Last Updated: July 9th, 2013

Update 7/9/13: Clove updated the timeline from July 15th all the way to September 9th. Boo:

UPDATE - The release date of the Sony SmartWatch 2 has been put back to September and will not be launching week commencing 15th July as previously stated. The revised arrival date is week commencing 9th September.

Sony announced the second version of its Bluetooth SmartWatch just a couple of weeks ago, and you'll be able to buy one in another couple of weeks, at least if you live in the United Kingdom. While Sony hasn't said anything about a rollout aside from a vague "September" date, UK electronics retailer Clove has already announced availability for the SmartWatch 2. The store expects stock to be ready on Monday, July 15th, at a price of price is £120, just shy of $180 USD.


Sony hasn't said when the SmartWatch 2 will be available internationally, or for how much, though the original press release had it pegged for a September debut. A Euro-focused launch isn't unheard of for the company - their phones tend to be targeted for unlocked users, and don't often make it to American carriers. When the SmartWatch 2 does jump across the pond, you can expect it to retail for somewhere in the $150-175 range (though that's just a guess from your friendly neighborhood gadget blogger).

The SmartWatch 2 improves on the original with a bigger, denser LCD touchscreen, longer battery life, Android-style capacitive touch controls, and an NFC chip for easy pairing with a newer smartphone. The design itself is better as well: it's got a swanky new housing that shares a lot of design touches with the Xperia Z, it's IP 57 waterproof, and it uses standard 24mm watch lugs for swapping out with typical 24mm watch bands. Some of the apps Sony highlighted during the announcement were a remote presenter, a remote camera shutter, integration with Runtastic, and the typical email/SMS/social notifications, among many others.

Also, the power button is the same shape and location as a winder/adjustment dial on a real analog watch. Give Sony points for style.

Source: Clove via GeekyGadgets

Jeremiah Rice
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  • evolutionx1

    Pretty expensive for a watch I must say.

    • Colin Kealty

      Just like how 800$ is expensive for a phone. But it's not a phone, it's a smartphone. And this isn't a watch, this is a smartwatch.

      • evolutionx1

        Well, it's expensive for someone like me. Here, in India, you get quad core phones (mediatek chipset) for that price.. Just saying.

        • Colin Kealty

          Well then sorry but if you can't afford a smartwatch, don't buy a smartwatch, but you're getting what you pay for, this isn't expensive for what it is. If you're just looking for a watch, of course it's bloody expensive, because it does so much more than a watch

          • Fahd

            Firstly watches in general cost a lot more when you take the big names.. But this device is not a watch, it's a computer on your wrist just like how a smartphone is not a basic phone, but a computer in your pocket. Now talking about wearable computing, the ear has already started and there are quite a handful of wearable devices, some of them doing a lot more things than this one and costing lesser.. Now I'm not saying this is a bad device but all I'm saying is that if you are ready to throw your money at anything that shines then you are no better than a (i)sheep..
            And next time try being more polite

          • Colin Kealty

            Did you read my first comment? I said the exact same thing about how a smartphone is not a phone and this is not a watch... Of course there are more expensive watches but they bring other things. He said it was too expensive for him, so I said "maybe it's not for you then" just like how a high end android phone would not be for him. I also never said that this was the be all end all of smartwatches or that I was even considering buying it... I'm just saying from the smartwatch market that is just now emerging, we have maybe 3 players worth a dam and all of them releasing devices in the 150$ish region.

    • Benjamin Pavel

      But can any watch run an Android + receive notifications or control music ?
      I think not. =)

      • nawa

        This is not Android. Just some custom watch firmware.

        • MarkG

          It's been confirmed to be Android. Only here did they say otherwise, by the Android Police "experts".

          • Thomas Lockyer

            Confirmed where? Running actual Android gives me a little more hope.

          • nawa

            Yeah, you're right. At launch there were several proofs that this is not Android, but now I've searched a little and yes, this is it.

          • Benjamin Pavel

            It's Android-powered thus is FORKED version of an Android OS.
            It is Android but at the same time is not.
            Same debate it goes on with Android being a Linux distribution, it uses Linux CORE but it's not really a Linux. :D

          • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

            Who confirmed it?

        • Benjamin Pavel

          Go and Google "Sony Smartwatch 2" and you will se it's Android powered device.
          So check your facts before commenting. =)

          • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

            @benjaminpavel:disqus @disqus_O4iJGcrmyU:disqus I don't see any confirmations or proof - can you please link to it? I'm not convinced it runs Android at all.

          • Mike Reid

            When they say "Android Smartwatch", they mean they support it via/for Android phones. Android support ONLY AFAIK. No iPhone, Win or BB support.

            IMO, this will likely run the same micro-os that the 1st Sony smartwatch does.

    • Jan Moren

      Oh? That's about what my current watch (a Seiko solar diver) cost, and it's a good, solid watch with a design I like, but nothing really special.

      Of course, it runs 7-10 years without service or battery replacement, and will easily last me for the next 30 years, so a smart watch that's unlikely to last five years may well be expensive by comparison.

  • Danny Holyoake

    Bear in mind that all UK prices include tax, so this will be inclusive of VAT. So the US price may be slightly more or less than this.

    Not a bad price, I suppose.

    • Herman

      Especially when you consider other "high-end" regular watches, that perhaps have a stopwatch included, or a moonphase calendar.

      If you've got the programming skills, this can do basically anything you want.
      So yeah, I fully agree with you.
      It's not a bad price at all.

  • Raed Ibrahim Albloushy

    Okay plans canceled let's move on , I think I will go buy another tech toy :P

  • SladeNoctis

    For less than $200 this is a pretty good price, beats the $200 i spent for a watch i got my mom and all it does is tell time :-/ ....well its time to make my mom tech-savey :D

  • Thomas Lockyer

    I'm really interested but I need to see some hands-on videos first. I'm a sucker for a good review, but I think I may already be sold.

    • Thomas Lockyer

      Also, I have never used a smartwatch or Bluetooth for about 5 years so I'm wondering what sort of effects having Bluetooth permanently on has on battery life (from the phone, not the watch, of course). I always assumed Bluetooth would drain battery in a nasty way, I guess.

      • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

        BT Smart that's coming in 4.3 + this = win?

        • Thomas Lockyer

          Oooh, yes. I didn't even know that was a thing. I am miles behind the it seems.

        • Mike Reid

          In theory. :)

          Prolly take 6-12 months to iron the bugs out. Then someone will find a hardware limitation requiring the next generation for a proper fix, LOL.

      • Gadget-Man

        I have a anker 4400mAh battery in my Samsung Galaxy s3 & battery life isn't really important

  • Colin Kealty

    I think this could be good, I feel we needed a couple of smartwatches to get out and into the hands of consumers so that feedback could be obtained and kinks worked out. Also if this battery is good enough to last at least a few days that'd be really nice! Water resistance is a huge plus so you don't have to take it off every time it rains

  • Scott Kaforey

    I assume this will still need a smartphone in order to play music? I'm waiting for a smartwatch that will have its own storage so you can stream music via BT that doesn't require a middle man (i.e. phone)

  • JonJJon
  • Zaatour36

    i wish for an edge to edge display smartwatch

    I tried the previous version, but it was too small for my fingers, and display wasn't responsive.
    Also apps were just starting to come-out at that time, hopefully this will change my prospective.

  • http://visionaforethought.wordpress.com/ Oflife

    At that price, this thing is going to be huge. People, myself included, who know full well that superior devices from Apple and Motorola etc will eventually rule the roost will buy one to give the smart watch concept a try out, in particular if you prefer a colour display over a Pebble or similar. All said, Pebble is more innovative.

  • max

    I am a huge fan of my Sony smartwatch… this will be a great and definate purchase!

  • plaisthos