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Featured App

DigiCal Calendar & Widgets

Today's roundup is presented by DigiCal Calendar & Widgets from Digibites. DigiCal is a complete calendar solution that integrates with Google Calendar, matching it feature-for-feature and then some. A wide selection of calendar views (agenda, day, week, month, text month, list) and great tablet compatibility means that your calendar will look great and be easy to use no matter what device you're using. DigiCal also includes a variety of widgets, all of which put the stock Google Calendar to shame, and integrated location search within the app. DigiCal even checks Google Now for travel and traffic time, letting you know when you'll need to leave to avoid being late. The standard DigiCal is free, but the $4.95 DigiCal+ includes a month widget, extra visual options, and zero ads.


Experience the most stylish Android calendar with Holo light and dark themes with 6 powerful calendar views and 5 beautifully designed widgets! DigiCal is a stylish and easy to use calendar application that syncs all your appointment with Google Calendar. You can choose from 6 powerful calendar views (day, week, agenda, month, text month and list) in both portrait and landscape mode. DigiCal also comes with 5 beautiful widgets (list, grid, day, day list and month). Following the latest Android Holo light and dark theme, DigiCal is bringing the clean and intuitive user interface experience to smartphones and tablets running Android 2.2+. DigiCal’s innovative features such as the smart action bar make it easy to edit, move, copy, paste and delete events. With our unique built-in location search, adding a location to your event has never been easier. All you need to do is type in the name of the place (cafe, store, and park) and DigiCal will automatically look up the address and save it. With this feature, Google Now (Android 4.1+) knows where you'll need to go. It'll watch current traffic, plan your route and notify you when you should leave.

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Floating Touch

Android Police coverage: [New App] Floating Touch Is Like Chat Heads, But For Everything

Love it or hate it, Facebook's Chatheads has become a verifiable user interface phenomenon, spawning dozens of clones with varying degrees of utility. But if utility is what you crave in your floating button thingy, then Floating Touch has it in spades. The options and settings for this app are incredibly robust, not unlike the better class of launcher replacements. There's even a fantastic amount of options for the way the buttons looks. If you love Chatheads and want to see what the UI designers could have done if they hadn't been tasked with making, well, Facebook, give it a go.


Assistive touch comes from iPhone, but Floating Touch is specially designed for Android. Floating Touch is a button floats on your screen over other apps, and you can move it anywhere. Floating Touch contains most commonly used switches of Android system and all installed apps. You can control your device or open your favorite app easily without exiting current app.

Flashify (for root users)

Android Police coverage: [New App] Flashify Lets Root Users Flash Boot, Recovery, And Zip Updates, Backup Kernels And Recoveries To Dropbox, And More

Flashify will be pretty familiar to root users and custom ROM addicts: it's like the ubiquitous ROM Manager on steroids. Not only can this sucker flash ROMs and other ZIPs (by rebooting into recovery and doing all your work for you) but it can backup, restore, flash a new kernel, wipe the cache, and any number of other technical-sounding things, plus it syncs all that stuff to Dropbox. Of course it's only for root users, and for the moment, the more advanced features are only officially supported on Nexus devices.


Flash your boot images, recovery images and zip files right away using Flashify.

1 - Flash boot and recovery images without even needing to go to recovery.
2 - Flash zip files. Option to wipe cache, dalvik and data when using TWRP recovery.
3 - Backup/Restore kernel and recovery using Sdcard or cloud (Dropbox).
4 - Automatic cloud synchronization of Dropbox backups between devices and desktops.
5 - Keep track of recently flashed items.
6 - Flash multiple files.
7 - Flash from anywhere. Do you want to flash from your favorite File Explorer? No biggie, that also works together with Flashify. Any other app that opens files will also work with Flashify, seamslessly, for the best user experience.

App Dialer–local T9 app search

Android Police coverage: [Hands-On] T9 App Dialer May Be The Fastest Way To Dig Through Your Apps

Though we live in the age of the smartphone, there are more than a few users who miss the days of texting their friends without looking at their screens. The App Dialer takes the T9 approach and applies it to an app launcher, allowing users to tap ye olde alphanumeric codes to launch apps. Surprisingly, it all fits in with the Holo design principles. If your thumb still remembers how to type all your friends' names in 10-key, give it a chance.


Local app searching with T9 App Dialer. The App Dialer provides a revolutionary way to app search. Only a few clicks on a simple T9 keyboard are required to launch any app. This saves time when you need to find and launch apps quickly.

  • Local app searching by app name or vendor name
  • A Ranking System that lists “most-used” apps in descending order
  • An easy-to-use T9 keyboard
  • Lightning-fast searching
  • A “quick launch” panel in the notifications area (Pro version only)
  • Options to uninstall apps, pin icons to the Home screen or get app info (Pro version only).

DSLR Controller Wi-Fi Stick

Android Police coverage: Chainfire Introduces 'Wi-Fi Stick' Solution For Would-Be DSLR Controller Users Without Wi-Fi Capable Cameras

Want to control your DSLR with your Android device, but you spent an incredible amount of money on your camera before they all had WiFi? Then Chainfire has a solution for you, assuming that you have quite a lot of geeky hardware sitting around. I'd love to try it myself, but all I've got is a $500 phone and a $700 camera, and I'm not keen on spending another $200 to make them talk to each other.


This app turns your Android TV stick (supported models only) into a wireless controller for use with DSLR Controller (separate app) on your Android phone or tablet. This is a 7-day evaluation version, after which you will need to purchase to continue using it. For further details and before installing, please visit our website at http://dslrcontroller.com/ .



Android Police coverage: Wunderground Releases WunderMap For Android Tablets, A Unique Weather Application That's All About The Radar

Holy crap, but this app loves weather. If 24 hours of Local On The 8's just isn't enough for you, then this incredibly dense weather mapping application will cure what ails ya. Temperature maps, precipitation maps, predictive reports, live webcams - every possible permutation of whatever the sky can throw at us puny mortals is available to you, for just about every location on the planet.


WunderMap is the world’s most interactive weather and radar map, providing current conditions and forecasts from Weather Underground’s unique network of 30,000 neighborhood weather stations. Follow storms with the animated radar and satellite layers, track tropical weather in the hurricane layer and even view active wildfires. The most comprehensive tablet weather app, period. Choose from our map presets like Hurricane, Severe, Precipitation and Wind or customize your own map by exploring our layers tab.



Paper Artist

Paper Artist is a surprisingly robust suite designed for fancifully editing your photos in the vein of Instagram, with a lot more options and zero limitations. The Android version has been out for about a year now, but only for Galaxy Note users. Now it's available on the Google Play Store for users everywhere, though it's much better suited for tablets. An extensive range of filters, brushes, and (of course) stylus support fill out the package.


Turn your photos into personalized works of art!
Fun and simple to use, anyone can be an artist!.

● Choose from over 30 original artistic styles to transform your photo.
● Modify your existing photos, or use the built-in camera.
● Paint with the brush to add a splash of color and other magical effects.
● Write with the pen to add a personal message or a fun design.
● Add a frame or border for that finishing touch.

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Android Police coverage: MEGA Acquires Android App, Makes It The Official Client And Adds New Features

Here's a story to delight the hearts of indie Android developers everywhere: industrious dev makes a client for popular but under-supported storage service. The slightly insane and somewhat megalomaniacal founder of said service buys the app and turns it into the official Android version. Developer makes money, Android users get supported. And they all lived happily ever after, until the FBI broke their encryption and arrested them all for copyright infringement. The end.


MEGA is a secure cloud storage service that gives you 50GB of secure storage for free. Everything you upload to MEGA is completely encrypted, and the keys stay with you. You can find out more details, or sign up for an account from MEGA at https://mega.co.nz/. The MEGA App for Android is a native Android interface to the MEGA service. It allows you to browse your files, upload and download, search and more.

Control Center - iOS 7 Style

Android Police coverage: [New App] Control Center Shamelessly Duplicates The iOS 7 Control Center On Your Android Device

It's been five years, and no, Android will never get out from under the shadow of the iPhone, even when iOS has been plundering Android for innovation for the last three. Want proof? A feature that most iPhone and iPad users don't even have yet, the sparky iOS version of 4.2 settings toggles, now has a cobbled-together Android version. I suppose it could be really useful if you want to show your mom what her phone will look like in three months.


Control Center is an iOS 7 Style and Android Capability Control Center. You can get the iPhone user experience in Android Phone.

  • Support iPhone iOS 7 UI Style and Assistive Touch feature
  • Support same look and touch feeling with iPhone
  • Support wifi on/off
  • Support rotation on/off
  • Support volume up/down
  • Support data connection(2G/3G/4G) on/off
  • Support volume silent
  • Support bluetooth and flashlight on/off
  • Support Airplane Mode, Brightness, Vibration function

PDF Max: The #1 PDF Reader!

What makes PDF Max better than the official Adobe reader, Amazon's Kindle reader (which includes some pretty spiffy PDF functionality, by the way) or any number of free alternatives? There's a lot of features in there including drawing and annotation tools, bookmarks, and a fancy rendering engine, but what I like the most is a text to speech function. It's perfect for when you need the instructions for installing that motherboard read out to you, and you're already elbow-deep in a desktop enclosure.


PDF Max is the 5-star rated, full-featured PDF reader used by millions of iPhone/iPad users world-wide and now available for your Android. It was designed for those people who’re looking for a full-featured, touch-based optimization & professional PDF application. It provides all features you need for an everyday PDF app in one place so that you do not need to spend extra money for other apps.

eBay Now

Android Police coverage: [New App] eBay Now Finally Launches On Android – Delivers Products From Local Stores In 1 Hour (But Probably Not Where You Live)

Hey, you! Are you the kind of desperate shut-in who doesn't even want to exit your house/apartment/abandoned BART tunnel for the basic necessities of life, like food, toiletries and Us Weekly? Then eBay Now is right up your alley, because it lets you play people to do your shopping for you, then bring it to your door. At least, if your door is somewhere in New York, San Francisco, or San Jose, which we like to call the "big three" of the tech press event circuit.


eBay Now hand-delivers thousands of products from local stores to you in about an hour. So whatever you dream up, now you can make it happen. You don’t even have to be home—eBay Now will deliver to you at your work, your neighborhood bar, or anywhere you’re hanging out. It’s super easy to use. Once you’ve found what you’re looking for, hit “bring it.” Our valet will pick up the items and deliver them to you. You pay with your credit card or PayPal account. Shopping has never been this easy, and same-day delivery has never been this fast.

Bluebox Security Scanner

The Master Key security vulnerability is kind of a big deal, and you, the security-conscious Android user, would like to know if it applies to your device. (Hint: it does.) This app will tell you if it does (it does!) and will presumably become much more useful once more than three Android phones are patched against the damn thing.


The Bluebox "Master key" Security Scanner will scan your device to determine:
- If your system is vulnerable or patched to the Bluebox "Master key" security flaw affecting most Android devices
- If your system settings allow non-Google Market application installs
- If any installed application on your device is trying to maliciously take advantage of the security flaw

NOTICE: the scanner currently cannot check .APKs in the /mnt/asec/ (copy protected apps) directory; this is a security limitation enforced by Android OS. You are told how many were skipped, and given a checkbox (if one or more are skipped) to enable seeing the full list of details if you so choose.

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ReKey (for rooted users)

...and this app will actually let you do something about that Master Key vulnerability, assuming that you're a root user. If you're tired of waiting on the lazy manufacturers/carriers to actually make your phone secure, you can use Duo Security's ReKey to do it yourself. The app is free, easy, and works with every (rooted) device running Android 2.0 or later.


ReKey is a mobile application that fixes the recently-disclosed "Master Key" vulnerabilities discovered by Bluebox and other parties that affect nearly all Android devices in the wild and allow attackers to take full control of a user's mobile device. With the ReKey mobile app, Android users are able to immediately protect their Android device without waiting on security updates from their mobile carrier. In order to patch the vulnerabilities, ReKey currently requires that the Android device be rooted.

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PRX Remix

Radio theater is not dead - it's moved online. This app picks some of the best online radio dramatics every month (or at least the ones available on PRX.org) and presents them free of charge. It's a pretty nifty way to gets some free entertainment, especially if you're the kind of introspective type (like me!) who spends time failing to convince his friends to check out Podiobooks and Decoder Ring Theatre. Also: there's an expandable notification with playback controls. Thank you.


PRX Remix is for people who love to listen to great stories. We handpick the best short works from shows like The Moth, 99% Invisible, and Snap Judgment, from independent producers on PRX.org, and from podcasters everywhere. Then we mix it up for you in a never-ending stream. Lots of what’s on PRX Remix isn’t aired anywhere else. This is not another podcasting app. PRX Remix is, quite simply, the greatest radio station of all time. This app lets you listen closely.

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User Dictionary Plus (Free)

The default user dictionary for Android is somewhat lacking, and the less-than-intuitive ways to add words via the keyboard don't help much. If you often find yourself typing in a non-English language or using lots of proper nouns, you may want to check out User Dictionary Plus. In addition to more supported languages than a United Nations barbecue, it dynamically learns your most commonly used words as you use them.


Are you bored to come back for correcting a misspelled word during your text writing or to insert it manually into User DIctionary? User Dictionary Plus will learn your writing style from Messaging apps, Social websites, SMS and emails. Similar to "Swiftkey" personalization, User Dictionary Plus will let you enrich your Android User Dictionary with new words from:

*WhatsApp (Only Premium)
*SMS (sent, received or all)
*Backup text file
*(Google Plus - Planned)

my Control (PC)

Not to be confused with a remote desktop viewer, MyControl is more like a remote toolbox: you can perform all kinds of advanced functions for your Windows or Linux machine without ever touching the mouse or keyboard. Once you've set up the WiFi or Bluetooth connection, you can execute scripts, voice commands, screen captures, and the like. A rich collection of user-created scripts can be installed via the community repository. For all that, it doesn't look half bad either.


The myControl app enables the wireless control of a remote PC (Windows or Linux) via a wifi or Bluetooth connection. Take control using touch (or voice as supported by your device). Access is granted via the myControlServer app which should be installed on the host prior to connection. Please visit our website to download the myControlServer host application.


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Scientific 7 Minute Workout

If you'd like to try Crossfit without the shame and possible lower back injuries, Scientific 7 Minute Workout intends to do it for you without the need to for extra equipment or a huge amount of space - perfect for, say, the average apartment-dwelling web writer. The interface is nice, and there's an included workout fitness tracker, but you'll need to shell out a dollar for the full version if you want to use the handy voice control.


Scientific 7 Minute Workout is the newest and most-advanced HICT (High-Intensity Circuit Training) app for Android. High-Intensity Circuit Training workouts are aimed at:

1) Burn the most fat in the least amount of time (it isn't called high-intensity for nothing)
2) Reducing the amount of time you workout to accommodate busy schedules
3) Uses bodyweight as resistance, meaning no equipment is required other than a chair


Pearltrees - Collect & Share

If Read It Later used the same garish approach to brainstorming as every teacher I had in middle school, it would look a lot like this app. I never understood why you needed a separate app for this sort of thing anyway (isn't that what bookmark folders are for?) but if you're the visual type, this link/photo/cloud retrieval app might appeal, especially if you like soothing sky-colored backgrounds.


Pearltrees is a free app to collect, organize and share all your interests in one place. Its unique visual interface lets you organize and retrieve all the things you like from anywhere. Leverage the Pearltrees community to discover amazing stuff related to your passions and enrich your account with those you like best. With Pearltrees you can cultivate your interests wherever you are.

CBS Sports Fantasy Football

Android Police coverage: [New App] CBS Replaces Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Fantasy Football App With Less Crappy Version

CBS' previous Fantasy Football app was almost universally derided - that's what you get for making a quick-and-dirty iOS port, for a paid service no less. This year's version completely rebuilds the app (and banishes the old Play Store page, so CBS can start fresh on the user reviews). You'll still need a CBS Fantasy Football account to play, but this one looks pretty swanky in Holo, and features all the team and league features you'd expect from any similar app, plus some (free) game and player news.


All New for 2013. Whether you play on Yahoo., ESPN, NFL or of course CBSSports.com, this will be your go-to source for the best fantasy football news, stats, projections, analysis and advice -- no longer just for CBSSports.com fantasy players. Plus, CBSSports.com users get easy-to-use roster management and live scoring. Rebuilt and redesigned for 2013, we went back to the drawing board -- listening to YOUR feedback. It's easier for you to use, gives you faster access to scoring and is even more reliable. Available on phone and tablet.

NBA Summer League 2013

Being about as interested in basketball as I am in high-stakes weasel racing, it came as a surprise to me that the NBA Summer League is, in fact, a thing. It's basically a farm system used by pro teams so that all their benchwarmers get some real experience. If this sounds exciting to you, you can now check out all the exciting off-season action, and by action, I mean news, tournament brackets, and stats. If you really must have video, there's an IAP option for buying it.


NBA Summer League is here. Experience NBA Summer League with the official application from the NBA on both your Android phone and tablet device. To watch live games on your phone and tablet purchase the NBA Summer League Live inApp Upgrade. Don't miss a minute of the action from wherever you are. All games will be available to watch both live and on demand upon completion. You won't miss your favorite college player's first action with the NBA.

Pimp Your Screen

Android Police coverage: [New App] Popular iOS App 'Pimp Your Screen' Brings Wallpaper And Widget Bling To Android

Customization has always been one of Android's major selling points, so why an iOS developer wants to compete in this space is a mystery to me. But hey, if they want to get their butts handed to them by Beautiful Widgets, they can be my guest. The app also includes wallpapers (in case the browser is too difficult for you) and a handful of clock, toggle, and battery widgets.


Pimp Your Screen is a perfect app to customize the look of your Android device by giving you an exclusive collection of specially designed widgets and cool HD wallpapers. With Pimp Your Screen you can make your phone or tablet truly personal and unique. Wallpaper section includes:

  • High resolution Android wallpapers and background images designed exclusively for your Android phone or tablet
  • Wallpaper adjustments: Normal/No Scroll/Widescreen
  • New and Popular tabs, check the new backgrounds and popular wallpapers for Android
  • Automatic wallpaper change: just set the desired timing, category and mode
  • Categories: Abstract, Cartoon, Holidays, Sci-Fi, Sports, Nature
  • Regular updates, enjoy free wallpapers

WhatStat for WhatsApp

If you've never heard of WhatsApp, they you're probably 1) my age or older and 2) been living under a rock for the last 18 months. If not (I'm looking at you, cousin Andrew) then you've probably sent tens of thousands of free text messages so far. Want to know exxaclty how many, to whom, and in what frequency? Then this app will tell you. For some reason.


Using WhatsApp all the time? Curious who texts you the most? Do you want to know whether that crush is actually interested in you? Find out now. Get insight in your relations and get to know who starts the most conversations, which days you are the most active and at what time you have sent the most messages. Interested in how many messages you have sent this month, or week? WhatStats tells you all.

Eversnap -formerly WeddingSnap

Eversnap lets you organize photos, then share them. That's it. But this app has a bit more pride than those tarts at Facebook and Flickr: you only share with the people whom you specifically send invites to, and even then, only with that specific album. It was, as the description takes pains to point out, originally designed for wedding albums. Hint, hint.


Eversnap is the best way to share photos & videos privately within a group of people. Eversnap has been used for many occasions such as: Weddings, Reunions, Group Trips, Birthdays, or many times just to share private photos & videos between family members and close friends How does it work?
1. Create an Album 2. Invite Friends through SMS/Email 3. All Photos & Videos that everyone takes through the app will instantly get saved inside a private shared album.


Hey, look, another social networking/texting/photo sharing app. What makes it better than all the others? Well, just.me is kind of pretty, but since all of these services are only as useful as the amount of contacts you know who are using them, not a lot. We only highlight the compulsory Android apps so that you'll know they're available. It's also got an integrated Facebook and Twitter client, in case you don't have Plume already.


When you install "just me" you are upgrading the messaging ability of your phone. "just me" is powerful, yet simple, free and unlimited.

✔ provides you the best of texting, email and social networking apps all in one place
✔ enables you in a single message together with text to include multiple photos, videos, and voice messages
✔ allows you to be unlimited – text as much as you want, add the media you choose, and message as often as you’d like, all for free
✔ gives you a choice of who to message – by integrating your address book into the app and enabling all of your contacts to receive messages – even if your contact does not have "just me" themselves

Zumba Dance

Things I learned writing this brief description about the official Zumba app: 1) Zumba® is a registered trademark that is in no way aerobics set to Latin music. 2) there are "superstar" Zumba instructors, and apparently, they are in the app. 3) The Zumba app can't force you to wear a sports bra and yoga pants while movin' to the groovin', but it is heavily implied that this would be a good idea.


Take your Zumba® Fitness workout wherever you go with the revolutionary new motion-based Zumba® Dance app! Zumba® Dance is the first app with full routines and that can provide feedback and encouragement. Let loose with contagious choreography through Zumba’s signature “exercise in disguise” program on-the-go or at home. Follow along as superstar Zumba instructors, Beto Perez, Gina Grant, and Kass Martin, guide you through each heart-pounding class. Let the music move you with three hours of available routines!

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Live Wallpapers

Sympan Live Wallpaper free

Sympan is the Greek word for Universe and Space. Imagine the experience of exploring the unknown Space. Places that you could never go. Imagine watching majestic nebulae, orbiting around an unexplored planet, and feel the majesty of our universe. This Live Wallpaper tries to transfer you to those places in Space, visualizing a full 3D scene with HD images. This is the free version with full function able settings, but only 1 planet, 1 nebula, and 1 moon available. In full version you can choose between 12 different nebulae, 12 different planets, and 9 different moons, and make a custom live 3D scene of your taste on Space.

Custom Beam LWP

Custom Beam is a Phase Beam/Sunbeam clone that lets you customize colors and animation angle, and many, many other settings. You can even make it useful by enabling the battery indicator feature, which changed the colors depending on your remaining battery life. Its Phase beam like never before. See features section below for a complete list. Some settings in Custom Beam require the premium upgrade, which can be accessed in the settings menu.

WTF App(s) Of The Week

Condom Booth: Pic Frame Effect

This app reminds me of ye olde Game Boy Camera mixed with Instagram. Something tells me there's no way in Hell it would qualify for the Nintendo Seal of Quality.


Prank your friend with mock up condom packaging of you. Condom Booth is a powerful, simple and fun tool that let you create your own condom packaging within 2 steps. Loaded with lots of famous condom brand. Make your picture beauty and unique with a lot of effects. Add your word that you wanted. Add cutety items/properties and make it more fun. Erase/edit some part of condom frame. And share it to your friend and make them believe that you are a condom guru.

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