After a few months of testing, Sony has announced its my Xperia service will be hitting all regions in the next few weeks. This system will provide remote management of 2012 and 2013 Xperia devices. Smartphones are expensive – it's nice of Sony to help you keep track of it.


Once it is deployed in your country, my Xperia will come in the form of a new app that can be enabled in settings. The app was sent out to eligible devices in the European trial via an Update Center notification. This is the same system that pushes down OTA system updates, but my Xperia is just a new app. It will probably be the same for the official release.

With Sony's security system running you can do the following things from myxperia.sonymobile.com:

  • Sound an alert to get someone’s attention –it’ll also override silent mode and wake the display
  • Map location via myxperia.sonymobile.com
  • Lock the phone to keep info private, and ping a message with contact details or…
  • Erase both internal and external SD card info / data if required

my_xperia_1 my_xperia

It's more limited than some of the third party solutions, but my Xperia is tightly integrated with the device. Sony's announcement does point out that availability of the service will vary by model, carrier, and market. Hopefully it won't only be the unlocked devices that see the update.

[Sony Mobile Blog]

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  • troph

    I'd like to see how this is implemented. The issue with a lot of third-party apps is how easy to block it (factory reset, turning off mobile data/gps, etc). Since this is integrated with device, much more possibilities are open. Excited to see how they implement this in practice.

  • spamlucal

    I don't understand how Google doesn't have this for everyone and not just for Apps users, I mean, Apple can do it for every iPhone and macbook...

  • Herman

    Wasn't this available already?
    I believe I've taken a look at it before.

    Or do you mean to tell me I'm psychic?

    • Mo3tasm

      No you are a normal guy, it was available just for users in the NORDIC countries, where smartphones never got lost or stolen, now it's available worldwide, where if a smartphone is in your pocket, the next thing you know, it's gone...

      • Burre

        Well, in our capital, Oslo , there is a big problem with stolen mobiles. Immigration youth steal kids mobiles.

  • Cerberus_tm

    Is this better than something like Android Lost? I suppose it could be harder to remove if it is somehow made part of the bootloader or something...but you can still flash anything, as a thief?

  • G-Raim

    Seriously grateful for this. I only activated it yesterday and lost my phone today out of my pocket without noticing. After remote locking it, the person who found it decided to answer it and I retrieved it, exactly where the GPS locator said it was.

  • daffydkjones

    Don't understand why anyone would use this over the built-up Android Device Manager. It does all the same features without the bloatware

  • http://gmail.com/ Sarah Nakimera

    I have a sony xperia z1 phone, I tested how this works, I am in Uganda, Google sent me a massage that my phone was located, and later it got locked, so i can not use the phone anymore. Is there a way I can get helped?