If you use Evernote and OfficeSuite on your mobile device, today's update is one that should help unify your workload, even if only a little. As of the latest build, Evernote now supports OfficeSuite integration – you can view and edit your attached Office documents directly from Evernote. Easy peasy.

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Past that, you can also add new reminders directly from the reminder list, which seems like a logical place to add new reminders from in the first place. The widget also got an incredibly useful makeover, which brings lockscreen support for Android 4.2+ devices, a new list view, and a quick reminders button. Overall a useful and highly functional update for the Evernote Widget.

Skitch users were also treated to a nice little update today that brings PDF mark up annotations. Unfortunately, this one's a premium feature; however, the company is so excited about it that they're offering everyone a free 30-day preview. Not bad.

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Cameron Summerson
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  • PamelaLibrarian

    Reminders?? I don't remember Evernote having reminders. That's super cool. I may have to start using that widget now.

  • miri

    Still can't see myself using Evernote much, but the new Skitch updates are pretty awesome.

  • jmlares

    Oh yes! New widgets! Too bad I have 10GB worth of data in my account. Not sure how that's going to work out on my new phone. Reminders were just introduced a few weeks ago by the way.