Last Updated: July 23rd, 2013

It's time for Verizon to roll out its next wave of exclusive devices, as the company has just sent out invitations to its upcoming press event. Verizon will hold the shindig in New York City on July 23rd, where we expect the carrier to announce the latest generation of its DROID handsets. Likely candidates include the DROID Ultra, the DROID MAXX (an Ultra with a bigger battery), and the DROID Mini (convenient travel sized). These devices were recently leaked by Evleaks and are expected to replace the DROID RAZR HD, DROID RAZR Maxx HD, and the DROID RAZR M, which were introduced at a similar event last year in - you guessed it - New York City.


Though Motorola manufacturers these devices, they aren't early versions of the upcoming Moto X. That said, we don't know much about these phones, but we expect that they will come with RGBC image sensors for better low-light performance. The DROIDs will probably have non-removable batteries, given that they appear to have a body shell made predominantly of Kevlar, and all three will have capacitive navigation buttons situated just below their screens. The larger handsets have roughly 5-inch screens, while the Mini's display will be at least a half-inch smaller.

Via: The Verge

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  • Roberto Giunta

    I guess the Droid Mini is gonna be Verizon's flavor of the Moto X with all the nasty carrier bastardizations we know (and not love) - although not as bad as it was with MotoBlur) and without any of those fancy customization options.

    The Droid Ultra and Droid (Ultra) Maxx will be the typical high end flagship, you can imagine the specs on your own. I would be more interested if those are gonna come out somewhere else in the world. We got the Motorola Razr and Motorola Razr i here in Europe. Seeing how we're supposed to get the Moto X later than the US, I wonder if we're gonna see something like an Motorola Ultra for Europe at the same time.

    • Brian

      The Mini and the X are two completely unrelated phones.

    • gmx

      Moto X is coming to verizon in august totally different phone Moto X will not be droid branded

  • Justin W

    Couldn't this be them announcing Vz Edge? Usually when it's a device release, there's a collaboration and it's the device manufacturer that announces it, with the carrier there to say a couple words.

    • http://www.gregmadhere.com/ Greg Madhere

      I believe the invite says they want to welcome us to new members of their device family, or something like that . Definitely a product announcement.

      • Justin W

        Yeah. That wasn't in the article initially, and I didn't check other sites before I posted this.

  • TaylorSellers

    Whether you like them or not, hardware buttons are pretty unexpected. Motorola already switched to on screen buttons in the RAZR HD series and they are clearly Google's preferred button solution for the foreseeable future. Yet here we have new Moto flagships with hardware buttons...

    • needa

      talk to verizon. they make that decision. it could be that the majority of people dont care for onscreen buttons and verizon is giving their customers what they want.

      • Ryan O’Neill

        Since when has Verizon cared about their customers?

        • needa

          i cannot argue that one.

    • wikid_one

      I'll take the hardware buttons. Having the buttons off the screen means they can't slap a giant logo in that spot!

      • Di Lu

        They will just put it on another spot on the front. See Xperia Z, Optimus G, Optimus G2 Leaks. On Screen button have nothing to do with product maker slapping a logo on the front.

        Nexus 4/Galaxy Nexus don't have logo on the front because Google told the OEM so, it had nothing to do with on-screen buttons.

        • Guest

          Yes, but none of those devices are on Verizon.

          • Freak4Dell

            There's a Note 2 for Verizon with the logo on the home button.

  • roberthenderson

    +.5 for hardware buttons. Would have been +1 if they'd been disappearing capacitive buttons. Absolutely hate the clogged up look of a row of home screen dock buttons on top of hardware buttons. UGLY

    • Di Lu

      Hardware button= smaller screen on same sized phone= not good. On screen button can be overridden by video playback apps or other apps that needs screen space, can be relocated/hidden with custom roms or just made transparent like those on Optimus G2 leaks.

      • mattdm

        That's true in theory, but it's never been true in practice. Look at the Galaxy Nexus and the Nexus 4. Both of them have as much or more space below the screen as my Galaxy S4. The same goes for the latest RAZR line.

        That said, I totally agree with your view on it. A phone with on screen buttons and a radically smaller footprint would be ideal.

        • Di Lu

          It is all about potential, not about what have been done with it before. There is only so much you can do with hardware buttons, On-screen buttons have more potential and those will be exploited in the future.

      • roberthenderson

        Sorry man, look at last year's phones, pretty much the same size bottom bezel. And for that matter, if onscreen buttons save so much room, why is there any bottom bezel at all on the nexus, current Motorolas and Sony phones. Makes your point invalid. I also don't want to be having to tap the screen an extra time to bring up buttons then tap again to activate the function. Capacitive buttons are armed and ready 100% of the time. The disappearing ones in the Galaxy devices are the best ones. If manufactures aren't smart enough to do (or at least have the option of) buttons like pie control or wave launcher,then I'm not dumb enough to buy them.

        • Di Lu

          How about look at this year's phones, The LG G2 leaks shows its bottom bezel is no larger than GS4, in exchange the G2 have a 5.2" screen for full screen apps like Video players whereas GS4 only have 5". The GNex & Nexus 4 example are yesterday's news.

          • roberthenderson

            I guess I'm not stating this clearly, I hate the look of two rows of buttons on my home screen. On the bottom you have the on screen buttons and then stacked on top you have your home screen buttons. And you are right about the galaxy s4 but the difference is the Galaxy s4 utilizes the bezel for buttons and only has the one role of home screen buttons on the screen. If you like that look find it & buy it, but I hate the look so I will never buy any phone with on screen buttons like that.

  • haroonazeem638

    I much prefer capacitive buttons that disappear when off compared to "on screen" buttons. I have a Nexus 4 and I love it. I have gotten used to the on screen buttons but a lot of times, I hate the fact that they are taking away precious space from the screen. Yes, i know there is PIE launcher and all but honestly, it's a lot slower compared to having capacitive or on screen buttons. So now I use a combination of extended display + pie (when I need full screen...for gaming etc.) and on screen buttons when im just navigating.

  • Zach B.

    Or perhaps they'll surprise us all and give us ¡VIVA MOVIL!!?! branded handsets?!¡¡?¡!

  • varmeston

    it"s too soon, I think we may not see the next Motorolla at least in the same moment when samsung will release his galaxy 5

  • Deylune

    im pretty excited for the new Droids to be revealed.

  • insaneinthemembrane

    Just release the hTc One, dammit. Then the rest can have their girly Droids (no offense intended to actual girls, you're all beautiful :)