After giving us a sneak peek back at I/O in May, Google has finally rolled out the new version of web Play Store. The new UI looks totally killer, but there's a big shakeup in the features to go along with that new interface, and not all of it is good news. After the Maps update fiasco, it's starting to look like Google is pulling features it doesn't feel are being used by enough people. In the case of the new web-based Play Store, that looks like a lot of stuff. Let's go over what's new and what's gone.


A Pretty Face

The new design is striking. It looks more like Android, but still feels at home on a larger screen. There are cards everywhere and the design is much cleaner overall. There are fewer tabs to cycle through, and lists are less scattered. Most of the things you'll care about are right in the middle.


The web-based Play Store is also quite a bit faster in most places with this update. It makes use of AJAX (asynchronous JavaScript and XML) to make page loads faster. The Play Store doesn't have to completely reload the page each time you click something – it only loads the things that have changed. Check out Artem's rundown of what that means.

The new home tab has various editor's picks and recommendations. There are also top charts and new release tabs. This is a bit less information-dense than the old UI, but it's probably better for discoverability. By simplifying the UI, it looks like Google might have ditched a lot of features we've all come to rely on. Is that worth having a prettier Play Store?

The My Apps List Is Almost Useless

In the last version of the Play Store, we had a handy My Apps page that broke down your apps by device. You could see what needed updating, and push it down to the device from the web. There were also remote uninstalls (a great feature). All of that is gone now, and that makes me sad.

my apps

It goes on like this for some time

The My Apps page is now a single, giant scrolling list of all your apps. If you download all the things (and if you're reading this, you probably do) this feature is almost completely useless now. The page takes much longer to load if you have a ton of apps, and scrolling is sluggish. There's no option to see what's installed on each of your devices, and no update/uninstall options. Check out the old version below.


So much better, right?

Some of these features were actually fairly new, so it's odd Google would just kill them off. I can understand removing something if no one was using it, but removing the device-specific lists seems foolish. It makes the page a mess.

Wishlists Hit The Web

Yes, the wishlist is no longer restricted to devices. You can view and edit the wishlist through the web store. Every app listing has a wishlist button that can be used to add or remove an app from the list.


Accessing the wishlist is a bit strange. The link is in the sidebar, but only on the main Play Store page. I don't know why it isn't always visible in that floating sidebar, but that's how Google is doing it. This is just a list, though. You can't bulk remove content from it. It only links you to the apps, which you then remove with the button. So it would be a good idea to not overload your wishlist.

App Listings are Prettier, But Missing The Little Things


The first thing you'll notice is that app listings are great looking now. The icon is larger, and it's toward the middle next to the install and wishlist buttons. Additionally, the big feature image from the top of the old UI is no longer on the Play Store page at all. Why? No clue.

Permissions used to have their own tab in the Play Store, but that's gone now. The only way to see the permissions an app requests it to hit the Install button. You don't have to actually install, but that popup has the permission list. When you do install apps, the new UI shows the last used date for every device, which the old one didn't. See below for comparison.

image140 inst

Left: Old, Right: New

The lists of similar apps, and those from the same developer are now scrollable lists. That's better for discovery, and the style jives with the new interface. This is a good change – it puts more information in front of you rather than less. The 30-day installation graph is missing, though. That's totally bizarre. It took up almost no space and was extremely useful.

Screenshots Are Totally Different

The screenshots are bigger and contained in a slick AJAX-based scrollable list. If you click on one or start scrolling, the image viewer expands to fill the available browser space. If you change the size of your window, the size of the blown up shot changes to match it. That's kind of neat. One drawback to the new screenshot viewer is that the escape key no longer exits full screen mode. Now you have to home in on the button in the upper right. Keyboard shortcuts for navigating images left and right don't work anymore either and force you to use the mouse, which is quite counter-productive for those of us used to arrow keys.


The images are no longer PNGs with this update. Google has transitioned all Play Store images to the WebP format, which should load faster. If your browser doesn't support WebP, the Play Store falls back to PNG, but images will take about 10x longer to load. Again, we've got a whole post on this WebP and overall AJAX situation, so check that out for all the details.

Review Filters Are Gone, Along With Pagination

The previous version of the Play Store had sorting and filtering options for user reviews, but that appears to be gone now. You cannot choose to only see reviews from a certain device, star rating, latest version, or any other criteria. This is especially annoying if you're trying to find other users with your device to see if they might be seeing the same bug you are.


You can only see two reviews next to the score breakdown chart. Click the arrow to scroll over, and the reviews do the same window filling trick from the screenshots. The current list seems to be in reverse chronological order. You can click through the reviews one seemingly random batch at a time. The old version was paginated with 10 pages, which was probably more usable.

Search Is Surprisingly Limited

When you perform a search from the top bar, the results are displayed in a nice-looking page of cards. However, there is no pagination at all. You scroll down and when you hit the 48th result, it just stops in the middle of a line. There is no arrow to go on to the next page, no infinite scroll – it's just done. These are all the search results you get. Better luck next time, apparently.


As with the reviews, all the filtering options are gone here too. You used to be able to sort by popularity or relevance, for example. There was also a drop down where you could limit your search to paid or free apps. It's very weird Google would take this functionality out, especially if we're going to be limited to 48 results.

The Odds And Ends

There are a few other small changes we've noticed in the Play Store, including the language selector. This used to be down at the bottom and translated the UI, reviews, and description (if available). That's going to be a pain point for folks that need to see things in a different language. Additionally, before this rollout the old market.android.com URLs would redirect, but now they just 404. All these changes, and we still didn't see new features people have been asking for. Where are paid app filters? In-app purchase menus? App gifting? Nope. None of that.

It looks like the revamped Play Store is rocking a slightly tweaked version of Roboto, though. It seems to have fewer glyphs than the "proper" Roboto versions, but we're going to go into detail on that in a separate post.

The new Google Play web interface is much more attractive, but a lot of features were pruned in the process of redesigning it. It's unclear if any of these will be coming back, but this may very well be the way things are going to work from now on.

Ryan Whitwam
Ryan is a tech/science writer, skeptic, lover of all things electronic, and Android fan. In his spare time he reads golden-age sci-fi and sleeps, but rarely at the same time. His wife tolerates him as few would.

He's the author of a sci-fi novel called The Crooked City, which is available on Amazon and Google Play. http://goo.gl/WQIXBM

  • GreatNews

    And why exactly did Google kill once Again a good feature like the great MyApps old layout? It was so much nicer and easier and useful than this one! Hope it comes back very soon!

    • james kendall

      someone needs to get sacked for thinking that the new MyApps layout was a good idea. serisly i want to know what are web devs smokign these days? this whole lets dumb down the ui is just stupid and killing the web

  • philnolan3d

    You scared me when you said remote installs were gone, but I checked and it's still there.

    • https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=iWizard Bikram Agarwal

      Remote UNinstalls.

      • philnolan3d

        My mistake.

    • lamenting

      "There were also remote uninstalls (a great feature)" - uninstalls, not installs.

  • JJCommonSense

    kinda looks like the Windows 8 store :-/

    • pepinocho9

      Exactly, everything wants to look like Modern UI these days. Where did they get the idea from?

      • Shitiz Garg

        They got the idea from Modern UI, probably?

  • Z Naught

    Why did you do this Google? If you would have kept the old features it would have been nothing but better!

    • Chris Talty

      Time, if I had to bet.

      They're rushing to get these total rewrites ready for 4.3.

  • Kellic

    As far as I'm concerned Google turned into the new douchebag the minute they required G+ for doing reviews on the store. Don't know when that was but I found out after I deleted my G+ account last week in protest of them forcing people to use G+ to use the "new" integrated latitude like feature. I'm now considering my options going forward. I've been a fan of Google since my G1. I'm now reconsidering since their behavior is now wandering into MS territory.

    • Cerberus_tm

      And Apple territory. Google is now doing some of the things I used to tell people they should avoid Apple for: excessive simplicity and functional regression from some sort of deus ex machina trying to force you into stuff all for the sake of not "confusing" you.

      • SkylaC90

        Nope none of the above, Google is just trolling everyone because there bored of constantly doing awesome shit and getting praised all the time, they wanna rebel and try being evil for a day. Just wait and see guys, in 2 weeks you'll have your features back and you'll love Google again.

        • Cerberus_tm

          Heh, well, let's hope so. Even if they do give us back our features, I'm still angry at them for unleashing a forced alpha version upon us poor guinea pigs.

          • SkylaC90

            I know how you feel but that's the price we pay for always being on the cutting edge of technology.

          • Cerberus_tm

            But, if that is so, why can't we have version control, i.e. the option to revert to an earlier version, like with Google Images and such?

          • SkylaC90

            how should I know, if you feel so strongly then send feedback and/or submit the missing features in a bug report. That'll get there attention

          • Cerberus_tm

            I didn't mean to suggest that you had the answer, just that one can be at the cutting edge with the option to use an earlier version as well, and yet Google does not allow this for the Play Store, even when they remove many useful features.

        • Aaron C

          It has been five months since you wrote this. Nothing has returned. Google is evil.

      • Ari

        Why I'm strongly considering a move to iPhone once and for all

        • Cerberus_tm

          The enemy of your enemy is not always your friend...in other words, Apple is still a thousand times worse when it comes to depriving users of features.

    • Sven

      You can always use Android without any of the Google Services. But, you know, they are awesome!

      • Ari

        It would be pretty difficult

        • Sven

          Why? Flash CM. Thats it.

  • Kuyam

    This might be a good time to clean up the all apps section of the play store. Until yesterday I did this by hand by tapping the x in the top-right corner, then I found when you long press an app you can select multiple and this way I got rid of 513 apps in a few minutes. Does clean up quite a bit.

    (this is for the app on your tablet/phone)

  • http://twitter.com/shamus_carter james kendall

    what the fuck is this crap? that is useless I hope they revert as this new layout is hopeless

  • pepinocho9

    It's horrible, specially the sidebar which is a waste of space. I don't like this "less is better" philosophy, I mean, Why is it on all of the things I use everyday?
    From house decoration, the useless iPhone, the more and more dumb-friendly Android to Windows 8 phone and tablet versions that are so simple that they became not useful and less productive.

    Why is everyone so obsessed with bringing the mobile UI to the PC? yes, some PCs are equipped with touchscreen today but they are not devices from 4 to 10 inches it's a lot of space wasted because minimalism likes big plain empty slots and apps with limited functionality.

    • Cerberus_tm

      This. I agree with every single word you say. Functional regression is *never* acceptable, and certainly not for eye candy. The huge tiles are also a functional regression for desktops. So is less information and taking away sorting options. It looks like they released some kind of evil alpha that was jealous of Microsoft for acquiring 1 % mobile market share or something. Can you tell I'm annoyed?

      • james kendall

        Functional regression is the new norm :( they try to make stuff and minimalistic as possible and in the process alienate users then scratch there heads wonder why the users are angry and think "I know lets remove some more maybe that's what the users want." less is not more less is less web devs need to stop wrecking sites for the hype that less is more.

      • james kendall

        "Some websites just look and work better with more content and a fuller design"

        • Cerberus_tm

          Spot on!

  • Javier Maria Casares

    Is Google on a screw-up spree?
    First they hamper Maps and now this.
    They are really killing their platform little by little by making it dumber.

    • Chris Pick

      I think they hired some Apple designers.. Get rid of them..

    • Matti

      I think this just that Google is doing a major overhaul of things and I hope they are planning on adding the missing features later on. Possibly based on user feedback.

      • jscarano

        I really hope this is what is going on

        • namen

          I find Google's feedback mechanisms really lacking. For a company that big and important, they should have a central website explaining what is going on with their products, news, release notes, support center with actual company replies, etc. Everytime I get to a Google support thread the only thing I see is users trying to help other users, very very few times you find anyone from staff answering anything. And if they do, they do it once in the thread and that's it.

    • NoWallsPlease

      Don't forget the Hangouts debacle. There is a consistent pattern here. They are stripping features out of everything and closing everything that was previously open. Very disturbing.

      • Chris Talty

        Have you considered nearly every change lately was a ground-up rewrite. This is an astounding amount of complete overhauls at once, which explains delays and lost features. They'll be back, but they are in a hurry to get the new products out the door in time for 4.3

        • MagicMiguel

          It's possible, but I think it's more likely that they are trying to get away from offering complex products for nerds and trying to simplify them so that the appeal to a broader range of people. In the process, many of the cool features are being deemed too confusing and unnecessary.

          • Cerberus_tm

            In reaction, geeks will stop recommending Android at some point and switch to Sailfish, which can run any Android application. Or to some other fork. More and more independent, open-source software is becoming mainstream these days, like Firefox, Wikipedia, Libre Office, and even Linux. And Android is open source and forkable. And geeks will tell their mothers they really need to buy a Sailfish phone at some point. And then Google's Android will decline.

            So what I'm saying is, it's really risky in the long run to alienate the geeks, because they are the avant-garde that leads others. And don't forget the snowball effect: because I tell my friends to buy Android, they tell *their* friends to buy Android, because geek Cerberus said so, and because they really like their own phone (everyone likes his own phone anyway).

          • Aaron Clow

            100%. Lately I have had to tell my iPhone-loving associates that "I am starting to hate Google." It pains me to do that. Google is supposed to be a company of bright engineers. Why can't they at least learn to communicate with their users and advocates? Stop removing features. If you're doing ground-up rewrites, let us know which features will be coming back and which won't. It's very simple.

          • Cerberus_tm

            Yeah, Google is apparently nearing the phase "I don't care what experts and the avant-garde think, as long as we cater to the masses". And we all know how companies end up eventually that enter this phase...

          • Aaron Clow

            In the absence of any real feedback/notice from Google, this is exactly what we are led to believe -- that Google is following Apple's example and making everything big and shiny, while telling people exactly how they are going to use their handset / software. If Google plans to add these features back at some point, they should at least say so before we all freak out and throw $#@%.

  • DJ SPY

    What the fuck is wrong with Google? Next thing you know "hi guys!! So, for key lime pie we have decided to close down Android just like Apple does with iOS! Sure we removed tons of useful stuff like we've been doing to our apps but look how pretty it is!!! Isn't it great?!"

  • http://www.gundamaustralia.com/ cameron charles

    google really has no excuse here, there's absolutely no reason to launch an incomplete version, which is exactly what this is, things such as per device app management and paid app management are must have features for an app store, especially since they were in past versions, no excuses, the rest of it is pretty and fast and well thought out, its just incomplete

    the world is not ending and google aren't hitler as other comments seem to suggest however

    • DJ SPY

      No no I think in their eyes it's complete. Look how many useful features they removed from Maps and Play Music.

      • Daniel DS

        Don't forget that Google Play Music did improve a bit since the release of the redesigned version

        • Ari

          The music manager on my device us a nightmare

  • PhineasJW

    Have no idea why the removed so many useful, awesome features.

    Why would they remove all the review filters -- was it just so they could use slide animations? Browsing reviews is now nearly impossible.

    And, the installed apps list looks like a half-thought.

    • Nevi_me

      Welcome to Mapsgate/Featuregate, grab pop corn and take a seat. Features are gonna be disappearing left-right and center. The next update to the Google search page will remove pagination because Google reckons that most people find what they're looking for in the first page.

      • Daniel DS

        "The next update to the Google search page will remove pagination because Google reckons that most people find what they're looking for in the first page."

        Source please?

        • Chris Sanner

          was a joke, dude

        • squiddy20

          *Wooooooshhh!* (The sound of that sarcasm/joke going right over your head)

      • Ari

        Maybe they're copying Apple and know what you need

    • anywherehome

      I can say only one thing: The product manager of Google play is an idiot or not a Google user

      • master94

        he uses bing. the best search engine in the world /s

      • ins0mn1a

        it's like they removed all the engineers from the team and let designers make all the decisions. everyone likes beautiful design, but if it's killing the functionality you are doing it wrong.

        i am still hoping this is just a phase (as in, they rewrote everything from scratch and released the simpler version first with the intention to build up on that), and features will start coming back, like voice calls in hangouts. if not, we are seriously screwed. maybe they really got it in their heads that having "too many features" is somehow wrong.

        google ecosystem (android included) was the one place where one could simultaneously indulge in geek experiments *and* enjoy the advantages of mainstream support (unlike desktop linux, for example). it was beautiful, and now they are killing it. it's sad.

        • Cerberus_tm

          I agree. And, even if they give us back our features, I'm still angry that they introduced some alpha version to experiment on us!

          At least we can keep the old Maps application; but we cannot keep the old Play Store website.

    • Mariano Gori

      They also got rid of the ability to +1 items to your Google+ profile.

      • name

        I still can +1 items...

    • girardtim

      I agree this is total rubbish, the feature graphics are gone too, many developers spent a lot of time working on those.

      there is no more "Users also installed these apps" either, I liked that feature

    • Casin

      They didn't remove features. They simply failed to add them to the new version. A small but important difference as Google basically rewrote the web app from scratch. Some things were bound not to make it by the deadline. But those features will undoubtedly be added back eventually. If fanboys react like this every time, you'll help ensure that companies like Google become conservative and never do redesigns again.

      • PhineasJW

        You must be a hit at parties.

        Pedantics and character assassinations aside -- they didn't need to launch this before it was ready. "Change aversion" is already a strong enough phenomenon, if you compound it by leaving out needed features, you should expect the worst.

        • Matthew Fry

          Ah but then they can't reinvigorate things with the "new" old features.

          • http://about.me/BenRogersWPG Ben Rogers

            Microsoft did "bring back the Start button"... just saying... It was big news!

      • name

        hope so. but at least they could have made some announcement explaining why they changed what they changed and what's next...

        • http://www.bloghuette.eu/ Thomas

          Does Google ever explain something? When I asked them why I could only see 30% of my apps in an older version of the play store, all I got was "we know of the problem". And when I asked why there is no filter for NOT installed apps on my phone so that I could quickly install missing apps, I got no answer at all. There are so many flaws in he play store and they are so obvious that I guess they let trainees do the work. Another example: When I remore an entry from the app list on my phone, the list is redrawn with the first page. So I have to scroll to the correct page everytime I remove an item. This is an absolute beginners flaw.

      • librtee_dot_com

        I just did a factory reset on my handset.

        Now, I can't use the web based play store to re-add ANY of my previous applications. They are all 'already installed.'

        This is more than a minor oversight. Effectively, this redesign literally killed the functionality of the web based play store for me.

        • Aaron Clow

          Completely. There doesn't seem to be any connection between the phone and the web store. Everything is just always installed. How does Google expect us to keep advocating for what it's doing when they keep removing features we find useful?

    • Ari

      Cuz developers dont like bad reviews and dont want you to read those pesky permissions that make them more $$

      • WV

        I thinks it's the marketing dept. and the marketing director that don't like bad reviews. developers are more like "he this is it, take or leave it"

  • Satish Odedra

    You mentioned that Google has ditched staged roll out for this one.
    But I feel this really is staged roll out except it is now dependent on the versions of the software.
    This roll out seems to be one of the beta versions with more to follow. I guess they'd include necessary features gradually to the web interface since you can't have discrepancy in both mobile app and web interface.

  • nsnsmj

    They could have kept some of the features and still had it looking pretty by adding the overflow menu button to house all the extra functions. The web version of Play Music has it, and it should have been here.

    I'm gonna assume that the missing features in Maps and the new Play Store are only temporary, and that Google are just figuring out the best way to present things with the new layouts. Honestly though, they should have just delayed the redesigns until they got everything working with the new layouts.

  • NF

    I think that many of these features will soon make their way back onto the new store. (As well as new maps).

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      I wouldn't be so sure. Somewhere at Google some PM (project manager) decided some of them would slow down the release of the new Play Store. And some aren't necessary. We'll have to guess which one is which.

  • Name

    Where did app permissions go ?

    • NF

      To the app install button.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      Says it right in the article.

  • itsgonnalast

    We have entered the era of "make it pretty and remove functionality."

    From iOS to Windows 8 to Google Play, many companies have embraced the philosophy.

    • Colin Tomele

      Add Flickr, Google+ and Facebook to that list. In an attempt to make things pretty and work more "tablety" they are removing the things that make their products shine (and usable). Instead of dumbing things down for tablets, lets push tablets and tablet controls to be better.

    • Thomas’

      Grr, i don't want another "we decide what functionality is useful for you!"-Apple-Bullshit, i want my "here, lots of features for everyone!"-Google back!

    • fzammetti

      It would be nice if they ACTUALLY made it prettier. All this flattening bullshit is exactly that: bullshit. It's not prettier, it's just simpler to the point of being dumbed down.

      Stop encouraging this crap people! No, we don't need brushed metal and leatherbound book backgrounds... that's an extreme that most agree is a bridge too far... but now we're WAY overcorrecting the other way. Stop it.

    • librtee_dot_com

      Don't forget Gnome and Canonical :(

      The most widely used Linux file explorer, they just decided to remove multi-pane view. It wasn't even a GUI hindrance, it was accessed by pressing F3. Why? No reason, just because.

      At least with Linux someone can fork it and add the feature back. it screws up the whole ecosystem, but it's possible. With W8, iOS7, or the Web play store - no can do.

  • Bradley Albert Nemitz

    Feature graphics are also now missing from app pages.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      Damn, you're right.

  • victorvics

    all of these are what i miss, except the limit on searching app
    I found an issue, if you click books-->my books the back button is gone

  • Emp

    WTF? I used to be able to uninstall and update apps from the webpage and now I can't :(

    • Funem

      You can still install apps. Find it in your list of apps, click on the app to go to the app information, click on the install button once the apps page is shown, select the device you wish to install to from the drop down and click on button to install if it isn't already installed.

      • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

        He's not talking about installing - just updating and uninstalling.

        • AndroidDave

          Uninstall I understand but what would you need to "update" ?

          • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

            You could trigger an app update remotely.

  • NemaCystX

    Is it just me or has all these horrible changes that are coming out the result of Andy Rubin leaving the Android team and the other guy in charge instead? If so, bring back Andy, this is absurd. If this keeps up, Android will be the next thing to get screwed up.

    First Google Maps, now this, what else is next, Gmail and Google Now?

    • Bruan Gordovinski

      But don't these apps and all have their own little leader? I also thought Google Play has it's own little manager?

      • agc93

        I'm pretty sure the Play Store team is made up of some Android, and some Play-only members. Could be wrong.

  • http://nrajesh.com Rajesh

    This is sad! They have removed a lot of frequently used functionality like applying filters or maintaining the regular PC UI itself. May be some of this might change in an immediate update by Google, but THIS IS NOT GOOGLE STYLE! They have the better brains working for them and SHOULD TOTALLY NOT be looking into user feedback to make a v0.01b!

    I am not sure what is the purpose of making everything AJAXed with a new compressed image format and then loading all 2000+ apps that I installed on all my devices in one-go! Another feature I feel should not have been missed out is showing the size of an app (when it varies per device). Previously this used to come up in the installation popup against the corresponding device.

    Features that I would have loved to see were: see my purchased apps alone, show me apps that I tried between so and so date etc. Looks like I have to reset my expectations now or wait for appbrain or other app stores to better their UI. Time for them to make a kill!

  • RickyGrundyJr

    I still want the option to remove old devices from the settings page.

    • jason ritson

      yeah i know ive got loads of devices in my settings even thought ive only had 3 but ive tryed loads of roms over the years & most of the time its changed my device type

  • Kent Andersen

    Not good. The last app i made was publish and a couple hours later I searched for it using the exact name.... Found it on page 7! How will small developers every get their app noticed without spending thousands of dollars? Hope the play app doesn't follow the 48 app restriction in the future.

  • portalpirate

    The new Roboto font looks like crap in Chrome on a Windows 8.1 1280x800 screen. It looks really aliased and bad.

    • Ray

      Ouch! Looks nice and crisp on Win7 - latest Chrome version.

    • PhineasJW

      Have you installed Roboto on your own in Windows? If so, uninstall it and it should fix the appearance in Chrome. It's been a long-standing bug.

      • Renan Lazarotto

        thank you, now it looks nice and readable. Thank you very much!

    • Bruan Gordovinski

      Same on Chrome, Windows 8, 1366x768...

  • Ray

    Not sure what Google are up to lately but all these half-baked releases are starting to shit me.

    Hangouts which does virtually nothing with the exception of replace Talk and remove functionality. Maps was updated with a clean UI but also comes at a price of feature cutting. Now the Play Store has been ripped apart.

    WTF are Google doing!

    • SkylaC90

      Trying to be like Apple maybe........

  • Yaron

    On the app page: No downloads in last 30 days chart, no feature graphic, only 1 review is shown (your review is shown TWICE!) unless you expand the reviews section (And when that's expanded the reviews are cluttered and there is a LOT of unused space), maybe it's just me but looks like they screwed up the +1 count for the app pages

  • Yaron

    When browsing the "Top charts" (overall or by category) you no longer have the ranking for each app

  • Zaatour36

    Wishlists Hit The Web :D

  • NoBullet

    Is it just me or is calling these giant icons as "cards" some kind of excuse. Theres no need for them to be that big.

  • Fellwalker

    Strange review. Some really great points highlighting overall a horrendous loss of function and a worrying enforcement of Google plus. You say "that app listings are great looking now. The icon is larger,". But how on earth is filling my screen with a big icon great? So now developers all have to rebuild their icons (designed for a phone screen!) to fit the larger size!

    Pretty vs useful is one thing kept me off apple and off windows phone 7 when I looked to update my previous windows phone. It's getting so I might as well look again at windows 8.1. Enforcing Google plus adds to my concern about the future of android as I closed my g+ account because it wanted too much information.

    I used the Web version of the play store to research my device and latest version as too often on my Android the most popular reviews are years old. Dreadful loss of function.

    Sadly I didn't know it showed apps by device - I would have used that! As there are more 7 and 10 inch tablets launching I'd have thought more people would start looking for this feature.

  • Dipish

    Anybody knows how to change the UI language now?

    • IncCo


      https://play.google.com/store/apps?hl= " sv " = swedish eg. i dont really know any other short codes.. but that should work, for now.

      • Dipish

        Didn't work for me, part of the UI is still non-English =(

      • Dipish

        Doesn't work for me :( Part of the UI is still non-English.
        Also tried `?hl=en_us`, same effect

        • IncCo

          Weird.. works for me, idk what to tell you. Google fucked up.

  • Dipish

    Now I see the "Redeem gift card" menu item and when I follow the link, it displays the gift card number input form for a second but then a script changes the view to "Gift Cards are not available in your location."

  • valapsp

    Still they haven't dded an option to remove the devices you no longer own.

    • Funem

      Its here (are sure you are logged in), cant "remove" but can stop it displaying in menus. Its been there for ages as far as I know.


      • valapsp

        u ok? did i say anything about hiding?

        • Funem

          I'm fine how are you ? I was just pointing out you can "remove" devices from the menu which is the word you used. What you are insinuating is the ability to "delete" devices you no longer own. I responded to the word "remove". There is no "delete" option.

          • valapsp

            i'm good :) yeah by remove i meant TOTALLY REMOVE.

  • Funem

    The playstore online used to be so useful, the were a few shortcomings but you could live with it. I have been using android for ages and my apps list is rather large, previously you couldn't list all the apps as it cut off, now I can see the apps I have purchased, but unlike before what I can now do with this information has been limited, Also I get a script warning error every time I list my apps as it takes so long to render the page, hope this isn't what they consider final.

  • Funem

    ***Found a bug***.... If you install an app via the web, that you already own (from your my apps list), to a device you don't have the app installed on, once its installed go to the cog icon and select "My Orders" (https://play.google.com/store/account?hl=en-GB) the app you have already paid for will be listed at the top as if you just purchased it, listed at the current price. Hope I am not being re-charged for these.

    • Funem

      Spoke with Google rep as internet And apparently their servers are showing up as having purchased already owned item (from a year ago) today when I reinstalled them....

  • sam


    This is even worse than them forcing us to have g+ accounts in order to make reviews. Now, my apps page is totally useless and slow.

    Search is now useless. This really looks terrible. I hope they bring back the old awesome features to the web.

  • Inha1966

    All the big guys (Apple, Yahoo, Google) imposing dumbed down versions of software/apps on their users, why?

    Now I'm stuck with the language of my current location...can't find how to switch back to English.

  • Marc Russell

    Its all to Flat .....

  • Pascal

    I don't like it, too simple or something, many features are missing, icons are too big.
    My play store looks really empty compare to yours.

  • IncCo

    So messed up, makes me sad =( What idiot is making these decisions?

  • DisgruntledUser

    I like the new design, but I absolutely despise the dumbing down of the UI... Examples:
    - I liked that I could scroll through the small images of the apps before enlarging one that I want to see the details on... GONE
    - I liked that I could actually see a useful list of "my apps"... GONE
    - I REALLY liked being able to filter reviews... GONE!!

    The store is now crippled. They added sections all over the place and force users to look through useless sections to get to the relevant information. This is the opposite of what I've come to see/expect from Google... Sad...

    They have truly taken as much out as they have put in... actually, if I had the option to "go back to old Play Store" I would in a heartbeat.

  • Dan

    I think it's pretty cool when Google does something to let us see that they're really completely clueless and all of the amazing things they've done have been the result of a nearly infinite number of monkey typing as fast as possible.

  • Mayoo

    - Nexus 10 accessories are gone for me ...

    - Currents shows its not installed on N10 but in fact in needs to be updated

    - Plus everything mentioned here.

    Like I posted on G+, this is the worst update ever. Lost all functionality, gained beauty of some sort if you are 10 and like coloring books with pink unicorns. Feels like Apple was hired to design this.

  • daburghit

    Google's new philosophy:

    1)Visually overhaul applications, leave out features we don't think people use a lot to save time/money.

    2)Wait for people to complain. Determine which features they complain about the most.

    3)Add back only the most-missed (most complained about) features.

    I don't like it. In theory it make sense, but they seem to be way too liberal with what they're leaving out on the initial re-write.

    • nmw407

      It's sounds pretty typical IT mentality. Take away features/functions/access, wait for the complaints/screaming, and then add back the features to a limited set of people. 9 times out of 10 people don't even realize it's gone until 6 months down the line when you actually need it.

  • Samuel Hart

    I really hope they're just putting those features aside for the release, and that they'll be adding them back. 48 results ONLY for search kills me, and review filtering is really necessary. Remote uninstall was nice, but I'm not too sad it's gone, but THANK THE LORD WISHLIST AT LAST!

    Google! Don't go dropping the ball now!

  • http://www.dsaif.com/ Saif

    Feature graphic is gone.

  • Oranges

    I noticed recently that they also removed the ability to "purchase" their free playlists, instead opting for you to download each song individually. That's really annoying to me, too. I used to get all their free stuff and curate it. A great way to discover new artists and songs, but having to individually download every one on its own is too much work!

  • Danno Blammo

    Looks nice but has now became useless in terms of managing apps. The big giant pile of apps -installed or not- is a huge design flop. Apps from 3 years ago on a device long thrown away shouldn't show up in this list.

  • Stefano

    Another idiot landed a job as Product Manager at Google. The new Play store is totally useless. No device breakdown app listing, unable to uninstall/update apps and what is even more irritating, a bunch of old uninstalled apps are showing as "installed"

  • jrshermz

    Almost wants me to use itunes.

  • jumb

    That's a shame. It feels like I now have an even looser grip on the "my apps" which are associated with my profile. This was one of my biggest gripes with the Google eco-system before the update.

  • Sean Lumly

    What is with Google's extraneous use of tool bars? Are all of these bars really necessary? For example, when scrolling down, there is a white bar that 'sticks' to the top. The only noticeable purpose is holding the settings button, but it seems like such a waste.

    Also, while the layout is responsive (ie. it scales based on width), it does so extremely poorly. On Ubuntu (1366x768) there is so much blank space that it greatly diminishes the appeal of the design.

    It's a huge step up from the old web play store, but considering that this will likely be it for the next year or two, I can't help but thinking that the design could have been much more polished.

    • Japzone

      I agree, Over 35% of my 15in 1280x800 screen is being wasted by the GoogleBar/SearchBar/Sidebar combo. And that's even after I've modified Firefox so that only the Tabs and Ubuntu's 20px Status bar are showing.

  • Peacen1k

    This new playstore feels like alpha software that was put together by some ignorant intern with the "post-PC world" mantra tattooed on it's brain.

    What the fuck do I need that sliding menu for on my 24-inch monitor???

  • Goldenpins

    "If you download all the things (and if you're reading this, you probably do) this feature is almost completely useless now."

    I was able to uninstall apps I don't use or tried out, but I had to use my phone or Tablet to permanently remove them from my apps list.Top right button on "all apps". Than its gone forever from your download list.

  • Chahk Noir

    The web Play Store regressed so far back, you need The Doctor with his TARDIS to travel back in time for a visit.

    • kleinjl

      yes, that's the answer!. Send request to tardis for the old web and conect the old engine also to tardid to get the present data... everybody happy...

  • jibust

    Interesting, seems the Play Store is now showing that I have a phone with a carrier I have never used (T-Mobile), and all apps are incompatible with that phone.

  • br_hermon

    Maybe its my wishful thinking but... I have a hunch Google will add back in features. I mean Google (and all their products) are in a constant state of "beta" They've operated that way for years. What they've done with maps and the Play store is just more of that beta mentality. So then, why do I think they're going to add back features? Well first off, they're useful and people use them. Second, refinement is their style. They're an analytical company so they naturally offer more search refinement. It wasn't terribly long ago that they added more to Google Image Search, remember? Also, some of the free / paid filtering is actually still there. Check out this page: https://play.google.com/store/apps/category/ENTERTAINMENT and if you click through to Top Free, you'll notice that the page doesn't just end, it re-populates and continues scrolling. I imagine that will will be implemented into search (as noted in the article). Unless of course that refinement has yet to be removed, but I doubt it. Lastly, Google could suffer some backlash, not just from consumers but from devs too. Devs want the best shopping experience possible and want people to find and download their apps quickly. The removed (so far) features provided that for devs. One of the last things Google wants to do is tick them off. With all that in mind, I'm holding out that Google simply just hasn't had time yet to re-code those features for AJAX.

    You could make the argument that Google is taking a page from Apple here. Rather than just throwing incomplete or possibly buggy features out there. They're just removing the them until they know they're totally baked and ready to go.

    • Himmat Singh

      I won't hold my breath on it man.

  • kamiller42

    How many times does Google Play and G+ need an overhaul? If other Google services, like Google Voice and yes even Hangouts, received a fraction of the attention those other services receive, they wouldn't suck so much.

  • http://brgulker.wordpress.com/ brgulker

    What is with Google removing all of the useful things from all the things?

    • SHeadius

      Catering to the lowest common denominator, MS and Apple fanboys.

  • sandy

    As a developer i used to see the alslt 30 day graph for a quick look on the app performance.
    i really miss it and it almost take a minor space.
    google,bring it on.... i am not worried or happy abt your new changes all i want is 30 day graph

  • drksilenc

    wow ANOTHER downgrade... I cant even remove old apps that i have no interest in anymore...

  • Cody Curry

    This is pissing me off. I'm sick of glamour updates. All the idiots who spent years telling Google they're failing because they design by numbers and that emotions and simplicity are the key to Apple's success seems to have gotten to them. Which is irritating, because it was nice to have a corporation that did things solely by the numbers. One that didn't care if it's app store was pretty, just that it did more stuff than everyone else's, and it gave the user more control and more tools at their disposal.

    Simplicity and design for the sake of itself and at the cost of dumping old functionality is exactly why Apple is unhealthy for the computing industry and why I used Google products in the first place.

  • Qliphah

    OK, whoever at google is talking to the microsoft team behind Metro had better get his ass sacked. This is simplistic to the point of idiocy. The all apps page alone was an amazing feature. How am I supposed to sort out 2 phones and a tablet now? Not to mention my work account... is it now lumped in with my personal account now??

    I'll be the first to admit to being a android fanboy but this stinks of modern UI and that sucks. Google should focus on customization, options, and user control.

  • reggjoo

    Apple hijacked google, they're in control now, they've been assimilated!

  • guidomus_maximus

    This is what happens, when your market share gets too large.
    We don't care, we don't have to.

  • Yorick Reuvekamp

    I hate how the app details page just stretches to the width of the browser window. It's hard on the eyes. There's a reason almost every website avoids this.

  • Stylus_XL

    What most of the angry nerds here are missing is that the overwhelming majority of Android users are not feature hungry techies. Your needs represent those of a minority. If Google wants to stay competitive these redesigns make sense.

    If redesigning their apps to be quicker, more intuitive, more uniform and less cluttered means a better experience for most users at the cost of pissing off a few fanboys then so be it. Some of the missing features will return in time.

    Google is not going to compete with Apple, Microsoft and Amazon by aiming to please only 1% of its user base, or by being complacent. They're a business.

    • Japzone

      I get your argument, but what you're missing is that the features they removed were genuinely useful.

      Filtering Reviews for your own Device is critical when trying to figure out if the bug you're facing is limited to your device only, or even let's you make sure an app works on your device before you even buy the app.

      The My Apps page is absolutely useless now. Not only does it display all the apps you've installed without exception, it takes forever to load(if it doesn't freeze your browser) once you've been using Android long enough, and there is no longer a way to tell what apps are installed on all your devices without having to open the Play Store on each device. Not to mention they killed off useful features like Remote Uninstall and Updating(My Device always lags once it starts updating so using the Play site for batch updating was a lifesaver).

      There are others but those are the ones that I think even normal casual users can appreciate.

  • Paul

    Bidroop Invitation Codes:

  • Ari

    Limiting reviews to not show device device only is bad idea. The My Apps always had problems for many of us. If u had a lot of apps, it would only show about 10 pages and then cut you off. I wish Wishlist would be expanded to notify you if those apps go on sale. That technology exits as the site app shopper. Com does it with Apple devices

  • Sean Lumly

    I wonder if Google is planning some sort of auto-sync that would tie apps to the account and not just the device. This is basically how Chrome OS works, and the singular 'My Apps' page in the play store may suggest just this.

    How could it work? There might be a tab in the app-drawer that shows all apps that you own but are not-yet installed. In this case, you just click the app and it takes you to the play store where you can install it to your device. Of course, it could just show all owned apps directly in the launcher, and if an app isn't installed, it would display a dialogue giving the user the option.

    Something like this would make inter-device app management much easier.

    • Japzone

      I would hate it. I have some apps on one device and not on another for a reason. Especially when some apps won't install on a device for one reason or another. Also some of my devices don't have the literal space for all the apps I have on another.

      And it's no reason to kill off remote uninstalling/updating.

      • Sean Lumly

        I think you misunderstood the idea. The only thing that would be available on each device would be a list of apps that the user 'owned' but are not installed. This would allow you to click the app to go to the play store for installation if you wanted to.

        Also, you can certainly remotely install things to individual devices via the new play store.

        • Japzone

          If you're talking about seeing all the apps you haven't installed on a device yet, you could already do that in the Old Site and in the "All" tab in the Play Store app. Sure they could add a filter to the App to show only the non-installed apps, but we've been waiting for filters in search results in the app for awhile and still haven't gotten those either.

          If you want that integrated with the Home Screen app drawer then you can keep wishing because that would require that Google integrate Play services even more intimately with the OS which would be bad for AOSP.

          • Sean Lumly

            I'm talking about the latter, and it could be made as a query-able service, thus not interfering with the AOSP at all.

            Anyway, I understand your perspective. I'm just a problem solver that prefers to concentrate on potential solutions rather than obstacles.

            I think that closer parity (note I said 'closer,' and not 'exact') with the way Chrome OS handles apps would be a very good thing.

          • Japzone

            I see

  • mrflipnote

    Let's just hope Google sees this and acknowledges the mistakes they've made, just like they've sort-of done with the new Google Maps app.

  • Nicklas

    I don't mind the redesign, but if they're gonna do it they better fucking do it properly! Sometimes I just wonder how the hell they are thinking.

  • Jens Lange

    Google you have gone mad! I, and it seems nearly everyone else wants the old functionality back. No one is against a prettier shop, but taking functionality away is out of the question. The only thing I ever hated in the old design was the "all apps" list. And exactly this unwelcomed list is now the main list? This is crazy. And who want's to fiddle on the small screen when updates and uninstalls can be made on the big screen? But, no Google knows better then their users. If you do the apple-thing, people will look for alternatives.

  • mark

    It seems rather two-faced that after years of telling Google Play developers that having a "Feature Graphic" is of utmost importance in getting downloads, they now drop this as apparently being something users don't want!

    I do think the application web pages look poorer now - the colour scheme, the layout, the loss of the feature graphic. It feels like the small Android Google Play version's been scaled up to my 17" laptop screen.

    A shame if the search listings are limited too - that will just favour those already popular, and be worse for newer or less popular applications.

  • Japzone

    I'm all for making things prettier and more efficient, but don't go killing over half the useful features in the process! I tried to load the My App page and my browser froze and my CPU was reporting 100% usage. Eventually Firefox threw up a prompt asking to Stop a script on the page that was misbehaving. Plus, Zero filters anywhere? Even the Android app at least has filters on the Reviews! What the heck Google?

  • whargarbl

    market.android.com still redirects for me

  • WhyWai

    It's like a downgrade to me.....

  • tHE_uKER

    May be just me, but I don't find a way to uninstall apps from my phone now.

  • firethorn

    The missing language selector is really bugging me. I am in Germany but prefer to use all my devices and services in English, simply a personal preference and why not?

    Now, the navbar on the left is still in English (as set in the Google Account settings) and display e.g. "My wishlist" and "Redeem gift card" - but the body of the webstore is in German: "Wir haben einige Änderungen vorgenommen...".

    Inconsistencies like these make me twitch. Also, the My apps list really is quite disappointing now. You can't even clean it up from the browser, to get rid of apps you uninstalled after playing with them for five minutes. Hopefully they're not done with the new version and we'll see some more changes in terms of functionality.

  • Kurusawa

    I have found that old apps i used to install are how shown as installed when I perform a search even though I have removed them from all devices..

  • Felipe13

    Google wtf is going on darnit with removing features. First talk to limited hangouts (i'm still using talk which is much better), then google maps to limited (iphone similar) google maps update (removing latitude), and now flipping the Google play online market. What the heck is going on over there in mountain view? Seriously!!!!

  • http://www.foosler.com/ Eric Finlay

    That all sounds quite terrible. On the other hand, Google has a reputation of doing everything in a data driven way, so things might be better this way.

    I don't see how though, I commonly go 4 pages deep. 48 results will be far too restrictive.

  • AK

    And here I am, bound to lodge a semi-trollistic comment - "looks like the morons at Google have gone practically nuts".

  • GazaIan

    First Hangouts, now the Play Store... must Google continue removing useful things in a redesign? Redesigning an app should never mean a massive functionality loss.

  • Mats Svensson

    It looks like shit.
    The lowlow-contrast designs that Google uses more and more now, really hurts my eyes.

    Also, navigation is crap.
    Almost no mouse-wheel scrolling anywhere.

    The lack of permissions-info must have been requested by Trojan/malware-builders, because none else would want that, and Google complied?

    New Google makes me sick.

  • yan

    It would be better if google stop web play store than having this new useless design,
    I cant imagine who took the decision to remove such features from web play store.
    The developer team really became crazy, they should not be in google inc. rather could go for build a china website for kids which fool of lots of graphics but crap useless. Thumbs down crazy team.

  • Syd

    I really really do not like this. Typical google... taking something that already looks good and making pointless visual changes.

  • haroldcrews

    The only reason I can think of Google reducing the functionality of the Play Store is to streamline the interface so that there is one interface for web and mobile. The problem with this is that mobile and web have different capabilities. Different capabilities should dictate different features if you want to maximize functionality to android device owners. But apparently users of android devices are taking a back seat to Google's convenience.

    Personally I hate the new Google Play store web version. Aside from having a full size keyboard to type with it offers no increased functionality to the mobile version which I visit only to update already installed apps. It will definitely lessen the amount of time I spend in the Play store and therefore reduce the number of apps I buy for my three android devices.

    Dumb move Google. Just plain dumb.

  • José de Jesús González Morán

    Language selection it's a must for me. It's a shame they remove it.

  • ACA7

    I cannot believe this. I just bought an S4 and was looking to the Play Store to remove some apps from my current list before I move to my new phone as I don't want to restore all the apps that I currently have. I've found this. I am absolutely outraged. I have never in my life seen an update that has taken the functionality of something (website, software, operating system, whatever). I reckon Vista was more of an improvement over XP compared to this update over the previous version. This is incredible. I am stunned. If I had known this before I'd bought the S4 I'd reconsider my purchase and possibly look at changing ecosystems. I dislike the iPhone (ex-user) and I'm intrigued by Windows Phone. I'm staying on Android because I felt like it was improving despite many frustrations but this is a huge blow. Google, you have turned one of your great fans into an outraged customer who wants to hit you on your head with his flagship phone. Well done!!!

  • alpha_centaur

    wtf ... i am unable to find the apps installed on my device in the My Apps section ... i need the old interface ...

  • Craig Goslan

    All I really used 'Google Play' for was free games, now I can't find that. Apart from that the new interface looks ugly.

  • pety

    Hi, totally agree with the article. With the old version, I could simply uninstall unwanted apps remotely on the webpage which is quite convenient and fast, and before you notice the apps are removed from you phone, just so easy like that. The most important feature that I like with the old one is the 'apps management feature' because when you sometime reset your phone and need to reinstall dozens of apps, you could simply chose the wanted apps from the unused apps (I can not remember what the name is but I am quite sure they put the installed and uninstalled apps in different columns) and then just turn on the wifi and let phone do the rest thing. But with the new version doing this very process is such an awful experience, because every single apps that you have ever installed are all put together and no way to tell which you have already installed without make click on the app icon and open up its description page.( I just took nearly half an hour to do this, normally it would just take minutes. I am frustrated for this).

    The new one in nothing functional but a pretty face. So hopefully google company could make some change to deal with something like that. Or at least give a link so some people could jump over to use the old version.

  • Craig Goslan

    Thank you for puting this all into words. Sadly, I would not be surprised if Google listened to none of it. So fed up with Google's inability to listen that I may go back to Apple and their pretence to listen.

  • M.Cactus

    This is the funny improvement I have ever see... and this is made by Google. The improvement is from Good to Bad!! Other than make it more beautiful, all useful features gone!!

  • DDang

    I'm so upset to realize it today that the list of Installed apps is gone!!!
    So bad, really bad if the new layout is like this!

  • Harpreet Singh

    Google is clever, they are forcing to use smartphone more and disabling web features. Gtalk was stopped to force people to use hangout.

  • Miro

    Is there a way to report an issue with the google.play site? Because after this update of the interface on my native language part of the menus are missing, and there is no way to report the issue trough google's help center(there also is a bug in it but that is another story)

  • Neoprimal

    It was a huge backward step imho and one reason that sometimes it's scary to do things the Google way. With such an important part of the Android ecosystem, it would have been great if they'd beta'd the design for a few months and asked users vs. just blindly changing it. As it is, the Play Store is almost useless to me.

    At the top of my list is the damned installed apps; as mentioned in the articles this is a big deal! I used to be able to go look at the apps on my devices, compare side to side and install apps. See what apps aren't compatible per device, etc. Better yet, I used to be able to update apps from the web. Now, one big mess of apps that all say installed and I have to actually click it to install it to another device. I have a 10", 2 7" and an Android stick, this change couldn't have come at a worse time.

    Obviously whoever designed these changes isn't using them.

  • Jessica Ann

    I'm really, REALLY! bummed about this: "In the last version of the Play Store, we had a handy My Apps page that broke down your apps by device. You could see what needed updating, and push it down to the device from the web. There were also remote uninstalls (a GREAT! feature!). All of that is gone now, and that makes me sad." ~Do you think they will ever change it back??

  • MorrisseyAT

    Unbelievable... seriously cannot believe they've removed the update and uninstall functionality. I really hope someone at Google is reading these comments

  • Sumesh

    Can't understand why they would remove the remote installs and update. Miss that feature the most

    • Sumesh

      It seems they have the remote install but it's missing the others

  • phuckinghell

    This is BS. I need to see the goddamn permissions. I should NOT have to sign in and pretend to install something just to see something I need to be allowed to see!

  • Kike

    Can't understand what are they doing. It's like going back in time. ????

  • Viper hope

    When did they change the install date on the My Orders page from the original install date to the last update??

  • Crimini

    Removing remote uninstall is a horrible idea. I manage the family phones, and need to sometimes remove things the kids have downloaded. Thanks for borking me Google.

  • mlorika

    If you want t search by permissions, visit http://www.appscrawler.com. There are lot of Android apps what are pointing to Play Store. One of the advantage of the site is the ability of search by permissions.

  • Det

    Google is evil now.
    Maps to force people to use more data
    Play to force people to use the device and not the PC

  • VN

    it looks like ios is becoming like android and android is turning to become like ios

  • ALF

    Due to the new design Google Play Store ist totally useless to me now. Thany you Google :-(

  • polend1

    NOT impressed. Google better start doing some real user usability testing! Don't be like MS!

  • Hannah

    The features of the older version are more useful for me like the devices tabs where you can view your apps installed in a specific device. It is also more convenient if we can uninstall an app remotely. So sad this new version is kinda not a user-friendly and it loads longer..

  • swlee

    Now it's time for Google to redesign Gmail, Keep, Youtube, etc web apps. They are ugly as ****. Gmail and Keep are too bland in terms of design. Youtube is better but, still not that good imo. On the other hand, these services on APPS look fantastic. so I hope they redesign the web apps, similar to the new play store, and google music design.

  • Rick Shin

    Does this mean there is no way to remotely update or remove apps on the phone from a PC?

    • TheJeebus

      Apparently so. Highly annoying.

  • BKPhil

    A complete disaster.

    They might as well have discontinued the play store for browsers - all functionality but one have been removed. Installing is the only one left, and now that management is near-impossible, I'm going to be avoiding that one.

    Time to revisit the Amazon App store. I've hated that one with a passion since day one, but it can't possibly be worse than this. Or else go off the grid entirely.

    Boo hiss.

  • librtee_dot_com

    No Google. This is completely unacceptable.

    I just did a factory reset on a friend's phone.

    Log into Play Store to reinstall all the apps.


    They COMPLETELY DESTROYED this part of the Play Store. They might as well have simply removed 'My Apps' completely. Literally. Worse than that, in fact. They might as well have simply removed play.google.com entirely, and redirected users to LemonParty.com.

    Google: "Hey, loyal customers and fans! Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck you!"

    Simply unbelievable. For the first time since Android was announced, I am seriously considering leaving the platform. Forget my $100s of dollars in the Play Store. Forget my 5 Android devices. Not enough to keep me sticking around a dysfunctional ecosystem.

    Jolla? Ubuntu? Mozilla? Tizen? Who the hell is our knight in shining armor here???

    I'm seriously, seriously considering a Jolla phone right now. I'm not even kidding. And I have been #1 diehard Android fanboy from day one...

  • Garen15

    the remote uninstall was a great feature, why remove it??
    other systems did not have that feature........who get rid of it????

  • Antonio Claudio Michael

    it's like they removed all the engineers from the team and let designers make all the decisions. everyone likes beautiful design, but if it's killing the functionality you are doing it wrong.

    i am still hoping this is just a phase (as in, they rewrote everything from scratch and released the simpler version first with the intention to build up on that), and features will start coming back, like voice calls in hangouts. if not, we are seriously screwed. maybe they really got it in their heads that having "too many features" is somehow wrong.

    google ecosystem android included was the one place where one could simultaneously indulge in geek experiments *and* enjoy the advantages of mainstream support unlike desktop linux, for example. it was beautiful, and now they are killing it. it's sad.

  • dane795

    Still stuck with this awful redesign... The huge icons take up a lot of space yet there's only enough room for 2-3 words of the apps title. They should have a button to switch between this and the older view.

    • Alloytoo

      What I find bizarre is that it's almost impossible to find anything in the play store. I've taken to looking for apps using Google search because play store is so ineffective.

      How bizarre is that.

  • http://www.userguider.com ahsen

    That's why many users moved to sites like http://www.appsapk.com
    Playstore is not familiar any more :(

  • http://korsandroid.com android apk

    he uses bing. the best search engine in the world /s

  • Rabia Nasir

    How to remove google plus friend's rating from google play. Even after I've unfriend a person from google plus, his ratings are still shown on google play. Please help me.