Facebook must've known what it was doing with the launch of Chat Heads, but that feature has been duplicated in everything from custom ROMs to apps attempting to clone the feature. The newest app to take note of Facebook's chat application is Floating Touch (not, it's not that floating touch), an app that makes basically any toggle, navigation shortcut, or app just a tap away.

The concept behind Floating Touch is simple: a small, customizable floating toggle resides wherever you place it on the screen. Tapping that toggle launches a dial chock-full of useful shortcuts – it's sort of like Acer's "Ring," but far more customizable.

Screenshot_2013-07-09-09-49-27 Screenshot_2013-07-09-09-49-59 Screenshot_2013-07-09-09-49-51 Screenshot_2013-07-09-10-26-13

The dial has two different views: one for user-customizable navigation and app shortcuts, and one for radio, sync, and volume toggles – tapping the center button will flip between the two. Setup and customization is also quite intuitive and pleasant, with options for changing the color of the dial and floating icon (which includes Captain America's shield), along with full control of the options found within the dial itself.

While most tasks that can be executed from Floating Touch work without a hitch, there are a few exceptions: if you want to use the app to create a folder, you'll have to purchase the pro version (which is roughly $2); and things like activating the menu and back buttons require root access. Past those limitations, it's a free-for-all.

Screenshot_2013-07-09-10-17-52 Screenshot_2013-07-09-10-17-38 Screenshot_2013-07-09-09-49-34

The only issue I found with Floating Touch was the response time – it took some actions a full 3-5 seconds to execute, while others were instant. I'm not sure if this is caused by the actions themselves, a delay in Floating Touch, or simply my lack of patience, but I thought it worth a mention.

Either way, Floating Touch is a unique app worth checking out – it's free in the Play Store, though as mentioned above, some more advanced actions will require the pro version to be purchased.

Thanks, Zheng!

Cameron Summerson
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    That looks like a chain saw...

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      Looks like Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

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    Lmao starting to be awkward here

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    Looks pretty cool!

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    It is indeed a chainsaw. Here you go, no foot massage required.

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      You really like your Zombies, don't you? :)

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        There are no zombies in this wall! It's a user-created image inspired by the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

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            Artem knows what's up!

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    This reminds me of circle launcher, but more refined.

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    If you listened to the podcast you would know about Cameron's obsession over Texas Chainsaw Massacre

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    Thanks for the tip!

    • Ashley Donald

      Hey Ruben, the search and play store icons on the top of your screen. If I may ask How?

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        I believe it's called the quickbar, it's part of Action Launcher which is my favorite Android launcher.

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          Thanks muchly :-)

  • sssgadget

    This app is quite laggy. S3 froze for few seconds just clicking back and forth. Memory leaks probably.

  • http://androidhackbr.blogspot.com/ Jonas Henrique (joheraga)

    Fantastic app! i'm using it!

  • WHO?

    If it did notifications i would be all over this. I cant have 30 look-alike chatheads that do different things. A good dev needs to implement everything in one. Yes another dev will say "hey you stole my feature" Well they should of implemented everything in one chat head /halo experience. I would get confused having floating notifications, this app, facebook chat heads and the many more coming all to do different features. One circle is enough.

    • Michael

      so use one and stfu! ;)

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    cool downloading. Thanks for the heads up.

  • David Becker

    Most repedative background music EVAR!

  • Syd

    So LMT? Anyone checked out how these two compare?

    • ggfb20

      Lmt is great because it's hidden until you touch a certain area of your screen. You guys might also want to check out swapps from the play store, I use it along with lmt for a completely great while mostly hidden experience.