For the past few hours, I've been observing a curious case of Jeff Williams on Google+. Jeff posted a screenshot of what he claimed was a Nexus 4 he bought from a Googler... with a build of Android 4.3 on it. The same build, JWR66N, that we saw leaked earlier on a Galaxy S4 GPE by SamMobile.


In disbelief, some have called him a hoaxer, but a number of resourceful folks decided to get Jeff on IRC (channel #Android43 on freenode) and worked with him for hours, trying over and over to get the magical system dump that would prove Jeff's story to be real.

At 10:44PM Pacific, we finally had lift-off:

wm_7-17-2013 11-31-05 PM

The system dump, which we have since confirmed as legitimate and along with dozens of other IRC members mirrored to multiple destinations, indeed belongs to a Nexus 4 (mako), and the build number is indeed JWR66N. The radio and bootloader are missing right now - Jeff promised them tomorrow - so I have my doubts about a working port to other Nexus 4s for the time being.

In the meantime, the system dump itself is ready to go, and Ron and I are ripping through it as we speak. We'll have a teardown ready for you soon if we do dig something up, and by the looks of things, there's enough for a post.

I'd like to thank Jeff for his persistence as well as IRC users efrant, gravufo, Jason__, vividboarder, Introspection, and everyone else who drove this one to the finish line.

Update: There's chatter on IRC that restoring the backup via TWRP recovery seems to work. I flashed my Nexus 4 using a flashable zip and have a quick guide on how to do this coming up shortly. It boots, and it works.

Update #2: One of the goodies inside the dump is a new Play Store v4.2.3. Go grab it.

Update #3: A quick video by Tristan Smith:

Update #4: Here's how to update your Nexus 4 to Android 4.3 from this dump.


I won't post links to Jeff's Dropbox because it'll blow through his bandwidth allocation in no time. Instead, here are several of our mirrors. The files inside are the system and boot (that's the kernel) partitions, tarred. Just untar them and have fun looking at the APKs:

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    History in the making! Y

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      Seeding all night for you guys. <3

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      Thank you! Count me in on helping you guys seed also :D

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      lie.....downloading at 100kb/s. FAR FROM "FAST AS HELL"!!!!!!!!

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    So it begins...

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    Eagerly waiting for Ron's Teardown... Bring it on

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      I really do hope that Ron's new job has got flexible hours... :-D

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      Luckily for us, he's got a day off tomorrow.

      _o/ o/ o_

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        Call him back, quick!

  • Jack

    Breakfast with Sundar 7/24/13. Jellybean 4.3, Nexus 7, Moto X.

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      I think Moto X will be released later at a bigger event.
      Anyway excited for 7/24.

    • Phil Oakley

      And Chrome stuff, probably. New Chromebook lineup.

      • MindFever

        Every time somebody says chromebook I sneeze... I suspect I will sneeze like a demon crazed monkey after a year or two. Chrome books look a lot more awesome every year

    • sam

      maybe nexus 10 v2 as well according to engadget! No new specs for nexus 10 have leaked though.

    • hp420

      It's a pretty common belief that the moto x won't be there....but it IS believed that android 4.3, nex7 v2, and many new chrome-related software releases will all be there....maybe even a teaser for the successor to the nex4. I seriously doubt any nex4 successor announcements will be anything but "we're working on it and here's who's making it" but I think it's definitely possible to get at least a small teaser of some sort.

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    Wow, you guys are fast! Can't wait for Ron's teardown ;)

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    Will be waiting for the detailed teardown from AP.

    My Galaxy nexus is ready :)

    • Ygor Vaz

      I hope that android 4.3 makes our galaxy nexus as fast and stable as 4.1 was.

      • MindFever

        Chronic optimism :D I kid,I kid

      • Diego

        i'm using 4.1 on my galaxy nexus while waiting 4.3
        4.2 was too slow

        • Ygor Vaz

          I can't live without the quick settings anymore. The app's in play store that tries to imitate it are crap.

    • Brian Utne

      TORO TORO!!!!!

  • Royal2000H

    Live stream the teardown, hah! I'm impatient!!

    Also, hopefully there's a lot more to 4.3 than just Bluetooth LE, like we saw in the Galaxy S4GPE

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      AVRCP 1.3?

    • MindFever

      I want a better radio fw and the camera needs some post processing and sharpening magic ...probably the second one not going to happen

  • Lasse

    Can't wait for the teardown! :-O

  • Jooyoung Hong

    Hey Artem,
    Is it possible for you to obtain a build date for this leaked build?

    Just want to compare it to the build date of the S4 4.3 Leaked ROM (June 26th, I believe), which was a buggy mess with a bunch of wakelocks draining the battery.

    I'd assume that it's a more recent build because they're probably going to annonuce & release 4.3 next Wed?


    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      The kernel says June 13.

      Build date is: ro.build.date=Sat Jun 15 20:02:08 UTC 2013

      • Jooyoung Hong

        interesting. thanks!

  • Gnex

    How exactly did this happen? I read on the g+ post he bought the phone on Craigslist, so did he manage to buy it from a Google employee?

    • Alex Vainshtein

      " I bought the phone off Craigslist from a googler 2 weeks ago" - So apparently he bought it from Google's employee

      • Gnex

        Can't believe I missed that *sits in dark corner*

        • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

          Also in the first paragraph of this article.

          • Gnex

            Sorry, I was so freaking excited *continues to sit in corner*

    • Nick Rosas

      I wonder if it was on purpose or he was mad and sold the phone as some kind of revenge lol

      • MindFever

        ...me too,I just dont get it.

        • Nick Rosas

          I don't think we're suppose to talk about this any further. We have stepped into Google's game. Only our current knowledge can save us now. We must figure out the identity of this "Craigslist man". What if the guy was the Googler himself!

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    How's the teardown coming? I can't wait!

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      Ron's sleeping, so 0.5%. We need to get a webcam into his bedroom.

  • matteo

    how i install this system dump?
    Flash it in recovey? It's a zip of 340mb.

    • asrat_24

      You have to have TWRP recovery or higher and its restore option from that recovery, you should put it in the /TWRP folder

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      There's a better way - flash the rooted zip using any recovery. I am making a quick guide.

      • Sumit Grover

        Is it possible to restore just the system folder from the dump on Galaxy Nexus running AOSP ??? Just thinking of being adventurous :)

        • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

          I wouldn't do it on a Galaxy Nexus unless you want it to not boot. Nexus 4 only.

  • MeCampbell30

    So anyone got the skinny on what's new?

  • Willie D

    With Android 5 on the way, who cares about 4.3 anything!

    • Marc R.

      so, you do know the exact release date of Android 5.0? Then enlighten us and tell it...

    • http://bytestemplar.com/ Fortyseven

      Fuck both of those, as a time traveler I'm here to tell you all that Android 7 is where it's at, chumps!

  • Guusd

    "I won't post links to Jeff's Dropbox" Well, only in the screenshot then... :/

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      Not an issue.

    • Elias

      Yeah sure, everyone would obviously prefer to type that long thing instead of just clicking one of the provided links.
      Provided there are many mirrors out there, he might even take it down from his dropbox.

  • id242

    If anyone was wondering which version the included APKs in the app folder were...
    note: all the file dates are mostly 6/18/2013 with 10 others being being from earlier (wallet, quickoffice, streetview, korean keyboard, dialer, one time init, hindi input, hangouts, keep, and shell)

    Android Live Wallpapers 4.3-711294.apk
    Basic Daydreams 4.3-711294.apk
    Bluetooth Share 4.3-711294.apk
    Bubbles 1.0.apk
    Calculator 4.3-711294.apk
    Calendar 201306090.apk
    Calendar Storage 4.3-711294.apk
    Cell Broadcasts 4.3-711294.apk
    Certificate Installer 4.3-711294.apk
    Chrome 27.0.1453.111.apk
    Clock 2.0.3.apk
    Contacts 4.3-711294.apk
    Contacts Storage 4.3-711294.apk
    Currents 2.1.1.apk
    Dialer 4.3-711294.apk
    Download Manager 4.3-711294.apk
    Downloads 4.3-711294.apk
    DRM Protected Content Storage 4.3-711294.apk
    Email 4.1.apk
    Exchange Services 5.0.apk
    Face Unlock 4.3-711294.apk
    Fused Location 4.3-711294.apk
    Gallery 1.1.40012.apk
    Gmail 4.5.1-711294.apk
    Google Account Manager 4.3-711294.apk
    Google Backup Transport 4.3-711294.apk
    Google Contacts Sync 4.3-711294.apk
    Google Hindi Input
    Google Keyboard 1.0.1800.711294.apk
    Google Korean keyboard 0.83.apk
    Google One Time Init 4.3-711294.apk
    Google Partner Setup 4.3-711294.apk
    Google Pinyin 2.1.1 (46259294).apk
    Google Play Books 2.8.91.apk
    Google Play Magazines 2.0.0.apk
    Google Play Movies 2.5.4.apk
    Google Play Music 5.0.1042J.711294.apk
    Google Play services 3.1.53 (702556-30).apk
    Google Play Store 4.2.3.apk
    Google Search
    Google Text-to-speech Engine
    HTML Viewer 4.3-711294.apk
    Input Devices 4.3-711294.apk
    iWnn IME 2.2.6.apk
    iWnnIME Keyboard (White) 1.1.apk
    Keep 1.0.81.apk
    Key Chain 4.3-711294.apk
    Launcher 4.3-711294.apk
    Live Wallpaper Picker 4.3-711294.apk
    Maps 6.14.4.apk
    Market Feedback Agent 4.3-711294.apk
    Media Storage 4.3-711294.apk
    Messaging 4.3-711294.apk
    Movie Studio 1.1.apk
    Music Visualization Wallpapers 4.3-711294.apk
    MusicFX 1.4.apk
    Network Location 1.1.10.apk
    News & Weather 1.3.11.apk
    Nfc Service 4.3-711294.apk
    Package Access Helper 4.3-711294.apk
    Package installer 4.3-711294.apk
    Phase Beam 1.0.apk
    Phone 4.3-711294.apk
    PhoneMessaging Storage 4.3-711294.apk
    Picasa Uploader 1.3.242047.apk
    Quickoffice 5.7.3.apk
    Settings 4.3-711294.apk
    Settings Storage 4.3-711294.apk
    Setup Wizard 1.3.apk
    Shell 4.3-711294.apk
    SIM Toolkit 4.3-711294.apk
    Sound Recorder 4.3-711294.apk
    Sound Search for Google Play 1.1.9.apk
    Street View
    System UI 4.3-711294.apk
    Tags 1.1.apk
    TalkBack 3.3.3.apk
    User Dictionary 4.3-711294.apk
    VpnDialogs 4.3-711294.apk
    Wallet 1.6-R96-v13.apk
    YouTube 4.5.17.apk

    • Jooyoung Hong

      interesting. they've never added korean keyboard before. had to download it separately from the playstore.

      • James

        4.2 system dump has Korean IME. Pinyin and iWnnEmoji, too. I found Hindi IME added 4.3 first time.

        • Jooyoung Hong

          weird, my Nexus 7 never had Korean IME. had to download it from playstore.

          • Quick Atom

            It's from Nexus 4.

          • Kelley Cook

            Odd as my stock Nexus 7 with the Google pushed 4.2.2 upgrade has the Korean IME. I, being an English speaker would not have had a need to download it separately.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      Thanks for the list - very handy.

    • http://nurudin.jauhari.net/ Jauhari

      Anything new on Gallery 1.1.40012.apk??? Does this Camera same as on Galaxy S4 GPE?

  • Tee

    My GT-I9000 is ready. I guess before we have autumn, it'll be running my phone. Great device this one.

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    *Throws up from adrenaline*

  • rahulkadukar

    You did not post the link to his DropBox but it can be clearly seen in the IRC screenshot. At least censor it

    PS: Yes that link does work :)

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      Nah, nobody's going to type it out when there are mirrors :P

      • Luis Augusto Fretes Cuevas

        I just did muahahahaha.

        • DonPorazzo

          You are evil evil man

  • yash

    This is rooted flashable zip for n4 by gmillz : http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2368401

  • CuriousCursor

    No unified Hangouts + Messaging. Hangouts Action bar seems a wee bit shorter.

  • ali

    Can I flash the zip ? Is it a Rom or Just The Dump and apk's??

  • James
  • JonJJon

    Wonder if Android support with come to the Cookoo Watch with Android 4.3 due to Bluetooth LE being in there, not holding my breath for Cookoo to come through but there was a decent deal for it and was tempted before realising still no support for Android.

  • GreatNews

    Will this delete all my stuff on my Nexus 4 like a security wipe?

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      No, it only restores the system stuff, leaving data alone.

  • http://nurudin.jauhari.net/ Jauhari

    You are the REAL HERO o/

  • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii
  • AyaisMUsikWhore

    What's so exciting about this update? Can someone give me a run down on what's changed in this update?

    • Ygor Vaz

      We are expecting lots of bug fixes, like bluetooth, wakelocks, etc. Also, we are hoping that this 4.3 update is the update that fixes all the fuck ups that google did with android 4.2 performance. Ask any galaxy nexus owner which version of android was the fastest and more stable and I"m sure they will answer android 4.1

  • hp420

    Why are the zip files ranging in size from 350MB (mirrors posted in the article) to 450mb (original link at xda) to 550mb (torrent posted below)???

    ~200mb is a HUGE difference in size, people!!! what's going on here???

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      I zipped everything.

  • Nexusmaniac

    I can't wait for 4.3 to get to the nexus 7, hopefully it will bring back the smoothness that we had with 4.1 :)

  • Ryan

    What would happen if I downloaded this on my Nexus 7?

    • Nexusmaniac

      Your nexus 7 would shrink to 4.7 inches and you'd be able to call people :P jk
      you wouldn't get past the boot animation

      • Ryan

        Haha thanks

      • w@li

        hahahah. that is funny seriously... :p

  • Laurent

    Location repporting is no more available in my region with 4.3. Bummer!

  • jrdls

    Do you guys think Android 4.3 requires a phone with a gpu that supports OpenGL ES 3.0?

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    So... uhm.. What's the difference ?