Last Updated: July 23rd, 2013

Droid-life has gotten its hands on some leaked Verizon employee training materials, and they reveal the existence of something called "VZ Edge" - what can only be described as Verizon's four-letter answer to T-Mobile's new Jump upgrade plan. The gist is this: Verizon will allow you to upgrade your phone every 6 months, with strings attached. Here's what we know so far.

Edge is part of Verizon's existing device payment plan program. That means you finance a smartphone at full off-contract price over the course of 12 months as a payment on top of your existing service bill (plus a $2 finance charge every month). The new Edge plan also appears to be off contract only, meaning you will likely be at Verizon's mercy in terms of data plan changes and service cost increases.


This also may mean by relation that Edge will be unavailable to customers seeking to retain their unlimited data or pre-Share Everything tiered data plans (this is not known, but seems reasonably likely). Edge does not appear to include phone insurance, and it's unclear exactly how the upgrade process will work. What we do know is that in order to upgrade, all you need is for your current phone must be at least 50% paid off (rather than T-Mobile's 6 month waiting period). The question is whether or not you will be trading in your old phone (thus ending payments on it) in exchange for a new phone with a new payment plan, or if you'll get to keep the first phone and have to pay it off on top of your new handset.

My guess is that it's the latter (you still have to finish paying for it), but we'll see soon enough - the leaked training docs indicate VZ Edge will be launching at the end of August.


David Ruddock
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  • Zacharypt

    You make some pretty grand claims on this program. Being that on VZW if you purchase your phone off contract, you are still allowed to keep your unlimited data. So its not much different than that.

    You are also making claims off of partial information and bias at this point. I am not calling Big Red innocent, but you are proclaiming guilty without much info.

    I saw we wait and see, and then feel free to lambast or (probably not likely) praise Big Red for this program. But lets atleast have the details before we start throwing rocks at them.

    • http://silverfang77.tumblr.com/ Silver Fang

      *drops rock* I suppose that's fair.

      • PsychoFox13

        *throws rock anyway* They owe me money. >:l

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ David Ruddock

      Those who have been allowed to keep unlimited data without renewing have either been A.) valuable family plan customers, or B.) convinced a manager or service rep to let them keep it, often after threatening to cancel service. If you do not ask for it, Verizon will take it, and you can read of many such cases of exactly that happening on the web - even when existing customers were actually renewing their contracts.

      Also, at no point is anything claimed to be certain that is not. We don't *know* if it will have phone insurance (but if it's not in the 'benefits to customer' column, that's a pretty clear indication that it probably will not), or if it will be trade-in based (again, given this is a summary of the plan's benefits and features, one would think a trade-in model would be highlighted in such an overview).

      Sometimes, you can make reasonable deductions based on the evidence, and here, the evidence is pretty ample. Not everything needs to be explicitly spelled out in writing in order to say "Well, this is probably how it's going to play out, based on what we know."

      • Eddie Jr

        "This also may mean by relation that Edge will be unavailable to customers seeking to retain their unlimited data or pre-Share Everything tiered data plans (this is not known, but seems reasonably likely)." You say it's not known, yet say it seems likely, once again based on what????

        "(rather than T-Mobile's 6 month waiting period)" are you not required to make payments for those 6 months? If you paid for 6 months on this VZW play which from my understanding is a 12 month payment plan vs 24 months like T Mobile wouldn't you at that point have paid 50% of the cost for the phone?

        This article was very biased. "My guess is that it's the latter (you still have to finish paying for it)" why is that your guess? Based on what? Your dislike for Verizon?

      • Zacharypt

        I don't understand your point of reference for customers who purchase of contract phones escalating to keep their unlimited data. Verizon in two of it's own customer forums have said they can buy full retail or use the device payment plan.

        For your reference:

        Device payment plan


        From another post. Many pages in.

        Verizon Wireless Customer Support
        replied on Jun 3, 2013
        I can understand the importance of keeping unlimited data sdtodd but we have some great ways to save money that may work for you and your family. If you want to purchase a ph for full retail, you can sell your old phones to us for a great price via our recycle program http://bit.ly/GGnDDC. We also have our device payment plan that is great http://tiny.cc/ulj2xw. Also, if your lines don't use as much data, the tiered data plans are actually pretty awesome. Check them out here http://bit.ly/xdDajD . Please let me know if you have any further questions or concerns. You deserve new phones, so have fun upgrading for a discounted price.

        Follow us on Twitter @vzwsupport

      • Freak4Dell

        Every story I've read about somebody wanting to keep unlimited data has gone smoothly, as long as they knew they needed to buy the phone off contract.

      • flashjh

        "Those who have been allowed to keep unlimited data have either been A.) valuable family plan customers, or B.) convinced a manager or service rep to let them keep it, often after threatening to cancel service"

        I am one of the 'apparently' dwindling unlimited family plan customers, and I'm sure it will be a surprise to you that I have neither threatened to leave nor do I make any claim that I am valuable. Verizon is simply playing by the 'rules' of the contract as long as I do the same. Until June 27, 2012, I could have upgraded any of my eligible smartphones at a subsidized price and kept my unlimited data. Now I just have to pay full retail or buy it from somewhere else. The only claim the author makes (whether true or not) is that this new Edge plan may allow us 'old timers' to keep our unlimited data and pay for a new phone -- Verizon doesn't have to subsidize the phone for me, they're just offering to finance it at full retail + a fee. Isn't that nice of them?

  • JPB

    Yeah. I'm sure that was "leaked". (rolling eyes)

  • Nick Schiwy

    It says it doesn't involve a service contract so maybe grandfathered contracts still apply?

    • Michael Pahl


  • GreatNews

    Well time has come and AT&T just announced on their website AT&T Next just like T-Mobile JUMP! Just every year instead like JUMP ! Every 6 months! Here is the link of the press release by AT&T http://www.att.com/gen/press-room?pid=24538&cdvn=news&newsarticleid=36749&mapcode=mobile-devices

    • Richard Yarrell

      Piss on At&t they along with Verizon suck monkey balls.

      • squiddy20

        Suck monkey balls? What are you, 8?

  • Richard Yarrell

    Verizon is totally overrated and extremely useless. The worst carrier when it comes to updates and handset choices. Tmobile is definitely the best place to be period. Tmobile paces this industry.

    • Keno Levers

      Please stop posting anywhere on the internet. Your shtick is old.

    • squiddy20

      "Verizon is totally overrated and extremely useless." And yet well over 100 million people use their wireless network every single day compared to T-Mobiles 40 or so million. If Verizon were really so "useless", why are there double the amount of customers than on T-Mobile? Riddle me that, Dick.

      "The worst carrier when it comes to updates and handset choices." 1. Most people don't care about what version of Android they have, let alone care about updates. 2. Verizon has more of a selection than the all-mighty T-Mobile you praise on a daily basis. You are clearly delusional.

    • Michael Pahl

      I have a Razr Maxx HD running CM 10.1 and am still on Verizon's Unlimited. From my couch I get around 40mbps download and at least 15mbps upload. Totally worth not having a Nexus 4 available.

    • Armus

      As long as the pace is around a big city and doesn't exceed 45mph.

      Look, I hate vzw and they go out of their way to let me know they hate me. But I can't knock their cellular service. It's everywhere and fat here.

      If I could just find the SoB that determines which devices they carry, I could die a happy man

    • flashjh

      The reason people say Verizon is useless is because they have other choices where they live. I have wanted to switch away from Verizon several times over the years. Due to how often I move and travel in my job, Verizon is the only carrier that can provide me with the cell service I need. I actually prefer T-Mobile, but they're coverage is not good enough yet. No carrier is perfect either way.