Welcome to the latest entry in our Bonus Round series, wherein we tell you all about the new Android games of the day that we couldn't get to during our regular news rounds. Consider this a quick update for the dedicated gamers who can't wait for our bi-weekly roundups, and don't want to wade through a whole day's worth of news just to get their pixelated fix. Today we've got an incredibly faithful flight simulator, graphics-heavy additions to the dungeon crawler and twin-stick shooter genres, a game that in no way is inspired by Nyan Cat, and a stylishly simple puzzler. Without further ado:


Infinite Flight

Infinite Flight is, hands-down, the most painstakingly accurate flight simulator we've seen yet for Android. If spending hours in Microsoft Flight is your idea of a good time, this game might just give you an adequate mobile experience, complete with a surprising amount of planes from the Boeing 747 to the P-38 Lightning. A handful of planes and environments are included for $5, with even more available as in-app purchases.


Enjoy a fully featured flight simulator in the palm of your hands. Infinite Flight offers the most comprehensive flight simulation experience on mobile devices whether you are a curious novice or an accomplished pilot. Fly a large selection of highly detailed aircrafts in regions across the world - day and night - in many atmospheric condition, and with a wide range of weight configurations. Improve your skills with our advanced camera and replay system, letting you scrutinize every portion of your flight.


Iesabel fits neatly into the top-down dungeon crawler genre, not taking too many risks as far as concept or gameplay goes - it uses point-and-click style instead of direct control. What it does have in its favor are some genuinely nice graphics (Tegra 3 or better hardware is strongly recommended) and cross-platform multiplayer co-op. Four difficulty settings and thousands of in-game items will feed the compulsive loot needs of action RPG gamers everywhere.


In the times of darkness, only the mightiest of heroes can save the world. Stand out against the evil all by yourself in epic single player mode, or form an unstoppable team with up to 7 of your friends in an extraordinary co-op mode. Swarms of bloodthirsty monsters, loads of epic gear to collect, dozens of skills to obtain and the most beautiful world in any Action RPG Hack n Slash on Android, await you. Grab your sword and fling yourself into action now.


Twin-stick shooter fans, this may just be your ultimate mobile game. Inferno+ uses the standard control scheme and Tron graphics that seem to have become compulsory since Geometry Wars, but crams more screen-filling enemies and seizure-inducing special effects on screen than any other game we've seen thus far. Upgradeable ships and gameplay-changing special weapons don't hurt either. You need to see the game in motion in the video below to truly appreciate it.


The spectacular twin-stick action-RPG blasts onto Android! Welcome to Inferno+, the highly-anticipated title from Radiangames, creator of Slydris, Fireball SE, and Ballistic SE. Blast your way through 40 atmospheric levels. Explore the gauntlet of stylish environments, destroy hordes of enemies, and upgrade your ship along the way. With 3 difficulty levels, 20 achievements, and New Game+ mode, you'll be in for hours of enjoyment.

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City Cat

This game is a pretty shameless copy of Jetpack Joyride, right down to the upgradeable vehicles, this time substituted as pop culture costumes. But we're giving it a pass on the lack of innovation (and rampant pushes towards in-app purchases) because it's a perfect application of Nyan Cat into a mobile game. You won't find the "real" version of Nyan Cat in there (is it possible to copyright an Internet meme?) but all your Reddit pals will appreciate it nonetheless.


Jump from one roof to the next! Upgrade your cat! Get your stolen food back!

  • visit unique cities (New York, Moscow and Paris)
  • compete with your friends in weekly tournaments
  • enjoy awesome retro graphics
  • get lots of power-ups
  • upgrade your cat

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Compulsive couldn't be more simple: switch up the blocks, match the colors in sections of four or more, and clear the board, not unlike a slightly elongated version of Bejeweled. Graphics are incredibly basic (Jonny Ive approves) and there are no extras to speak of, but you can try and beat your friends' top scores via an integrated Facebook leaderboard.


A palette of beautiful colors needs your help to get organized. This quick color matching puzzle game is easy to learn and difficult to put down. Ready to get Compulsive?

  • Addictive color matching puzzle game
  • Beautiful bright candy like colors with a modern theme
  • Awesome animations, music, and sound
  • Quick 60 second games

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