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Phones are always getting thinner. For whatever reason, that's a metric that matters to the general public more than battery life. As the phones slim down, so do the screens. LG is stepping up its display game by producing the thinnest 1080p LCD in the world. This 5.2-inch panel is only 2.2mm thick and has a 2.3mm bezel. This is about as svelte as you can make a bezel without getting into those wacky bending screens that pop up at tradeshows, but never in actual devices. Though, the bezel on an actual device would be a bit wider due to the housing and screen mounts.

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LG calls the technology behind this screen the Advanced One-Glass-Solution (OGS). This tech involves inserting dual flexible printed circuits between the LCD panel and touch film. This results in 30% fewer lines on the panel. Additionally, this is a proper 1080p screen – no sub-pixel trickery here. Every pixel is RGB, and the screen can output 535 nits of brightness. That's more light than any 1080p screen on the market can currently produce.

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Having an LCD this slim might actually make it possible for an OEM to engineer a phone that is sufficiently thin, but also makes more room for a large battery. LG didn't say if the super-thin panel would be showing up in any phones soon, like maybe in that unannounced Optimus G2 we're hearing so much about? The G2 has been rumored to have a 5.2-inch screen, so maybe this is the panel? We can only hope. Full PR is below.

Seoul, Korea (July 11, 2013) – LG Display [NYSE: LPL, KRX: 034220], a leading innovator of display technology, today announced that it will unveil the world’s slimmest Full HD LCD panel for smartphones. The state-of-the-art 5.2-inch panel is an exciting advancement for the premium mobile device market enabling sleeker Full HD smartphones featuring better “grip-ability” and a superior viewing experience.

Only 2.2mm thin with a 2.3mm bezel, LG Display’s new panel is both slimmest and narrowest among existing Full HD LCD panels designed for mobile devices. This world’s slimmest Full HD LCD panel will provide larger visible display space on smartphones, critical as mobile devices are used for multimedia viewing more than ever before. Additionally, the panel will make devices easier to grip as well as lighter in weight.

Key to realizing the world’s slimmest panel is LG Display’s Advanced One-Glass-Solution (OGS), the latest touch technology enabling an enhanced touch screen experience, developed and applied to the new panel for the first time ever. Dual Flexible Printed Circuits, superior to a single circuit, have been inserted between the panel and touch film, reducing the number of lines on the panel by more than 30 percent. Utilization of a direct bonding system has also resulted in Optical Clear Resin between the panel and touch film for greater brightness.

The new panel’s superiority in displaying resolution, brightness, and contrast ratio results in enhanced outdoor readability. By utilizing 1,080X1,920 pixels consisting of Red, Green, Blue (RGB) sub-pixels, the panel is a true Full HD display. And with a brightness of 535 nits at maximum, LG Display’s panel outperforms all current mobile Full HD LCD panels. Finally, measuring contrast in real-life surroundings with Ambient Contrast Ratio results in a reading of 3.74:1 based on 10,000 lux, confirming the perfect performance of the panel even in strong outdoor sunlight conditions.Renowned testing firm Intertek has officially certified these results.

“Today’s introduction of the world’s slimmest Full HD LCD panel represents an exciting advancement for the high-end smartphone segment, and is possible due to our world-class expertise in IPS and touch technologies,” said Dr. Byeong-Koo Kim, Vice President and Head of LG Display’s IT and Mobile Development Group. “LG Display will continue its commitment to developing products that maximize consumer value as well as opening new doors for the mobile and tablet PC industry.”

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  • ercl

    2.2mm thick.. is that thin? I have no idea how thick my screen is.

  • Sean Royce

    This is an insane revolution in display technology by LG.Congratulations to them. I honestly can't see them getting much thinner otherwise we'll have nothing left!

  • Freak4Dell

    "make it possible for an OEM to engineer a phone...a large battery."

    Haha...that's a good joke.

    • MasterMuffin

      Yup, they're just going to make more 6mm phones now with meh 2500mAh batteries :)

  • Vallhalen

    Nexus 5 with 5,2" screen :/ Im out... I love nexus series but...

    • fixxmyhead


      • Vallhalen

        PFFF go home friend :D

    • Justin Swanson

      I had the exact opposite reaction ... I really wanted a 5in+ nexus... Wife has a note 2. Love the size. I really want the n5 to have this screen

      • Ivan Myring


    • Cerberus_tm

      If the bezels are razor thin, the device may be almost the same width as the Nexus 4...

  • Constantine Smith

    LG is stepping up their game. I mean really, they should go their own way and get away from the tends. They have a lot of good technology, just aren't deploying it in the right ways.

  • Vasanth

    Iberry will launch their mob with OGS tech in few days .

  • GeeKLoRD

    You know why I like girls with small hands?
    Because it makes my phone look bigger.

  • bimsebasse

    What is the point of this? It seems manufacturers are running out of actual ideas and resort to just making phones thinner and bigger, as if we'd all only be happy when we walk around with 2mm thick smartphones the size of an LP record.

    • jaduncan

      You need to make them thinner to make them bigger, as then people's hands can still hold the phone.

  • Adie

    LG: Makes brilliant displays, won't use it in most of their phones and sell it to Apple.

  • luscher

    i will not rest until i can be blinded by a phone i can wrap around my wrist