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Gopher Launch

Gopher Launch. Get it? Yes, this one is another marble game, though you'll be exploring tiny planets instead of top-down stages. The inspiration from Super Mario Galaxy is apparent, but that's not a bad thing. Guide your gopher-ball through the stages to collect enough fuel to launch his rocket off into space. Various enemies and dastardly traps will be introduced as you progress through the levels. The game is free, so prepare for an IAP upsell.


Earn your place in outer space with a ‘revolutionary’ twist on mobile gaming action! Bounce and roll your way across rotating 3D planets, racing against the clock to gather goodies from the surface and get back to your rocket before the auto-launch sequence kicks in. Stranded in a strange star system far from home, our fearless Gophernaut finds himself with his ship running on empty. Players hop from planet to planet collecting as many Fusion Crystals as they can to continue the journey home.

Way of the Dogg

OK, try and follow me here. Snoop Dogg, a fellow of infinite jest and most excellent marijuana, is the master of a martial arts dojo/recording studio/hotbox. You, a public-spirited trainee fighter by the name of America Jones (yes, really) accept the tutelage of The Dogg in order to protect the street, engaging in literal rap battles to defend your turf. Way of the Dogg isn't the most egregious rapper tie-in game I've ever seen (cough, 50 Cent, cough). At least it includes real, licensed music and rhythm-based gameplay, not to mention online multiplayer... if you're brave enough to admit that you've downloaded it.


Way of the Dogg is a brutal, rhythm-action combat adventure, set to Snoop Dogg’s music. Each level is a fresh fight against a different character in a new location defined by a Snoop Dogg track. As AJ, fight your way through 14 levels, each a superbly choreographed beat-matched fight, set to Snoop's music, including 'Who am I?', 'Gz and Hustlas' and '10 Lil Crips' to name but a few. Go head-to head with friends in multiplayer rhythm battles and follow Snoop's lead in the Temple Tutorials. Train with Snoop, pick a side, take your chances and find the way: The Way of the Dogg.


Evertales fits broadly into the platformer genre. Crescent Moon Games' attention to detail shines through in the graphics and humor. You control one of three over-the-top heroes as they journey through a fantasy land, collecting loot and kicking Orc at all points along the way. You can equip your knight, ranger, or mage with some predictably zany outfits if you like, all the better to admire the fetching 3D graphics. Huge bosses pepper the stages.


Once upon time, there was a tale of mighty heroes, protectors of the realm, and the saviors of many damsels in distress. This…is not that tale. This is a tale of unlikely Heroes. Embark on journeys of not-so-epic proportions with Sir Jorgin, the noble knight past his prime; Arwick, the ladies man and elf rogue; and Taragon, wize, old, and somewhat senile wizard. Welcome….to Evertales.

City Cat

This game is a pretty shameless copy of Jetpack Joyride, right down to the upgradeable vehicles, this time substituted as pop culture costumes. But we're giving it a pass on the lack of innovation (and rampant pushes towards in-app purchases) because it's a perfect application of Nyan Cat into a mobile game. You won't find the "real" version of Nyan Cat in there (is it possible to copyright an Internet meme?) but all your Reddit pals will appreciate it nonetheless.


Jump from one roof to the next! Upgrade your cat! Get your stolen food back!

  • visit unique cities (New York, Moscow and Paris)
  • compete with your friends in weekly tournaments
  • enjoy awesome retro graphics
  • get lots of power-ups
  • upgrade your cat

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Snake HD

It could be said that the simplicity of Snake is the heart of its charm, and that adding anything to its incredibly basic formula would, in a very real way, destroy it. Publisher Moarbile would probably say something different. The classic "grow until you die" gameplay remains, but switches the old T9 controls to full analog, allowing for some more interesting movement possibilities. Achievements and in-app purchases are a given for this free title.


Snake HD is an improved version of the traditional snake game. In this game, you need move the snake to eat the gleaming beads and avoid the endless enemies. Players can not only eat items but also use power-ups. The greatest graphics will make players addicted to this game, which is the biggest advantage of this game.

Battle Dragons

Dragons and tower defense. What could go wrong? Aside from overbearing social elements and in-app purchases, of course? In the plus side, Battle Dragons has some genuinely gorgeous 2D animation going on - see, developers, it's possible to make great-looking 2D games without resorting to "retro" style. The game is definitely intended for tablets. Note: this game does not appear to be available in the US at the moment.


Here’s what you do in this game – pretty simple, actually. You command your army of Dragons as they raze and plunder valuable resources from other players. You use those resources to grow more powerful. You Battle. You Build. You reign supreme. We think it’s pretty fun and it don’t cost nuthin’. We had fun making it and hope you have fun playing it. Why not try it? C’mon…tap that install button up there.

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Android Police coverage: [New Game] Kavinsky Arrives In The Play Store Blasting Synthpop For Your Listening Pleasure

Kavinsky takes music from the titular synth-pop producer and sets it to a rhythm game. But wait, don't look away just yet: this one actually seems pretty good. You've got two game modes, a basic beat-em-up and a driving game with the official Kavinsky car, both of which have to be controlled in time to the music. If that's not "Retro" enough for you, there's also a 2D "old-school" mode which will have you seeing Double Dragons as you play.


'Outrun' album producer Kavinsky introduces the first ever video game based on a record. Defeat foul villains and shady night creatures as you wander in the mean streets of Downtown LA. Your favorite Kavinsky records provide the soundtrack for your ride. Mighty martial arts moves, deadly weapons, and the perfect soundtrack are just a click away. Grab it so you can take Kavinsky, his story, and his dreaded foes with you anywhere you go. It’s music history in a video game, now available on all portable platforms and devices.



So there's this lab, and they've made some gel. And apparently it is intelligent, though how you could tell is beyond me. Also, it fights against other, likewise intelligent gels in a real-time strategy environment (though movement seems to be limited by pre-set paths). Out move and outmaneuver other gels to claim victory in several modes across more than 100 maps. There's no multi-player at the moment, but separate game saves are supported.


Prove your tactics and strategy skills in this awesome real time strategy game by controlling an intelligent type of gel which learns new abilities from the enemies it encounters - welcome to project Gelluloid! Learn new abilities, advised by the G.A.P. (Gelluloid Asistance Program), as you progress through carefully designed campaigns. Uncover new gameplay modes, new units and enhance your gel with powerful upgrades.

Fairway Solitaire

Combining golf and single-player card games would probably make the most boring sport imaginable, but developer Big Fish is game for a try. You're fighting against a gopher, Caddyshack-style, in a game of solitaire with Golf-inspired add-ons and powerups. Surprisingly good voice work is done by a pair of bickering announcers. The game is a free download, but you'll have to pony up one dollar for the full version.


Big Fish is pleased to announce that Fairway Solitaire™ is back, and it's bigger and better than ever! One of the most exciting and addictive card games available includes solitaire hands dealt on more than 408 hand-crafted golf holes, 4 mini games, 37 trophies, a golf shop, golf announcers, hazard cards, and one SERIOUSLY ticked off gopher! Follow this hilariously sarcastic story of the gopher and his seething disdain and desire to put all golfers in their place!

Super Pirate Paddle Battle F2P

What exactly is a Paddle Battle? It's Pong, with pirates, or at least pirate ships. Yup, that's about it. There are a few interesting touches thrown in like powerups (basically extra cannons that can damage your opponent) but it boils down to the tennis-type game you know and love with a few nice 2D sprites thrown in.


Arrr Matey... I hope you're ready for the best paddle game you have ever played. Full game features 24 beautiful levels with 7 different ships to choose from, play against a friend or play solo. You and your friends will enjoy hours of gameplay on your android device as you battle it out.


Space Beats

If you're a fan of DJ Egadz, you might like this game. If you're a fan of good music games, you probably won't. It's extremely simple, the timing is nearly impossible, and for some strange reason (cough, iOS developer, cough) it's stuck in a 4:3 aspect ratio, and the Android back button doesn't work. Still. Free music. Wee.


Space beats is a new kind of beat-music rhythm game, where you actually play the beats. Score points, score bigger on bonuses, freestyle, and defeat the golden hedron. Three difficulty settings allow for accomplishments and high scores. Can you play perfectly and get the highest score? Unlock special features such as freestyle mode, where you can make your own beats, and download free music!

Dark Nebula HD - Episode 2

Here's another installment in Free Lunch's Dark Nebula series, a newer take on the classic marble maze game. It's got the same game elements with much the same graphics, so it's not clear why you'd buy this game over the other, unless you really enjoyed the first. As before, owners of the Sphero robot toy can use it as an external controller.


The critically acclaimed sequel to the smash hit Dark Nebula HD - Episode 1! Tilt your vessel to blaze through exciting levels where you must avoid dangerous traps, dodge bullets and cheat death in every corner! Battle enemies, defeat epic bosses and solve mysterious puzzles as you bounce, slide and spin your way to the finish line! Put your skills to the test by completing the game with Gold Star results on all levels and prove that you are the true master of Dark Nebula!

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The Story of Choices

Some fanciful takes on quantum theory state that every decision you make creates an alternate world in which you chose differently. The idea of small choices with big consequences is explored in this free 8-bit style adventure game. Once you've explored one branching path to the full, you can go back and try another, perhaps where you had a biscuit with breakfast instead of an English muffin. It's not exactly cutting edge (The Story of Choices was created in less than two days), but it should be appealing for fans of 8-bit style and chiptune music.


The Story of Choices has a very complex story line, with multiple paths and endings, based on small decisions, such as "wake up" or "snooze" a little while longer. Our hero, named Choices, needs to avoid war between two kingdoms as he works as a messenger between the two kings. Make him choose wisely, and you could even get the princess to marry him.

  • Multiple Endings
  • Find out all possible outcomes
  • Endless Replayability
  • Involving Story
  • Game created in a 36 hour game jam

Low Life Free

Low Life is a combination of real-time strategy (Without the guns or explosions) and a bit of puzzle solving. You guide a group of amorphous creatures through a harsh world, getting through obstacles, avoiding bad guys, and solving some simple puzzles on the way. The full game is has 84 levels, but you can try out the first half in this free demo.


You’re responsible for the fate of The Plebs, a sweet but clueless bunch of guys who need your help to get them through the dangerous world they find themselves in. Directing the action from above you must get them through 84 levels of mayhem to find the teleport home. Direct the Plebs as a group or select individuals for special missions. Find keys, hit switches, throw bombs and shoot guns! The world is full of dangers including the nastier types of low life, ready to pounce on your guys if they get close enough.


Android Police coverage: [New Game] Warner Bros Releases Pacific Rim: Kaiju Battle, An Augmented Reality Beat 'Em Up And Photo App

Pacific Rim comes out tomorrow, and it looks like it's going to be one of the coolest, most fun blockbusters of the summer. The official game... does not look quite so cool. The gameplay itself is pretty standard button-mashing fighter fare starring the robots and monsters from the movie, but the hook is that it's played in "the real world" via augmented reality. You can also take some semi-scaled snapshots of the super-sized stars with your local scenery.


The Pacific Rim: Jaeger vs Kaiju Battle game, powered by Qualcomm's Vuforia augmented reality technology, allows users to play as the giant Jaeger robots and fight monstrous Kaiju from Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures PACIFIC RIM in a real-world environment. Using vision-based image recognition, users can set up gameplay on any flat surface and see the film's combatant characters come to life on their tablet or smartphone device. The gameplay features on-screen controls for attacking, blocking and performing special finishing moves. Join the fight.

Pacific Rim

Android Police coverage: [New Game] Pacific Rim Gets A Second Official Android Game: Surprise, It's An Infinity Blade Clone

...and here's a second Pacific Rim game, just in case you didn't get enough robot fighting action with the first. This one takes the more typical (and much more disappointing) Infinity Blade route, with swipe and taps replacing combat. At leas the graphics are noticeably better, and $5 gets you five Jaeger mechs and 30 stages of combat. Mechs can be customized, at least to some degree.


Pacific Rim is an all-new action fighting game inspired by the Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures film from acclaimed filmmaker Guillermo del Toro. Piloting weaponized robots known as Jaegers, Earth’s defenders must train their jockeys from rookie to ace in a Story Mode or challenge themselves to last as long as they can against waves of monstrous creatures, known as Kaiju, in Survival Mode. Do you have the skill to survive these battles? Time is short—so start building your lethal combat skills and weapons today or the world will pay the price!

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The Lone Ranger

Android Police coverage: [New Game] The Lone Ranger Enters The Play Store, But Can This Franchise Be Saved?

The Lone Ranger is an achingly generic summer movie. So it's pretty appropriate that the licensed tie-in game is just as generic, with gameplay that consists of poking wagons, poking gunslingers, and just generally poking everything west of the Mississippi. Hey, at least it's not another soulless beat-em-up. And when you're done playing your mediocre game, you can buy tickets to a mediocre movie. But not through the game itself. That would be too original an idea.


Become a legend of justice in the new role-playing game inspired by The Lone Ranger movie. Saddle up and take the reins as one of the greatest Texas Rangers in the Wild West. Embark on a thrilling adventure as you protect the town of Colby, face-off in epic showdowns, and bring infamous outlaws to justice. Fight against greed and corruption in this 3d, role-playing adventure.

MLB Dream Nine Mobile

Konami seems to love baseball games that aren't really baseball games. MLB Dream Nine lets you create your own all-star team, in a combination of sports manager and fantasy roster app. The games themselves are played out by the computer - your job is to scout and recruit the best possible team. Multiplayer is included for the United States and Canada.


It's time to PLAY BALL with a new baseball simulation game from Konami. Build up the finest MLB Dream Team and become #1 in MLB Dream Nine Mobile! CREATE YOUR DREAM TEAM WITH YOUR FAVORITE MLB PLAYERS! Customize your very own team with real MLB players officially licensed by and MLBPA. WIN GAMES AND ADVANCE TO THE TOP LEAGUE! Increase your players' potential through matches. League games are held every week and postseason games are held on weekends. Do you have what it takes to make it to the top?

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Turd Birds

In this endless runner, you play a bird who poops on people. You stay classy, Android game devs.


Look out below, these birds need to POOP! Birds of a feather drop turds together in this high-flying, tap to crap hunt for targets to poop on. Flock to beaches, construction sites and city parks to take aim on unsuspecting lifeguards, grannies and Facebook friends below! Watch out for helicopters, UFO’s and toxic waste as you soar through the rapid-fire skies. Snag power-up’s, scoop-up mystery boxes and collect as many coins as you can before running out of gas!

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Hundreds is amazingly simple: you've got a hundred points to distribute among a number of circles. Place them on the circles, and they grow larger. Get all 100 out of your possession onto the circles without letting them touch, and you win the round. It's one of those deceptively easy concepts that nonetheless becomes progressively harder, and there are plenty of puzzles to make Hundreds worth both your time and your dime.


The goal of Hundreds: Grow at least 100 points between the circles in each puzzle. Circles turn red and volatile while being grown and if they collide, it's game over. It's that easy.

  • Over 100 unique puzzles - no filler!
  • Elegant, minimalist graphics
  • Mesmerizing original soundtrack


Block Block Block

See those blocks? Get them all in a straight line. See the one that are different colors? Get them in straight lines as well. That's the simple premise behind Block Block block, the latest in Noodlecake's simple, addicting portfolio. There are more than 200 levels, and like all good puzzle games, the difficulty ramps up as you progress. The game is free, with a $2 in-app purchase to remove ads - nice.


Block Block Block is a simple, fun and relaxing puzzle game. The basics are easy. Solve the puzzles by getting 3 blocks of the same color in a row or column. Things get challenging however when multiple colors, moving blocks and various puzzle elements are introduced. If it gets too hard our dynamic hint system will help you by solving only some or all of the puzzle for you.


Compulsive couldn't be more simple: switch up the blocks, match the colors in sections of four or more, and clear the board, not unlike a slightly elongated version of Bejeweled. Graphics are incredibly basic (Jonny Ive approves) and there are no extras to speak of, but you can try and beat your friends' top scores via an integrates Facebook leaderboard.


A palette of beautiful colors needs your help to get organized. This quick color matching puzzle game is easy to learn and difficult to put down. Ready to get Compulsive?

  • Addictive color matching puzzle game
  • Beautiful bright candy like colors with a modern theme
  • Awesome animations, music, and sound
  • Quick 60 second games


QWOP is an Android version of the infamously difficult online Flash game. You play an Olympic sprinter in the 100 meter dash... or more accurately, you play (or at least control) his legs. Four buttons control the thigh and calf muscles of each leg. This game is so hard it induces rage in most players - that's kind of the point. It might actually be easier to train for, enter, and win a real Olympic event than to complete a single race in QWOP. Good luck, masochists.


QWOP is the local sporting hero of a prosperous country in the scandinavian alps. Unfortunately, it is too cold there for an outdoor track, and QWOP has come to the championships without completing his training! You can help QWOP achieve his sporting dreams! You just need to show him how to run. Control QWOP's legs and arms by moving your thumbs around in the diamonds on the screen. Move your thumbs in clockwise circles to make him run. Make QWOP lean forward and back by tilting your device.

Quell Memento

Android Police coverage: Quell Memento Arrives In Google Play After Amazon Appstore Exclusivity

Quell Memento is a unique, story-based puzzler that takes the block puzzles from the original Quell in new and interesting directions. It's been available on the Amazon Appstore for over a month, but now you can pick it up on Google Play for three bones.


Forget the world. Fall in love with this enchanting zen puzzler. Set within an old abandoned house, the player restores order to the jumbled memories of the last occupant, and in doing so embarks on a haunting journey of self-discovery and reflection.

  • Over 140 cunningly crafted puzzles.
  • Over 20 secret bonus levels.
  • Hidden collectibles to discover.
  • Perfectly balanced difficulty curve.
  • New soundtrack by composer Steven Cravis

WTF Game(s) Of The Week

Run Peeman Run

What is it with all the urination-based games lately? In Run Peeman Run, you're tasked with finding a handy receptacle for your main character to relieve himself. That's pretty much it. There are no graphic scenes, but you'd still have a hard time explaining this one to anyone who found it on your device.


What happens when you are with your girlfriend on a date and you have to relieve yourself? Sounds Easy Test your concentration now.... Most guys hold themselves up to a point when they can't hold back anymore and make a run to the nearest loo, resulting in some... umm interesting and rather disastrous incidents involving just your pants if you are lucky. If unlucky you end up at the emergency room of the nearest hospital with a rather embarrassing injury :).

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