Pick up that Galaxy S4 that is totally not going to explode and give it a glance. Sprint customers might just see the MF9 update begging for attention. Don't expect anything too major here, but after the download is complete, your phones should support installing apps from the Play Store onto MicroSD cards. Other niceties include HD Voice enhancements and additional wallpapers.


This is an OTA update, so there's no need to whip out the USB cable and fire up Kies. The full download is 357MB, so you might want to find a WiFi network beforehand.

Version MF9 includes enhancements and fixes to:

  • HD Voice enhancements
  • Audio Clipping with headphones at higher levels
  • Enable market app installation on sd card
  • Wallpaper modifications - removed one and added two new ones
  • Corrected issue causing "Unfortunately Messaging has Stopped"

Rooted users might want to hold off before downloading. While Sprint makes no mention of it, the update apparently includes Knox security software, and XDA Developers have not yet confirmed if this locks the bootloader.

The update apparently does not contain Knox after all. Rooted users should have nothing to fear here.

Source: Sprint

Image via: Jonathan

Bertel King, Jr.
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  • Jack Bauer

    I don't see anything and the phone says all software up to date

  • Tripp

    They are rolling it out in groups randomly

  • TANK

    How it take that long.... does it really take them that long to get it out to everyone???

  • Plax D

    you can still force it by going to settings, more, application manager, all, go to google services framework, clear data, force stop, and retrying the "check for samsung software update"

    this may have to be done multiple times and it will only force the upgrade if you're battery is more than 75%, you are plugged in, and on wifi

  • laz

    What do they mean by hd audio???

  • jose

    It does have knox installed, look at all applications in application manager