There are people out there who are fans of stock Android, but not of the Nexus hardware. For those folks, this is a big day. Today, July 9th, is the ship date for the Google Play Edition HTC One and Galaxy S4. If you got an order in early, your inbox could be graced by that shipping notice at any moment. Oh, the anticipation!

nexusae0_HTC_One_3V_transparent_v21 nexusae0_gs4_hardwarehome_final_thumb

These device were one of the more shocking developments from Google this spring. We didn't get a new version of Android, but we certainly got a new method of distributing it. The Galaxy S4 was announced at I/O 2013, and the HTC One a few weeks later. The warm fuzzy feeling was dulled a bit when it was made clear the OEMs were handling the updates – not Google. There also won't be any Google factory images for the devices. Still, stock Android on killer hardware.


These phones are essentially the same hardware you'd get from the carriers, but they're unlocked and unburdened by carrier restrictions. The GS4 will work on AT&T and T-Mobile 3G/4G everywhere. The HTC One will work on AT&T 3G/4G in all markets, however T-Mobile is a little sticky. The One will work on 4G and 2G everywhere it's available. T-Mobile's AWS HSPA+ is not supported, but anywhere the carrier has re-farmed that AT&T spectrum you will get 3G.

The Galaxy S4 is $649.99, and the HTC One is going for $599.99. Shipping is included, and they should start heading your way soon. As a reminder, these are US-only devices for now.

[Google Play Edition HTC One, Google Play Edition Galaxy S4]

Ryan Whitwam
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  • Sam

    Why has that Galaxy S4 got Touchwiz in the pic?

    • Utkarsh Pandey

      Haha. I think that's actually a GS3 with Touchwiz mixed with Xperia style dock and stock 4.2 wallpaper/clock. :D

      *Head explodes*

      • Josh

        AP is clearly trolling.

    • McLean Riley

      Because it actually is touchwiz. It has the framework in it and is just disguised as AOSP. Check out the forums, most, if not all, of the touchwiz apps work on it which isn't the case on other AOSP roms.

  • Alex Vainshtein

    Maybe it will be shipped with Android 4.3

  • Coen van Deelen

    Its a galaxy s3 xdddd

  • lensgrabber

    If only they had black mist.

  • kindrudekid

    So yesterday i jumped in the pool with my droid razr still in pocket. it has died. the contract was gonna expire soon on thanks giving. now if i had to buy from the 3 google play phones, which ones should I?

    Battery is not an issue since m used to droid razr and own an external battery pack. I would like a reallly good camera tough. as for screen it should be good and photos i click should look good on desktop, dont care what it looks like on phone

  • Jossue Munoz

    Indeed, got my shipping notification today. Should be arriving tomorrow by EOD. Time to prep my Nexus 4 for the sync to it's new home!

    • http://www.ellianth.com Ellianth

      I don't think any review site bothered to mention this: when you get yours, can you please reply to this comment and say if the controls on the wired headset are actually functional?

      I.E. volume up/down, song skipping with volume keys.

      • Jossue Munoz

        This isn't a Touchwiz specific feature, but a feature in Android itself. So that feature should be intact. In any case, I can test it and let you know :D

      • Jossue Munoz

        I just got the phone and I was able to test it out. The volume and music controls work as expected. :D

        • http://www.ellianth.com Ellianth

          Thanks for the info! :D

  • joewashu

    I got the shipping notice yesterday, and received the GE S4 today

  • Erin

    Can someone explain what the issue is with Tmobile's 4G? Will I be unable to access 4G speeds with this phone? The wording is confusing to me.

    • Beth J