Yahoo! Mail is still the number one provider of email services to the United States, and Yahoo has been steadily updating both the platform at large and the Android app. Yesterday's bump to version 2.6 adds the Dropbox integration shown at the recent developer conference, allowing users to add attachments directly from their cloud storage folders, no upload necessary. Just tap on the paperclip icon and select the Dropbox option. Neat!

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Yahoo! Mail for Android now supports Business Mail accounts, which is Yahoo's version of Google Apps for Business. That's kind of a big deal if you use your smartphone for unimportant things like answering emails (previously you'd have to use the default Android email client, or a third-party alternative). All the features of the standard app apply to Business users, including (yes!) push email notifications. The UI has been given a bit of extra polish as well: it's now possible to swipe horizontally to advance or retreat through your emails without going "up" to the inbox view.

On top of that, you get the standard stability and performance improvements. The app is compatible with most every Android device, and includes both tablet and smartphone views. Get to it, Yahooligans.

New in v2.6:
- Dropbox: Now get access to all your files on the go, thanks to our partnership with Dropbox! Tap on the attachment (paper clip) icon and choose "Share from Dropbox"
- Easy browsing through your Inbox: simply swipe on a message to view the next one
- Business Mail accounts: Yahoo! Small Business customers can now access their email through this app, with all supported features such as push notifications, Yahoo! contacts, and photo attachments
- Performance & stability improvements

Jeremiah Rice
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  • S4 User

    But this app sucks battery a lot on S4

  • vwbeetlvr

    People still use Yahoo!?

    • Steve Freeman

      "Yahoo! Mail is still the number one provider of email services to the United States"

      • vwbeetlvr

        I don't know anyone with Yahoo

        • Adam

          I can't believe they didn't ask vwbeetlvr before making claims like that.

    • Nick V

      I still use my Yahoo Mail 90% of the time. I have been slowly moving to Gmail more and more, thanks to Google Now, but Yahoo is still my main email address.

    • shadowx360

      The numbers may be skewed. Yahoo is the easiest to make fake email accounts with using a bot, I have a stash of 2500+ yahoo accounts.

  • acc3d

    Yeah, there's no way to disable push notifications without disabling background data systemwide. I don't need another service running constantly on my devices :/

  • Aegeuss

    I had to install it due to high battery consumption. Now I use yahoo mail mobile in my browser and I don't look for Yahoo app. anymore.

  • Nick V

    I wish they would add the ability to go back to conversation when you delete an email you are reading. Currently, it opens the next email, which I may not want to look at.

  • Yep

    do you know why when trying to download it from the google play store, I only get version 2.5.2 (so frustrating, I've been trying to have my business email account to work on my phone for a year now, still wondering if it will work with 2.6 but cannot get it yet) any ideas? Thanks for the tip anyhow...