Locked bootloaders can be a real drag, but there's usually some way around it. In the case of the Verizon and AT&T Galaxy S4, Dan Rosenberg released the Loki tool to bypass the locked bootloader and execute custom kernels. This developer-focused tool has been a hit with its intended audience, and now it has added support for LG devices.


Loki can be obtained from GitHub with all the necessary code and documentation. In addition to the Samsung Galaxy S4, the app can now bypass locked bootloaders on the LG Optimus G Pro, LG Lucid 2, LG Motion, and LG Spirit. The process should be roughly the same for the LG phones as it is with the GS4.

It probably bears repeating, this is not a user-focused tool – it's aimed at ROM and recovery developers. You are, of course, free to play around with Loki, but it's not going to be as simple as flashing a ZIP file. Grab the code below if you're interested.

[Loki GitHub; Thanks, David Rouleau]

Ryan Whitwam
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  • http://silverfang77.tumblr.com/ Silver Fang

    When did Samsung start locking their bootloaders?

    • ProductFRED

      AT&T and, as far as I know, Sprint and Verizon (but not T-Mobile) have asked Samsung to do it. It's not a Samsung thing; it's more of a carrier thing.

      • shabbypenguin

        att and verizon are the only us carriers to lock.

      • whywhywhy

        Samsung needs to grow some balls and say no

    • AndreKP2124

      Samsung locking bootloaders in bigger carriers smells like TIZEN. Perhaps, they want to lock the bootloader in some of the Galaxy S4 devices, because they have a hidden strategy and this one may consist that they may want to upgrade the S4 to Tizen in the future (ditching Google in a dirty way). Tizen is an OS so much near to Android that they can be able to upgrade Android devices to Tizen. Samsung is silently and slowly improving Tizen OS, and the smartphones that Samsung showed with Tizen have the same button arrangement as the Galaxy devices.

  • ProductFRED

    Even though the LG does actively copy Samsung, the Optimus G Pro is the best phone they've put out in a while. I personally own a Note 2, but I can see why someone could opt for the G Pro as well.

  • Alex Flynn

    This kind of stuff is super interesting

  • mgamerz

    Wish it worked on my LG Mach. I have no way to restore it back to standard so I can't update it. Why do they always make it so you can't even recover your normal device? Seriously. It doesn't have to even be unlocked, as long as I can recover to stock I'm fine with it.