If you're a fan of Chrome for Android but aren't adventurous enough to live with the beta version as your daily driver, then you'll be happy to know that some of the best features to date have finally arrived in the stable version of the app.

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Today's update brings fullscreen support to tablets – simply start scrolling and the bar disappears. As a Chrome beta user, I can attest that this is one of the most useful features in all of mobile browsing. Be glad you have it.

Aside from that, the Google Translate language bar will bow pop up when reading pages in other languages, for quick-and-easy translations. There is also a new UI for right-to-left languages, including Arabic, Farsi, and Hebrew.

Overall, a good update for those who aren't in the beta crown. Head below to grab it.

Cameron Summerson
Cameron is a self-made geek, Android enthusiast, horror movie fanatic, musician, and cyclist. When he's not pounding keys here at AP, you can find him spending time with his wife and kids, plucking away on the 6-string, spinning on the streets, or watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre on repeat.

  • Walkop


    That aside, typo! "the Google Translate language bar will bow pop up"
    "Bow"? I think that should be "now".

    Anyway, I've been using the Chrome Beta for a while now on my Nexus 10; stable, smooth, great. Fullscreen is fantastic. Not quite as smooth as Dolphin, but page caching is better and so is overall stability. I'm sure bringing these changes to the stable channel will bring the awesomeness we've had in the beta to the forefront!

    • schmolch

      If by stable, smooth and great you mean freezing and restarting the n10 several times a day then we have the same experience.

      • Walkop

        I get reboots and freezes, but it doesn't seem to be caused by Chrome. They happen regardless of how frequently I use it. I MAY try completely disabling it 100% and going Dolphin, though.

        Anyway, don't worry, 4.3 is around the corner...I'm not passing judgement until it is released. If the crashes STILL aren't fixed, then we have a problem.

        • schmolch

          Yeah, I'm looking forward to 4.3.
          My freezes/restarts are always happening in chrome, but this might be because it uses more CPU and ram then anything else I do with it. I noticed that many times one core is occupied by io-wait, so for some reason it is busy with the apparently slow internal memory. Not much I can do about that, my n10 is setup as minimal and lightweight as possible.

      • Nick Bieter

        I get that on my N10 too. hope this update fixes things for stable.

    • yahyoh

      haha smooth?? maybe u need to test AOSP or Dolphin browser then will find how stuttery Chrome is :(

      Chrome is fast but its sucks in terms of smoothness

    • El Niche

      AHH, Thank you! I thought it was only on my N10. I can use chrome for a few days until it freezes and reboots my tablet. I will stick to another Browser if this update doesnt improve it until 4.3 (which hopefully will).
      The thing works great on my N4

  • Nick Bieter

    Can I get an apk please?

  • verntechguy

    Need an apk too

  • Leonardo Sanchez V

    apk please!

  • Mastermind26

    "...but aren't adventurous enough to live with the beta version as your daily driver"

    what exactly does the beta version have that make it adventurous?
    I'ma a daily user and have seen no problems or hit any snags.

    • Luis Augusto Fretes Cuevas

      Using GC itself is an adventure, it sucks so badly on Android. Although it's getting better... it's just, just plainly crap compared to other browser let alone Safari.

      • Mastermind26

        I have had NO issues. I see no speed difference, results are the same, the link between devices is awesome, etc.

        What exactly sucks so bad? Maybe it's your phone???

        • Luis Augusto Fretes Cuevas

          No, it's not my phone. It's Chrome, performance is pathetic, is slow as hell to render compared to Safari (on a device with far less power...), scrolling is plainly ridiculous, is so bad is not even funny. Drops frames at every place in the interface, it's just bad, I could go on all day.

          Feature-wise is pretty strong though. In general, Android has still serious issues getting anywhere close a V-synced 60 fps in its default apps and interface.

          Still love it, because of how feature packed it is, but Chrome is beyond what I can tolerate in exchange for more flexibility and features.

          • Walkop

            Agreed. The one thing I cannot stand on Android is the pathetic browser performance compared to iOS and Windows (believe it or not, the Surface RT browser is even better than the iPad browser by quite a fair margin in my opinion).

            Chrome Beta is among the better ones, but still...its bad. Dropped frames, lag, freezes - Dolphin is better, but still not perfect and it is glitchy.

            I use Chrome for the fantastic featureset; but I'm debating switching to Dolphin now.

            I don't understand why the most important component of Android is also the worst part. I just don't.

          • Mastermind26


          • mgamerz

            Chrome renders things while you interact with the page. A big reason safari is good at rendering content is that if your finger is on the screen, it will not render or load anything. Try it, load a web page and put your finger on the screen. It will never finish loading.

            (At least on iOS 5 tha'ts how it was)j

            Android loads it anyways regardless if you are touching the screen.
            But its still slow :/

  • JustSee

    Off topic, but any news on when a google search update is coming? The last update broke the feature to search for and launch an app on my Nexus 4.

    • Simon Belmont

      You mean using your voice to open an app isn't working for you? It works fine for me.

      Or do you mean actually getting results for your apps in the search bar? Just curious.

      • JustSee

        Getting results for apps in the search bar. I don't like clutter on my homescreen, so it was my go to.

        • PhilNelwyn

          That works fine for me.
          Just type the first letters, and the apps start appearing below.
          If you type the hole name and submit though, you have to choose "phone" in the action bar at the bottom.

          • JustSee

            Yeah. It always worked for me. I made sure Apps were selected in things it can search for. I even go to the second step and choose phone...and nothing. I have stock Android. I thought it was just me but others in the Play Store have noted it broke theirs too.

          • PhilNelwyn

            Where do you live? And where did you buy your Nexus 4?

          • JustSee

            Chicago. Bought Nexus 4 from the play store. It always worked until this last update. Launching apps by voice works too. It's really confusing.

          • PhilNelwyn

            Yeah... indeed.

        • Simon Belmont

          Oh okay. Well that works for me.

          I tried it on my Galaxy Nexus, my Nexus 7, and even my wife's HTC One. Seems fine.

  • evertjr

    Chrome was absolutely crap on my Galaxy S3, now with a Nexus 4 it runs like a dream, very very smooth and fast

  • Gnex

    Unfortunately, Chrome is still a heavy piece of shit on my phone.

  • Mike

    This apps eats ram like crazzzyyyyy ........

    Still needs a lot of improvement .......

  • matb

    Chrome lags sooo bad on my nexus 7. Google better fix the bugs!!!

  • Bell

    what is up with this slow rolling outs. I never had this issue with my iphone. I used to see the updates in the appstore app even before they are out in the tech websites.

    With android, The news come out and then days or weeks later you receive the update !!

    I am a huge android fan but this issue drives me crazy. It is google after all. They have the mother of all servers yet they slowly push their updates over weeks!

    • Ksi :O

      The reason it rolls out slow is because they are really slowly testing it with groups of people so if a bug pops up they can catch it before everyone gets it. This is a feature from i/o for devs allsssoo iOS takes a week or two to get get approval from apple just to update an app.. At least here you can download the apk. :)

  • mrjayviper

    as a chrome beta user, I find it very stable for daily use. I installed it on my N7105 and TF700.

  • blacque

    boat browser for me. if it had chrome features, i wouldnt even look at chrome

  • Elias

    Anyone who updated the app, do I get to keep the currently open tabs? I have almost 50 open and don't want to lose them.

    • Elias

      Anybody? Please?

  • bob
  • Leonardo Sanchez V