The Lone Ranger has been a real flop for Disney thus far, and I'm sure I know why. The company was late to debut an Android game to coincide with the release. Many of this summer's other successful blockbusters - Man of Steel, Monsters University, and Despicable Me 2 - all had games that predated or matched their theater debuts. While this form of marketing has never had any effect on me, it's apparently what the masses want, and Disney has since resolved the issue. The Lone Ranger is now available in the Play Store.

LoneRanger3 LoneRanger4


The Lone Ranger for Android pitches itself as a role playing game, and it loosely fits that definition. There is a selection of quests to complete, experience to gain, and leveling up to be had. There's combat, but it largely consists of poking an enemy and waiting for them to be shot. Quests may consist of poking wagons and waiting for them to be searched. In fact, much of the game consists of poking and waiting. It's not the most animated experience, but there is a plot here and potentially enough entertainment to make it worth a download for fans of the movie. They've already proven they can enjoy what others would consider a less than stellar experience.

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The game will consume a minimum of 160MB of space after the initial download is completed. It's free to download, but there's the usual paid-fake currency here, so approach with caution.

Bertel King, Jr.
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  • Chris

    Disney and guns?

    • ergu

      how do you think bambi's mom died?!

      • ahhh yes

        How about Old Yeller....bang

    • Elliot Kotis

      Pirates of the Caribbean, mate.

  • RH

    This movie should be like putting lipstick on a pig....don't work

  • RTWright

    Not having an Android or iOS app does not make or break any movie. Those mentioned here were already going to be successful long before any App was mentioned. The Lone Ranger failed without any help because Disney failed to take the story seriously. It's a more lighthearted movie than it is anything to deal with the original Lone Ranger. They made it too campy and people that were going to see it expected better and received lackluster results. Not everything in the Universe or our own personal lives revolves around Android!