While the Big Four have been able to tout the GS 4 for several months now, customers of most smaller carriers have been left wanting. Today marks the launch of the device for two such carriers: MetroPCS and C Spire Wireless.


Available exclusively on MetroPCS' 4G LTE network, the GS 4 is available today in select markets – Atlanta, Hartford, Philadelphia, Boston, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Dallas-Ft. Worth, and New York – for $549. Online availability and more markets are expected to be announced "soon."


Note: looks like the page hasn't been updated yet with the option to buy now. It should be live later today.

On the contrary, C Spire Wireless is offering the device on its 4G LTE network and making it available in all retail locations and online for $200 with a two-year agreement.

PR: C Spire

MetroPCS Brings the Samsung Galaxy S® 4 to its Growing Nationwide

4G Smartphone Lineup

Affordable Nationwide 4G Plans and Galaxy S 4 Deliver More Choice for Value-Conscious Consumers

DALLAS (July 8, 2013) – With today’s launch of the Samsung Galaxy S® 4, MetroPCS is coupling the ground-breaking features of the latest generation of the Samsung Galaxy-line of smartphones with the exceptional affordability of its unlimited rate plans, and is providing customers with access to a faster nationwide 4G network for one of the best wireless values in town.

The popular smartphone can be paired with any of MetroPCS’ affordable no-annual-contract nationwide 4G service plans, which start at just $40 per month for unlimited data, talk and text,  taxes and regulatory fees included.

“Providing choice and flexibility for consumers means offering premium smartphones without the costly service and a long-term contract,” said Tom Keys, MetroPCS COO and executive vice president. “By combining the Galaxy S 4 and affordable nationwide 4G service plans starting at just $40 per month, we are truly enabling our customers to have it all on an enhanced, nationwide 4G network at a tremendous value.”

The Galaxy S 4 opens the door for consumers to experience mobile like never before, and its suite of features ensure that the experience is tailor-made for each individual. The Galaxy S 4 makes an impression with a 5-inch, full HD Super AMOLED™ display with Corning Gorilla Glass® 3.0, a 1.9GHz quad-core processor for effortless multi-tasking and runs the latest version of Android (4.2.2). The 13MP rear and 2MP front cameras capture stunning pictures, 1080P video and turn even the most novice photo-taker into a professional through a variety of innovative camera enhancement features. And the Galaxy S 4’s HSPA+/LTE connectivity[1] offers a blazing-fast Internet experience for quick browsing, multimedia viewing and effortless content uploading.

The Galaxy S 4 builds on the innovation inherent in each generation of the popular Galaxy smartphone line with the introduction of new features including:

· Smart Pause™: Pause a video by looking away from the screen.

· Air View™: Preview emails, photos in the gallery, or even the stories in Flipboard®.

· Air Gesture™: Answer a call or skip to the next song by waving your hand in front of the screen.

· Group Play™: Wirelessly connect multiple Galaxy S 4 phones to play games and share photos and documents. Using the Share Music feature™, users can stay in time and in tune with friends by allowing them to play the same song on multiple phones in sync.

The Galaxy S 4 is available in select markets now for $549 plus tax, with additional markets and online availability to be announced soon.

Cameron Summerson
Cameron is a self-made geek, Android enthusiast, horror movie fanatic, musician, and cyclist. When he's not pounding keys here at AP, you can find him spending time with his wife and kids, plucking away on the 6-string, spinning on the streets, or watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre on repeat.

  • Paul

    It's interesting that it's only in select markets. What makes those cities different? I live in South Florida, between West Palm Beach and Ft. Lauderdale, and MetroPCS has good LTE coverage here, we're in a MetroPCS LTE Market but West Palm Beach/Ft.Lauderdale/Miami didn't make the list. I wonder how our towers differ. And I wonder why T-Mobile would allow a flagship phone like this on MetroPCS, you'd think T-Mobile would start enticing new customers, and even existing customers, to come over to T-Mobile's network. They need to clear up MetroPCS's spectrum (meaning get their customers off it) before they can repurpose it for pure LTE. Do you think this Galaxy S4 does voice over LTE? everyone's using LTE just for data but it'd be awesome if their new phones are pure LTE, voice + data; no more GSM/CDMA.

    • shabbypenguin

      the SGS4 on metro is gsm/lte. its a variant of the tmobile device so no need for volte.

  • ProductFRED

    To be honest (and I mean this in a neutral tone), if you're on MetroPCS, chances are you're looking for a cheap, affordable cell phone plan. That doesn't mean you can't have a high end phone, but $550 + tax on a phone kind of defeats the purpose of being on this carrier's network. This is on top of more technical reasons, such as the fact that their 3G are like 1X/EDGE speeds, and their 4G LTE is like 3G speeds.

    If you want a cheap plan, I'd recommend buying an unlocked AT&T or T-Mobile Galaxy S4 for around the same price as this one and hopping on T-Mobile's $30 5GB data plan. If you can deal with 100 minutes, unlimited text and 5GB of 4G/LTE data (unlimited throttled afterwards), then it's a much better value. Besides, if you're on Metro, chances are you're not going to be upgrading often, so when they finally convert to T-Mobile, this phone is useless.

    • S. Ali

      T-mobile will be keeping MetroPCS brand around.

    • Chris

      MetroPCS will be like Sprints Boost/Virgin mobile. Separate brands

    • shabbypenguin

      You couldnt be more incorrect, the SGS3 was their best selling phone to date. many people just dont want to be locked into contracts

      • ProductFRED

        Their network quality is extremely lacking though (both in terms of coverage and data speeds), and there are better and cheaper alternatives, like the one I mentioned.

        • shabbypenguin

          metro's 40 dollar plan gives you unl talk and text, and access to 4g data. vs tmobiles 30 dollar plan(which is great dont get me wrong) the majority of people cant settle with 100 mins only. as far as network coverage metro really isnt that far behind tmobile. regardless metropcs has a gsm lte capable sgs4 for the cheapest off contract price out of anyone so even if you dont like metropcs you can buy it and unlock it for use on tmobile.

  • Guest

    It's pretty good, but surely you would choose the HTC One over this (http://versus.com/en/samsung-galaxy-s4-vs-htc-one). I'll take aluminium over slimy plastic any day!

    • ProductFRED

      Thin aluminum dents when dropped, plastic doesn't. Aluminum doesn't absorb shock well, plastic does. Aluminum retains heat more than plastic. It's impossible to open the One without destroying the aluminum body. The S4 uses screws, which makes it easily repairable. You can replace the battery on the S4. You can't on the One.

      The plastic has a purpose.

      • Chris

        1. Don't drop your phone. Use a case.
        2. See above.
        3. true, but with proper bulding and software tweaks. Over heating shouldn't be an issue.
        4. why would you want to open it?
        5. Removable batteries are a huge gimmick,

        • ProductFRED

          1. Nobody plans to drop their phone. It just happens. And I always use a case, but there are people who prefer to use their phones without one. Your advice is like saying, "How not to get shot: 1) Don't get shot"

          2. Again, see above.

          3.You don't seem to understand how a phone works. Software doesn't generate heat, at least not directly. True, if you're playing an graphics-intensive game on either phone, they will get hot. The difference is heat dissipates easier with plastic. Metal is a conductor of heat. Look up the iFixit teardown of the HTC One; they gave it the lowest possible score of repairaibility because it's impossible to open without destroying. The components are extremely tightly-packed, leaving no breathing room/cooling.

          4. To repair it? Even with a case, it's easy to, for example, shatter the screen if it lands the wrong way, or on something that protrudes upward and into the screen.

          5. That's a stupid answer. How are they a gimmick? The fact is that batteries hold less and less of a charge over time. Heat also makes them last a lot less overall. You can use the, "Well you'll probably have a newer phone by then" excuse on me, but it's lame. It's also convenient to be able to buy another battery for $20 and swap it out during a long day.

          • Chris

            samsung fan will always be a samsung fan

          • ProductFRED

            Wow, what a way to end an argument, by making a broad-sweeping statement that anyone who uses a Samsung phone (did I mention that I had either an S4 or One?) must be a fanboy. Meanwhile I just gave you a bunch of technical reasons on the One was poorly designed on the inside.

            You can keep downvoting me, but you're still gonna be wrong.

          • porter86

            1. Get insurance and enjoy your phone without a case on it (although if you have a Galaxy phone then it's best to have a case just to hide the ugliness of the design).

            2. See above

            3. As you said, not directly. But as long as it is well optimised it puts less strain on the processor which is what creates most of the heat. Furthermore I've never seen/heard someone complain about their HTC One overheating.

            4. Why would you want to repair your own phone. Only a small fraction of nerds would bother to do that.

            5. It's basically a gimmick. Again, only a small fraction of hardcore geeks carry spare batteries around with them. 99% of people don't care whether a phone has a removable battery.

            The HTC One is far superior and you have failed to provide any reasons to the contrary!

          • ProductFRED

            Really? Please tell me, besides the "amazing aluminum", how the One is superior. Front facing speakers? Wow, such a revolutionary feature. A 4 MP camera? Don't try the "Ultrapixel" bs on me, I'm in marketing. No MicroSD card slot. No removable battery. No repairability.

            I shouldn't have to send my phone in for a replacement every time I drop it. You're the one who hasn't stated anything about how the One is better, besides stating that the Galaxy S4 is "ugly", which by the way is a highly subjective statement.

          • porter86

            Thanks for just repeating your tired arguments rather than addressing anything I said.


          • ProductFRED

            Again, you didn't provide any counter-arguments. You've said the "Galaxy S4 is ugly", and basically called anyone who uses removable batteries or repairs their phone an idiot.

  • Seth A. Yellin

    Why is it that the Samsung Galaxy S4 isn't for MetroPCS yet in the Miami are when FL is where MetroPCS was born?!?!?!?!?! I was about to go with T-Mobile but if it's not toooo long a wait I suppose I can go with MetroPCS so I can get the unlimited 4G. :P :X -_- Waiting...

  • Seth A. Yellin

    Pathetic that the SGS4 doesn't even make Miami yet because Miami, the major city of FL in which MetroPCS started, doesn't even have the correct coverage yet. If the case is that it will be out very soon within early next month or so I'll wait or if not I'll just go over to T-Mobile for a while with their not complete unlimited 4G for web. Especially this is going on with facts like they had Verizon towers at one point, they have better signal than AT&T, and they are now owned by T-Mobile. :/ -_-