Lenovo's new line of mid-range tablets is now on sale pretty much without warning, and they might fill the low-cost niche fairly well. Samsung is also looking to sell you a mid-range tablet, but they don't quite have the pricing right. Lenovo's new slates start at a mere $149.99 and top out at $279.99.

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The A1000 is a 7-inch tablet with a 1024x600 screen, 1.2GHz MTK dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM, and Dolby Digital Plus with front-facing speakers. This device comes with 16GB of storage for just $149.99. The A3000 is an almost identical 7-inch device with the same 1024x600 panel, but it substitutes a quad-core 1.2GHz MTK processor. It might be a little more snappy, but the cost jumps to about $179.99. The S6000 is a 10.1-inch tablet with a 1280x800 IPS display, 1GB of RAM, 1.2GHz MTK 8389/8125 quad-core processor, and 32GB of storage. This device is the $279.99 unit at the top of Lenovo's pricing. All these tablets run Android 4.2.


These aren't devices set to compete for the title of "best Android tablet 2013." That crown with included bouquet and sash will go to a different device. But the price on these tablets is about in-line with the hardware. Links to pick these devices up are below.

[A1000: Best Buy, Lenovo via Amazon – A3000: Best Buy, Lenovo via Amazon – S6000: Best Buy, Lenovo via Amazon]

Ryan Whitwam
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  • disqus_is_good

    Only place I can see these things sell decent volumes is China.

    We can't really blame Samsung, lenovo or some one else. Nexus 7 really made these OEMs fools. They can't beat nexus 7 price and features while still making decent profits.
    Also, immense competition among them make it even harder to sell large quantities.

    Only company that are reasonably successful with android tablets is Samsung. That too their cheap low end small screen tablets that are sold in emerging markets and europe.

    • Harriet J. Hernandez

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  • Derail Doax

    Sadly I laterally yawned on the last line. Funny article yet I'm kinda mad these tablets even exist. I'm going to remember their names and that memory space probably could have been used for something better all together.

  • TylerChappell

    Lenovo still doesn't know how to make a good tablet.

    • Sigmund

      I've been using the A3000 for basically all my daily tasks and I can't see a difference between this one and much more expensive ones, and after the update that unified the internal partition (as supposed to be in Android 4.2+) the device got extremely fast, to the point that in some tasks it outperforms my 1 year old Nexus 4.

      The only thing I don't like is the screen is has a low res, but everything else is working fast