reliable developer" was mistaken