T-Mobile has made quite a splash with two new policies unveiled at last week's "Boldest Moves Yet" event. The JUMP! plan combines a trade-in program and insurance policy that lets you upgrade your phone every six months for a $10 monthly fee, and the Simple Choice Family Plans have some great values for families looking to save some cash on multiple lines. Both are live as of yesterday - you can start shopping on T-Mobile's website, or walk into your friendly neighborhood retail store.


The JUMP! plans in particular are interesting for our readership: pay $10 a month, and you can trade up to any new phone after six months, which you then begin paying off on T-Mobile's new "Uncarrier" model... which still doesn't include a contract. It's a pretty good deal for certain users, as explored by David Ruddock in his look at the math behind it all. So long as you've just got to have the latest hardware and don't mind being on what is essentially a permanent phone lease, there's quite a bit of savings to be had. The drool-worthy Sony Xperia Z is slated to hit T-Mobile in just two days, by the way.

The new family plans are pretty good as well: two phones with unlimited minutes and texts, plus 500 non-capped megabytes of data per line, for $80 a month (not including the hardware). Plans scale up to five lines for another $10 each, so the typical four lines is just $100 a month. For those who want a little more breathing room with their mobile data, higher tiers are also available. (Edit: Aparently this has been the standard pricing for some time, but now it's not necessary to sign a contract. Which was also the case if you bought phones outright. Hat tip to commenter Jeffrey Beck.) All the new plans should be available on T-Mobile's website now.

Source: T-Mobile JUMP!, T-Mobile Family Plans

Jeremiah Rice
Jeremiah is a US-based blogger who bought a Nexus One the day it came out and never looked back. In his spare time he watches Star Trek, cooks eggs, and completely fails to write novels.
  • solbin

    Wish I had more people to be able to go in on these plans together. It is so much cheaper the more people you add. Goes from $50 for a single person to $25 each for 4 people with the 500mb plan. $70 and $45 each respectively with unlimited data.

  • PhoenixPath

    Just switched my Premium Handset Protection ($11.99/mo) to JUMP! ($10/mo) online. It lowered my Bill from $81.99 to $80.00.

    Not bad...not bad at all.

    • ProductFRED

      The catch is you have to give the phone back, so ownership becomes leasing. But if that's not an issue for you, then it's a good deal.

      • PhoenixPath

        If I choose not to upgrade, or to upgrade at full price, I get to keep the phone... Just like everyone else.

        With this, I pay less for my insurance, and the opportunity to upgrade early without having to finish paying for the old device.

  • Stephen Fronda

    I still can't find the option to update to Jump! LOL - I just signed up on Saturday, but keep running into system problems

    • Anthony V Cannata

      Because jump didn't start until Sunday

      • Stephen Fronda

        New customers have 14 days to sign up. ;-)

      • Stephen Fronda

        New customers do have 14 days to sign up for the program

  • Paul

    I'm not a huge fan of T-Mobile but this is an amazing deal. With their purchase of MetroPCS and getting their towers and spectrum, and I admired their no contract plans and now JUMP. Man... JUMP is an amazing opportunity for enthusiasts like us who like to have the latest and greatest (and we also know how to use Titanium Backup). Upgrading every 6 months is awesome! Get a Galaxy S4 now, 6 months later get a Galaxy Note 3, 6 months later get a Galaxy S5, 6 months later get a Galaxy Note 4, etc. Get bored of Samsung for a while and try a Sony or HTC or Sony phone for 6 months, etc.

  • SpeakWithYouAndMe

    Every day I keep waiting for T-Mobile to give my area an upgrade from 2G. Everyday I check, there's only Verizon LTE and AT&T HSPA+, which makes me so sad. I'll just keep waiting.

    • metalspy8

      drop the service..

  • jeffrey beck

    The family plans aren't new. They have been that way for months now. The difference is that they are now available to prepaid no credit subscribers. I don't know of many other companies that offer prepaid family plans. No EIP is available, and the jump program doesn't work on it, but it is a good option for those looking to avoid a high deposit or for those members of our society that just can't seem to remember their social security numbers...

    • AAAAA

      I remember my social security number...and I remember it backwards, sideways, individually, and any which way you wish to hear it!!! And I hate contracts that make me a slave in the country of the free and the brave...

  • gspida

    "two phones with unlimited minutes and texts, plus 500 non-capped megabytes of data per line, for $80 a month (not including the hardware)" what exactly is the hardware charge?

    • MSmith79

      Plans don't include phones. You can bring your own phone, or purchase through them. If you purchase through them you have 24 months to pay them off and average monthly price is around $20. Sometimes there's a $100 down payment that's needed on the phone.

  • Matthew Fry

    T-Mobile was a complete mess on Sunday. Their systems were essentially down all day. Still waiting at T-Mobile right now to finish it up. I'd just do it later but I jumped the gun and sold my current phone already.

  • MSmith79

    I was interested in T-Mobile at first because of their unlimited data plans. Then I heard it includes 500 MB of hotspot for free. Then I found out there's no contract and they're cheaper than most others. Then I discovered their Wifi Calling feature. Then I started realizing they get phones way earlier than Verizon and get more of them. Now there's jump. Jump sealed the deal for me. I'm going all in with T-Mobile. Just praying that their service is good, because their plans are unbeatable.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      You might be setting yourself up for a disappointment there.

      • jeffrey beck

        All depends on where you live. West of the Mississippi you are probably just fine. East coast... Maybe not.

      • Dan Lupescu

        I have no issues in Chicago and surrounding counties

      • metalspy8

        how so>><<<People need to be specific..instead of posting stupid remarks ...no offense ,but true...I have tmobile and where i live its better than att and verizon if not on par with data speeds..

        • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

          What the hell...

          • metalspy8

            I know lol

      • Richard Yarrell

        Verizon is totally overrated and extremely useless to be honest. Poor at updating handset. We even discuss the childish companybrandingand strippingout of features and cosmeticchanges that take place with Verizon. Bottomline Verizon is the WORST CDMA CARRIEREVER .

    • ins0mn1a

      the thing is, their plans have been unbeatable for many years now (though perhaps not so dramatically different from others like they are now). the only question with t-mobile is if one can live with their coverage. if the answer to that is yes, it surprises me that people are only now switching. didn't they want to save money 5 years ago as well?

    • Richard Yarrell

      I gladly DUMPED VERIZON in June 2012 and took my two lines of service to Tmobile. Now I am awaiting my third line of service when the Galaxy Note 3 arrives in October. Tmobile has been a wonderful joy to be a part of. Great LTE service which is backhauled to Hspa Plus 42 mpbs network far better than that crappy 3g or 1x Verizon is backhauled too. Plus unlimited is definitely unlimited with Tmobile. If you think Verizon is better just like I did your only fooling yourself. Here in New York City Tmobile pimp slaps Verizon and At&t all day long with its Lte network, better handsets and the handsets don't have cosmetic changes or carrier alterations which Verizon is so famous for.

  • andy smith

    So, can you come in as a totally new customer with used or unlocked AT&T handsets, or are you stuck having to buy a new handset for the initial sign up?

    I'm currently paying ~$99 a month for Straight Talk (x2) with AT&T SIMs (had to buy our "new" phones used as we were switching from VZ) but I'm willing to pay (literally) a few bucks more for new hardware every six months.

    • Dan Lupescu

      you can always bring your own phone to tmo....

    • http://the-jade-domain.com Jaime J. Denizard

      I would stick with Straight Talk if you have AT&T service, it's probably way better. (the service itself). If you're still wanting to go the TMo route, I would highly suggest you keep those ST AT&T SIM cards handy, just in case you have to switch back.

      If you do decide to leave for TMo permanently, I'd love to buy those AT&T SIM cards. Those are a rare commodity these days!

  • Michael Nguyen

    I switched to simple choice because i have 4 lines on 1 account and it lowered my bill by $40-50 then i decided that i didn't need 2.5gb of web because im around wifi all the time (home and xfinity wifi) and that knocked another 20dollars off my account(switched to 500mb). Which in total saved me $70 per month!

  • metalspy8

    If people come here to vent about tmobile..dont just drop the service..lol Most of yall just troll and dont have the service..SMH

  • http://the-jade-domain.com Jaime J. Denizard

    "Edit: Aparently this has been the standard pricing for some time, but now it's not necessary to sign a contract"

    Just like jeffrey beck said, these plans have been available for some time. But it seems like Jeremiah misunderstood. These plans have been available since the UNcarrier movement started, which means you could get these plans without a contract. Yes, it was still bound to a credit check and it was still post paid, but no contract. The thing that's new apparently is that these plans are now available for pre-paid, no credit check customers as well. Without, of course, the EIP and the JUMP! program.

  • Jon

    I live near Philadelphia and I have 4g lte with tmobile. Jump on tmobile now because they are just begining to get better and better. Even more so if dish and them combine. More tower's equals more spectrum equals better service.

  • jayjay

    Is it easy to get out of the JUMP program?
    If so, couldn't you get an older phone for cheap ($0 down and $20/month) and get the newest smartphone you've been waiting for once it comes out? Then get out of the JUMP program to take ownership of your newer phone? Seems like a good plan for a new customer who doesn't want to pay hundreds on a phone they're not crazy about...