The Galaxy S4 Zoom should become available in the UK tomorrow, July 11. Clove has announced that they will sell the joint smartphone-camera for £369 excluding VAT (£442.80 including). The Zoom will only ship in white and comes with 8GB of internal memory, though just 5GB of that is accessible to the user. Like most digital cameras, you're expected to expand this thing with a MicroSD card, so you might want to add that to your cart when you place that order.


The Galaxy S4 Zoom is undoubtedly a product aimed at a niche audience. It includes a 16MP camera with x10 optical zoom, opposed to the digital zoom that is offered on typical smartphones - those that feature zoom at all, that is. It comes with a dedicated shutter key (a concept I wish standard smartphone manufacturers would rally behind).

Once stripped of its camera enhancements, the Zoom is largely similar to the Galaxy S4 Mini. It comes with a 4.3 inch screen, a 1.5GHz dual-core processor, 1.5GB of RAM, and a 2330mAh battery. It runs Android 4.2.2 and, of course, TouchWiz. If you want to turn some heads by playing Angry Birds on your camera - or, perhaps, the upcoming Tiny Thief - that ability will soon be yours. Enjoy.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom at Clove

Bertel King, Jr.
Born and raised in the rural South, Bertel knows what it's like to live without 4G LTE - or 3G, for that matter. The only things he likes sweeter than his tea are his gadgets, and while few objects burn more than a metal phone on a summer day, he prefers them that way anyway.

  • mesmorino

    Near the top of the list of things I want in a smartphone are a bigger battery, a kickstand, and a fucking camera button.

    I don't understand how the phone industry just took a giant step backwards. Cameras keep getting better, phones keep getting smarter, but the interfaces keep getting dumber. What good is a gigapixel camera with supercalifragilistic auto focus, auto zoom, auto upload and download if the fucking picture comes out blurry every time, because you're tapping the screen?

    And this is without getting into the epic tap fest that is trying to take pictures of yourself with the rear camera.

    • Mike

      I don't know about other phones but my S4 Active has a setting where you can set the volume rocker as a shutter key... i know it's there but I still use the onscreen button (memory muscle lol)

    • Herman

      I completely understand you and agree with you, yet I have to make one confession:
      When I'm taking pictures with my Sony Xperia S, sometimes I prefer touching the screen instead of the camera button to make the picture come out less blurry. The camera button shakes the device more than a sensitive touch on the screen.
      I hate myself for saying this, but in some cases an on-screen button does make sense.

      Still, a combination of both like I have now is the best, for both worlds.

    • Elias

      You forgot microsd(are you listening, Google?), front facing speakers, stylus, IR blaster and a few other less important things. But yes, dedicated camera button and xenon flash is something I still miss from my 2006 k800.
      Speaking of this subject, http://asia.cnet.com/expect-slim-phones-with-xenon-flash-units-in-2014-62220514.htm

      • mesmorino

        Hey, I had a k750i, (and later an 850i too!)

  • Lisa

    Can you please change the title of the post to reflect the correct price? VAT is not something a consumer can choose NOT to pay.

  • Elias

    A much nicer option than any of Nokia's WP. Optical zoom on a phone is unrivaled and the sensor is probably better than any pureview. Sure, you might be completely neglected by Samsung and left out of any system updates, but if your other option was a WP then you already don't care for the OS enough to be worried with functionality or updates.

  • Anamika Sharma

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