Verizon has announced a pair of OTA updates for the RAZR HD (HD MAXX) and RAZR M, bringing a suite of enhancements and bug fixes to the two handsets.


Both updates include new versions of Backup Assistant and Motorola's Smartactions, as well as improved GPS reliability, increased stability, improved Bluetooth connectivity, SMS fixes, and support for VMware Horizon Mobile. Various security fixes from Google are also included. If your device is rooted, as always, be wary of downloading these updates, which should be rolling out in the next week or two.


Verizon (RAZR M, RAZR HD)

David Ruddock
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  • Michael Pahl

    Do not take this if your bootloader is unlocked. Also if rooted wait to hear if you can keep root using voodoos OTA rootkeeper.

    • Sayuuk

      Do you mean it will lock your bootloader again or will it brick the phone??

      • Michael Pahl

        I dont think its possible to relock the bootloader... in fact i am pretty sure its not.
        Just don't do it on the basis of no one knowing what it will do. let devs test this out on test devices first.
        Plus as mentioned in the article, you could lose root.

        • Sayuuk

          On the contrary, re-locking the bootloader is actually possible. It's pretty complicated though, which is why I didn't have any luck trying it yet.
          Of course, that won't reinstate your warranty.
          But for me - for example - it would be nice, because I bought my phone used with the bootloader unlocked and I'd love to get rid of the annoying warning ;-)

          The worst thing that could happen is that it relocks the bootloader (doubtful) and removes root (probable).

          But I do get your concerns, thanks for the headsup.
          I'll need to wait a bit before this (hopefully) comes to the "i" as well...

  • Sayuuk

    I hope this comes to the Razr i soon, GPS/Bluetooth are a bit wonky, otherwise a great phone with amazing battery life!

  • Michael Pahl

    The update rolling out this morning is NOT 9.20.1....fyi.
    It's 9.18.79

    • cobell

      I got 9.20.1

      • Scott

        Which version is which? I have the maxx HD and I want the new radios out of the update... but I already unlocked the bootloader and flashed CM. I'm looking for a way to obtain the new radios.