It is once again time to discuss our favorite games from the past month. As usual, plenty of great games popped up in the Play Store last month, but we'll just be taking a look at five, with a list of honorable mentions to follow.

From action to explosive cartoon cats, there's something in the list that should satisfy just about every type of gamer. If you're looking for some new games to keep you busy this weekend, you'll find them here.

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Rage of the Gladiator

Rage of the Gladiator, a game that met success on iOS, actually got its start on Android in March, but it was only available in Europe. Last month, though, the eye-melting combat game gained universal availability on Android

Basically, you play a gladiator who faces various and sundry epic foes including Medusa. As the game's own description states, every enemy is a "boss," and each is wonderfully rendered. The whole game carries a pretty great visual style that will keep you fascinated as you battle demons, sorcerers, and a giant eyeball Venus fly-trap creature that shoots lasers.

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Hero of Many

I'm kind of a sucker for ambient, chill-out games. That being the case, Hero of Many was a no-brainer for our top five list. The game, which makes use of a silhouette-vs-colorful background aesthetic, is whimsical, challenging, and really well-executed.

The basic idea is that you are a water being, tasked with leading a swarm of other beings through a "dangerous world," engaging in battles across four unique worlds each drenched in atmosphere. Besides fighting to stay alive, you'll have to solve increasingly challenging puzzles.

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The game is $3.99, but the experience more than justifies the price.

Bombcats: Special Edition

Bombcats, which made its way to the Play Store as an IAP-free "special edition" last month, is as cartoony in concept as it is in aesthetic.

As the player, you're charged with freeing kittens from some kind of energy sphere … things … with a retinue of specially-powered cats who explode, bounce, stick, or speed toward the spheres (or other objects) in an effort to free kittens. Past that, however, Bombcats offers Marathon and Time Trial gameplay modes that allow you to keep your cats flying as long as possible without exploding, or run back through previous levels as quick as possible, respectively.

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If you're looking for a unique time-waster, Bombcats is a great option. Its colorful, cartoonish graphics and light yet challenging gameplay make it worth its $1.99 price.

The Silent Age

The Silent Age is a point-and-click adventure that centers on Joe, a janitor with an incredible quest thrust upon him by a dying future-dweller who hands over a time travel device during one of Joe's otherwise normal floor-sweeping days. From the game's 1972 starting point, Joe must travel back and forth through time, piecing together the mystery behind the ruin of the future (which is actually our present, except everyone's dead).

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The game's art style and atmosphere are both wonderfully executed. A minimal, thoughtful environment combines with spooky music to produce a great experience. Plus, the game is free. As Ryan pointed out though, this is just episode one. And the first hit is always free.

Quadropus Rampage

Finally, we have Quadropus Rampage, a game where you play a four-armed octopus (get it?) battling baddies ad infinitum as you progress deeper into the ocean.

The premise, as the video demonstrates, is simple: "be a quadropus, go on a rampage." As you maneuver the super-contrasty, cel-shaded universe, you'll encounter (and defeat) foes at rapid speed. Once you dispatch with all the enemies at your depth, you'll progress ever downward in increments of ten meters.

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Quadropus may not be earth-shattering, but it's a lot of fun. And as Ryan pointed out in our review, it's excellent for wasting a few minutes at a time, packing enough color and action to keep you entertained. While it does have in-app purchases, everything can be unlocked in-game, and the game is free to play.

Honorable Mention

As mentioned earlier, there were a ton of great games released last month. They didn't all make our shortlist, but they're worth a quick shout out. Here are a few of the other great games from June 2013.

Final Thoughts

Know of any games we missed, or games you'd like to see featured in our next roundup? Give us a shout. If none of the games on the list suited your fancy, don't worry – we'll be back soon with another of our longer, semi-weekly roundups.