In a short press release sent out this evening, LG announced that it would be ditching the word (is it a word?) "Optimus" from its premium branding, opting to keep only the "G".

Furthermore, the release reaffirms the name of the company's upcoming flagship – G2.

G2 logo_White[20130717181139272]

The release contained one other tidbit – going forward, "LG's premium 4:3 display smartphones will be rebranded as simply 'Vu'." Yes, there will be at least one more Vu, if not more.

In case you were worried, LG assures customers that current smartphones will not be renamed as a result of the new branding effort.

See the full press release below.

G Branding for All Future LG’s Premium Phones

SEOUL, July 19, 2013 — The next flagship device from LG Electronics (LG) will be officially known as G2 and will be the first smartphone from LG to be launched as part of the company’s new “G” premium brand. Future smartphones in the same series will carry only the G name while the branding of mobile devices that have already been in-troduced will continue unchanged.
“Our vision is to make LG’s newest G devices synonymous with excellence, raising the bar even further for the ultimate in user experience,” said Dr. Jong-seok Park, president and CEO of the LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company. “The new G2 will build upon the excellent reputation established by previous G Series products.”
Furthermore, LG’s premium 4:3 display smartphones will be rebranded as simply “Vu:” going forward. All of LG’s smartphones feature next generation core technologies and familiar UX with each series highlighting a different facet of the company’s product expertise.

Liam Spradlin
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  • TynanDeRosa

    "I was thinking to myself, you know what the world needs? More 4:3 smartphones." - No One Ever, 2013

    • fonix232

      Apparently the board of LG was saying so.

  • RocketScience11

    Do they realize how silly it's going to sound when people have to say they got the L-gee-gee-2?

    • Fawoo

      It's also silly to say "I got a galaxy S4" and basically every other phone out there.

      Phone names are ridiculous and they will probably always be so.

      • didibus

        Nexus is pretty cool sounding, and iPhone ain't to shabby, since it's so close to saying you have a phone.

    • Nick Schiwy

      It's just a mouthful because you have to say 'g' back-to-back. But I agree, it's kinda ridiculous.

    • TY

      I'm guessing... If they call it "LG Optimus G2", most people will just refer it as "Optimus G2". Like how "Samsung Galaxy S4" is often refered to only as "Galaxy S4", since the full name is too long, while the "HTC One" is often referred by its full name. By omitting the "Optimus", people tend to call it "LG G2", so everyone knows it's from LG.

    • Stocklone

      How about the L Double G 2? You know like the D O Double G somehow, some way, keeps comin' up with funky-@ss shit like every single day?

  • Byung-Hoon Cho

    Introducing our latest phone... The Presque Vu. Think you've heard of it before? You have - designed with human nature in mind. Also if you ever forget the name of the phone, your instincts will be right! "Presque vu!"

    • Baydin Inc

      Déjà vu will be the first in the series ;)

  • Hayatte

    I'll buy G6 (in year whenever) because G6 sounds cool.

  • Rob_black

    But you wouldn't support the G2x or even release the codes for other developers to support it. Bad form LG get it together!

  • ShahinTr

    G, what were they thinking when they made the Vu in the first place?

  • brutalpanther

    Hurry up and release the dang G2.At least before the snapdragon 1000 is announced.Bought the htc with the snap 600.I figured i would have the best for at least 2014.Wrong,2 weeks later the snap 800 was announced.

  • Stocklone

    Damn it! I was waiting for LG to release the Optimus Prime. Now that will never happen. M**********r!

  • ggg

    LG G2 Google edition. GGG.

    • Chris

      They already stamped a no on that :(

  • jeffmd

    Pfft.. G2 is so old..I've got a G5 in my hand rignt now!