Last Updated: July 14th, 2013

T-Mobile's "Un-carrier" re-branding changed the game. It took what those of us in the US know about wireless contracts, threw that out the window, and offered something different. And the company is excited about that. This morning, T-Mobile CEO John Legere took the stage in New York to not only talk about the tremendous growth the company has seen since launching its Un-carrier initiative, but also to announce more new features – the company's boldest moves yet.

Let's start with LTE. As of today, the company's 4G LTE footprint now covers 116 metropolitan areas and 157 million people – more than 57 million more than its mid-year goal of 100m. While that in itself is fairly impressive, it's not all that's moving on the LTE front. The company also added two new Android-powered LTE devices to its portfolio today: the Sony Xperia Z, available beginning on July 17th from T-Mobile, and Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1, which is available now.

Families were also shown love at today's event – starting July 14th, Simple Choice plans will offer four lines with 500MB of data each for $100, without a credit check. That's a phone for everyone in the family, regardless of what your credit score may be. Of course 500MB of data isn't a lot, so fortunately there's an option to add more data per line.

But none of those things are game-changing. Since doing everything differently from the other carriers is what T-Mo is all about lately, it also announced JUMP – a new feature that will allow customers to upgrade their device twice a year. The service itself is $10 a month and it doubles as an insurance policy, making it a pretty incredible value. Here's the gist: if you break your phone, you can use JUMP to get a new one (with deductible). If you are tired of your phone or just want a new one, you can trade it in up to twice yearly. And when you trade in your existing handset, you no longer have to pay on it – you immediately start paying on your new device, and that's it. So, instead of getting to upgrade every two years, you're upgrading twice yearly, and you'll only be paying slightly more per month than you likely already do for an insurance plan on your on-contract phone. That's a big deal.


Overall, these are some major changes, and T-Mobile is once again affirming its alliance to customers. This is definitely a step in the right direction for mobile plans, so hopefully we'll start to see more of these kinds of changes become commonplace across the industry.

NEW YORK — July 10, 2013 — T-Mobile US, Inc. (NYSE: TMUS)isn’t resting after turning the industry upside down with its “Un-carrier” approach to wireless earlier this year. It’s picking up the pace and continuing to revolutionize wireless for consumers.
At an event in New York today, America’s Un-carrier announced a groundbreaking new program, JUMP!™, which enables people to upgrade their phones when they want, up to twice a year as soon as six months from enrollment.
“At some point, big wireless companies made a decision for you that you should have to wait two years to get a new phone for a fair price. That’s 730 days of waiting. 730 days of watching new phones come out that you can’t have. Or having to live with a cracked screen or an outdated camera,” said John Legere, president and CEO of T-Mobile US. “We say two years is just too long to wait. Today, we’re changing all that with the launch of JUMP! Now, customers never have to worry about being stuck with the wrong phone. And, yes — it’s really as good as it sounds.”
In addition to JUMP!, T-Mobile today announced a major expansion of its 4G LTE network to reach 157 million people in 116 metro areas across the United States. The company also unveiled a program enabling families to get four phone lines with unlimited talk, text and Web and up to 500MB of high-speed data for only $100 per month — with no credit check or annual service contract required.
Today’s news builds on months of momentum since T-Mobile announced a series of bold moves in March. The announcements included dramatically simplifying its lineup of consumer rate plans to one affordable plan for unlimited talk, text and Web on a nationwide network; eliminating the need for consumers to sign annual service contracts; and enabling customers to get popular smartphones whenever they want for amazingly low upfront pricing.
Since then, market data indicates the company has nearly tripled its flow of postpaid net-new customers from AT&T and shows T-Mobile gaining more net-new customers in May than each of the other major wireless carriers in New York; Los Angeles; Houston; the San Francisco Bay Area; Miami; San Diego; and Washington, D.C.
An Easy “JUMP” to Phone Upgrades
JUMP! from T-Mobile is designed to provide customers with total protection for one of their prized possessions: their smartphones. It offers the freedom to upgrade to a new device more affordably and protects against malfunction, damage, loss or theft — all for just $10 per month, per phone (plus taxes and fees). That’s just $2 more than most customers have been paying for handset protection alone.
Beginning Sunday, July 14, customers can choose to upgrade when they want, not when they’re told with JUMP! Here’s how it works: Customers can upgrade to a new phone, financed through T-Mobile’s Equipment Installment Program (EIP), twice every 12 months after they’ve been in the JUMP! program for six months. Simply trade in an eligible T-Mobile phone in good working condition at a participating store location. Any remaining EIP payments will be eliminated, and current customers can purchase new phones for the same upfront pricing as new customers, with device financing and Simple Choice Plan, a no-annual-service contract. With JUMP!, current customers never pay more for their new phones than new customers.1
T-Mobile’s 4G LTE Network Rapidly Expanding
Having a great device means little without a fantastic network supporting it, so T-Mobile is also moving at incredible speed to make its already lightning-fast network even better and faster for customers.
Today, T-Mobile announced that its 4G LTE network now reaches 157 million people across the United States — far exceeding the company’s stated midyear goal of reaching 100 million people — and is live in 116 metropolitan areas.
Major metropolitan areas where T-Mobile’s 4G LTE network service has launched include New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, Dallas, Seattle, Atlanta, Miami, and many others. The company debuted 4G LTE less than four months ago.
T-Mobile remains on target to deliver nationwide 4G LTE network coverage by the end of the year, reaching 200 million people in more than 200 metropolitan areas.
In addition, T-Mobile’s 4G HSPA+ network service is available to 228 million people nationwide. By combining 4G HSPA+ and LTE network technologies, T-Mobile can provide customers with a strong, seamless nationwide 4G network experience.
Launching Breakthrough Family Option with No Credit Checks
T-Mobile today is also extending its Un-carrier strategy to families by addressing a huge customer headache: being denied premium family-plan rates because of less-than-premium credit.
Beginning July 14, families can get four Simple Choice Plan lines with unlimited talk, text and Web and up to 500MB of high-speed data for only $100 per month (plus taxes and fees) — no credit check and no annual service contract required.
An average of one in three consumers who apply for wireless service do not have strong enough credit to qualify for the best wireless rates, according to industry data. Other customers prefer to avoid the hassle of a credit check. As a result, these customers may forego service from a top provider or purchase several prepaid lines.
But with T-Mobile, all families can now access a great multi-line deal with no credit check. Simply put down a deposit (roughly equivalent to one month’s bill) to get the same incredible multi-line rates and network experience as other customers.
The Simple Choice Plan has been wildly popular with families since its introduction in March. About 80 percent of customers who have signed up for the plan have opted for multiple lines.
Continues to Expand 4G LTE Device Lineup
T-Mobile also is quickly growing its premium lineup of 4G LTE-capable devices. Today, the company announced pricing and availability for three new devices, bringing its portfolio to nine 4G LTE-capable smartphones. The new devices include the following:
•  Xperia® Z from Sony. T-Mobile will be the exclusive U.S. wireless company to offer Sony’s flagship water-resistant Android™-powered smartphone to customers this summer.2 The Xperia Z will be available for $99.99 down, with 24 equal monthly device payments of $20 for well-qualified buyers for 0 percent APR on approved credit3 through T-Mobile retail stores and select retailers, as well as online athttp://www.T-Mobile.com starting July 17. On July 16, customers can also pre-order the device online from the same website and receive a free Sony Wireless Bluetooth Speaker gift with purchase (while supplies last). Customers may also purchase the device beginning today at any of the 38 U.S. Sony Store locations, including the flagship store in New York, or online at www.Sony.com/xperiaz/tmobile and will be eligible to receive the free Sony speaker as a gift with purchase (while supplies last).
•  Nokia Lumia 925. Also starting July 17, T-Mobile’s first 4G LTE Windows Phone will be available for $49.99 down with 24 equal monthly device payments of $20 for well-qualified buyers for 0 percent APR on approved credit3 through T-Mobile retail stores and select retailers, as well as online at http://www.T-Mobile.com.
•  Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1. T-Mobile will provide current Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 users with an over-the-air software update that will enable customers to take advantage of T-Mobile’s 4G LTE network in the coming weeks. Well-qualified customers may also purchase the device with the 4G LTE capability for $99.99 down with 24 equal monthly device payments of $15 for 0 percent APR on approved credit3 through T-Mobile retail stores and select retailers, as well as online at http://www.T-Mobile.com today.
JUMP! may not be available in all locations. See your sales associate at participating T-Mobile retail stores, or go to http://www.T-Mobile.com for details.
For more information, fact sheets, artwork and other collateral materials, see http://multimediacapsule.thomsonone.com/t-mobileusa/t-mobile's-un-carrier-2-0-event.

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  • ArberBeq

    Wow I wished Canada had a plan like that. 4 phones for $100/month WITH DATA :O. Here its like $100/month for 2 phones with data + $30/month each line.

    • ProductFRED

      I have family in Ottawa. I feel your pain :/ Rogers is basically the AT&T/Verizon of Canada. Your wallets get raped badly, especially with the 3 year contracts. But I heard recently that they legally cannot exceed 2 years anymore, which is a good first step.

    • Someone

      If you got with Mobilicity, Wind, or Public Mobile, you'll get similar deals:

      Wind: $30 / mo for unlimited minutes province wide, unlimited (5GB throttle) data.
      Mobilicity: $35 / mo for unlimited Canada wide, unlimited (5GB throttle) data.
      Public: $30 / mo for unlimited Canada wide, unlimited (?? throttle) data.

      All include SMS/MMS with cheap US roaming, call display, voicemail, etc.

      With Wind, 4 plans save $20/mo total, bringing the total to $100. Mobilicity will charge less if you stay with them for several months.

      • ArberBeq

        Those 3 companies have horrendous coverage, public mobile uses CDMA, Mobilicity is losing $1million a day and have been looking for someone to buy them out for several months now (they'll eventually collapse if verizon doesn't pick them up), and wind is also for sale

        • ProductFRED

          If Verizon buys out any carrier in Canada, you guys are going to have it even worse. Just saying.

  • Ryan Ball

    Time to "jump" ship from Verizon

    • Brandon Golway

      Do it! I did two months ago and I couldn't be happier :)

      • Ryan O’Neill

        You lucky slank.

    • Krzysztof Jozwik

      I did it back in December and as long as there's service in your area, you can save a lot of money, or get 2 new phones a year for about the same price as Verizon.

  • Brett Besa

    Wow! That JUMP plan has me switching as soon as my contract with Sprint is up.

    • Rob

      you can get out of your Sprint contract right now until the 31st as they change their contract agreement. I am thinking of leaving too.

  • http://www.xboxmp.com/ Dustin DeFoe

    Typo in this sentence: "So, instead of getting to upgrade twice a year, you're upgrading twice yearly, and you'll only be paying slightly more per month than you likely already do for an insurance plan on you on-contract phone." Should be "instead of getting to upgrade every two years"

    • neastws

      Piggybacking off the correction (no need for multiple correction threads):

      "more than 57 million more than its mid-year goal of 100k."

      should be 100M

      • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Cameron Summerson

        Sorry guys, I was sleeping while I wrote this. All fixed up. ;)

  • ProductFRED

    They really are the un-carrier. It's amazing how fast they rolled out LTE in under 3 months. Here in NYC, it's available pretty much everywhere, on every borough. It's like how Verizon rolled out LTE almost overnight a few years ago, but even faster. And the best part is I'm paying $30 a month for 100 minutes, unlimited text, and 5GB of LTE data (afterwards EDGE-speeds, but still usable). And the 25 Mbps download speeds are amazing considering how crowded it is over here. Other people have been getting 50+ Mbps.

    I really hope this pressures the other carriers, and the whole industry as a whole to change. John Legere has been doing an amazing job as a CEO, not to mention as a speaker. His enthusiasm and intolerance for BS is refreshing, and something that I don't think many wireless customers are used to. Here's to wishing T-Mobile the best! They're kicking @ss!

    • Evan Jenkins

      30 a month with unlimited text and 5GB? really? that's amazing! I'm on AT&T now, and I like to change my phones. so for 40 I could get what you have AND change my phone up to twice a year that doubles as an insurance policy? Looks like I'm heading to T mobile asap

      • ins0mn1a

        you understand that if you want to use JUMP you need to pay for the phone as well, right? you can swap phones every 6 months and only keep paying monthly dues for the one you are currently using, but that is $20 per month plus $100 or whatever upfront per phone. just making sure you understand that $40 per month will not exactly give you two new phones per year ;). still could be a great deal though.

        • Jacob Dominic Loera

          this is correct i spoke to a customer service rep today and she told me the JUMP program only applies if you are paying for one of the normal 50,60 or 70 dollar rate plans on top of the device payment of 20 dollars or less a month (dependent on device) plus the 10 dollar a month payment for JUMP so the cheapest you can take advantage of this with flagship phones is around 80 bucks that's if you stay with 500 mb a month your choice what plan you would take lol but i see this as being a huge deal to tech lovers i will be debating on getting this plan but will first try out the network before i commit

      • Freak4Dell

        The $30 plan is a prepaid plan, and I don't think JUMP! applies to prepaid plans.

        • wolfkabal

          My thoughts as well, also, I didn't think the prepaid plans offered LTE either - so all these changes don't effect the 'all and powerful $30' plan.

          ..or am I mistaken?

          • Freak4Dell

            People are reporting that they're getting LTE. Not sure how long it will last, though.

          • ProductFRED

            LTE is available on all plans except the ones designated as 2G. I've spoken to T-Mobile myself and they said there's no reason for them to limit your connection type.

          • ins0mn1a

            $30 prepaid plan with LTE going strong, right here. to the best of my knowledge there are no limitations to prepaid plans customers within t-mobile network. i think the roaming to at&t is limited though (can't remember exactly in what way, perhaps limited to voice & text only, or to 2G data, or to a very small amount of data per day. maybe even completely unavailable, not sure.).

          • wolfkabal

            Sounds like I stand corrected - It's been a while since I looked at it, maybe it was just no LTE devices were available at the time.

            Those on the $30 prepaid - other than roaming - are there any other disadvantages to that plan (within the limitations of the numbers) over a standard plan? Doing the math, even with JUMP! and all that - it still seems logical to go with the $30 over a $70 plan if you don't use any talk time.

  • Ionuț Leonte

    "The company also added two new Android-powered LTE devices to its portfolio today: the Sony Xperia Z, available beginning on July 17th from T-Mobile, and Samsung Galaxy Note 2 10.1, which is available now."

    I think you mean the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1

  • Stephen

    i love this idea, but i like having my old phones when i upgrade as backups honestly

  • jeffrey beck

    If you have good coverage for Tmo in your area and are a gadget lover, how could you consider any other carrier now? This is huge.

  • invinciblegod

    So here is how I calculate it:

    New phone $99
    6 months of payments 6x$20 $120
    6 months of JUMP 6x$10 $60
    = $270 / 6 months
    $540 per year for renting previous phone and keeping last phone.

    For one new phone a year
    New phone $99
    12 months of payments 12x$20 $240
    12 months of JUMP 12x$10 $120
    = $459 / year
    $459 per year for renting previous phones and keeping last phone.

    I doubt this will interest me because I don't think I like to change phones that often.

    • Ryan O’Neill

      You might wanna check your math, I noticed several errors.
      But check this out:

      For one new Nexus every year:
      New phone from Google Play.......$350
      12 months of payments 12x$20....$240
      Selling old phone on ebay.............$-200
      .....................................................=$390 / year

      Even better.

      • Freak4Dell

        If you're buying the Nexus from Play, why would you be paying the $20 a month?

  • Shawn Kovalchick

    The article mentions a deductible. What is the deductible?

    • jeffrey beck

      175 on latest gen devices.

      • Shawn Kovalchick

        So $10 a month, $175 deductible, and the up front cost of the new phone?

        • Justin

          I believe the deductible only kicks in if the phone is damaged or lost/stolen. I could be wrong though.

          • Shawn Kovalchick

            Ok. That makes sense. I am liking my decision to switch to t-mobile more and more. If only they would cave on Google Wallet.

        • ProductFRED

          The $10 a month doubles as phone insurance. The deductible is only paid if you lose/break the phone.

  • jeffrey beck

    While It would not make sense for me to lease a car, this essentially allows me to lease a phone. Since I want a new one every year this is awesome.

  • tekmonkey

    I thought the SGS3 was unable to support LTE? I remember reading something along these lines when I first bought my SGS3 (Tmobile).

    • Nick De

      They released a new version, the SGS3 LTE... it's just different enough that people would buy it.

      • tekmonkey

        Thanks Tmobile... Guess they should note that on the LTE fact sheet above.

  • Mr E

    Jump sounds pretty cool, at least if you're already paying for monthly insurance on your phone. If/when my unlimited or discount gets taken away at Verizon, I'm heading to my local T-Mobile shop.

  • basteagow

    My Xperia ZL is picking up LTE in Dallas as of this announcement. Thanks, T-Mobile!

  • Alankrut Patel

    Anyone with a Nexus 4 and old radio getting LTE?

    • Krzysztof Jozwik

      I am tempted to flash it to see if I can.

      • Alankrut Patel

        I flashed the .33 radio. But no luck so far. I'll try out a different rom later

        • Ty Christensen

          I have the .33 radio that my N4 came with and I'm able to get LTE here in Utah, running CM 10.1.0 Stable and in the settings you can choose the LTE access point. You also have to dial *#*#4636#*#* and under "Phone Information" turn on LTE dump and choose "LTE/GSM/CDMA auto" instead of just GSM. Another awesome thing is it changes to "4G" instead of "H" or "H+". I did a speed test on HSPA+ and got 15 down 2 up and then I turned on LTE and did another speed test in the same spot and using the same server and I got 25 down and 8 up, TMo has really outdone themselves with LTE, sick!

          • Alankrut Patel

            Thanks for the detail. I tried this and still can't get LTE signals. Maybe I'll try a different part of the city tomorrow

    • David Klein

      Nexus 4 CM10 .27 radio blazing lte :) it works great.

      • David Klein

        Picture as proof lte in Minneapolis

        • enoch861

          Where in mpls was that? Most I've ever gotten in St Paul was 31Mbps down and 22 Up.

          • David Klein

            Maple Grove