For many users, memory cards are a very important part of mobile life. They provide extra storage when it's most crucial, allowing users to carry around thousands of songs, hundreds of TV shows, or dozens of movies to watch in their downtime. Depending on the model of phone in which they reside, they could also mean the difference between having enough space for Grand Theft Auto instead of Angry Birds.


If you're in the market for newer, faster, or just larger microSD (or even standard SD) card, then today's Amazon Gold Box deal is one you won't want to pass up. Several different Sony cards – and external hard drives – have taken a price slash in order to better fit your wallet.

Better hurry, though – one these are gone, the deal is over.


Cameron Summerson
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  • MLBaylor

    but no vita cards qq

    • Pyrotek85

      Exactly what I was hoping for lol

  • Adrian Zugaj

    Note: That 64GB card is a REGULAR SD card, not a micro.


  • acey_zero

    hope the Moto X has an SD slot...

  • Rob

    Only up to 32GB microSD. Meh.

  • Lindsay Marie

    Is the sony class 10 32g sdhc exclusively for camcorders/cameras?

  • Gadget-Man

    Lexar brand is much more reliable with android phones