Last Updated: July 10th, 2013

In what is bound to be the first of many more multi-photo leaks over the next month, Engadget has gotten its hands on an extensive set of snaps of the upcoming LG Optimus G2. Behold the imagery below, and read on for our take. The G2 has been previously leaked on multiple occasions, most recently in some video screencaps depicting LG's next flagship. LG also hasn't been shy on acknowledging the device's existence, teasing its Snapdragon 800 processor and August 7th launch event.

Update: A new YouTube account called 4Leakz just posted a one-minute Optimus G2 video:


stripped20130709115049-1373403007 stripped20130709115203

I have to say, the G2 is decidedly generic-looking in these photos, though some people may prefer the highly subdued styling going on here. The front fascia feels like it has taken a lot of inspiration from the Nexus line of phones, actually. Not particularly surprising, given that LG manufactured the Nexus 4. The G2 appears to be exceptionally thin in profile, and the odd up / down arrow buttons with what appears to be a power button sandwiched between them are still sitting below the rear camera. My guess is these arrows are for volume adjustment. There are no side-mounted buttons immediately visible in any of these photos, so it's entirely possibly - even likely at this point - that the G2 will have none. Some people will, undoubtedly, find this terrifying. I think it's pretty cool.

stripped20130709115258 stripped20130709115624-1373403005 stripped20130709120645

stripped20130709120654 strippedstripped20130709132610-1373403660

What is also a bit odd is the apparent placement of the G2's external speakers - on the bottom of the phone, flanking the microUSB port. That's interesting. Oh, and look: virtual navigation buttons! And rather interestingly, there is no black bar defining the navigation button area on the homescreen - they're just blended with the wallpaper. I think it looks kind of cool, actually.

A redesigned camera app is visible in the last shot, though there's not too much interesting going on there that I can see. Like I said, I'm sure we'll be learning even more about the Optimus G2 in the coming weeks, some of it probably from LG, so expect to see more of the G-quel as we approach its August announcement.


David Ruddock
David's phone is whatever is currently sitting on his desk. He is an avid writer, and enjoys playing devil's advocate in editorials, and reviewing the latest phones and gadgets. He also doesn't usually write such boring sentences.

  • Joseph Cascio

    Wow that looks nice. I wonder what the screen size is?

    • zak786

      5 inches?

    • Chris Talty

      5.2" according to the verge.

      • Joseph Cascio

        Ah...they ruined it then. 5.2 is too big. 4.3 to 5 inches is the ideal size. IMO

        • Paul Michael G

          How is half a centimeter a deal breaker?

          • Joseph Cascio

            It's a huge deal breaker for me. I prefer 4.7 but 5.0 is do-able and is the absolute max I would get. 5.2 is simply too big. I have a 4.7 inch right now and I can barely reach the notification drawer with one hand.

        • Di Lu

          This will be about the same size as the 5inch screen GS4, the 5.2 inch is because the buttons are on screen.

  • zak786

    It looks so beautiful

  • Nabil L

    Looks like an iPhone 3G on the back.

    • Mike Bates

      thought so too!

      • MasterMuffin

        Just NO

    • MasterMuffin

      Yea because... Wait, there are NO similarities (well both have camera and are made of plastic but so are 100000000 other phones)

    • mechapathy

      On what planet?

      • Aymen Fadhel

        It's black and shiny, must be an iPhone 3GS! /s

      • S. Ali

        He's right it does. LG copying Apple's old designs. Shameful

        • mechapathy

          Oh! You're right! If I squint REAL HARD I can totally see the pattern, camera in the center, and volume and power buttons too. Doh!

          • Sasquatch4ever

            Shoot man, you might want to get your vision checked.

          • mechapathy

            Checked, and found to be horrible. Somewhere around 20/200.

        • Oobiewan

          what. just look at the pictures please.

        • https://plus.google.com/u/0/108482452903817442299/posts Andrew Bone

          No they were copying samsung and samsung are copying apple... :D jkjk

    • Nick Rosas

      mhmm, you tell them girl! Even the bottom looks similar to the iPhone 5 (both have the speakers and earphone jack in the same locations). I can't believe these people can't see the similarity of the back of the G2 & iPhone 3 (just imagine that both didn't have the camera & logos in the back).

  • http://www.ScienceProUSA.com SciencePro

    This will certainly be a good phone - possibly the base for the Nexus 5?. I'm loving my Optimus G running CM 10.1, just like a Nexus 4 but with LTE! Took it into an AT&T store the other day and compared performance loading webpages to the One and the S4. My phone beat them both in terms of loading time, scrolling, and zoom performance (although if they were the Google Play editions, I'm sure it will be a different story). TLDR - to any buyers out there who have a Nexus 4 or similar spec phone, skip the S4 and One, wait for the Snapdragon 800's.

    • Colin Kealty

      "possibly the base for the Nexus 5?"

      Even with the nexus having a decreased price tag from other phones, I don't know if my wallet could handle that...

    • scuttlefield

      My thoughs exactly that this could be the base for the Nexus 5 (Nexus G2?). I'd be pretty happy with that.

  • zak786

    the navigation keys and the status bar is transparent, looks good. Cant wait for the G2! Good Luck LG!

  • HitokiriX

    The phone looks absolutely great but those on screen buttons really turn me off.

  • Muhammad Zohaib Rizwani

    Don't know about the status bar but the transparent on screen keys Sony has started doing those too with the 4.2 update. Oddly enough previously it was a Sony Mobile japan feature only -__-

  • popi

    The phone looks really nice and sophisticated IMO. Yeah, the took a little from here and there, but the blend seems rerally nice. I like the looks of it. Snapdragon 800? YES PLEASE. Im VERY satisfied with my N4 Snapdragon S4 Pro, and this is even better. The screen also looks almost bezelless, so thats nice.

  • Bleakvision

    Absolutely horrid design.

    • Nick Rosas

      I agree. The phone looks like a combination of the Nexus 4, Note 2, and iPhone 3g. The virtual navigation buttons look too thick, the camera ui is horrendous, and don't even get me started on the diamond ball in the lock screen.

      • Joseph Cascio

        "The virtual navigation buttons look too thick, the camera ui is horrendous, and don't even get me started on the diamond ball in the lock screen."

        All of this can be changed. Everything except the thick navigation button can be changed without rooting or flashing a custom ROM.

        • Nick Rosas

          I'm aware of that, but that just sounds like an excuse. You have to put into mind the larger amount of customers who have no idea what you're talking about. A possible comeback for this would be that they don't care as long as they get to use their regular apps and have a good camera available. If that were to be the case, then this phone would just disappear into the slew of "could've done better" Android phones.

          • Joseph Cascio

            So your saying people who buy Android phones don't buy them to customize their experience and download apps? Nor has anyone ever set a lockscreen wallpaper? Is that too complicated for the "Larger amount of customers"? You are out of your mind. Please stop talking.

          • Nick Rosas

            No, plus most people buy Android phones because they're cheap and somewhat popular. I'm sorry you couldn't understand my comment because you suddenly changed the conversation from me talking about how most people don't know what flashing or a "custom ROM" means to "customizing the experience" by changing wallpapers.
            P.S. You can change the navigation buttons with a custom ROM.

          • Joseph Cascio

            You misunderstood my comment. I said everything you mentioned, apart from customizing the Nav Bar, CAN BE DONE without flashing a custom ROM or Rooting. Meaning you can download a separate camera app and change the lockscreen wallpaper all on stock. So your negative criticisms about the lockscreen and camera are invalid.

            And the more advanced users will get the phone for hardware and flash a custom ROM on it.

            The only criticism you made that makes any sense is "The phone looks like a combination of the Nexus 4, Note 2, and iPhone 3g."

          • Nick Rosas

            I'm just going to stop this because you seem to be one of those typical basic white bitches (laugh) who plays games like Bioshock, COD, and Assassin's Creed all day, enjoys shows like Breaking Bad, and listen to Blink 182 or Pierce The Veil. Let me guess, you run CM because it's popular and own a Galaxy phone? This is totally off-topic but I really felt like saying this lol.

        • AnthonyRyan89

          I actually like the diamond ball lock screen.

          • waiting for nexus 5

            really its beautiful :) .. these brains who dislikes the lockscreen and design can be only convinced by apple/samsung marketing team (or may be they are brainwashed to believe that only samsung/apple designed are best).

      • Bleakvision

        I wouldn't buy a non Nexus device by LG anyway. But the Nexus 4 made me mildly care what they come up with. This looks like amateur hour, the G-button comes to mind:-)

      • Marsg

        The navigation keys are as thick as every other device with virtual keys and that diamond lock screen animation is probably the coolest lock screen I have ever seen on any device.

        • Nick Rosas

          This was before I saw the video in which I thought a diamond with shortcuts or something popped up. I agree with you though, the lock screen is badass.

          • Marsg

            oh, well from the pictures it looks like the Galaxy S4 lock screen with that light streak.

  • Martim

    Bottom-firing speakers? But LG had made such a smart move in placing the speaker on the back of the phone, like on my Nexus 4! It's like an automatic mute button that kicks in the second you place your phone on a flat surface, what's not to love about that?

    • mechapathy

      I can't tell if this is sarcasm. I'd rather have bottom-firing speakers. Occasionally I'm on long calls, and I like to give my ears a rest and put my phone down on speaker. I have to let my N4 hang over the edge of my desk so it doesn't muffle or mute the caller. To each his own, I guess.

      • Martim

        Definitely sarcasm. I think LG went out of their way to find the most retarded place they could possibly put the speakers on the Nexus 4. It's about the smartphone equivalent of putting windshield wipers on the inside of a car.

        • mechapathy

          Yeah. Agreed. But ya never know. Some people might find that placement useful. I guess. Damn. I'm slipping. I used to be good at the internet.

        • DrM

          Unless you have a Hyundai i10 (which is an unfortunate displeasure for me) and have a tendency to spit at the window. At least it's not mine (company car), so that makes it the best SUV in the world!

        • Tyler

          LOL, its funny because you dissed them for being on the bottom and iPhones have them on the bottom hahahahahhaha!

    • qpinto

      agree 100%. i have to flip mine over whenever using the thing. the little updated knubs on the back help, but its not the same. it is just as loud as the sgs 4 speaker suprisingly.

  • Oobiewan

    Backside buttons really seem difficult to use. When on side, you can easily apply the counterforce that prevents the phone moving or falling out of your hand, but when its in the back... You don't normally touch the front of the phone unless using the screen. So given that the bezel on the sides are really thin, you'll have to put your finger on the bottom or the top.
    You also cannot adjust the volume when the phone lies on a surface. Additionally, you have to pay attention how to put it in your pocket, otherwise you can try to press the buttons with your thigh...

    • Krzysztof Jozwik

      Hold both sides of the phone to press the buttons, I normally put my phone face in so I don't bump into something and shatter the screen.

  • Tim Peyton

    Guys, LG had bottom-firing speakers on the O2X/G2X. Not exactly a new idea.

  • Todd

    The blending of on-screen buttons is the first thing I did when that option was available to me on ParanoidAndroid.

  • Ashish Raj

    That Bezel!! :O

  • Lasse

    Wow, such a beautiful front

  • Balls Erwin

    this phone is nasty holy shit, makes me want to get a job. save up some guap get that fat s800 life is sweeheeheet

  • qpinto

    waiting for the physical dimentions before i make a decision on this or not. i like how it looks and the hardware and layout of everything however i dont want it to be physically too big. also the onscreen buttons are a huge deal for me as id have it no other way.

  • IncCo

    Looks pretty nice except for the super glossy fingerprint magnet on the back.

    • Darius_bd

      Funnily enough, in the video it seems the back is rubberized..

  • TSON1


    • Nick Rosas

      Nope, they're still possibly seeing the Galaxy phones as phone gods.

  • andy_o

    Those volume and power buttons in the back are a deal breaker for people who use a car mount.

    • Nick Rosas

      I feel like crying because of the decision of having them on the back :( Gotta keep in mind that these photos may not be the actual outcome but that LG probably leaked them so they can see what people are complaining about so they can perfect the phone.

  • Nick Rosas

    Plot twist: LG leaked the photos in order to get public opinions so they can perfect their phone.

    • Marsg

      Lol that's not true, the phone is being unveiled in less than a month, production for it has probably already started, they don't have enough time to redesign

  • Paul Troy

    5.2" screen, speakers at bottom, nexus 4 design, I like it.. Hope this comes as a nexus 5. vanilla.

  • Constantine Smith

    Like that not only the soft keys but also the notification drawer is all incorporated into the wallpaper.

  • Phill_S

    I dunno if I could live with them, but I do love the buttons placed on the back as a design concept.

    For the right price, ie as the Nexus 5, I could easily see myself picking one up.

  • ash71ish

    LG is growing up and I am happy for them.

  • ercl
  • duse

    Wow, they moved to on-screen keys, but STILL have a menu button instead of recent apps? Now that's something we've never seen. LG, why do you fail to understand something so simple.

  • WhyWai

    while volume button at the back seem a good one. but placing power/screen on button doesn't.

    And menu instead of recent app softkey? deal breaker.

  • Gnex

    Only two things i don't like are the rear controls and front logo. Still pretty sexy though.

    • Marsg

      Lol front logo and rear controls, they should flip those around, front controls rear logo

  • waiting for nexus 5

    from 2013- going to a great time for LG

    - Qualcomm made tie-up with LG , Google giving nexus phone production to LG .

    - Worldwide LG stands 3rd position in selling phones.

    - 3 LG phones are there in http://www.idsa.org/idea-2013-gallery finalists for beautiful design .

  • thartist

    "G-quel"!!! Lol, that's G-olden!

  • PhilNelwyn

    Take note HTC, this is how it's done.

    Don't mess with the navigation buttons.
    If you want to have your branding on the front, use on-screen buttons and use the space below the screen to put your logo.
    That looks better and is more intuitive.

  • Pascal

    Looks nice, speakers looks like on optimus 2x, isn't one mic and one speaker?


    Great design but why can't anybody try to hide the screen while it's off or locked? I know it's too early to go bezeless but I would love to see something done with the screen like Motorola did with rokr e8 or Samsung with their touch based navigation buttons.

  • Valentina Tereshkova

    Looks like a Nexus 4/ iPhone 3GS hybrid

  • Richard Markert

    Transparent navigation buttons! If Google had done this from the beginning, I wouldn't hate on-screen buttons so much.

  • Gnex

    Touchwiz much?

  • D.M

    No dual speaker,only speaker is on the right not the one next to the jack.