Google has officially launched the new web version of the Play Store, and it's a looker. The new interface is based around - you might have guessed - cards and sidebar navigation. I can't find a single page that hasn't been completely revamped. The new look is quite attractive, I think, and presents information in a much more clean, readable manner.


While functionally there aren't a huge amount of changes, the visual difference is stark. Everything seems to flow naturally as one big page as you navigate around the store, as opposed to a bunch of individually loading pages. The result is that most pages on the Play Store now load much more quickly than they did on the old site (well, at least for us they do - your mileage may vary).

3 apps


New features include full-sized screenshots for apps (screenshots are also now in WEBP format), and the ability to wishlist directly from the web store. The individual app pages are sporting an all new look that, while it requires more scrolling, is much easier to visually parse, and logically groups information into sections, rather than a bunch of columns and annoying varieties of font size.


reviews install


As far as what's gone, the ability to view apps installed by device appears to have been removed, and filtering reviews by star rating has vanished, as well (along with review pagination).

The devices page has also received an overhaul, and is looking pretty spiffy. Head over to play.google.com to check it out (may still be rolling out in some countries).


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David Ruddock
David's phone is whatever is currently sitting on his desk. He is an avid writer, and enjoys playing devil's advocate in editorials, and reviewing the latest phones and gadgets. He also doesn't usually write such boring sentences.

  • MrNinjaPanda

    And now you can add apps to your wishlist from the web.

    • Evan

      This is what has been missing since forever. Now all we need are ways to buy apps for other people and wishlists will be really useful!

    • Raymond Berger

      It's too bad there's still no way to see just the apps you've purchased.

      • dNj

        +1000000. This drives me nuts. I've purchased a lot of apps since Gingerbread. Why is its up to me, the paying customer, to clean up my app list.

        • Raymond Berger

          Yeah, there is an app called My Purchases. That's supposed to show only your paid apps but I could never get it to work. But it's a shame Google doesn't just add a simple feature like this.

    • Steez

      This and the look are the only positives I see. They decimated the reviews by not allowing to sort by device or even SEE what device someone is reviewing on. Also no more seeing installed apps by device. They killed the most useful features. 1 step forward 10 steps back.

    • https://twitter.com/futureuxer Christophe Blythe

      I've been waiting for this for forever, complaining to my girlfriend about how stupid it is to add the feature to the mobile app, but not have a way of viewing the list online. Today's a good day in this respect.

  • Lupe Fiasco

    Not a big deal, but I like how no one covered/noticed this when it was shown at Google I/O. Anyway the New update was much needed and very welcomed.

  • fAndroid’90

    HOLY SH*T! It's awesome!

  • redsmith

    Suck it up, Apple!!! THIS is how you design shit.

    • https://plus.google.com/u/0/107214144202094295079/posts James

      Back to Phandroid with you.

  • Sean Stone

    However, it seems that when Google giveth, they also taketh. The My Apps view is now just a view of all the apps that you've ever installed, rather than the separate listing for the apps actually installed on each device registered to your account. Why do they insist on making it as hard as possible to see what you have installed and what you have paid for? I feel like they keep taking steps back in this regard. Take all the pretty back and give me Actually Installed Apps per Device and Paid For But Not Installed apps lists. I don't understand why they keep making this aspect worse...

    • james alright

      this is so frustrating! i cannot remove anything from 'my apps' whatsoever. why would they do this?

      • petty

        miss the old one. by any chance they would change it back?

  • Solo

    Once again Google has gone from usefull to arogant and not helpfull. There is no more "Choose your language" script at the bottom of the page. And Google is pushing non readable scripts based just on the location. So, if you are in the country that has Cyrilic script, you now have no way to choose something readable. Yes, you can log in, and then some fo the script will be in English, but not all users want to be always logged in (and followed and spied all the time).

  • Andrew

    This isn't showing what I have currently installed anymore. Instead, if any app was ever installed, it lists it as Installed. Not cool, Google, not cool!

    • Davyes

      Also used to be able to update from the web... Can't figure out if they removed it or I'm being dense....

      • Raymond Berger

        I think they removed it because of how almost all apps auto update now with the new play store on android.

        • xnifex

          auto update only works if you have that checked. i'm guessing there may be quite a few people that don't auto update.

          • bob

            I dont auto update, I like to see what the update will do. sometimes the updates take your icon away from your homescreen.

          • xnifex

            me too!

    • ins0mn1a

      it seems to be a theme with several recent google updates: make it pretty and reduce the number of available actions/options. just what the world needs: another apple. what a nightmare.

  • John

    SLOOOOOWWWW!!! and no longer shows the apps that are actually installed on my devices.....

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      Slow? It's lightning fast.

      • yahyoh

        yep its slowwwwwww , every category take 4 - 5 second to load and my apps take forever to load :/

        and home won't load at all here :(

        • Haunter

          Mine is super fast.

      • Cerberus_tm

        Slow for me too. Terrible. Loss of functions and lots of scrolling, even sideways for me when I have my screen pivoted. First Maps, now this.

    • RampageDeluxe

      Same here. Pretty slow and not fun to navigate.

    • Solust

      Go to applications, then my applications.

      • Sean Stone

        Only shows what has ever been installed on any device, not what is currently installed on each device like it used to.

        • Solust

          Oh I see. I don't uninstall applications enough to notice it but I did see one on there that wasn't on my phone. Probably a pain if you have multiple devices.

          • Justin W

            * Definitely a pain if you have multiple devices.


    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ David Ruddock

      It's getting hammered with people discovering it right now - it'll settle down over the next few hours I'm sure.

    • KanishkSingh

      You cannot uninstall or update apps from the web anymore. You cannot see the apps installed by device. Its very slow when you are checking the apps section.
      You still cannot remove the old devices from the menu just hide them.
      Google is removing good features and making the apps pretty. I guess I was on google mainly because of the features and not the looks.

      • Nurit Zodrow

        yeah every time they "upgrade" something, they are really downgrading it, sometimes so much so that its completely unusable

  • Timothy Armstrong

    Is it just me or are they using the same style of icons everyone was just hating on Windows 8 for? Comments like they are childish and whatnot? MS on left...Google on the right. I'm a huge Google and Windows 8 fan (not a one sided individual)....yet find it funny now that Google is going Metro UI ish....it's beautiful, gorgeous, modern, etc....hahaha

    • icyrock1

      Eh. There are some big differences between the cards and Metro, but I agree.

      Though, personally I think the metro UI is a rather ugly implementation of the "modern" look.

    • miri

      Holo is like [Metro] in the same sense that anything that plays music is an iPod.

  • madmaglio

    I really don't like the new My Apps section. Not nearly as intuitive for installing/uninstalling my apps on multiple devices. If fact I don't even see how to do it anymore.

  • Nurit Zodrow

    how can i uninstall via web? can no longer find such option

  • Davy Jones

    The review section section on apps is less useful now. I think they used to show which device users were reviewing on, but I can't find that information. More irritating they took away the ability to see all the reviews of a certain star level, something that the web version allowed while the Play Store app did not. Really that is something that should have been added to the app, not removed from the website.

    • Davy Jones

      Ugg it's even worse than I thought. "What's New" is now at the bottom, and if there is still a section for app permissions I can't find it. They also got rid of the downloads history chart (over time), which I tended to find useful. I wonder how many other functional things were removed for aesthetic purposes.

      • Davy Jones

        Ok I see permissions now works like the app, where it only gives you them after you click "install". This is actually probably a good thing since it forces people to see them before installing anything. Weirdly the "My apps" section is filled with apps that aren't actually installed on my device. Then there is a the "My orders" section which lists everything you ever downloaded without allowing you to remove anything and only lets you filter by store section and inexplicably not by other categories like "price" (which there now is even a place in the UI for!)

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      They took away the device info in reviews a long time ago.

      You're right about the filtering - that sucks. Also no more pagination of reviews, gotta click one page at a time now.

      • xnadax

        Device info in reviews was still showing earlier today, and is still shown in the app.

        • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

          Weird, I haven't seen it on the web forever now - only the app version was showing up.

          • Cerberus_tm

            You could still filter for it.

  • Zargh

    Google must be pretty confident about the GPe devices getting updates if they're willing to advertise them front and center with a tagline like that AND handle the support directly themselves through the Play support channels like the Nexus devices.

    They must have HTC/Samsung under contract otherwise they wouldn't put themselves in the firing line like that. You US folks must have been worrying for nothing.

  • Gregg

    From what I see (or can't see, that is), they've removed the ability to remove apps from the "my apps" list. Apps that I installed once, and never want to see again. They used to have an option to remove it from the list, but that appears to be gone... otherwise, nice redesign!

  • Wesley Modderkolk

    It has to be me but the thin font causes lines to be too small so they get 'blanked out'. Anyways, the font looks like crap here.

    • Zargh

      Yeah, Roboto and Windows is like oil and water.

    • z0phi3l

      Has to be something on your end, I don't have that issue on Win8 and I don't mess with fonts

      • Wesley Modderkolk

        Apparently it is because of the Roboto font installed in Windows. So I deinstalled it and now there is no font at all lol

    • name

      that happened to me since previous updates to the Store. you can fix that by installing the Chrome extension "Change Font Family Style". no configuration needed.

  • Tacomonster

    Taco Monster is not happy. In fact, Taco Monster is f**king pissed off. What happened to the page where I could see which of my devices had what app? What is with Google's relentless drive to take away actually useful features with these so-called 'updates'?

    • Tacomonster

      Argh, searching for apps is also totally useless now. No ratings, no sorting, no filtering, no nothing. Gimme my tacos!!!

  • Rei

    Slow for me. :( maybe because of my old laptop. And the cards are pretty huge on my screen! (@117.83 PPI, I think) looks good anyway.

  • schneeland

    Some parts of the design are really nice, but what is really annoying (beside the rather useless list for my apps) is the proportions. My sight may be bad, but not so bad that I need boxes up to 1/3 of my screen...

    • Guest

      I agree, it would be nice if they gave options of the type of size you would want the tiles to be.

  • z0phi3l

    Jesus Christ people, you will cry like babies over anything won't you, yes a few non essential features are CURRENTLY missing, just give it time dolts, not like I even need the web interface, I do it all on my devices

    • Cerberus_tm

      Why do millions of people have to be subjected to a dysfunctional alpha? This is truly horrible, I am shocked.

      • z0phi3l

        OH noes! Everyone got the main update instead of the phased roll out kiddies like you kept crying about, and you still complain. This is a better way to roll out a large change like this, you get the basics done, get it in the wild to make sure no bugs slipped through, no amount of internal testing can stress a new design like rolling it out can, once that's rolled out, you add a few more features, iron out bugs, rinse and repeat till it's all running great. Or never roll it out since you can never be 100% sure there will not be any bugs, kids these days, I swear, no patience whatsoever, the
        "Me Generation" indeed

        • Cerberus_tm

          This is mainly about functional regression. The one bug is inconsequential. It's bad. I disagree with everything you say, I'm afraid.

    • ladygogo

      Holy Moly you're really cool man!

  • http://www.ScienceProUSA.com SciencePro

    Still no way to view purchased apps?

    Come on, Google.

  • Martim

    On the subject of the Play Store, am I alone in thinking that the maximum review length that Google allows is ridiculously short? I've had to shorten a review on more than one occasion because I had exceeded the character limit.

    IMO, increasing the limit or removing it altogether would increase the quality of reviews much more than their "real name" policy.

    • epsiblivion

      also, tying reviews to your google+ profile was not good decision. They should have made it optional. It only hurts developers who otherwise would get more feedback from those who value their privacy

      • Tacomonster

        That's debatable. Without that kind of tie-in, Taco Monster could technically go around giving every app 1-star reviews because it didn't feed it enough tacos. That's great for Taco Monster, but probably not for the developers.

        • epsiblivion

          that's still tolerable to moderate since you can just block google accounts that spam 1 star reviews (since the reviews have to be from an account after all, just not showing publicly who it is).

          • https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=iWizard Bikram Agarwal

            Errr... I can block people who are leaving one star reviews?? (or some other version of it; which I didn't understand). How? By clicking the "Spam" button of the review? That never worked for a few spam comments on my apps.

    • https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=iWizard Bikram Agarwal

      Reply to reviews have even shorter limit. 350 characters..!! Impossible to clarify issues where user is just being a tool and throwing allegations.

    • Cerberus_tm

      Perhaps it is time to leave the Play Store. Android is still good, perhaps we don't need Google any more except for Gmail and Maps. Is there another Android store that could host all our favourite applications?

  • Roberto Giunta

    Yeah, yeah, looks nice, yadda, yadda, yadda. BUT...

    - My apps section is even more useless than before (I never used the update/uninstall option from the web, but well, that's gone now. Viewing purchased apps? Still not there! Sorting options for devices not there anymore, it's a fucking MESS.
    - What the hell happened to the review section?! ALL THE SORTING OPTIONS ARE GONE! That was one of my favorite features! I had a problem with an app? Look at the Play Store and see if I'm the only one! If not, bug hunting/reaching out to the dev. And BAM, gone.
    - I would still like to have better included Charts/Special Offer section. I use apps for that but having it build in would be much easier for the non-power user.
    - Still no possibility to gift apps? Hello? The Apple App Store has that already for over a year. What's so hard with using the same technique to send someone an app like typing on someone's gmail address - or G+ name because they are riding the G+ train hard.

    Sorry, Google seems to make more and more 'one step forward and two steps back' updates to important things lately - see how G+ Locations is much more useless now, taking away Maps features like the MyMaps option, etc...

    • Shizuppy

      When will these companies realize that taking options away from people is a poor business decision?

    • Izeman

      Couldn't agree more !!! Beautiful hip looking but disfunctional site!!

  • Detonation

    Here's a nice bug: At any point while you're in the play store, click the Play link on the top black nav bar. Now you have two top nav bars and the side nav bar is all messed up. Happened in Chrome.

    • Justin W

      That's new. I tried getting more top bars and more messy side nav bars, but no luck. I'm betting they'll get it fixed soon enough, though.

      Also, this doesn't happen if you click the Google Play logo near the black nav bar.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      Ha, nice spot.

  • IncCo

    WTF !
    They fucked up again? Of course they did.

    No way to sort reviews.

    No way to uninstall apps from the web.

    No way to see which apps need to be updated thorugh the web.

    No way to change which language you want to see reviews in.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      Did the language selector at the bottom of the page control the UI, reviews, and description, or only the first two?

      • IncCo

        It controlled the UI language, the reviews (basically I could choose reviews from my country), and the description when available.

    • Sqlpro

      may be not completely. to see installed apps, you click "apps" , you should see another link "my apps" on the left. which lists all apps like it did in previous version

      • IncCo

        Yes you can see apps you have installed, But not Only those apps, it's a mix of installed apps and apps you've uninstalled a long time ago.

        • Thomas’

          You can delete the uninstalled ones using the Play Store App. This was introduced long ago, but never came to the web interface.

  • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

    The 30-day install chart is gone? What the fuck...

    • daniel123450

      theres not a chart but it does have an installs counter in the "additional information" card, thing.

      • IncCo

        That was always there ..

      • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

        That's not nearly the same.

        • daniel123450

          I'm so very sorry artem :( i will sacrafice my life to the #HOLO gods

          • kleinjl00

            this web is HOLO??? ahhh... then holo is worst thing happening to android, i downgrade the play store 4 app, and keep the beauty 3.14. but i like also the old web because you have all info in one page, yes the aditional info with install chart... now all that is gone, no more confort with the new layout, less info and full empty space... screen real state is stupid, how can i access the old web? is there any redirection, PLEEESEE!!!
            i hate the new web, is ugly, less useful, slow, unreliable (picture dont charge).
            HELP HELP HELP!!
            is there a official feedback/suport (group, page, facebook or whatever) to request access to the old web???
            really, i cant understand!!!

    • CuriousCursor

      Think you'll be happy with this, even though Google increased the resolution of the screenshots to h900 in this update.

      https://plus.google.com/u/0/102291695720460577492/posts/GtSPWFSCdQs :D

  • Kaero

    Now Google, PLEASE fix the sub-categories for games and make the genres actually useful.

  • Peacen1k

    What a useless abomination. Slow, missing useful features, breaks in firefox, pointless 'slide-out' sidebar. WTF?

  • Simon Belmont

    I like the look and feel. It's really fresh and nicely put together. Glad they finally added Wishlists to the web interface. Good job, Google.

    I just wish they hadn't dumbed down the apps installed by device (you can't see that AT ALL anymore). Also you have to be signed in to see app permissions now and they removed the 30 day app activity chart, but hey it's progress, and hopefully they'll fix this stuff they removed.

  • Kie

    I have a 13in laptop monitor and honestly this update is really aggravating to use. I have to expand my browser window to near the entire desktop just to see whats going on now that the left side of the screen is a giant white bar. What is google's problem with huge white space on the left side of the screen? It is such wasted space.

    • enoch861

      The problem is simple: 13" screen. And most 13 inchers are low resolution.
      Since there's a big move toward higher resolutions, some sites simply don't look good on a standard 1366x768 or 1280x720 or whatever resolution 13 incher. I've found you need 1600x900 or higher. Preferably 1920x1080 (or 1200) for the best web browsing experience. Otherwise some sites a simply a pain to browse.

      I have a 13" MacBook Pro and I feel your pain. But I've come to terms with it and my next laptop is definitely gonna be 1920x1080 or higher.

      • dhruva

        weird, im using air..and its preettty.

  • Cherokee4Life

    thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Taylor

    Also, market.android.com no longer redirects you to the play store. I had to update my bookmark.

    • ElfirBFG


    • Nasko Hristov

      Well it was time...

  • Guest

    It suc ma big a55 Coca Cola

  • Steez

    Maybe I'm missing something, but one of the features I use to most seems to be gone. Is there still a way to sort app/game reviews by device? Maybe I'm missing something, but this seems like a really stupid thing to get rid of. It doesn't even seem to show the reviewer's device at all anymore.

  • duse

    Google keeps getting worse with every redesign they do. This new look is awful. The sidebar is confusing....if you click the back arrow instead of just hovering, you will accidentally click into a different category. Tons of white space and scrolling. Have to scroll to the bottom to see vital stats like number of installs. One of the main things I did on the site was read reviews and filter by one of my devices, sort by newest. Can't do that now. They'll probably remove this from the Play Store app next leaving us no way to filter reviews by our device. Probably because they determined it was a "power user" feature that not enough people used, which seems to be all they do nowadays. They keep removing every reason I had to use Android over other options, and the in process, the UIs are getting worse and harder to use, not better. I am seriously considering getting an iPhone instead of the next Nexus device - Google just keeps disappointing.

  • wdziemia

    The search algorithm seems to have been tweaked? My searches results are much more relevant than before.

  • Mystery Man

    How do I search for apps now the search bar is gone?


      it's still there

      • Mystery Man

        thanks I was on chrome on my phone it was just white up top for me maybe becuase of adblock not sure


    And now you can't use the left/right arrow keys to see next/previous screenshot like you could before

  • Jona

    Yes!!! Finally the ability to add to wishlist from the browser!! +++

  • tHE_uKER

    Oh my god. They jumped onto the Metro bandwagon head-on. :S

  • ash71ish

    oh the wishlist finally.

  • mdominic

    Was there a "Critics Review" section for the apps earlier?

  • Pascal

    Why the icons are so big.

    • kleinjl

      its because new user are more visual, but it make load slower and lower info in one page, screen real state is for brainless or babys..

  • Tomaco

    Beautiful featured apps banners disappeared (because of my country) and there are only recommended apps now. :(
    I hate Google latest updates (play store, maps and web play store)

  • Nabeel Farooqui

    Please help guys, I tried clicking on different links in the side bar and all i get is this: http://prntscr.com/1fq3lz

  • Thru Blew Cru

    They polished the surface and made the app management worse!

    Previously it was long winded to clean up your app repository by deleting apps one by one. Now it is simply impossible. Every shitty app that was installed for test drive is listed there damn!

  • Thru Blew Cru

    They polished the surface and made the app management worse!

    Previously it was long winded to clean up your app repository by deleting apps one by one. Now it is simply impossible. Every shitty app that was installed for test drive is listed there, damn!

    • akshay7394

      You can still do it from your device though, thank God.

      Small consolation, but it's something.

  • momentai

    I am disapoint.
    Complain here https://plus.google.com/+GooglePlay/posts.

  • Joey

    The loss of the ability to look at 1 or 2 star views directly is a tragedy.
    Those people actually pointed out what you had to worry about.
    The 5 stars reviews are usually from some guy who was excited the app would load on his brand new smartphone with the pretty colors!

  • walterkurtz

    where is review by device? surely this is important to many people since we're using a variety of devices.

  • kleinjl

    this web is HOLO??? ahhh... then holo is worst thing happening to android, i downgrade the play store app 4.x, and keep the beauty 3.14. but i like also the old web because you have all info in one page, yes the aditional info with install chart... now all that is gone, no more confort with the new layout, less info and full empty space... screen real state is stupid, how can i access the old web? is there any redirection, PLEEESEE!!!
    i hate the new web, is ugly, less useful, slow, unreliable (picture dont charge).
    is there a official feedback/suport (group, page, facebook or whatever) to request access to the old web???
    really, i cant understand!!!

  • kleinjl

    i was thinking about buy a new tablet (a android), may be a xperia tablet Z or wait for tegra4, transformer infinity, hp, or snapdragon 800 tablet(also waiting for) but the way of android with HOLO is not so powerful UI for users, so simple like the new web...
    please we need the old one, not only funtionality lost, ajax is very bad in mobile network, seems slow because more roundtrip, the screen real state is very simple, not enough for normal android user, i know may be new user like it, but is not for all!.
    please make a setting for powerful UI, and all the people will be happy.
    is there a official feedback/support (group, page, facebook or whatever) to request access to the old web or request changes in newone???

  • guptasuneet

    Horrible design! They are wasting too much space and the font size is huge. Originally all the information was available upfront on the individual App page without need for much scrolling. Now all you see at the top is the App name and screenshots. To get any meaningful information you need to scroll down repeatedly. Also the information content has reduced, e.g. App Permissions, that neat little graph showing downloads over time, etc.

    Information on the My Apps page has also reduced as mentioned in many posts below. Google should revert to its original task - provide people the knowledge they seek, easily and quickly; do not act big brother and try to control what people should or should not know

  • tym0

    A lot of font looks like crap on a 1080p 24" screen...

  • http://gamingirl.com Twinkling82

    "and the ability to wishlist directly from the web store"

    .. I've been waiting for this to happen. Thanks, G.

  • Bianco Bianco

    Looks like something Fisher Price built for the kiddies, with its big clunky blocks of bright colors and silly pictures.

    I guess Google is unaware that design and functionality are NOT mutually exclusive.
    Hope they fix this mess. .As it stands, I can't think of even one good reason to go back there. They have taken out nearly everything I used the site for, except searching and I can do that at any app site.

  • Craig Goslan

    What a mess, WHY FIX WHAT AIN'T BROKE. How do you access 'My apps' now?

    • http://gamingirl.com Twinkling82

      Click on apps, then my apps in the left side. You can also easy access a list of what you've ever downloaded by clicking the tool/settings icon in upper right corner and choose "my orders".

      • Craig Goslan

        Thanks, but I'll just use my mobile from now as Google Play on the PC is now rank. If the Mobile Google Play goes the same way I'll just go back to my iphone

        • http://gamingirl.com Twinkling82

          Sounds like you don't like change. You know, iOS 7 is on the way for iPhone and iPad, right? That WILL change a lot of things on those devices.

  • Bill

    I can't believe it does not remove things you have uninstalled in MyAPPS....useless

  • Atiqur Rahman Khan

    the new interface is so much messed up....having a sack full of issues ...first it takes a hell more of a time to load ..previous versions were much faster than this...smoothness was much better in the older one...videos attached to the particular apps needs a lot of data usage to load...on the previous versions it wuld load on the same page was simple that days but in the new one a pop up arises for playing the particular video takes more time too....the screen shots thing is good as compared to the previous version but when i try to click the next button it zooms the image ....overall m not satisfied with new UI ...DEAR GOOGLE U EARN $929 PER SECOND...WE EXPECT A HELL LOT OF MORE FROM U...

  • concerned citizen

    Unfortunately, they've also removed the small 30-day download history graph from the new layout, which makes it basically impossible to prove when free apps are boosting their search ranking with an automated apk download script (yes, this can be done, and it's not even particularly difficult).

    I've recently noticed this happening on Google Play: a free, mediocre app is listed and shoots right to the top of the search rankings with 50k+ downloads in less than a month but, significantly, very little comment feedback. It all looks totally bogus and the public 30-day graph supports this conclusion.

    As to motive, this is a way to push out far better free apps and collect their advertising revenue. I've reported the app in question but it's still listed in the number 2 slot, along with it's ludicrous download count, so I guess the issue is here to stay.

    I for one won't be doing any more free apps on Android. I don't even have ads in my app but search ranking and download count mean a lot when the app is résumé item.

  • carulli

    I hate it! I was buying music there now I'm looking for something that is easier to browse through and listen to new songs.

  • Davis

    A shiny turd is still a turd. Paid Review alert above ^^^^. All the usefulness and practicalities are gone, only a pretty look. The worst offender has got to be the 'review section'. ALL the sorting option are GONE. Imagine if Walmart shuffle all their items and remove all signs; you have to go through the whole store to find a jar of peanut butter.

  • GR

    And some people (like Mr. Ruddock) continue to praise Google for it's innovative features. I
    wish I knew what they were talking about. Google Play (web version) is a
    giant step backwards. So why does it take a long time for apps to get updated in Google Play when they were removed from your phone days a go? Mr. Ruddock--wish I knew what you meant by fast. The next thing you'll be telling us--is how innovative/efficient Google's New Device Manager is.

  • Abraham

    I hate Windows 8 and the new Google Play look is a Windows 8 wannabe!
    Try reviewing comments on an app and all you want to see are the low or high ratings.

  • Rick R

    Horrible. Put back the interface that was functional. How was this ever allowed to go to production? Functionality is so much worse.

  • kamikaji

    The new Web Interface for the Play Store IS GARBAGE. There is LITERALLY no improvement at all in terms of managing and discovering apps. In fact, it is a step BACKWARDS in more ways than one. Fucking change this back, Google. No one cares about your god damn flashy visuals if you remove ALL THE FUNCTIONALITY WE USED TO HAVE AND LOVE. Why can't I fucking sort search results by rating, price, popularity, etc. anymore? Why can't I uninstall apps from my devices through the store anymore? Why can't I sort by device anymore? Why is there no more recently installed app section anymore (it's populated with irrelevant shit apps that I ditched AGES ago now)? Why can't I sort/manage reviews anymore (Reviews are literally WORTHLESS now. It's just a flashy stream of random reviews shown in a tiny section, which cannot be managed or paired down at all. I don't even look at the reviews anymore because there is no way to see what I want. Fucking useless. There might as well not even be reviews anymore.)?

    What. The. Actual. Fuck.

    And on top of that, EVERY SINGLE POPULAR WEBSITE IS SHOWERING THIS STREAM OF SHIT WITH ENDLESS PRAISE. I don't want to live on this planet anymore.

  • from gmail forum

    google SAY -- remove "SORT" -- google provide powerfull search

    google SAY - - remove " UNINSTALL" - google provide a lot og disk space
    hahahahhaha ST***ID tech support

  • Unhappy Google Play User

    The reviewer has got to be smoking CRACK! My Apps is soooooooooooo SLOW!!!
    Gone is the view of apps installed per by device. You have just got to be kidding me!!

  • Marx Marvelous

    Still can't sort. Fail

  • fuck google play

    ANDRIOD TRYING TO BE IPHONE !!!! Catch yourselves on , one of the biggest selling points to Android phones was the abundance of FREE apps now everyone might aswell do the unthinkable and get an iPhone as you know you'll get shafted they don't HIDE it or do it WITHOUT informing customers