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If you're reading this from Australia or New Zealand, get excited – Google's Play Music All Access service is now live in both countries, granting both (pardon the term) access to the burgeoning music streaming service.


Confirming All Access' expansion, Google posted to its official Australia blog and Google+.

Like in the states, Google is offering a special deal for early adopters – Australians who sign up by August 31 will pay just AU$9.99 per month (after a thirty-day trial period), and early bird New Zealanders will pay NZ$10.99 per month following the free thirty-day trial. Those who sign up after the end of August will pay AU$11.99 and NZ12.99 respectively.

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Google also reminds potential customers that they can upload up to 20,000 songs from their current collection, though the service's real claim to fame is the ability to stream, ad-free, unlimited amounts of music (or as much as your data connection can handle).

Want to start streaming right away? Just hit the appropriate link below.

Google Play Music All Access: Australia, New Zealand

Source: Official Google Australia Blog, Google+

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  • Byung-Hoon Cho

    Yay? But still no books, movies or magazines in NZ...

  • silver_arrow

    Digging the icon for this article xD

    • sri_tech

      Why is it upside down?

      • Steve Timms

        We come from a land down under...

        • Walkop

          Where woman glow and make thunder!

          • http://www.modminecraft.com/ Nick Coad

            Where women glow and men plunder**

            Hand in your Aussie-card.

      • Freak4Dell

        This is a US based website, and Australia is "upside down" from us Americans.

        • Evan

          I thought it was supposed to be a smiley face. But it does make sense. Everything down here is upside down. Especially the political parties.

        • Android wins!

          In this case, * 'Muricans.

        • Возмущенный

          As a Russian, I never understand this humor. Isn't it harassing towards those who live south from Equator? To Australians and other nations? You americans are itching to show your supremacy over other world by acting like a dumb bully, not like mix of superhumans and high elves.
          You are bad and you should feel bad.

          • Freak4Dell

            Somehow, I doubt that your lack of a sense of humor has anything to do with you being Russian.

          • Возмущенный

            Well, that's some very stinky humor there, humiliating one. The more you elevate yourselves, the higher is the place from where you will fall.

          • SpanishAbh

            "In America, you catch a party.

            In Russia, Party Catches you ;-)

  • Mehmet Fatih

    Upside downing the logo is just an amazing detail! thats why I love this website :P

    • Metroview

      I haven't caught on until I read the headline. The AP staff must be a blast to hang out with haha

  • Ryan Miles


    Please, Google!


    • Mariano Gori

      I know! Its getting really depressing :( I'm losing all hope...

      • http://www.aiowiki.com/wiki/User:Reddo Reddo

        I think if you visit the play store from your device with a US ip address you can get access to it.

        I'm Canadian and one day the play store asked me to accept the terms and conditions and after I did I had access to all of their musical offerings, later I checked my ip and it said I was in Iowa (which I was not, I've never even been there in my life (guess either my ISP or the IP to location thing had a bug)) good luck

        • Labrat

          That is correct, you can also use HotSport shield or some VPN, once you access it from within USA, you have access to it forever in Canada.

          That being said, you can't buy music or use all access unless they think you are in the USA, so you need that VPN on alll the time for all access.

          • http://www.aiowiki.com/wiki/User:Reddo Reddo

            nope, I have it all the time now no matter the device (browser, phone, tablet) and I'm not using any of those to spoof my ip/tunnel, it was just a one time thing and I still have access to all access even though everything says that I'm in Canada

    • Mike Reid

      Must be some negotiation hassles. Like music should be 50% more expensive once you cross the border...

  • Wayne Randall

    can't unsee the smiley..

    • miri

      Oh... Oh, no... Why did you do this to me?!

  • Jonathan

    Nice. good to know there's now a legitimate way to get it. I just finished my 30 day trial and am paying US$7.99/month. Definitely worth it. It's a great service!

  • Mark Oldfield

    Come on google... where is the UK ... meh!

  • GIJoseph

    $10 is too much.

  • gumbald

    UK certainly feeling unloved to be behind them lot!

  • Mathias Christensen

    Are the good people of Australia and New Zealand getting an offer similar to the 7.99$/month?

  • Aidan O’Brien

    Is anyone else not able to sign up, after signing up for the US trial? It says $9.99 AUD and then I go to pay and it changes to the US payment page.

  • Misti curia

    Ha suck a dick you kiwi sheeps, you have to pay a dollar more than us :)

    • Aviatora

      Actually my friend, the above prices are in local currencies. So NZ's price of NZ$10.99 is equal to AU$9.47, which is less than what you are paying.

      Now who'll be doing the sucking? ;)

  • CyanogenMod User

    And still no music from Japan or China.