While most Android users are waiting on updaters that might patch some of the recently reported security holes, CyanogenMod is already getting a bug fix update out the door. CyanogenMod 10.1.1 is now hitting the stable channel for all supported devices.


The Master Key exploit will be presented by Jeff Forristal at Black Hat 2013 as "One Root To Own Them All." It's essentially a bug in signature verification which can be used to insert malicious code into an APK. Google patched the bug back in February, but the new code hasn't made it into most official ROMs – even Nexus devices have yet to receive the fix. CM started including the fixes in nightlies a few days ago, and now the fix is in the stable build for the slightly less adventurous. CM 10.1.1 also fixes two Qualcomm-specific vulnerabilities and a Linux kernel exploit.

It's very cool to see this open source project run by regular folks get an important security fix out to users so fast. That's what happens when you're not burdened by the bureaucracy of a large company or a carrier. CyanogenMod might have a few bugs, but it's rock-solid as far as security goes. Users are advised to update as soon as their build is available.

[CyanogenMod Blog, CyanogenMod 10.1.1 Stable Downloads]

Ryan Whitwam
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  • Udit Kumar

    yup , i did , and it works just fine!

    • moelsen8

      cool thanks

  • Tim

    I did too, works fine

  • Vitaly

    Seriously those guys are just awesome. Thanks to them I don't have to wait months for uncle Sammy to release a fix. CYANOGENMOD ROCKS!!!

  • http://raulgullon.com/ Raül Gullón

    Can't wait to test it into my HTC One :)

  • tutu

    stable 10.1.1 does not contain the new privacy guard feature. if you'd like to use this great feature you should install the latest nightly. it just works like a charm and may have other further bugfixes included.

    • Udit Kumar

      I may be wrong but as far as i know there is no stable release of 10.1.1 as of now . I Guess there is only one release out right now , but then again i may be completely wrong !

      • Alex

        Well I just got Stable 10.1.1 through the built-in updater. Nexus S.

  • Scott Standish-Parkin

    S3 is all patched thanks to CM ^_^

  • Mike

    This guys makes android the beat platform on earth to survive .......

    Keep it up guys !!!!!

  • Ishaan Rajiv

    Some Nexus 4s (Launched recently in India) have build JDQ39E (instead of the more widley spread JDQ39) and Kernel version dated March 12.... Would it have the fix, given Google patched it in Feb?

  • Jim Dowell

    question: if i backup everything and then throw 10.1.1 on my gs3, will i need to get a new gapps file as well to associate with 10.1.1? or will the gapps that goes with 10.1 work ok?


    • Udit Kumar

      You can just flash the !0.1.1 on your 10.1 , for my phone i had gapp files already included in the 10.1.1 update . You will still have the gapps data, but its always better to take a backup!